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Hello, my name is Ann and if you have read my recent story then you know I am pretty much a slut. I was not always like this for I once was just a plain Jane. I did enjoy sex but not like, I do now. There will be some heartache in my story, as I was not always as happy as I am now with my life.
The Story of Ann Chapter 1: The Beginning

Hello, my name is Ann and if you have read my recent story then you know I am pretty much a slut. I was not always like this for I once was just a plain Jane. I did enjoy sex but not like, I do now. There will be some heartache in my story, as I was not always as happy as I am now with my life.

I was born to a loving mom and dad. However, by the time I had turned seven I lose my father in a car accident. His brother my uncle rather took his place as my father after we lost him. My Uncle took care of my mom and me in many ways.

My mom worked nights a lot when I was younger so my Uncle would watch me. I was close with my Uncle and we always had fun while mom was working. Uncle Bill was a good man as well as an avid amateur boxer and wrestler. He was well build and handsome just like my father was. Growing up with him, he taught me how to handle myself, as I was more of a tomboy until in my teens. When I went from a tomboy to a young woman, Uncle Bill thought I should become more women like as well.

I was an early bloomer as I had my first period around when I was 12 and by the time, I was 14 I had 34b boobs and a hairy pussy. At 14, I did not know a lot about sex other than where babies came from. That was about to change. By the time I was fifteen Uncle Bill had moved in with mom and I. I was Ok with it as it made my mom happy and I enjoyed him being around as well. I was about to enjoy him being around a lot more too.

It all came about when I had just turned fifteen. It was in September and school had just begun where I was in the ninth grade. I was rather a loner at school mostly because I considered myself to be over developed compared to my classmates, especially the girls in my classes.

When I was sixteen my breasts had swelled to 36 b and I had a full patch of hair between my legs. I never wore any type of clothing that was revealing in anyway when I first started to get tits. In fact, I did my best to hide my big tits from everyone. The only person up to that point who knew about my big tits and hairy pussy was my girlfriend Janet.

Janet and I had been best friends since first grade. We hung out together then and still do to this day. She had noticed my big boobs when they first started to develop and she was in disbelieve of my tits during the summer before we went back to school. Janet and I would go swimming and she would see me change into my swimsuit.

She used to stare at my big tits and all the hair between my legs. Janet was the opposite of me she had little buds for tits and hardly any hair between her legs yet. The other girls in my class used to say I was a freak when we showered after gym class. I had tits and a hairy pussy long before any of them did.

I was embarrassed to even shower with any of them and often waited until I was the only one in the showers. By the ninth grade, some other girls had grown tits and gotten hair on their pussies however, no one had as much hair as I did and no one had bigger tits. Most of the girls made fun of Janet because of her not having tits and hair. I stuck up for her and told the other girls to leave her alone. That did not improve my standing with any of them and Janet was really the only friend I had.

The boys in my class did not start to notice me until the ninth grade. Then they were always trying to rub up against my tits and a few would even grab my ass then run down the hall. I was very shy and hardly ever talked to any of the boys at school.

I would be walking down the hall and I would hear some of the boys say, “Man I beat my meat senseless to her tits last night.”

I was not for sure but I thought they meant they played with their cock as they thought of me. I had never seen a boys cock other than in the text books at school in health. The book called it a penis and all I could really tell was the shape of it as it was transparent so you could see all of the reproduction glands and stuff.

During the ninth grade popular boys started to take notice of me well of my big tits, as they were hard to hide anymore. They started to come over and talk to me. Into the first month of ninth grade all, the boys were after me. I knew they all only wanted to feel my big tits or grab my ass. Most of the time I would shyly run away from them, as I really was not interested in anything they had or could do for me. The other girls took it upon themselves to tell the boys that I was not interested in boys as I was a lesbian.

I found this out when Janet started to avoid me. I finally asked her one day after school if I had done something to her as she did not call me or even talk to me at school. Janet told me the other girls were telling everyone that I was a lesbian.

“Sorry Ann I did not want everyone to think I was one if I hung out with you,” Janet said to me.

“Just who started that rumor?” I asked Janet.

“Sue did,” Janet replied. “I only went along with it because they did not pick on me anymore,” “It only lasted a short while before they went back to picking on me anyways,” Janet added.

I was pissed when Janet told me Sue had started the rumor. I should have just left it go however I did not. The next morning as I walked into the school I saw Sue standing by her locker. I walked up to her and tapped her on her shoulder.

Sue turned to me as she asked, “What in the hell do you want?”

“You can stop telling everyone I am a lesbian for starters,” I replied.

“If the shoe fits wear it,” Sue said smiling at me.

“Fuck you wear this,” I replied as I pushed her to the floor and got on top of her.

I started to slap her about her face as I sat upon her chest. Sue was crying and screaming as I slapped her face restlessly. I did not even notice the small crowd that had gathered around us. I drew my arm back and this time I made a fist and hit her hard in her face. I drew my arm back again to land another punch when our assistant principal Mr. Turner grabbed it.

“That is enough Ann,” Mr. Turner said as he jerked me from atop of Sue.

Another teacher looked after Sue as Mr. Turner led me down to his office. He sat me down in a chair next to his desk and asked me just what in the hell was all that about. I explained to him about her telling everyone that I was a lesbian when I was not one.

Mr. Turner gave me a big lecture on beating someone up for calling you names or making fun of you. He told me the next time to come see him when I had a problem with another student. He went and made sure that Sue was OK. When he came back into his office, I looked at him as he came into the room.

