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Only girl at an all boys school is raped by everyone.
Only Girl in School Ch 1

I really liked Frankel’s stories at Literotica, but they have been deleted from Literotica, probably because Literotica requires that the victim enjoys the sex. I had many Frankel stories saved on my computer, and have been able to recover others from various places. I will publish these stories here on, with a little editing to correct typos.

WARNING: Frankel’s stories are not much fun if you’re a woman, and nor are my two stories so far. There’s lots of forced blowjobs, but not much BDSM.

I waited nervously at the principal’s office. It was my first day at an exclusive boarding school. For 150 years it had been considered the most exclusive boys school in the country but today a part of that was about to end as they accepted me as their first ever girl. It was an honor to be the first but somewhat daunting to be the only girl amongst over 1000 boys.

I am 18 years old as is everyone in this story who did these horrible things to me.

You could see I was a novelty when I walked through the school gate as every eye in the place was on me. Many of the boys were clearly staring at my breasts - a matter I was determined in time to raise with the principal. But maybe not straight away. I would let myself settle in first.

"Come in," said the principal.

I opened the door and went in.

"Miss Dickens," he said. "I'm sorry I can't spend much time with you. Would you mind taking this key and letting yourself into your room. You are boarding in room 416."

He handed me a key and went back to his work. I was clearly dismissed so I collected my suitcase and headed down the hall to a staircase with a sign saying rooms 400 to 435 this way.

I climbed the stairs and found my way to room 416. I opened the door and was pleasantly surprised to find it was a large room with a double bed and its own shower. This last point was a relief as I had feared having to go to a shower block somewhere down the hall with my towels and dressing gown and everything.

I had fifteen minutes to my first class so I hopped straight into the shower, being careful to lock the door so no boys accidentally came in.

It was nice to feel the hot water on my body as I showered. There was a mirror opposite in which I could see myself reflected and thought how much one of the boys in this school would give to see my large breasts and firm body. I'd best be careful and look for hidden cameras I told myself.

When I got out of the shower I was surprised to find my towel was missing. I was sure I had taken one with me. I stepped into the main bedroom and screamed in surprise as I saw a boy my age, 18, lying on the bed stroking his erect penis.

"What are you doing?!" I screamed quickly covering my breasts with my hands.

He didn't stop masturbating as he walked over and stood between me and the bathroom door blocking my exit that way.

"Who are you? Where are my clothes and suitcase?"

"Thrown away," he said casually. "And I am the school captain and also your new room mate."

The whole time he talked to me he stared at my breasts and continued to masturbate.

"But I'm a girl," I said. "We can't share a room and there is only one bed."

"No special rules for girls here," he said. "And I am school captain so I get a double bed. The floor is where you sleep unless you follow certain conditions."

"Such as?"

"Suck my dick," he said. "If you swallow I may let you sleep on the bed. Provided I have access to those tits of yours."

I was so shocked I couldn't speak.

"How dare you," I said. "I will have you thrown out of this school for that."

He just smiled and said, "You have to get out of this room first and don't forget you have no clothes."

He suddenly grabbed my head by the hair and forced me to my knees. I swung at him. My breasts heaved as he pulled down his pants and pushed my head to his cock.

I struggled but he forced my mouth open and shoved his cock inside.

"Take that cock, bitch," he screamed. His cock filled my mouth and I was too scared to bite down on it. His force was so overbearing I could only hold still as he assaulted my throat with his penis.

"You love it bitch don't you," he said and pushed my head down harder. "Oh that's it take it! Take my cum now! Swallow it!"

I had never had a cock in my mouth before and didn't even know what cum was but soon found out as he gripped my hair tight and stream after stream of cum blasted my mouth.

He held my head down and ordered me to swallow. Reluctantly I did as his hold on my head was so tight that I couldn't breathe.

