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This is my first time writing anything like this. It came out to long to finish the whole story. Please let me know what you think and if I should continue the story from here.
There are certain days that you wake up and immediately know that the day will simply suck. The realization dawns on you before your feet ever hit the ground and a feeling of dread fills you completely. That is how this day started. I woke up to the alarm at 5:30 and immediately hit snooze. The extra 8 minutes only served to make me feel worse and I knew that there was no point in hitting the button a second time.

I sat up slowly and looked over at my wife. We had been married for 9 years and had 2 children. Like so many marriages, we had started out well, but at this point were probably only together for our children. While we still loved each other, the spark that had once been there was gone and even at times like these when our children were staying with friends and we had the house to ourselves, we were more room mates than spouses. The term lovers had been long gone and if we had sex every 6 months I would call it an exaggeration. As I was in my 30's I still had plenty of drive in the tank and the complete lack of sex was an area of constant frustration for me.

Making things worse was the fact that my wife, Jodi, was a genetic lottery winner. She simply did not seem to age. She was still the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen. Standing just over 5 feet, she never weighed more than 110 pounds aside from when she was pregnant, and even then she seemed to only have baby weight. She had big piercing blue eyes and this soft straight hair that drifted between light red and blonde with natural highlights depending on the weather. Below her neck was just as amazing as above. She had these small perky tits that I could never seem to keep my hands off and this full ass that was the perfect compliment to her frame. That ass met up with thick athletic runners legs even though she had not been a runner in over a decade. Her fair skin had a lot of freckles, but not so many that they were obvious, just enough to give her skin a bit of personality while intimately close.

I wanted that intimate closeness now, but knew better than to make an effort as Jodi was not a morning person and did not wake up well. I silently cursed to myself as I looked over her thin frame in her tight night clothes as she half cuddled the bed sheets and my dick quickly made it's way to full staff.

I got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom to take a shower. I met my wife within a year of graduating college and we were married about three years after that. Even though I am a relatively good looking guy, I am also a bit of a loner, often preferring the company of a book or movie to that of friends. As such, My college years had not been a party drunk fest, but a time for learning. I got good grades, did my homework, and filled my sexual needs with the internet and my own hand. I came from an open household and had a very open mind to sex. Jodi was the opposite and had a very strict sense of right and wrong. This very black and white view of the world led to a rather dull sex life back when we had one with very little foreplay and a 1-and-done approach to sex. The worst part was that she was completely against masturbation and I had gained a guilty conscience every time that I masturbated. So now I was extremely horny with no release stepping into a warm shower to begin what was already feeling like a very bad day.

I got dressed in the dark and whispered a good bye to Jodi who was way to passed out to notice. I gathered my things and headed out to the garage. This was my favorite part of every day. I had recently traded my old sport bike in for a brand new Harley Davidson. Riding it had become my replacement for sex and I wondered why I hadn't done that years ago. The engine roared to life making that unique Harley sound and I was soon off to work. Although the ride was only about 20 minutes long, it was my release and I entered the office feeling a little better about the day. That would not last long.

I had been a software programmer with the same company since graduating at the age of 21. Now with almost 15 years of dedication to the company, I felt secure and comfortable in my work environment. As I walked in I could not help but feel the buzz and tension around me and I was very curious. Something had obviously happened and I had missed it. When I saw Franklin in his office I knew it was big. I peeked my head in to say hello. Franklin and I had become rather good friends at work, though never outside the building and while he was a great employee, mornings were never his thing and he was usually late, while I was always early.

“Early morning” I asked him.

He just looked at me for a moment and finally said, “You have got to start reading your emails at home.”

I had stopped taking my work home with me when Jodi and I first started drifting apart and though the extra time together did us no good, the work part stayed that way. It turns out that the company had made some poor financial investments and was now on the verge of bankruptcy. Nobody had seen it coming as the investments had looked good even through the recession, but had taken a very bad turn following some new government regulations. Nobody knew what that meant for the company, but I felt good knowing that my time and work ethic would carry me through hard times.

I was a software engineer and the company made a variety of products including some pieces of software that I had worked on that did very well in their markets. The feeling of dread came back over me when I saw my boss, his boss and another man in an office. A few Minutes later my boss stormed out in a sea of profanity and the unknown suit was named his successor. I suddenly realized that my time and dedication had lost all of their meaning.

It turned out that the unknown man was a recent business graduate who would be expected to turn our department around, even though ours was the most profitable department in the company. I knew it was time to keep my head down and get my work done as quickly and quietly as possible. I also knew that a lot of long hours at the office were coming. I was wrong.