“Sue is OK isn’t she I did not mean to hurt her,” I said looking to the floor.

“She will be OK and at least you showed some concern,” Mr. Turner replied. “I am still going to have to expel you for three days and call your parents to come pick you up,” he added as he reached for the phone.

Luckily, my mom was out of town for the week due to her job and Uncle Bill was watching me. Mr. Turner and Uncle Bill were friends so he knew he had more or less raised me after losing my father. He left Uncle Bill come in place of my mom. Mr. Turner sat me outside of his office while he talked to Uncle Bill. When they finished talking, they came out and they shook hands.

Mr. Turner looked to me as he said, “I will see you in three days young lady and remember no more fighting come see me the next time,” before he walked back into his office.

Uncle Bill took me outside to his car without saying anything. I climbed in and he started to drive home. I explained to him that I was just pissed at Sue for telling everyone that I was a lesbian and I had lost control.

“First of all fighting does not solve anything and second you don’t go around beating someone up for spreading rumors,” Uncle Bill said giving me the eye.

“I know and I am sorry for what I did,” I replied

“Second you’re not a lesbian are you?” Uncle Bill asked.

“NO,” I screamed at him.

“I did not think so and I told Mr. Turner that as well,” Uncle Bill said. “He understands about that and if you were; the school would make adjustments as he is …,” Uncle Bill added without finishing.

“Mr. Turner is gay,” I replied.

“Let’s keep that just between you and I young lady,” Uncle Bill said looking to me. “So you were whooping her ass was you?” Uncle Bill asked smiling at me.

Once at home he had a long talk with me about not doing that again to anyone unless I felt I was in danger. He told me just because I could handle myself did not mean I should use it against anyone unless I felt my life was in danger. Uncle Bill told me we would keep this just between you and I as there was no need to tell your mother or she will blame me he told me.

“It will be our little secret,” I replied and I thanked him for being understanding.

When I returned to school in three days I had went from being a lesbian to some out of control wild bitch. Everyone seemed to avoid me boys and girls. I became more of an outcast than ever. The only one who did not was Janet. We went back to hanging out together during and after school.

I would sleep over at her house on Saturday nights a lot as her parents would go out and they were OK if we stayed there to watch her brother who was only 13 at the time. One Saturday night after her brother went to bed and we were in her bedroom, Janet asked me if I have ever given myself pleasure.

“What is that?” I asked.

Janet laughed as she replied, “You know played with your pussy.”

“No because I am not for sure how,” I replied.

Janet smiled at me as she said, “I will show you how.”

Janet told me to take all my clothes off and get into bed beside her. Her eyes never left my body as I took my clothes off and climbed into the bed. She took her off and climbed in beside me.

“You watch me then I will watch you,” Janet said as she lay down next to me.

I sat up as I watched her hand slowly go between her legs. She rubbed at her almost hairless pussy with her hands. Janet slipped a finger between her rather large pussy lips and started to run it in and out of it. She took her other hand and she pinched at the rather large nipples on top of her small bud like tits.

I watched her playing with her pussy and pulling on her nipples. Janet slipped another finger into her pussy and really started to run them in and out of it.
I felt my own pussy start to tingle as I watched her as her breathing became heavy and labored as she played with her pussy. In a short time, Janet’s eyes went closed as her head went from side to side.

“AHHhhhh,” Janet moaned as she rather flopped around on the bed.

Janet pulled her two fingers from her pussy and I could see they were wet with her juices. Janet brought those fingers up to her mouth where she licked then sucked her juices from her finger. Janet smiled at me as she sucked the last drop off her fingers.

“Your turn Ann,” Janet said sitting up in the bed.

“I don’t know if I can,” I replied.

“Then lie down and I will do you,” Janet said.

I lay back upon the bed as Janet parted my legs climbing between them. She lies upon her elbows looking at my hairy pussy. Janet ran her hand lightly across my hairy mound. She tells me she wishes she had some of my hair as she did.

Janet used both her hands to part the hair covering my pussy lips. It was almost as if she was parting the hair on my head. Janet then ran her fingers over my pussy lips I felt my pussy lips slowly unroll as her fingers touched them

I moaned softly as my lips unfolded as it sent a wonderfully strange feeling through my body. Janet then took her finger and rubbed up and down between my lips. That strange feeling grew as she rubbed her finger up and down on my pussy lips. I raised my head from the bed to look at Janet between my legs

“AHhhh,” I moaned softly as I felt her finger slowly entering into my pussy.

Janet looked at me as she said, “Pinch and pull on your nipples you will love the feeling,” as she started to finger my pussy

I took both my hands and slowly ran them up over my big pair of tits. I might not have known how to finger myself but playing with my tits, I knew. I have been playing with them since I started to grow them. I often wondered if that was why they had gotten so big.

I ran my hands in a circle as I worked my hands up my tits. I squeezed at my tits lightly as I worked my hands to my nipples. I lightly rubbed both index fingers across my nipples. They grew instantly hard as my finger touched them.

I removed one finger and stuck it into my mouth getting it wet with my saliva. I returned it to my nipple where I rubbed the wetness around and onto my nipple. I did the same to my other finger as well. I started to pinch then pull on my nipples taking them between my finger and my thumb.

That feeling that was growing all over my body suddenly peaked as I moaned, “AHHHhhhhh Janet.”

