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Daniel Larusso meets Miyagi
"Who is this twerp"!" Johnny demanded from Allie after shutting off his dirtbike. The rest of his group were following their leader for moral support. They were the black belts of the Cobra Kai dojo and they were closer than brothers.

"Johnny leave him alone. It's over between us!!" Aliie pleaded with her ex.

"Looks like you're more desperate than I thought. This guy looks like I've already kicked his ass!"

"Johnny you've met your match. Daniel was telling me how he beat a bully back in Jersey. The guy sounded just like egotistical jerkoff. He only got two lucky punches in before Daniel broke his collar." Daniel wished he hadn't made up such an elaborate story for Allie. Daniel positioned himself between Johnny and Allie against his better judgment.

"Hit the road, asshole" Daniel said with very little confidence behind his words. Johnny and the Cobra Kais laughed at Daniel's attempt at intimidation.

One quarter of a mile down the beach an older Asian man stood over the body of a young girl in a bikini. Her chest was rising and falling at a much slower rate than a normal young girl's would be. The man had slipped an ancient Okinawan extract into the girl's drink when she wasn't looking. He waited for the effects of the potion to take place and then asked her to walk with him for some fresh air until she inevitably collapsed in the sand.

Her hair was a bright red and she had freckles covering her face and arms. She was more pale than any girl the man had ever seen since immigrating to California. He estimated her weight at 115lbs, this meant that 3 drops of his potion would put her out until he was finished. He could hear dirtbikes in the hills behind him, so he decided to start before he was interrupted and he couldn't wait to get his cock in this sweet girls pussy. He dropped to his knees and started pulling on her bikini top. Her tits shook as her limp body moved from him undressing her. His dick pulsed with hardness. He could feel a trickle of precum wetting his underwear. He unbuckled his belt and exposed just enough of himself to stroke his cock over her half naked body. He got back on task and pulled on her bikini bottoms; he could hear threads popping and the thin material of her bikini ripping from his uncontrolled eagerness.

He spits on her slot and works in the lube with his thumb. Another spit and he begins to force his veined member into her. He pushes in with his hips and works his dick up and down inside her twat. It's a tight fit and could have probably used another spit to properly prepare her unwet pussy for his molestation. He reaches around and grabs her ass for leverage, letting his index finger explore her asshole. He pulls the full length of his cock out of her and begins the process a second time after a big spit on the top of her fuzzy pussy. The lube is working now and he begins thrusting inside her with hard pumps while grunting visciously in her sleeping face. Her expression and breathing change throughout the act, but she never wakes up or responds to him. His index finger is two knuckles deep in her ass as he violently fucks her pussy. He feels the sensation in his balls...he knows the end is near! He pulls his dick out of her, gives it a couple quick jerks, and shoots a stream from her belly button to her neck.

He rubs some of his cum onto her pussylips and strokes his shaft with some more. He slides his dick back inside her and enjoys the sensation of going limp inside a beautiful, young stranger.

The sound of dirtbikes followed by people yelling breaks his focus. He jumps up from the sand and runs for the cover of the rocks. After climbing up, he can see a boy with dark hair being kicked and punched by a more athletic boy with blonde hair. Some other boys start holding the boy with dark hair up so the athletic blonde can strike him more efficiently.

He takes the quickest route to the disturbance and joins the crowd that is circling the fighting boys. He steps in and stops the blonde kid from hitting the dark haired boy with an open handed, high block. A twist of the wrist and he now controls the attackers arm. He pulls downward and causes the tall boy to bend forward at the waist and then plants his shoe into the boys stomach while pushing his arm back towards the boy's chest. Fluid motion and power cause the boy to fall backwards and curl into a fetal position. His friends jump in and try to attack him with wild kicks that are easily dodged and countered with simple tiger punches to the chest. They all regroup and run, defeated, to their dirtbikes.

"Daniel are you alright?" Allie asked

"Just leave me alone. I want to be alone." He responds laying on his stomach in the sand.

"I will see him home."

"Who are you? I've never seen anything like that!"


"Thank you, Mr. Miyagi...I think they would have killed Daniel if you hadn't stepped in."

The crowd began going their separate ways. Miyagi helped Daniel to his feet. He regretted not being able to watch the redhead wake up in the sand. Sometimes hiding and watching the girl's reactions is more of a fetish than the act itself. "Come now, Daniel-san, let's go."

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2013-09-21 17:35:49
Well it's definitely off in a different direction. Hmmm, it's going to be interesting to see which way you go with this. Miyagi a child molester, I don't know. But I'm willing to stick around to see what happens next. Is Daniel-san going to have to suck a little sumin' sumin', to learn how to kick some wise ass's ass?

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