A little after lunch time (that I had worked straight through) the new “boss” walked by and stopped at my office, introducing himself as Tim. As a lead designer and the winner of a software innovation contest at the office, I was fortunate to have an actual office, rather than a cubicle like most of my coworkers. It was not large, but big enough to have meetings with small teams or individuals as I sometimes needed to do. Tim immediately commented on how nice my office was and I could hear the smug disapproval in his voice. Without even an invitation he walked past me and made himself welcome to the chair behind my desk. He looked at the screen and asked me what I was doing. I gave him a brief deion of the project that I was working on and what my specific part was in it. I then gave a more detailed and simplified version as the confusion in his face reminded me that he was not a software developer. He pointed to a specific line of code and asked why a word was misspelled. I felt like I had been transported to a Dilbert cartoon as I tried to explain that it was a file name and not a word. He then asked why the file name was misspelled and I told him that it was not misspelled it was an abbreviated name for what the file did. I finally lost my cool while trying to explain to him why it would not be a good idea to change the file name and after some heated exchanges he told me to “pack my shit and get out.”

I was devastated and put everything that was mine in my saddle bags and headed for home. I got even madder when my brand new Harley cut out on me about a block from my house and I had to push it into the driveway. My silent entrance is probably why I was able to see what I did. There were 2 silhouettes in the bedroom window and they were not playing board games. I found it hard to believe that my wife would cheat on me, but I didn't have a better explanation. I opened the door farthest from the bedroom which was at the back of the house and very slowly made my way through the house and quietly opened the door to the bedroom just enough to see inside. While I did not know who the man was, I knew my wife was the one on the bottom. It was then that all of my pent up rage blew. I threw the door open shouting “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!” Jodi got a Deer in the headlights look and the guy quickly rolled off to the far side of the bed and started getting dressed He was bent over pulling his pants on when I got to him. I am not an extremely big guy at 5 foot 8 inches but I am relatively strong. Even then, had he been standing and prepared, my punch would not have done much damage but bent over like hes was trying to dress, I caught him square in the jaw with all of my strength, weight and rage and he fell unconscious. The anger must still have been in my eyes because Jodi looked at me with fear as she sat motionless. I reached up to my neck and began to remove my neck tie. With my tie in hand I reached down to Jodi's wrist grabbing it firmly and pulled it up. She winced in pain and I was surprised at how little it bothered me that I hurt her, something I had always tried to avoid doing. I used my tie to fasten her wrist to the headboard with a good two-half-hitch knot that I learned as a kid working for a marina. I then reached into the bedside table for a pair of handcuffs that We had been given as a gag gift some years ago. They were finally going to get some use as I attached Jodi's right hand to the headboard. I ignored her feet for now and turned to focus on the unconscious asshole on the floor. If he wanted a good fuck, he was going to get way more than he bargained for.

We had originally bought a 5 bedroom split plan house with the master and one bedroom at one end of the house and the other 3 rooms at the other end giving us privacy from the children and them from us. We liked the idea of being near the extra bedroom as we had talked about having a third and turning it into a nursery, but when we decided against it we knocked out the separating wall and combined the rooms adding a combined office and exercise room. It was there that I got the AbMaster, a stupid as seen on TV exercise bench that we swore we would use and never did. It was mainly a flat bench that could be inclined or declined and had a place at the end to lock your feet. I dragged it into the room and lifted the unconscious man, laying him down on the bench with his ass in the air and his underwear and pants around his ankles. I rushed to the garage and got my collection of Zip Ties which I used to attach him to the bench he was laying on.

With both my wife and her “friend” securely fastened to their respective places I stepped into the kitchen for a drink, glad that the kids would not be home until at least tomorrow. I brought a chair into the bedroom and sat down looking at my beautiful wife laying naked on the bed with eyes full of fear, and the man she had been having an affair with who had still not regained his senses. Nobody had spoken since I barged in and I felt it was time for Jodi and I to have a heart-to-heart. We had tried to talk about our troubles in the past but I was always very cautious not to upset her as I did not want to pass blame but find a solution and she was always very fast to turn things around and blame me. This time, however, I had the upper hand and I had control and I had a lack of regard for her feelings and she knew it.

I looked deep into her scared eyes and asked her point blank with a cold calm voice “Who is that?”

She finally spoke, but it was more of a meager plea than anything else. “What are you going to do to me” she asked.

I found it interesting that she said me instead of us and secretly took it as a good sign. I knew that at the end of this I would be going to jail for a very long time and had come to accept that fate as I could not change it now and wouldn't have wanted to even if I could. I was horny, and mad, and hurt and in over my head and staring right at the naked form of the most beautiful woman in the world by my opinion.

“That didn't answer my question.” I answered in that same calm cold voice, “That was strike 1. Do not get to 3. but I will answer your question. What I am going to do to you is a collection of a lot of things that I have wanted to do to you but have never been allowed to do. Now, answer my question, who is this?” The last part I asked while kicking the man on the bench in the ass. He was beginning to come to and had realized that he was attached to the bench and in a very vulnerable position.