My eyes went closed even as I fought to keep them open. My pussy began to tingle and then that feeling raced from my pussy to my tits. My breathing got heavy, as I seem to lose awareness of everything around me except for this wonderful feeling in my pussy as I started to flop about on the bed. I pinched and pulled at my nipples hard as this feeling raced through my body making me moan and whimper softly. That feeling lasted for a long time it seemed like. Then my eyes came back open as I released my nipples, which I was still pinching. My ears filled with this wet sound as I looked to Janet.

Janet smiled at me as she said, “Damn girl your pussy is fucking soaking wet.”

Janet removed her finger and I saw my juices dripping from it. Janet moved her finger to her mouth and she licked then sucked at her finger. She removed her finger with a pop from her mouth.

Janet looked at as she said, “Don’t hate me Ann I just can’t stop myself.”

Janet buried her face between my legs as I screamed asking, “Janet what are you doing?”

My hands went to her head and I started to push her head from between my legs. However, that wonderful feeling started to build once more down there. I could feel her tongue lapping at my pussy lips then dipping into it. Instead of pushing her head from between my legs, I gentle ran my hands through her long blonde hair. In a few more minutes, I was once again flopping about the bed.

“AHHHHHHH Janet, don’t stop,” I screamed as my eyes went closed once more.

When I opened them, I found my hands pulling her face against my pussy as my hips worked upward toward her face. I released my hold on her head allowing her to remove it from between my legs. Janet pulled her face from my pussy as she sat up in bed with her face wet, shiny and sticky from my juices.

Janet wiped at my wetness on her face as she said, “Girl I think you peed in my face.”

“I don’t think I did,” I replied not knowing what I had done as that feeling had taken over and I did not know for sure what happened after that.

Janet pointed to the bed between my legs as she said, “Look what you did.”

I moved in the bed sitting up as she was. I looked to where she was pointing to on the bed and I saw this big round wet spot. It lay directly under where my pussy and Janet’s face had been.

“Sorry about that, Janet,” “I must have lost control or something and peed,” I said to her.

Janet ran her tongue around her lips then replied, “I am not for sure myself as it does not taste like pee.”

I was going to ask her how she knew what pee tasted like but I left it at that. Janet and I played with our pussies for the rest of the night. However, I did not have another orgasm for I was afraid I would pee again. Janet told me she enjoyed licking at my pussy and wanted to do it again. She also asked me to lick hers. However, we heard her mom and dad coming into the house so we pretended to be asleep when her mom checked on us.

Janet’s bedroom was right next to her mom’s and dad. Janet whispered to me to me quiet for a while. In a few minutes, you could hear the bed next door squeaking and her mom screaming, “Fuck me harder.”

Janet and I played with our own pussies as we listened to them fucking. This time I did have another orgasm and I felt something squirting from my pussy onto my hand. I cupped my hand around my pussy trying to hold it or push it back up inside me. It did not work and I got her bed even wetter than before. I told Janet I was sorry I just could not control it.

Janet whispered, “It’s OK Ann I will just tell my mom we spilled a glass of water in the bed.” Janet rubbed her hand over my face and through my hair as she lie above me looking into my face. Janet smiled then she asked, “You wouldn’t scream if I kissed you would you?”

I did not have time to say anything. Janet locked her lips over mine as she kissed me upon my lips. It just seemed natural to me so I kissed her back. Janet then slipped her tongue into my mouth and I slipped mine into hers.

She broke our kiss as she lay down beside me taking my hand into hers. I watched her eyes go close as she went to sleep still holding my hand.

I lie there awake in bed wondering if I was a lesbian after all. I thought that because I had enjoyed my fun with Janet. I also had felt my pussy start to tingle when she kissed me. I closed my own eyes and went to sleep that night wondering if I was a lesbian after all.

In the morning as Janet and I got dresses she said, “We will just keep our little fun between us.”

“Yes I agree,” I replied.

From there on out anytime Janet and I was together it always led to us having fun with each other. We even found out about getting into a sixty-nine together and we always did that the most. Janet and I also found out together that we both could squirt our juices if we rubbed our pussies the right way. Janet and I also enjoyed rubbing our pussies together as she told me my hair tickled her bare pussy.

We went from doing each other in our houses when one of stayed over to going into the nearby woods and playing in there. While playing in the woods we found out about making our pussies squirt. It was all because I had to pee and Janet wanted to watch me pee.

I left her watch and as I pissed she shoved her hand into my stream then said, “That is not pee when we play for it is not yellow and this taste like pee,” as she licked at the piss dripping from her hand.

I did not even ask her about shoving her hand into my pee then licking it. I had found out by then it did not pay to ask her for she would not tell me anyways or rather I just did not want to know. I was just happy to be having the fun we were together.

It seemed as if I might be a lesbian for boys at my school did nothing for me however, I felt my pussy tingle more than a few times during taking showers with other girls after gym class wondering just how their pussy would feel against mine. I was no longer afraid to show what I had to boys or to girls as they all were afraid of me anyways.

I would wear short skirts that showed my short lovely legs, tight fitting sweaters and low cut tops any chance I got to show off my big fucking tits. Some of the boys and even a couple girls were always checking my tits out but they knew they could look but if they touched or called me names, I was going to kick their asses.

I also became the most sought after girl in my class however I still did not want anything to do with any of them. I would talk to them but I did not hang around or run with them. Most of the boys were always after me to let them walk me home after school. I think they thought I would give them a little if they did.

