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The spell is found
Who Me … a Wizard VII

I was trying to follow the spell as Slinky related.

Sex with three
Just for fun That would be Gracie and my Cousins

Still must search
To find the one Must mean we haven't found the catalyst of the spell.

Eyes that slant
But still can see ?

Skin of Color
Just might Be Hmmm?

In and out
Older too. I guess that means I have to screw a dark older woman with slant eyes

If done right
Will return you
To the land of Goshen. I wonder how many chances we have...

Slinky asked me, 'Do you know someone like the spell described.'

'I have a teacher that is black and weighs about 300 pounds her eyes don't slant but they squint because of the fat. I hope it is not her. I would be afraid if she wanted to get on top.'

Artie blew up his mattress and lay it in the floor of my room.. I whispered in his ear that he would be spending most of the night in his own bed...He looked at me quizzically I smiled and moverd my mouth silently saying with Ruby. His eyes lit up and his smile went from ear to ear.

Playing it safe the girls got their showers and closed the door on their side Artie and I get our shower and listened to the giggles on the other side of the door. There was a knock on our room door we closed the bathroom door and opened the room door. It was Mother, “You boys ready for bed?”

“Yes maam.” she kissed us both on the cheek and closed the door.

Almost an hour passed before we heard a noise in the bathroom. The door opened to a dark room and Robin slipped in to bed with me I grabbed for her … she was nude. Robin leaned over the side oft he bed and said, “Artie, Ruby is waiting for you.”

Artie didn't answer but departed the room in an instant .Robin didn't wait she grabbed my cock stroked it gently then fed it into her mouth. I twisted her body till I could get her hips over my face then I reached her pussy with my searching tongue. Her mouth was doing a trick with my cock She was lighting my fire for me. I did my best to return the favor. I licked and sucked her precious jewel while she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock. I felt her tense up and she sent a trickle of her nectar into my mouth. I was stroking into her mouth and trying to hold back as long as I could. Then she sucked me into her throat that was all it took I flooded her mouth and throat.

I flipped her around on the bed and slipped my cock into her pussy and heard her indrawn breath I stroked into her as I licked and sucked on her nipples. That iis one of the advantages in being short it puts them titties just in the right place. I moved softly drawing almost all the way out of her and held it for a few seconds. Her Pussy was almost chasing my pecker. Her hips came up off the bed, I rammed it home. I stroked for a while then repeated. Over the next few minutes I repeated it again and a gain. Finally Robin couldn't stand it any longer, She threw her head back and her hips forward locking her legs around my hips and went into an orgasm so strong I could hardly hold on to her. I loosed my on climax flooding her inside walls.

I gathered her into my arms and kissed her deeply and she cuddled into me, in seconds she drifted off to sleep. I was awakened in the middle of the night …. It was Artie, “I think Robin needs to go in the other room so I can get some sleep too. Ruby has wore me out.”

I woke up Robin and she reluctantly made her way to the other bed room. Artie crawled on his air mattress and went right to sleep. Slinky nibbled on my ear and asked 'Have fun? ' She chuckled curled around my neck and we both went back to sleep.

The next morning Slinky woke me before the alarm went off. I made my way to the shower. The hot water felt good beating down on my tired muscles. I noticed the door opening slowly and a hand reaching for my pecker. I smiled and moved to the back of the shower. The hand and arm move further in with a face right behind . It was Ruby, the water was hitting her in the face so she had her eyes closed and her mouth was open. I slipped past her reaching hand and stuck my pecker into her surprised mouth.
As soon as she felt me in her mouth she took a suction on me that almost sucked my eyeballs inside. She slurped and twisted her tongue around the tip. She tried to move into the shower with me but I held her back . But she was working it and it wasn't very long before I felt the tingling in my body that says I am ready I tried to push deeper into her mouth but she gagged. The gag reflex was all it took and I released into her mouth. She pulled back and I coated her face and hair with a gallon of cum.