When he was sure I had swallowed he let me go and I ran for the door in a state of shock at having been orally assaulted on my first morning. I ran into the corridor in tears forgetting I was naked. My breasts bounced as I ran down the hall. I rounded a corner and found a teacher coming towards me.

I ran into his arms and collapsed.

"You must be Miss Dickens," he said. "What are you doing out here?"

"I was attacked by one of the boys," I said. "He stole my uniform."

"What rot," he said. "He was undoubtedly just rough housing and as to your uniform I don't know what you mean. You are a girl and there is no uniform for girls. The principal declared that any girl attending this school will be naked so as not to be confused with a boy!"

He grabbed me by the hair and began dragging me down the corridor. "Now come on and get to class". He hurled me through a door into a room filled with 18 year old male students.

"This is the girl Miss Dickens" he said. "She is here for sex ed today. She will be a valuable member of the class as we study the art of oral sex."

He moved to the front of the class and dragged me with him forcing me to my knees before him.

"Now class as you know oral sex is an important tool in any sex life. It can be used to establish the sexual dominance of the man and the submissive standing of his female. This is best established when the man stands before a kneeling woman and makes her suck on his penis usually until he climaxes in her mouth. The dominance of the male is also enforced as he places his hands on her head and forces her head back and forth."

With this he grabbed my hair and forced my head to his hard cock. I refused to open my mouth.

"In this case," he said "The woman is fighting so either threats or violence must be used."

"Now listen, bitch," he said. "Either you suck my dick or I tell the principal you were trying to blackmail me for grades. You will be expelled and you'll never go to university."

At once I knew he meant it. I was so shocked my mouth involuntarily opened and he took his chance and pushed his cock down my throat.

He was so rough I gagged at once but it only made him go harder. The boys started calling out telling me to shut up and suck it. They quickly gathered around and started masturbating nearby and playing with my tits.

I struggled to get away as I could feel the teachers climax build but he held my head in place and came hard in my mouth. I tried to spit it out but he turned my head up and wouldn't let go until I swallowed.

"Now class," he said. "I chose to cum in her mouth. You may also cum on her face or in her hair. Do not allow a woman to dodge the cum. Your dominance is established in her humiliation. Aim for her eyes in particular. A good idea is to carry a spoon with you, that way you can collect your cum from her face and feed it to her."

Just as I thought it was over another boy grabbed my head and began to fuck my face. I couldn't resist any longer as boy after boy used my mouth for his pleasure. I ended up swallowing 30 loads of 18 year old cum as well as three serves of the teacher.

Finally the bell rang and they let me go. I collapsed on the floor but the teacher picked me up by my hair until I was kneeling before him once more.

"Come on get yourself cleaned up," he said. "You've got another grade to help me with now. There's forty 18 year olds in this one and be warned it's the catch up class for the sporty types. They might get a little rough!"

I was starting to think being the only girl in school was a mistake.

I spent the entire day on my knees in that class room. Clearly they resented the presence of a girl in their school and were doing whatever they could to drive me away. Their behaviour was outrageous. When the final bell rang I was released and I made my way directly to the principal’s office.

"They won't get rid of me," I thought. "I'll get them all expelled and sacked for this!"

I opened the principal’s office and screamed. He was standing in the middle of his office with his young secretary bent over in front of him. She was gagged and handcuffed with her hands behind her back and he was fucking her in the arse. Tears were in her eyes as her large breasts bounced back and forth to his aggressive thrusts.

"Miss Dicksucker," he said. "Do come in. My secretary was late again today so I am having to take the normal corrective action. Come in and tell me about your day. I hear you were a most useful addition to the sex ed program."

A bell rang.

"That is the dinner bell," he said as withdrew his still hard cock from his secretary’s arse. "We best get along."

He pushed his secretary to the ground and crossed the room to me. He clearly hadn't cum yet as his erection still stood out hard before him. Leaving his secretary bound on the floor he took me by the hair and dragged me down the corridor. This was starting to feel like the only way I went anywhere in this school.