I was always nice and polite as I told them thanks but no thanks. However, I was soon to allow a boy to walk me home after school. I only did it because I felt sorry for him, as he was a nerd and was picked on a lot. The first time it happened I was walking down the hallway when I saw a group of boys and their girls teasing this boy named Mike.

The boys were telling Mike that he would never be with a girl like theirs. One of the other boys called him queer for looking at his cock in the showers during gym. That pissed me off again as I saw that the girl with this boy was Sue. I walked over to them and right through them up to Mike.

I took a hold of his hand as I said, “I thought you were going to walk me home,” as I turned back to the group of boys and girls.

The look on their faces was priceless as they all stood there with their mouths hanging open in shock. The biggest pair of tits in school and Mike the geek was walking her home. Sue started to say something however; I cut her off before she could.

“I would keep your comment to yourself if I was you, Sue,” I said smiling at her.

“Whatever,” Sue replied as the group went on down the hall.

I turned to Mike who said, “Thanks Ann, I owe you one.”

“All you own me is to walk me home,” I replied smiling at him.

Mike and I got more than a few stares as we walked out of school that day. We held hands until we were out of sight of everyone and Mike removed his hand from mine. I asked him why he had released my hand from his.

“I thought you just did what you did because of Sue, to get even with her” Mike replied.

“I did,” I replied as I stared at him.

However when I did I also saw that hurt look on his face. The same look I had on mine when everyone thought I was a lesbian. I know how he must have felt and here I was doing the same. I felt I had to do something again. I thought then quickly grabbed his hand back into mine.

“However that does not mean I do not like you,” I replied smiling at him.

Mike smiled back and we continued our walk home. We talked about school and of science something we both enjoyed as we were in the same science class together. Mike even asked me to me his science partner on our next science project. I never saw a bigger smile on anyone when I told him I would love that.

Once at my house I turned to Mike as I said, “Thanks for walking me home,” as I leaned toward him and kissed him on his cheek.

Mike stood there for a few seconds with his mouth hanging open before he replied, “No thank you Ann,” before he walked away.

I walked into the house and Uncle Bill asked me, “Who was that boy with you?”

I explained that to him who he was and why I had left him walk me home. Uncle Bill reminded me it was OK to help someone in need but not nice to use someone like I had. He explained I might be giving Mike the wrong signals and he hoped I would not cause more hurt than good by my actions.

I was not sure just what he meant by giving me that little talk. Other than maybe, he was telling me not to be a tease perhaps. All the rest of the week Mike walked me home from school. On Friday on the way home as we passed the woods were Janet and I often went to play, I told Mike I had to pee and could not wait.

I ran into the woods and I did not know that Mike had followed me until I undid my jeans, pulled them down turned and squatted right in front of him. I could not hold it or cover myself as my pee started to gush from my pussy. I looked up to Mike to see him staring at my hairy pissing pussy.

The last bit dripped from my pussy as I said, “You at least could have turned your back,” as I stood up with my jeans still down by my ankles.

“Ann, your thing is so hairy,” Mike replied staring at it.

“I take it that you never seen a girls pussy,” I said.

Mike just shook his head no, as he stood there. It was then that I noticed that the front of his own pants was sticking out in front of him. I pulled my pants up as I asked him if I had caused that to happen. I knew he had a boner in his pants from the magazines Janet and I had looked at. I felt this tingle in my pussy and my tits seemed to heave as my nipples grew hard poking through the shirt I had worn.

Mike’s eyes went to my tits, as my nipples grew hard. He stared at my tits as his mouth came open. I walked over to him and I took his hands into mine as I placed them upon my breasts. Mike started to caress well more like squeeze at my breasts with his hands.

“Owee not like that,” “Be gentle,” I cried out removing his hand from my breasts. “Here like this,” I added as I pulled my top up then lifted my bra exposing my tits to him.

I rolled my hands around my breasts in circles teasing my nipples with my fingers as I did. Mike watched me doing this then I removed my hands and he started to do the same to them. I showed him how to pull and lightly pinch at my nipples making them grow even harder.

Mike was pinching at my nipples when he suddenly moaned lightly and his hands went to the front of his pants. He moaned as he pressed his hands into his pants. I heard him yell out “Shit,” as he turned from me. He stayed like that for a few seconds as I tucked the girls away and covered them with my shirt.

“Are you OK Mike?” I asked.

Mike turned back toward me and I saw there was a big wet spot where that bulge had been. He told me he was OK just had made a mess in his pants. I knew then that he had shot his cum by just feeling my breasts. Mike took his jacket, covered the front of his pants as we left the woods, and continued home.

I told Mike to keep this our little secret and we would have more fun. Mike told me he had wet dreams about doing stuff with me. I had to ask him what wet dreams were and he told me. My pussy twitched even more as we walked home. Mike promised me never to tell anyone of our fun in the woods and I told him I would do the same.

I lied as soon as I got in the house I called Janet. I explained to her every thing that happened even with not knowing for sure exactly, what had happened. Janet told me to see if I could spend the night and she would not only explain but show me as well. I was wondering just how she was going to show me as my mom drove me over to her house. Once inside her house we went to her bedroom and I asked her how she was going to show me.

“Wait until mom and dad leaves and you will see,” Janet said smiling to me.

As her mom was leaving, she told Janet to take good care of her brother and Janet replied, “I will,” smiling to me.