I told her she better get washed that my Mother would be getting Artie and I up for school soon. I twirled her around under the water and I stepped out of the shower and dried off.

I awoke Artie, “Ruby is in the shower soon as she is out you better get in”
I went down to the Kitchen hoping mother had coffee ready. I poured me a cup and sat on one of the counter stools. Mom was scrambling eggs. “Mom, do you thing I will ever grow taller?”

Mom Look saddened a bit, “ I don't know son. Your dad was small until he was your age then he sprouted over one summer and look at him he is 6'.”

“ I know Mom but it is hard waiting and wondering.
Every one began dragging in for breakfast
Artie and I walked to school so we got the first plates of eggs and bacon. We ignored all the talk and just shoveled the eggs and bacon down and drank our juice. Then out the door.

The school was seven blocks from the house. Two blocks before, we spotted a guy with a gun trying to rob a lady. Like dummy's we ran forward. The robber swung his arm and hit Artie in the jaw with the gun ...He dropped like a ton of lead. I remembered I was a wizard, I froze his arm and kicked him solidly in the balls. I took the gun out of his hand and pointed at him. Mrs Radner stepped out on her front porch and yelled “I called the Police.”

By the time the police arrived Artie was awake and had a very large lump and a cut on his Jaw.. I unloaded the gun and handed the bullets and the gun to the officer. An Ambulance arrived a few minutes later . The Paramedic looked at Artie and said he would need stitches. He helped the other Paramedic lift the robber on to the gurney. And the Policeman put handcuffs on the robber. They strapped him to the Gurney. The ambulance pulled out with the robber and Artie headed to the emergency room.

The police ask the lady and I what had happened. She began to tell her story. She had just moved in a block away and was a new teacher at the high school. She was walking to school when the man had jumped out from behind a tree he had grabbed her purse. She had screamed and these two boys came to her rescue.

I explained how I was successful in taking him down then I pulled up my pants leg and the policeman started laughing ...I was wearing my pointy toed Cowboy boots. The lady was laughing also and for the first I really looked at her. I was taken aback. She had brown skin and was wearing glasses which she had removed to reveal her slanted eyes. I found out later she was half Hawaiian and Chinese.

The spell came to mind, ' Slinky was whispering it's her, it's her.' She introduced herself as Ramona Solotario... She was plump but not fat and she had two pillows as boobs. She was 34 and unmarried. And she was replacing Mr. Adams in Biology he was out with a burst appendix.

When the police released us I walked with her the rest of the way to school. We stopped by the office so she could explain and I could get a hall pass. They agreed to call the Hospital to check on Artie. I tried to call home but there was no answer. I finally got my Mother on her Cell and told her what had happened.

My first class was History the rumor monger had already raised its head before I made it to the classroom door. By that time the one robber had grown to four, all armed, and I had whipped them all.

Mr Jarvis had me stand at the head of the class and explain just what had happened. At first the class was disappointed when they found out it wasn't four opponents. Then I explained about the boots and where I had kicked the man. I was a Hero again.

The rest of the day went by smoothly until the last class of the day....Biology Lab. I walked into class and MS Solotario embarrassed me by saying MY Hero. I had to tell the story all over again with embellishments from her.. She asked me about Artie. I told her he was back home doped up … they had to put I thirty stitches in his jaw. The sights on the pistol is what had ripped him open so bad.

When class was over I put my books away and walked out the door... there was Ms Solotario. “I waited for you. I took her books from her and we began walking home. We talked about random things as we neared her house the main thing she wanted to know was what time I left for school of a morning. She was still a little shy of walking to school by her self.
We arrived at her walk way I handed her books to her. And watched till she was inside. She waved and I waved back and walked on home.

I checked on Artie as soon as I got home. He was in his bed and out like a light. There was no one else at home. I guess Mother went on to work after collecting Artie from the Hospital.
Slinky was anxious we had met the key to returning to Goshen ...She was ready to go now. I explained that we weren't as promiscuous as Goshen and older women rarely putout to teenagers. We Had to go slow.

