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My Girlfriends ‘Spot’

By Blueheatt

….I sat on my couch with my girlfriend Ann. I had on my robe and she had on her sexy see thru long night gown. No panties, no bra and I was naked under my robe. Whenever we were alone together, she just had to rub my leg and then feel my dick. My dick was a sore from her, but I didn’t mind at all.

….I better explain….no….she better explain first…

…. I was having a interesting time as a young girl. My mom wasn’t like other moms, she was overprotective of me and tried to keep me away from any males. I didn’t get it…. at first. No sitting on daddy’s lap. No talking to boys. No contact with my younger brother. She was barring me from anything to do with males or sex.

When I got old enough to start getting interested in boys. She watched me like a hawk. I had a good body going for me and I got some nice tits early. My brother noticed too. He waited until mom was gone one day and copped a feel of my new tits. Damn, that felt good, like ‘real’ good. I giggled but let him feel me all he wanted. This was my first sexual contact and I got wonderful twitches in my pussy. He went forward and felt my pussy. That really got me going. I let him pull my shorts down and feel my bare pussy. I helped him and lifted my shirt up to let him feel my tits. I liked this and wanted more of it. I lifted my bra up over my tits to have him feel and kiss my bare tits. I remember he got this big hardon and he put my hand on it. I got a mega thrill out of it. He had on swimming trunks as I pulled them down, out sprung his hardon. I held it for a thrill again. I wanted to jack it…so I did. I knew about guys from other girls and their porn on their computers. Mom couldn’t stop that.

Some girls said guys like to be jacked off and they would shoot cum when it felt really good to them. I could only imagine, not having seen any that yet. I jacked my brother until he shot out cum all over his cupped hand. He quick ran away to the bathroom. I put my clothes back but now, I had a kind of an itch in my pussy. I went in my room and started rubbing the ’itch’ My clit was the part that itched…kind of.

It felt wonderful as I rubbed it. The girls at school talk about rubbing their pussy’s but until now, I had never tried it. I was also very afraid mom would somehow know it and I would be in trouble. I rubbed on my clit….oh god...that felt so good. I still had that itch deep inside my pussy. I tried to reach for it, but my finger wasn’t long enough. I wiggled my finger, but that just made it want to be itched more. I gave up as I didn’t want to hurt something inside my pussy.


…. Ann was my first girlfriend in High School. To me she was a hidden beauty. Short black wavy hair, perfect beautiful skin, and she had big beautiful tits. She was different as she rarely smiled and played her beauty down. She wore a big sweater to hide her full tits. We were in the same science class. When she looked at me she looked thru me with her beautiful eyes. It was hard to read what she was thinking. I could make her laugh and her smile was short but sexy looking. She had a boyfriend, but just for show. I soon made her forget all about him. She took a interest in me and soon we walked together in the halls. Her eyes began to smile at me and I was hot for her. I ask her out. She whispered: (“ don’t know me James.”) I said “So?, I like you and it’s time for us to talk privately.” She looked a little scared. “You may not like me James…but we’ll see.”

…I had to go thru hell to take her out. I had to meet her mom, go thru many questions and all that. By the third visit her mom let us go for a drive to go the local drive fast food place, ’only’.

….I took her to a private place by a park that night. She scooted close to me and started rubbing my leg. She started breathing a little heavy and then started rubbing my chest. She took my hand and put it on her tits. Her hand soon went for my dick and started squeezing my rising hardon. She unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra. She guided my hand to feel her big tits. She began this moaning and pulled my head down to suck on her tits. She was really breathing hard now and a constant moan. She then put my hand under her skirt and guided it to feel her damp pussy. She scooted down and spread her legs. She had me put my fingers in her pussy.

…She was directing all the action and pulled her skirt up and took off her panties. I was loving all this and soon she pulled me on top of her. She started kissing me like a love starved girl. She quickly undid my pants and pulled my hardon out and rubbed it on her big bush. She directed it in her pussy. She whispered: (“..oh god…deeper James!).


James’s long erection touched that ’itch’ at the bottom of my pussy. It felt like a wonderful shock wave running thru my body, but it wanted more touching. I pulled him tight in my pussy until each stroke touched that spot every time. It somehow triggered every horny feeling I’d ever had. I felt a strong addiction to keep this up or else I wouldn’t get this build up of a wonderful climax I’d heard about from other girls. I had to have it! I locked my body around his and held on to him as tight as I could….it was coming…


She squirmed as we began to fuck hard. It was like she became another person that wanted to fuck me real bad. She could really fuck good and her hand trembled as he pulled at me and pushed my dick in her deep. She began to whisper moan. (“…oh there…oh damn that feels so fucking good, just keep it deep James, fuck me deep!….squeeze my tits James….they’re just for you…make me cum big…I want to cum so bad with you…cum in me and make me cum with you…oh god yes…yes…yes!”

….She got me so hot I had to cum a big one. I pushed my dick in her all the way and I shot a mega load in her. She yelled with ecstasy like I’d never heard a girl do before. She squirmed and squeezed my dick hard with her pussy. She was in some other world as she fucked hard and locked me up with her legs. She held me tight and continued to fuck and softly moan for a long time….

….Finally she came out of it and got her clothes back on. She returned to her all serious self. She turned to me and said:

…. “You have to listen to me very carefully. I have a kind of a…, a ‘sexual affliction‘. My mom has it too and you are a guy who can satisfy me. When we have sex and a guy touches the bottom of our pussy’s it sets off our…kind of….a…’ spot’. We can’t help it, it’s just us. Your dick is long enough and is just right to set off the action. I don’t want my mom to know this, she has shielded me from guys and would stop us from seeing each other forever. You must be a kind of…. nerd who is ‘not‘…interested in sex. She’ll feel safe and we can continue this…ok?” I said ’ok’ but all this was really shocking to me, but…. if it gets me pussy like hers, so be it. I knew I had a long dick but the last time I measured myself I as 71/2 inches. After this sex with her I felt like I grew some.

What ever it was, I triggered it in her pussy and that’s what I cared about. She fucked me so hot it put the girls I had fucked before, to shame…..


….This was our beginning. We had long stretches of no time to fuck. We played it cool at school as just boyfriend and girlfriend. Very low key, showing no affection for anyone to see. We scouted around for hidden places to fuck, they had to be secluded as she got loud when she fucked. She said will you pull over, I can’t wait anymore. I turned down a dark street and in behind a abandon house. She tuned and flipped up her skirt….hurry the spot itches. Just what I wanted….in her bush I put my 7-1/2’’. She growled her approval and grabbed my butt cheeks…”OHhhooooo” she said….” me do me…touch that “spot” PLEASE…” I finally pushed it in till I heard….”Ohhhh Godddd that feels wonderful….OOOhhhhhh”..,..loud!!!
It was the first time she had the freedom to release her feelings…her brother use to hold a pillow over her face while she masturbated…. I told her we’ll have to build a house with a sound proof room for you….she just smiled…..I chase her all around the house…she pulls me to the ‘room’….”..fuck me or I’ll ….”…I said “I’ll touch the spot!”….I pulled her into the room …I grabbed her fighting, laughing and lifted her legs up and touched the spot… with my dick!….

(…OOOoooooo….ohhh baby yes..)
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