As soon as they were out the door Janet told me to go into her bedroom and take all my clothes off and climb into bed. She explained she would be right in as well. I did as she asked and was laying naked under the covers of her bedroom when she walked in with her little brother Ted in tow.

“What is he doing in here,” I yelled at Janet.

“He is going to show us something,” Janet replied as she jumped from her clothes then got under the covers with me.

Janet’s brother Ted stood silently at the foot of the bed. Janet and I sat up in the bed with the bed sheet covering us. She told him to show us his thingy. Ted dropped his pants to the floor and he stood there with his little limp cock in front of him. It looked like it was only about three inches in size. He was staring right at me when Janet pulled the covers from me exposing my tits to him. I covered my tits with my hands so he could not see them.

“Let him see your tits Ann and watch what happens,” Janet said to me.

I exposed my tits to Ted and he smiled at me. I looked down at his limp cock that started to grow. It rather rolled and moved then started to stand up straight away from his body. In a short time, his cock was fully hard standing tall. I was amazed that it had grown as big as it was now closer to four or five inches and much rounder.

“Make your dick shoot for us,” Janet said to Ted.

Ted wrapped his hand around his cock and he started to pump back and forth on it with his hand. Janet moved closer to him and I joined her at the edge of the bed on my hands and knees. My tits were swinging back and forth, as I crawled down to there.

Ted moaned and suddenly clear liquid started to shoot from his cock. Janet grabbed his cock and pulled on it coating her hand with the clear stuff. She licked at it as she pulled her hand back and asked me to try it. I shook my head no, as I watched Ted’s cock go from being big to small again.

“Go to your room Ted and I will call you when it is time to play again,” Janet said to her brother.

Ted pulled his pants up and ran from the room. I turned to Janet and she smiled at me. She explained she had caught him a couple of weeks ago in the bathroom playing with his cock. She had told him she would tell mom unless he showed her just how and what he was doing.

Janet explained they have been having fun every night, as one of them would sneak into the others room. I asked her just what type of fun and she explained they played with each other as well as gave each other oral sex. Janet reached under her bed, pulled some magazines out, and showed me just what they have been doing. The cocks in the magazine were a lot bigger than Ted’s.

Janet turned to a page with a couple fucking as she said, “I want to do this with him tonight.” Janet smiled as she asked, “You want to watch?”

“I suppose,” I replied not sure, if I did or not however my pussy felt as if it was on fire.

Janet ran from her room to get her brother telling me to lie back on the bed. She returned and told Ted to lick me the way he does her. Ted practically dove between my legs. He dug his tongue roughly into my pussy at first then settled down into a slow steady lick. My pussy started to juice up when he plunged his tongue deep into my pussy.

“Get onto your back Ted, “Janet said to him.

Ted rolled from between my legs and onto his back with his little cock once again standing tall. Janet had me come down to his cock with her. She wrapped her hand around it and started to pump up and down on his cock. She removed her hand and she told me to try it. I did his cock felt weird, as it was hard but still soft when I tightened my hand around it.

Janet pushed my hand away as she said, “Here is how you suck it.”

Janet took his cock into her mouth and she started to move it up and down on his cock. I noticed it looked like she was sucking in as her head worked upward on his cock. Janet removed her mouth and she flicked her tongue around the head of his cock for a while. Ted lies there moaning softly as she did.

Janet looked to me as she said; “Now you try it.”

I did as she had I placed my mouth around his cock and I started to move it up and down. In a little while, I even got the hang of sucking inward as my mouth worked up his cock. I pumped at his cock as I started to flick my tongue around the head of his cock.

Suddenly my tongue encountered fluid leaking from the head of his cock. I pulled away from his cock and the stuff stringed from his dick head to my tongue as I did. It snapped and came back onto my tongue, which I drew back into my mouth. It was a strange taste but it tasted good I thought as I looked to Janet.

“That is his pre-cum it happens before he shoots off,” Janet said to me.

Janet rolled onto her back as she said, “Stick your thingy up inside of me Ted.”

Ted rolled over onto his sister and he started to bounce up and down. Janet reached between them trying to get his cock lined up with her little hairless pussy. She told Ted to stop so she could get his cock inside of her. Ted stopped and backed away from his sister’s pussy.

Janet looked to me as she said, “Put his cock into me as he slides forward.”

I took his cock into my hand and placed it at the opening between her lips. Ted moved forward and I saw her lips open as his cock slipped inside. I barely got my hand from his cock when he started to move up and down fast on top of her.

Janet moaned loudly as they both rocked on the bed. Janet wrapped her arms around her brother pulling him tighter against her as she bit her lips. Ted just kept moving up and down on top of her. They both were moaning as his cock slipped in and out of her hairless pussy. I could see some of the action but not all of it. My hand went down to my pussy and I rubbed and fingered myself as they fucked before me.

I had just slipped two fingers up inside me when Ted yelled out, “AHHHHhhh sis.”

I managed to get a quick orgasm before Ted rolled off Janet as it all lasted about maybe three minutes. I looked at her pussy to see that clear liquid leaking from it. To be honest it looked like hell as there was a little bit of blood mixed in with it. I knew Janet was no longer a virgin.

All three of us showered and I left Ted suck on my tits and play with my pussy in the shower. He wanted to stick his thingy into my pussy but I told them both no to doing that. The three of us played with each other until it was time for their parents to be coming home.

