Maybe it isn't so boring after all...
I was staring out the window of my Dad’s car. We were driving along the interstate on the way to my dads work. It was take your kid to work day to today and despite the fact that I was fourteen years old my dad still made me go to work with him. It had been the same for seven years. My dad worked at an insurance company and they always went on the same tour, with the same facts with the same people. It bored me out of my mind! Still my dad insisted so I went. When we arrived at his dad’s office building both of us hopped out and started walking towards the door. When we got to the door I held it open for my dad and was about to walk in when I heard some one behind him and held it open for the person behind him also. I almost fainted when he saw who it was. It was a girl about my age. She had flowing shoulder length hair that was a blonde with brown highlights in it. Her eyes were deep blue and small dimples on each cheek. She had thin eyebrows and a small but wide nose. Her lips were a deep red color. Just to add to this dream she had nice firm, perky breasts, which could easily be seen through her pink tank top. As she was walking in I caught a glance of her ass. It was nice and shapely, and was only accentuated by her denim skirt that left little to the imagination. It also did nothing to hide wonderfully long legs. I came close to cumming in my pants. She was followed closely by her mother and I then followed them in.

I tried to find the girl among all of the people milling around in the lobby but no such luck. My dad and I headed towards the elevator. My dad pressed our floor and just as the door was about to close a hand slid and stopped it. I was elated to see the hot girl from earlier step in. Her mother followed her. They were going to the same floor and when my dad greeted her mother, I realized that she must have been dragged to take your kid to work day too. We got to talking on the way up and I learned her name was Jenna, mine’s Chad by the way, and she too was fourteen. She went to school in the next town over and she too had been dragged here. We had a lot in common. We both played sports. She played softball and I played football and did wrestling. She enjoyed the same music I did. When we got off on our floor I couldn’t help but to glance down at that tight ass again.

Our parents dropped us off where the tour started. When our tour guide showed up he started droning on about the company and I soon found myself talking to Jenna again. When I was talking to her my cock started growing. I’ll take this time to describe myself. I am a six-foot and I have dirty blonde hair that is in little spikes. I have brown eyes. On my chin is just the faint beginning of a beard. I have a perfectly toned chest, with nice strong legs. My arms are buff from wrestling. I am wearing loose jeans and an AC/DC shirt. Whenever adults see me they always think I am one of those “bad boys”, and I try hard to maintain that reputation. I have been blessed with a big cock at an early age. Fully erected it is about eight and a half inches long and about as thick as a pepperoni. This has led to a satisfying sex life at an early age. There are an infinite number of sluts at my school that will fuck you for anything, and I have a thing for horny, little sluts. I like my woman to be sluts, they make better fucks and they always are ready for sex. Jenna was by far the hottest girl I had ever seen and I knew that I had to fuck her before the end of the day. When we were walking around the office building I thought I saw Jenna glance down every now and then to look at my pants but I can’t be sure. Once as I was walking by her I grabbed her ass. She didn’t seem to respond except to maybe giggle a little.

After about an hour of pointless touring we stopped by the cafeteria for lunch. We sat down at the same table and began to eat. “So do you have a girlfriend?” she asked causally as we ate.

“No, I just haven’t found the right one yet.” I responded.

“Good,” she said. I decided to leave it at that. We continued eating and at one point she picked up a banana. I watched as she peeled it slowly and started to move it in and out of her mouth. She would go slowly taking almost all of it in her mouth. While she was doing this my erection grew even more. Suddenly I felt something moving up and down my leg. It was her foot. I glanced at her and she was still deep-throating the banana. I looked up at her and I saw that she had a hungry look in her eyes. Her foot kept on moving up and up, until stopped only a few inches from my crotch. I had had it. Once she was done eating her banana, I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her into an empty office.

“Okay you slut, you’ve been playing with me all day its time we fuck.” I whispered into her ear. I instantly started to kiss her. This was no romantic kiss; this was a lust-filled, animalistic kiss. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and our tongues’ instantly began wrestling. Meanwhile my hand wandered down to her skirt and into her thong. I pushed it aside and began to finger her. She groaned into my mouth, so I quickly retreated. So protested but I ignored her. I sat down behind the desk.

“Okay time for some role playing,” I said. “You will be my secretary and you will do my every bidding. You will be the perfect slut for this big cock.” She nodded with an unmistakable look of lust in her eyes like the little slut she was. “Do a strip dance for me.” I commanded. She instantly climbed onto the desk and bent her head giving me a perfect view of her cleavage. She then stood up and started to spin around very slowly. She gradually pulled her tank top over her head until it was all the way off, leaving only a black bra covering her tits.

Suddenly she went into the drawer of the desk and pulled out a pair of scissors. She quickly cut her bra strap allowing her bountiful breasts to break free. They were so tight and round that I was surprised she even needed a bra. Seeing those perfect tits made my cock strain anymore so I commanded her to speed up. She soon had gotten rid off all her clothes and was standing completely naked before me. She had a perfectly tight, clean-shaven pussy that I couldn’t wait to plunge into. I beckoned to her and told her to kneel in front of me. She got the idea she slowly unzipped my fly. When my cock popped out she was on that monster in an instant. I almost came instantly. She was giving me the best blowjob I had ever experienced. She would alternate between slow deep throating and a rapid up and down on my cock. Every now and then she would pull out and suck my balls. She then started nibbling on me head. She would swirl her tongue around it and then suddenly plunge back down on my cock. It was obvious she had done this before.