“His name is Frank” she said with a little more confidence, “and you don't have the balls to do things to me while I am tied up like this.”

She had known me a long time and knew how much I detested sexual crimes and there was no question that this was nothing more than that. Her statement had thrown me. She might have actually been right I might not have had the balls to do it. That was until Frank decided to get involved. He began to shout threats about how I should let him go so he could kick my ass (like that was really an option) and how bad he was going to hurt me. I was fine with all of it until he started about how he had been fucking Jodi for nearly 2 years and how he pleasured her in ways that I could not. It was about that time that Jodi saw the rage return to my eyes. She tried to stop Frank but he just kept going. Jodi knew that it was over and that I would do whatever I wanted at this point and she had lost any upper hand that she had. First though, I needed to shut Frank up.

I looked around the room for something to hit him with since my hand was still throbbing from the first time I punched him. That was when I got a better idea. I went to the bathroom and got Jodi's hairbrush. It was about 9 inches long with a wide brushing surface. I was more interested in the handle which was rounded at the end in a ball and had small contours for a good grip. I had heard Frank shut his mouth when I left the room, but he started running it again when I came back, until I shoved the handle of the hairbrush up his ass. I had not lubed it or pushed it in slowly, just 1 fast push and he screamed the loudest, longest girliest scream I had ever heard. I pulled it back out just as fast, turned it over and gave him the hardest hit I could with the flat back on his right ass cheek eliciting another scream and followed by some sobbing. I bent down and looked him in the eye. We are not done here. Keep running your mouth and it will be much worse.

Jodi Had just seen a side of me that had previously been dormant and she realized that there were no empty threats.

“He said that this has been going on for nearly 2 years. Anything you wish to add, dear?” The dear part was said with as little mock sincerity as I could muster.

“No” was all she said.

“Here is what will happen from here,” I told her getting very close to her and resting my hand on her abdomen and drawing circles with my finger around her belly button. “I am going to release several years of pent-up sexual frustration right now. You can choose to accept it, enjoy it, or fight me and really dislike it. It is going to happen in any case.”

I slowly began to run my fingers up and down her abdomen getting closer and closer to her pussy. She kept her pussy clean shaven except for a small tuft of hair just above her labia. I preferred completely shaved, but this was usually close enough for me. As I reached the tuft of hair however, I decided that this would have to go, but not right now. I continued my finger movements. Jodi Closed her legs tight to keep my hand from going any further than the top of her vagina, but that was ok because that was not where I was headed. I moved my fingers back up to her breasts and began to circle her left nipple. She would usually allow me to play with her breasts some while we made love but hated when I touched them at any other time and really hated when my efforts tickled. I took my finger slowly and softly around the outside of her breast and slowly circled in until I was just barely touching her areola. Jodi tried to wiggle and move away, so I adjusted myself so that I was over her with one knee on either side. With me there and her hands fastened to the headboard there was nowhere for her to go and I resumed my task. Though she acted otherwise, I could tell by the hardening of her nipple that my actions were turning her on. Right before I touched the nipple I moved over to the other breast and repeated the process. I had a surprise up my sleeve however. As I approached her left nipple with my left hand, I brought my right hand up and quickly pinched and twisted the right nipple. It wasn't hard enough to have normally hurt, but in contrast to my soft touches up to that point the shock caused her to lurch and both of her beautiful brown nipples to stand more erect than I had ever seen. At that point I grabbed both of her breast and began massaging firmly, using my thumbs to stroke the nipples, occasionally giving them a pinch and a twist.