In bed that night, Janet told me she could not wait for Ted’s dick to get bigger as she had told me she could barely feel his cock in her. Janet told me a big cock should really feel good. Just before we went to sleep her dog, Rex came into the bedroom and as he lay on the floor licking his cock I saw Janet smiling as she watched him. I would not find out what she had plans to do with him until a couple of years.

In the weeks that followed, I showed Mike every thing I had learned from Janet. Mike’s cock was a lot bigger than Ted’s and much firmer when I jacked him off when we played in the woods. Mike and I played each day on the way home from school. In no time I became very good at sucking cock and him at eating pussy. Mike wanted to fuck me however; I would not as I was saving that.

Mike turned into a different person during this time, as he was not so nerdy anymore nor was he shy as before. In fact, I was starting to more than like him but was falling in love with him I believed. I was even going to ask him if maybe we should take another step by becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. I should have known that the way my life was that was not going to happen now or maybe never.

A few months into school, Mike was waiting for me outside after school. He took my hand into his. I thought maybe he was going to ask me to go steady with him or maybe I was hoping he would at least.

Mike looked at me as he said, “Ann I like you a lot but I can no longer walk you home.”

A girl by the name of Tina walked over and wrapped her arms around Mike. I wanted to punch them both out and take my anger out on them. However, the words of my Uncle came into my head. I simply smiled at them both and told them they will make a lovely couple. Mike and Tina were married down the road and lived happily ever after unlike I.

I cried as I walked home that day, I cried that night and into that weekend. My heart had been broken for the first time. My Uncle even gave me some comfort when he found out why I was upset. He explained someday I would find what I was looking for and that my heart will probably be broken again along the way but that was just how life was.

I felt so bad about it I once again withdrew from the people around me. I went back to covering my body. I did not wear short skirt or tight sweaters for I thought my body was unfit for others to look at. After all, I could not even keep the school geek interested in myself. Once again, what I thought was a good deed on my part blew up in my face. The new rumor in school was that I was so lousy in bed that the school geek did not even want me.

The only one who knew the true and stood by me was Janet. It was a Friday and my mom was back on nights. I asked her and Uncle Bill if I could spend Friday night with Janet. I told them I would just go home with her after school as she now rode a bus home as they had moved. They told me it was Ok with them so after school I went home with Janet to her house. On the way home, Janet told me she did not feel good.

At Janet’s house, she became sick and started to throw up. Janet’s mom was a nurse and she told me she thought Janet had the flu. She told me she had better take me home. I told Janet I hoped she felt better and I would call her tomorrow. Her mom drove me home dropping me off at the end of my driveway.

I walked up the drive and left myself into our house. I saw that no one was in the living room so I walked into our kitchen. I thought maybe that Uncle Bill was out back in our garage working on one of his cars or bikes. I walked up the stairs toward my bedroom. As I walked down the hall, I heard the water running in our shower in the bathroom.

As I reached the bathroom door, I saw it was wide open. I looked inside to find Uncle Bill in the shower. Do not ask me why but our shower had a clear see through shower curtain, I think it was because mom was afraid some one would Hitchcock her like in ones of his movies.

I looked to the shower and my mouth fell open as I stared. There in the shower with the water cascading down onto his back was Uncle Bill. What shocked me was what Uncle Bill was doing in the shower. He had his hands wrapped around his cock and he was pumping his body toward his hand as he pulled them away from his cock.

I rather figured that he was beating his meat, as the boys in school would say. I stood there watching him well I was looking at his cock that was sticking past both of his hands. His cock did not look like the one I had seen in textbooks at school nor was it like Ted’s or Mike‘s.

It was a lot bigger than theirs was and it reminded me of the ones in the magazines Janet and I would look at. I saw that his cock was thick and hard as well. Uncle Bill removed his hand to lather them up with more soap. His cock danced wildly in front of him as I saw all of it including his big hanging sack that held his balls.

I felt my pussy start to tingle as I watched his hands go back around his cock. He pumped and pulled on his cock until he went weak in his knees and his head tilted back, Uncle Bill took his cock into one hand and he jerked wildly at it with that hand. His cock seemed to jerk and throb as he pumped at it

“AHHHHhhhh,” Uncle moaned loudly.

I watched as ribbons of thick white cum shot from his cock. I felt my own juices start to run from my pussy into my panties as I watched cum shooting from his cock. His cock shot out about three big blasts then he milked the rest out over the head of his cock. I just stood there with my mouth open and my pussy, tingling wildly as I watch the thick white glob dripping from the head of his cock.

“AH Shit ANN,” Uncle Bill yelled.

I moved my eyes from his cock up to his eyes. I did not know what to say so I just ran for my bedroom. I ran into my bedroom and closed the door behind myself. In a few minutes, there was a knock upon my door as I sat on the edge of my bed looking down at the floor

“Ann, may I come in too talk?” Uncle Bill asked through my door.

“You may if you want,” I replied never lifting my head.

Uncle Bill came into my room and he paced back and forth in front of me dressed in a robe. He did this for a while as if he was trying to figure out what to say to me. I never lifted my head from looking at the floor the whole time. Uncle Bill finally stopped in front of me.

Uncle lifted my head with his hand as he said, “I did not hear you come home.”

“Janet got sick so I had to return home,” I replied.

He looked at me with worry on his face as he said, “I suppose you got to see the whole show didn’t you.” I shook my head yes as he asked, “Do you know what I was doing Ann?”