We arrived at a large eating hall. The senior classes were all assembled ready to eat. They cheered as the principal led me through the hall. He sat down on a small stage at the far end of the hall where the rest of the teachers sat. He forced me to my knees in front of him and two teachers came up and handcuffed my hands behind my back and tied my ankles together so I couldn't move. They then placed a device around my mouth which forced it open and in an O shape.

"Everyone may begin to eat," he said. The teachers then lowered my he head down onto his dick and the principal began humping my face. On either side of me I was aware of two female admin staff who were placed in the same position as me in front of the vice principal and head teacher.

I had no control in my bound position as the principal fucked my mouth. I could taste his secretary’s arse on his cock. I felt the cum already in my stomach began to rise up as vomit at the disgusting taste as he forced the cock in and out of my throat. I somehow managed not to vomit over his cock.

The pounding he gave me was the most brutal of the day. On either side of me the admin staff had long before swallowed the loads of their men. They had been led to chairs at the end of the row and I heard them untied and presented with their dinner. Both of them acted as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

"Students," I heard the principal say as he forced my head up and down. "I understand you have been most generous in donating your sperm for Miss Dickblower’s lunch. I have placed a bowl at the end of the hall. I ask that each of you make another donation to provide for her dinner."

"Fat chance," I thought. "No way am I eating that!"

My jaw was aching and I could do nothing to close it as the principals assault on my face continued. The teachers and students began to file out one at a time until it was only me and the principal in the hall.

Finally, after the last person was gone, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot his cum into my eyes. I closed them quickly but his cum virtually sealed them shut.

He picked me up and carried me across the hall. He knelt me down at the far end. I managed to open my eyes. My eyes stung as sperm hit my eyeballs but I could see the principal holding a large glass bowl filled to the top with cum.

I tried to turn away but with one hand he turned me towards him. My mouth was still bound open and he poured the contents of the bowl into my mouth with his other hand.

"Dinner time," he said.

I tried to swallow as fast as I could but was soon almost drowning in cum. Sensing my rising panic he actually quickened the rate at which he poured it. I couldn't keep it all in my mouth and some spilled out and ran down my body.

When the bowl was empty he took a spoon and scraped the cum off my body. He fed it to me one spoonful at a time until I was clean and could see again.

He then picked me up and carried me from the hall.

"Bed time for you," he said.

He carried me to my room I was still bound by hands, feet and mouth.

My heart sank as I saw a long line of students and staff at my door.

"Now we all know the rules," said the principal. "No cumming in her mouth while she sleeps. Face, tits, arse and hair only. No cumming inside her pussy."

They led me into the room and untied me. I was then spreadeagled on the bed and chained to posts at all four corners by my hands and feet. The device remained in my mouth.

An 18 year old boy then climbed on top of me. He pushed his cock into my virgin pussy, breaking all resistance. His cock filled my pussy walls. It hurt me as it broke through pushing harder and harder inside of me. Another student then climbed on to the bed and penetrated my mouth.

I had enough experience now that I did not gag as it touched the back of my throat. The first student was getting more and more violent with each thrust. He bit down on my nipple while the other boy lay across my face and humped my mouth.

"I need to sleep," I thought. "Just sleep."

The first boy pulled out and came on my tits but was soon replaced by another student. He entered my pussy as the second student flooded my mouth with cum. I swallowed as a teacher climbed on to my face and took over fucking my mouth.

For hours the assault lasted. I drifted off to sleep after some time. I woke occassionally in the night as a new penis was thrust inside of me but was so tired I drifted off again.

I woke in the morning covered from head to toe in semen. At some point the device around my mouth had been removed. All my holes ached.

The school captain was waving his cock in my face but everyone else had gone. I felt resigned to my fate now and reached forward and began suck the offered cock.

"That's it," he said. "Suck it good. We have gym today and you are our new equipment."

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