Day after day I walked Ms Solotario to and from school. I mentioned that Artie would be joining us tomorrow morning. The rest of the day went by slowly.. I met her at the door and we walked along talking as usual. When we arrived at her walkway I started to hand her the books she asked me if I wanted something to drink .I heard Slinky ' Yes, Yes.'

I said I was in no hurry and I followed her up the walk. She unlocked the door and looked around before opening the door. I followed her inside.

She was rambling and making no sense at all. I just smiled and let her ramble.. Then I heard one word and it took me back. She said something about the land of Goshen. I said, Do what,,, what is that about the land of Goshen.?”

She was chuckling, “You are more naive than the Green led me to believe. Now if you don't mind you can give me the spell. So I can go back to my body and you can remain here for ever.” Suddenly she crumpled at my feet.... Slinky appeared and smiled....

“I knew there was something wrong with her she was just too convenient.... don't frown at me Al she is just stunned … Nothing was said about her being able to respond just that she has to be aware. She will be able to respond but can make no large movements.”

I straightened her out on the floor and with Slinky's help we undressed her and lifted her on to the Sofa.
I tweaked her nipple and her eyes came open and she tried to speak but nothing came I dropped my pants. Before I did anything else I said a spell under my breath and my robe and pistols appeared upon the easy chair she had in front of the TV.

I looked her over, I felt of her huge breasts and looked between her legs It reminded,me of a dense Jungle the hair was thick and black and almost reached as high as her Navel. I ran my fingers thru her huge bush and was amazed it was silky and smooth. I opened her legs and ran my fingers into her pussy. I rubbed her clitoris. Her hips moved,... I slid my finger into her pussy and was met by something I didn't expect... She was a 34 year old Virgin

Ambrose the Green.

Ambrose looked in on his assistant which was also his Daughter Marona He stroked her arm and tried to communicate with her but she continued to lie in her bed and didn't respond. He had had communication with her until a few minutes ago. Damn How could he have known. The Black can't be that strong..

He just couldn't stand not knowing He raised her dress and and stared at her pussy. He began to sob, tears rolled down his cheeks as he observed menstrual blood on her legs and pussy. He knew the black had succeed...

The group.

Linda and her group arrived back in the village to be met by Barf and Aden . Ciel was still with the Elf's but from Harper's last message she was on her way back to the village They were all in hopes that they would soon be united with the Black. Rowrf was only interested in getting the story from Linda. Roli took his hand and promised the story she smiled later and led him away.

Back on Earth

I fingered her for awhile then moved forward and entered her when I reached her hymen I prodded a little bit. Then I pushed to enter her and to push past the barrier I felt the blood as it trickled from around my cock I pushed until I was as deep as I could I began to read the spell.

Sex with three
Just for Fun
Still must search
To find the one
Eyes that slant
but still can see
Skin of color
Just might be
In and out I moved in and out of her
Older too
If done right
Will return you
To the land of Goshen

I continued to fuck her stroking in and out Slinky Curled around my neck. I could feel her internal muscle beginning to pulsate. I was quickly reaching my release point. I stroked faster I was ready I felt my sperm moving down my cock I threw my head back . And released laughter I opened my eyes and I was in the middle of the Village in the Land of Goshen with my pecker waving around spraying cum every where. Slinky dropped off my shoulder and handed me my robe.

I looked around with a red face and commented least it worked. Everybody laughed with me and not at me this time I put on my Robe and my pistol belt and sat down with my friends while Rowrf caught me up on all that had happened while Slinky and I were gone.

We reciprocated and told of our experiences. We told of the teacher Ramona Solotario, Barf interrupted me and said that sounds like the Greens daughter Marona. I listened to his deion of her body shape and coloring. I wondered if that was the reason she was able to take over Ms Solotario...I kinda liked her.

“I know it has been rough while I have been gone. But has anyone come up with any ideas on our quest. We have to get going again.”