“Yes, you were beating your meat,” I replied whether clumsily.

Uncle Bill gave a little laugh as he said, “I suppose it did look that way but let me explain it to you.”

Uncle Bill sat down next to me on my bed. He asked me if I knew what masturbation was. I told him I did. He told me when I get older I will find out it is a way to relive the stress of your everyday life. Uncle Bill told me it was perfectly normal to do it whether you were a man or a woman.

As Uncle Bill talked to me, I noticed his robe was getting taller down there. I tried not to stare at it. However, my pussy started to tingle as I watched his cock push out the front of his robe. Uncle Bill asked me if I had any questions for him.

“Do I bring you stress?” I asked as I pointed to his cock.

Uncle Bill laughed again as he replied, “No I just can’t control him around someone as lovely as you.”

I gave him a funny look and Uncle Bill stood up as he said, “I have said too much already but we can talk later.” “Change your clothes and I will take you out for dinner with me,” Uncle Bill added as he walked from my room closing the door.

I stood up and started to take my clothes off, as I looked at myself in the full-length mirror in my room. I was thinking about why he had told me I was lovely. I removed my shirt then my bra. I teased my nipples to full hardness before I removed my jeans. I ran my hand down my panties to my pussy. My panties were soaked with my juices.

I removed my panties and looked at myself in the mirror. I stood there looking at myself in the mirror as I took my hands through my brunette curly hair as I posed into the mirror. My 36 b breasts hung nicely from my chest as I cupped them in my hands. I ran my fingertips over my nipples making them grow hard.

I ran one hand down my flat stomach to my belly button as the other played with a tit. I noticed that hair was starting to grow from my pussy mound up to my belly button. I ran my hand down to my hairy pussy rubbing it down the front of it.

I slipped a finger up inside my pussy as I stood there. I started to take my finger in and out of my pussy. While doing this I was thinking of Uncle’s Bill hard throbbing cock. My head filled with thoughts of how his cock would feel up inside of my pussy.

I worked a finger up inside of myself and started to run it in and out of my pussy. My finger soon had my juices flowing as they splashed onto my finger. I needed more in my pussy so I added another one then another one. I worked my three fingers in and out of my pussy faster and deeper making believe that was Uncle Bill‘s cock fucking me.

My knees buckled and my eyes went closed and my head tilted back just like Uncle’s Bill’s had in the shower. My thighs shook as a very powerful orgasm came over me. I pinched at my nipple as it came over me thinking about his big cock fucking my pussy.

My pussy sucked at my finger then a stream of pussy juice splashed from down there. It ran down my thighs, as my orgasm seemed to last for a long time. My eyes slowly opened as my orgasm ended. I pulled my fingers from my pussy with my juices dripped from them. I glanced into the mirror and to my horror, I saw Uncle Bill standing in the doorway.

“I guess that makes us even,” Uncle Bill said as he turned and walked away.

I felt somewhat embarrassed as I stood there. I hurryingly dressed and went down stairs. I walked into the living room to find Uncle Bill standing there. I looked to him with worry on my face.

“Don’t worry Ann it will be our little secret,” Uncle Bill said smiling at me. “Now let’s go get something to eat you made me hungry,” he added.

We went out to dinner and as we ate, we talked. Uncle Bill asked me if I had the boys chasing me at school yet. I explained to him that most were afraid of me. Uncle Bill told me that was good then he did not have to scare the hell out of them as he laughed. I hung my head at the table when he did.

Uncle Bill reached over and he grabbed me by my hand as he asked, “Is something wrong Ann?”

“I went from being one type of a freak to another,” I replied. “The boys thought I only liked girls and then to being afraid that I will beat them up,” “and now they just think I am a freak,” I added looking across the table to him.

“Ann, you’re not a freak,” Uncle Bill said. “The boys will soon see just how lovely you are when their hormones kick in.”

I looked at Uncle Bill as I asked, “What are hormones?”

Uncle Bill gave another little laugh then patted my hand as he replied, “We will talk about that later when we get home.”

We finished our dinner and we returned home. Uncle Bill went out to the garage to work on his bike and I went up stairs to listen to some music. At about nine that night I got ready for bed. I took all my clothes off and slipped on a red over sized T-shirt. I started to go out my bedroom door to go down stairs when I decided that maybe I did not need my panties on under this shirt. I slipped them off tossing them onto the bed.

I walked out into the living room to find Uncle Bill watching TV. I asked him if he wanted some ice cream. He told me he did and would be back down in a minute, as he wanted to slip into a pair of jogging pants. I went into the kitchen where I got two bowls of ice cream then returned to the living room. I sat down onto the couch just as Uncle Bill came down the steps.

I never really noticed just how well built he was until then. He was only 32 years old as he was my father’s younger brother. Mom and dad had married at 18 and I was born the same year. Uncle Bill was about 6 ft with medium length blonde hair. He had slipped into a muscle shirt that showed his barreled chest as well as his muscular arms. He rather reminded me of a surfer type of a dude.

I felt my pussy tingle as he bounced down the steps. I could see his cock moving in his jogging pants with each step he took down the stairs. He walked over to me as I sat on the sofa. I handed him his ice cream.

“Thank you, Ann,” Uncle Bill said as he sat down on the sofa.