When I was about to cum I pushed her head to my cock so she wouldn’t got anywhere. She started moaning and my cock was soon spurting into her mouth. I held her against me the whole time and she didn’t even try to get away. When I was done I pulled her back and she had a slutty smile on her face and I knew she wanted more. So, I picked her up and laid her down and the desk and started to kiss her from above. Again our tongues got into it. I again reached down to her tight pussy and started to put my fingers into it. She groaned in appreciation. I started with one moving up and down in her snatch, and then I put in another and then another until I had three fingers in there and was moving in and out at lightning speeds. She started to grind against my fingers and I could tell she was about to cum. I pulled out, but before she could protest, I was done there licking her like she had never been licked before. I darted my tongue in and out of her pretty little pussy. She started to scratch me head in pleasure.. I started to lick a long line from her asshole down to her pussy, extracting another moan. I continued with this until, without warning, I plunged my tongue right back into her pussy and she came instantly from the shock. Soon my face was covered in her juices.

My cock is aching for more action, so after she had recovered I said “You ready for the main event slut.” She could only nod, and again I noticed that hungry look in her eyes, only intensified. I slowly lowered my cock into her pussy. When my head went in she started to swivel her thighs, making the inside of her pussy rub against my cock. Soon I had lowered my entire dick into her, and damn was she tight. I slowly began to move in and out of her. I started slowly, and then I started to pick up speed. I was soon pumping in and out of her like there was no tomorrow. I reached down and began playing with those perfect tits. Her nipples were erect and I tweaked those, getting a moan from her.

She came up and put her arms around me and started to squeeze my ass cheeks. She dug her fingernails into my flesh. She started to play with my asshole and she soon had a finger in the moving in and out. I moaned. She pulled out and licked my shit off her fingers. She began to match my thrusts and soon I was having the best fucking of my life.

I started to suck on her boobs, and she liked that also. I was moving my tongue all over those nice perk tits and she was moaning with all her might. “Suck those titties,” she moaned “suck them like they were candy!” I felt her pussy muscle contract and I knew she was cumming. She screamed “OHH FUCK YES, POUND THAT PUSSY. POUND IT POUND IT.” Jenna started shaking all over, but I continued fucking her. Until I felt my impending orgasm and I pulled out quickly and shot my first jet onto her face and then aimed for her tits. Soon they were covered in my jizz.

“Eat it,” I commanded. She complied by taking her finger scooping up some of my baby making juice and sucking her finger dry. She did this until her tits were free of cum. “I want your ass,” I said. She responded by turning over placing her hands on the chair and wiggling her tight ass at me. “Take my ass, take it hard,” she said. I started by moving over to it and lubing it up by licking it. My tongue moved in and out, swirling around her little hole, getting it ready for my monster intruder. I then spit on my hand and moved it up and down my cock, which was hard again (hey I’m a teenager). I slowly moved my cock into her tight hole. I met some resistance at first but as soon a she relaxed I was in. She moaned “I feel so full.” I began to move in and out her, and it felt good. Her ass was tighter then her pussy and it was pressing against my cock with all its might. I soon was going faster and my balls were slapping against her pussy eliciting more moans from her. I reached around and started playing with her tits again and soon my cock was a blur going in and out of her ass. I knew I was going to cum again soon. “Cum in my ass, you stud, cum in my ass,” she groaned, and I was only too happy to oblige. When I came it went directly into her hole and when I pulled out, some of my cum dripped out. I slapped her ass and said, “Now that’s a good slut.”


2009-01-07 01:59:44
Ok, 14 years old, over 6', 8.5" cock. That's as far as I got. Glad I didn't read further, based on the comments about eating shit and what not.

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2008-07-26 00:36:27
eating shit now are we? haha dude thats fucking gross


2007-06-10 23:52:52
hhahahahahahahahaah yooo...hold up....she..ATE your shit?...hahahahahahahahahah... i cant even get over that man...10/10 for creativity ;p hhahahahahahahahah


2007-05-25 14:51:37
Okay, I'm going to read your story. Hot Dance.......Boobs.......and... what?!? She ate your shit. Holy Crap!!! That's fucking wrong and crazy!!!!!! Dude, I know it's your first story and all, but i mean come on!! You don't make a girl eat your own shit man. That is wrong and.......
**vomits on keyboard**
I hope your happy, now I have to get a new keyboard because of you!!!!!!

3/10 + $30 for keyboard


2007-05-17 20:29:59
damn what a hot slut. such a good fuck. what a nasty whore taking it up her ass like that. and only 14 yrs old. man this story was hot. i loved it. 8/10 because of the shit thing, but without that it would have been 10/10

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