Her nipples were not the only part of her that reacted to my efforts. I could feel her hips start to move under me and I knew that she was enjoying herself despite the situation. I felt like it was time to move my focus so I began to slide myself down her body, alternately bringing my hands a little farther down each time while the other hand continued paying attention to her breast. When 1 hand finally returned to the small patch of hair at the top of labia, I got off of her and she willingly opened her legs for me. Now seated on her right,I slowly began to trace my fingers around the outside of her labia with my right hand while my left hand continued to massage her right breast. The gentle movements around her sensitive vagina tickled her and she wiggled, trying to close her legs in a natural response. I left my hand in place until she opened her legs again at which time I resumed my efforts. I had always wanted our love making to have a long drawn out element of foreplay, but it had never fit into Jodi's sense of right and wrong. In fact, she had always called it “gross” and “weird” and I had never pushed the issue out of respect. Now, however, the respect was gone and I simply didn't care what she had to say about it at this point. I was now pressing with a bit more force as I teased around the outside of her labia, occasionally letting a finger barely slide through the center making faint contact with her growing clit. The fear was out of her eyes and lust had replaced it.
I stopped doing circles around her labia an stopped massaging her beautiful breast and moved my way down between her legs. When she was turned on like this, her inner thighs were very sensitive and I knew that now would be the time to really tease and get her hot. I began to slowly run just the tips of my fingers up and down her thighs starting just above her knees and stopping right as my knuckles came into contact with her slit. As I continued this motion, I increased the pressure I used and she began to wiggle and moan in an effort to bring her pussy in contact with my fingers, but she simply could not move that way with her arms tied to the headboard.
This teasing was really turning me on as well and I wondered how long I could play this game before I couldn't take much more. I was determined to drag my erotic torture on as long as possible. I ceased my efforts and decided to give her some of what she wanted. I placed my left hand on her pubic bone just above her mound while I ran my right index finger between the folds of her labia as slowly as I could. She was obviously responding to what I was doing, trying to speed the process along by raising her hips, but my left hand kept her in place while my finger slowly made its way south. By the time I got to her clit I thought she would explode. The contact with her very sensitive area caused her whole body to shudder and I knew I needed to be careful. I was not ready for her to cum. I moved on from her clit slowly moving to her now freely flowing hole. I inserted the tip of my finger into tight hole just the depth of my fingernail, rotating it around and teasing the entrance of her vagina. This elicited another shudder and I paused, waiting for it to pass. I still had a long way to go before I would let her reach her peak. When I felt that she had calmed down a bit I rotated my finger again until my thumb was in place to rub her clit. I placed my thumb in between her labia right on her clit and rubbed left to right and back 5 or 6 times then immediately stopped and removed both hands from her. She was wiggling moving trying desperately to do anything to get off. As much as she disapproved of masturbation, I think if I had untied one of her hands she would have rubbed one out herself. While seeing her do that has always been a fantasy of mine, I had something else in mind now. I watched her come down from where she was and smiled when she opened her eyes and looked at me. Her eyes were begging me to finish what I started but I just looked at her.
“I am really horny right now.” I told her. “I know you know how that feels, so if you want a turn, it will first be my turn. I am going to put this hard cock in your mouth and you are going to suck it until it blows its load in your mouth at which point you will swallow it.” I knew that this was among the most disgusting things I could ask her to do, but I also knew that it was the only way to fill that fantasy and I was not going to waste the opportunity. I realized that I had been absent-mindedly playing with her breast. I reached further down and played with her pussy again causing her to rush back to her peak before I stopped again and let her back down. “If you do a good job,” I told her “I will get you off after me. If not, I will bring you up and down just like this until I get bored, and that may take a while.” She nodded in agreement and with that I slid my dick into her mouth.
She began sucking my dick like some poorly programed robot just going through the motions and I told her so. With a little bit of coaching she improved and began getting her tongue involved. I reached down and began to play with her pussy again. She started to buck her hips and stopped what she was doing to me so I stopped. She again looked at me with begging eyes, but started again. I was getting close and began to fuck her mouth faster and harder sticking my dick farther and farther into her mouth. When I hit the back of her mouth she began to gag which didn't put me off in the least. It wasn't until she tried to speak ad sent vibrations down my cock that I finally came, giving her only a brief warning. I stopped my thrusting and she closed her mouth and began sucking my seed. “Suck harder” I told her, “like trying to drink a milkshake with a straw.” When I was done with what was probably the largest cum of my life, I pulled my dick out of her mouth and she had an odd look on her face like she was in conflict. I think her brain was telling her that it was disgusting while lust was telling her that she was very aroused by it.
“You did well” I said. That made it her turn. I moved my way down her body and in between her legs. I always liked the taste of her but this was another of the “gross” things that I had only been allowed to do when she had to much to drink which didn't happen often. This time, however, she was simply to horny to care. I ran my tongue from the bottom of her pussy to the top a couple of times to get her going again and it didn't take long until she was moving uncontrollably. I lapped at her gushing hole and occasionally stuck my tongue in as deep as I could get it. When I finally shoved 2 fingers into her hole in one fast thrust she released in a whole body sexual explosion. I had never heard her scream so loud or seen her convulse so strong. I simply couldn't keep my lapping up with her moving and finally had to pull back and just let her fuck my fingers. It was the most erotic orgasm I had ever seen and I simply could not find the words to describe what I was feeling. All of my anger and hurt and frustration had passed and I was simply enjoying true lust.
When she finally came down she had a look of pure satisfaction on her face and she was definitely in a state of satisfied unconsciousness. With her eyes closed and that big smile that I love on her face. At that point I had completely forgotten about the whole situation that had gotten us there until Frank opened his mouth again. He started hooting and hollering like a construction worker whistling at a pretty girl. The vulgarity of what he was saying about my wife, was so disrespectful that I decided that his previous lesson had not been enough. He needed another lesson.

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Please continue and teach that guy a lesson about fucking a married woman. He should be casterated as he is tied up there and his balls shoved in his mouth and make him eat them

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