Harper spoke up, “If we are not attacked again we only have five days before we reach the border of Green's realm then two more to his Castle.”

“Ok People we leave in the morning, Harper you will be on point, Slinky you will watch the rear. Aden you will fly overhead so you can watch the flanks. We will stop only in the evening. Linda , you and Roli have an attack spell ready on the right I will cover the left. Ciel and the Centaurs will lead with your Bows. Barf and Rowrf will handle the Wagon . Now I suggest we turn in for the night, and I do mean to sleep. All the girls giggled at that”

The next morning at dawn we were up ate breakfast and was on our way. Rowrf was walking beside me
telling me about the Kobolds they had round bottoms and short legs their shoulders were thin. Their bodies made me think of a fat bowling pin with legs. Their nose was like a mole it was pink and had hairs, feelers, their mouths were filled with razor sharp teeth. The front paws had claws for digging. Surprisingly they were very fast.

From what he told me I didn't have a lot of desire to meet them We had been on the move when I heard a piercing shriek I looked and Aden was coming in fast. She morphed as she landed , Her call had alerted everybody to be alert. She was pointing in Linda's direction Kobolds and Orcs, hundreds of them. We prepared to meet them head on . I asked Barf, I thought Orcs only moved about at night?”

“Normally that is true But the Green Wizard has access to spells other wizards don't have. “
I looked up at the bright sun and yelled out, “Okay everyone with bows attack the Kobolds, leave the Orcs to me. Aden stay high and keep the reports coming.”

We were ready and I had my counter spell ready.. Harper flew to a height that the Kobolds couldn't reach her and readied her bow. Rowrf turned the wagon and had extra bows and many arrows, he was ready to fight and to support. Barf changed to human form as did Roli so it was easier to use the bows.
I knew Linda was ready with her fire globes which had become her favorite.

The enemy loomed in to sight and I began chanting “Oh Creatures of the night cast off thy spell of Green Enter into the light See bright the light must heed the Black .” I repeated the spell till the Orcs were milling around in confusion. Then I pulled my pistols and began firing at the Orcs it was like shooting fish in a barrel. They were totally blind. They began covering their eyes and turning from the battle they began a panicked run back the way they came.

I looked around at the piles and piles of dead Kobolds they were close enough that bows were useless. Everyone had switched to swords in one hand and daggers in the other. We were all backed up to the wagon. Linda had cast a shield spell that protected the wagon and our backs. Barf had morphed back to werewolf and leaped into the middle of the Kobolds and was tearing them apart. I was firing over and over and the bodies were piling up in front of us almost creating a wall.

“That’s it … a wall …” “I need a wall, all embracing., In front of me, Kobold facing. Wrap them up and squeeze them tight. Crush them with all your might.”

Suddenly a cinder block wall began to form, block by block but fast enough the Kobolds could not
pass. It grew out ward then began to curve in ward. It became smaller and tighter and the Kobolds screams became louder and louder until the wall imploded in on its self. Then the Kobolds were quiet

We looked around, it was a terrible sight. The dead was scattered for over a hundred yards. Every one of my party had sustained cuts and abrasions most shallow but there were a few deep cuts to contend with. The biggest problem was the Kobolds bit and claws have a mild poison.

A head appeared out of the bushes behind the wagon and it spoke, ” Is it safe to come out?” It was Medical Mage 3rd Class, Grubber., “ I was sent to accompany you and I arrived Just after the fighting started.”

I Told him to get into the tent and start bandaging and treating everybody with antidotes for Kobold poison. Rowrf start driving … let's get away from this carnage and find a place to camp and lick out wounds.... Oh ans well done everybody.”

The Queen

“Anil what was the last report, “ she asked as the rat went scampering away?

Anil began her report, The Black and his party are only about 5 days away. They were in a fight with Kobolds and spell bound Orcs. I think the Black is much stronger than Ambrose expected.... I think the Black is more that a match for the Green... Yes I feel rescue is at hand.”


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