I hope you read part 1. It got low ratings but still I feel I would improve upon it.

So you read the story where I blackmailed and banged Amanda along with some nasty stuffs. Here goes part 2 which is even more nasty and erotic. Less sexual stuffs.

“Amanda.. Amanda get up.” I shouted.
“We have got loads of work to do”, I winked at her.

She got up and was going towards washroom, where I stopped her. “Let us have fun baby. Do you wanna pee ? Do it on me”. I demanded.

She was too tired to resist anything and she opened all her clothes in sometime and we both went to bath room. There she opened her clitoris on me and peed. Then I asked her to become a doggy and I peed on her ass. It was legendary.

“Amanda , I wanna fuck your ass now”. I said.
“No please it pains”. Amanda said.
“That means you have done before as well”, I smiled.
“No my friend told me”. She started crying.

I comforted her a little and asked her to bare all. She did.
“Put 1 finger in your ass” I demanded.
“NO , please” She said .. I was forcing her hard but she did not do it.

I took the charge.
“Fine , since you are not obeying my orders , you are going to get this hard. Let us sort it out in a hard way.” I replied. I locked her in bathroom and went off to take my camera.

I entered the bathroom where she was lying and fixed the camera well to get all.

“NO Camera Please. You will ruin my life.”. She pleaded.

“You bitch , you slut , you did not want to obey me , you dirty little slut. Sorry I would make.” I said.
She tried to slap me , but I stopped her. Held both her hands and tied it with a towel near by.

“You are my prisoner now. I have handcuffed you. I would do whatever I want to with you now.” I said.

“Nooo.. “, and I puffed her mouth with hankerchief.

I took her tooth brush and started to massage her asshole with that. It was thin. I applied some lube on it and kept on ramming it in her ass. As it opened up , there was lot of dirt in it. I had to wash it well with my enema set. It took nearly 2 hours. But her asshole grew wide enough.

I freed her mouth.
“You dirt bag of creep , you bastard , what are you upto ?” She shouted.
“Well now you see my magic with my gun” I again winked.

I took out my dick and slowly and calmly inserted in her asshole. I removed all the plugs I used. Soon enough her ass grew tight and my dick was in it. I started moving up and down. She shouted too much and in pain.

“Please take it out , its paining you shit” she pleaded in pain.
I did not comply and kept on ramming till I was gone. I cummed in her ass.

I reapplied the butt plugs.
“Okay now you can walk free but keep your plugs on just in case I want to put more in that hole.”
“No please” She moved ahead to take that plug out. I stopped her.
“Babe , don't you see that camera there? It has all in it” I gave a wolf smile.

She broke down crying. I promised I won't reveal anything to anyone till I get pleasure.

“Okay , you next assignment is my massage.” I asked.

“And what dirty thing I have to do in this?” She responded with a tear.

“Well massage all parts , the dick , ass and may be hole. Go in through each hole and give me some pleasure.”

She started with my dick. She kept on blowing till I cummed. She licked it well.

Then she came to my ass. She applied some lotion on it. She took a little unsharped pencil and applied a lot of lotion on it. She then put it in my hole. She removed it and then put her own finger in that hole and kept massaging it for long.

“Please keep on doing it. I really like this” I was in heaven.
She was quiet.

Finally I asked her to stop.

I again wanted the taste of her ass.

“Wash your ass baby and give me some taste of it”.

She did accordingly.

This time I not only licked the part between pussy and hole but I put my tongue inside the hole as well.
Oh I kept on licking it for long. Well too long I guess.

She kept on moving like a dancer and I kept on enjoying it. I had tasted her each and every part of her ass.

She had a legendary ass I bet.

Another round of asshole ramming took place before I asked her to rest along.
I printed out some amazing pics from her videos and gave it to her on which she again cried.

2 days were over and I had to leave.

“Fine amanda I am leaving. I know I hurted you a lot but the point is I am not sorry for any of it. I really enjoyed you and your ass. Both are good enough.” and I bid her goodbye.

“I never really expected such a thing from your son of a prostitute.” She replied hard this time.
“Haha , you are good baby” and once again I put my hands in her pants and put it in her pussy.
Took it out and made her to lick it.

"Fine give me your bras , panties etc so that I remember you forever" I pleaded. She gave me more.
"One last request, show your ass once more please, I wanna lick it" She gave a shrewd no.

Well I made her do that. I licked it for one last time because I was ... well kinda felt pitty on her and did not want to return for sometime.

I had her pics but never went back to her till I got married.

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2013-09-22 16:43:54
Next time before you post a story, try reading it first. The sex content here was not bad nor was it too extreme. However I got lost quite a bit due to your grammar, word phrasing and a bit of spelling error. If possible get a fellow writer to spellcheck or proofread.

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2013-09-20 20:01:52
Better story, looking forward to hearing about his married life and how his befriends girlfriend work together.

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