We ate our ice cream with him sitting at one end and me sitting at the other as we watched TV. He finished first and sat his bowl onto the coffee table. I was sitting crossed legged on the sofa with my legs and feet under me with the over sized shirt covering them.

I finished mine and I told him to give me his bowl. Uncle Bill reached for his bowl and as he handed it to me, I slipped my legs out from under myself. When I did the shirt, I had on pulled up exposing my hairy pussy to him.

“ANN, you don’t have any panties on,” Uncle Bill said giving me a look.

I stood up letting my shirt go back down covering myself again as I replied with a smile, “I bet you don’t have any underwear on under your jogging pants neither,” as I took our bowls to the kitchen.

On the way back into the living room, I noticed my nipples had gotten hard from eating the cold ice cream. They poked out from my red over sized tee shirt. I returned to the living with nipples even harder as I walked to the sofa.

I found Uncle Bill laying back into the sofa with his feet propped up on the coffee table. He had one arm on the arm of the sofa and one lying next to him. I looked to the front of his jogging pants I could see that his cock was causing a tent in his jogging pants.

Uncle Bill smiled at me as he said, “I see that ice cream made you cold,” as he pointed to my hard nipples.

I sat down on the sofa as I replied, “I see your cold as well,” as I pointed to his hard cock in his jogging pants.

“Looks like my own hormones have kicked in,” Uncle Bill replied.

“Just what are these hormones anyway?” I asked him.

Uncle Bill asked me if I knew about the birds and the bees. I explained I knew where and how babies came about. He then explained about how when a man thinks about or sees a beautiful woman he starts to get aroused. Uncle Bill told me that if he gets too aroused his penis becomes enraged with blood which causes him to get a hard on or boner. I sat there looking at him then looking to the boner he had in his jogging pants. I felt my pussy getting wet and it even started to seep out from my pussy lips.

He went on to explain not every woman had the ability to make a man’s penis get hard by him just looking at her. He told me only a very lovely and sexy woman could do that to a man. I thought for a few second before I took my eyes from his cock and looked at his face.

“So you are telling me or rather showing me that I can get you aroused,” I replied.

“Sorry Ann I can not help it,” Uncle Bill said. “With having seen those lovely big tits and that hairy pussy of yours, that is all I can think about.” “When my penis gets so hard it actually hurts sometimes,” he added.

“What can we do to make the hurt go away?” I asked.

“Well we could have sex however you should save that for when you get married,” Uncle Bill replied. “However we could just help each other get off,” he added smiling at me.

“You want me to beat your meat?” I asked.

“I would prefer if you did not beat it but rather jacked me off while I played with your pussy,” Uncle Bill replied. “I know you know how to do that,” he added smiling at me.

“OK but you will have to show me how to jack you off,” I said as I scooted over next to him.

“Let’s get undressed first,” Uncle Bill said standing up in front of me.

When he stood up his cock was directly in my face. His jogging pants were bulging way out in front of him. Uncle Bill slipped his shirt off then he stepped out of his jogging pants with his back to me. I noticed he had a cute butt as well. Uncle Bill turned back around and his cock danced in front of my face. I reached out and touched the head of his cock with my fingertip. His cock felt springy to the touch of my finger. I laughed when I took my finger and pushed his cock down some then removed my finger as it sprang back up and sort of bounced.

Uncle Bill told me to stand up and as I did he took a hold of my over sized t-shirt pulling it over my head. He tossed my t-shirt to the floor of the living room. He stared down at me checking my body out from my tits to my hairy pussy.

Uncle Bill took me into his arms and he pressed his lips to mine as he bent down to my size. As he kissed me, he pulled me tighter against him until I could feel his hard cock against my stomach. I started to kiss him back as I felt that tingling growing in my pussy.

I felt his hand sliding down my back to my butt. His hands grasped at my ass as he slipped his tongue into my mouth. His tongue did not feel the same in my mouth as Janet’s did. Uncle Bill ran his hand down the crack of my ass then back up as he slipped a finger into my butt cheeks. I broke our kiss when I felt his finger rub against my asshole.

“That’s the wrong hole,” I said to him.

Uncle Bill gave a little laugh as he replied, “So it is.”

He sat me down onto the edge of the sofa while still standing in front of me. I just stared at the biggest cock I had ever seen at the time. He told me to wrap my hand around his cock. I placed my hand onto his big cock then wrapped it around it. My hand barely went around the girth of it when I did. Uncle Bill took his hand, placed it on mine, and started to move them back and forth on his cock.

“This is how you jack me off,” Uncle Bill said as he removed his hand from mine.

I kept my hand running back and forth on his cock. I even added a little twist action as I had found out Ted and Mike liked that when I would jack them off as well. Uncle Bill cock jerked and throbbed as I played with it.

“I think you might have done this before,” he said smiling at me.

Uncle Bill moved his hand to one of my tits. He gently traced his finger around my nipple. He ran his fingertip over my hard nipples making them grow harder. His cock felt like it was getting even bigger in my hand as I pumped at his cock. I remembered seeing him using both hands when he was in the shower. I placed my other hand onto his cock and became to jack it with both of my hands.

“Yeah now you got the hang of it Ann,” Uncle Bill said as he rocked back and forth. “Squeeze your hands a little tighter around my cock,” he added with a little moan.

I wrapped my hands tighter around his cock and pumped at it for all I was worth. My hands were going a mile an minute on his cock. I watched his big balls bounce as I pulled at his cock. Uncle Bill started to pull and pinch at my nipples.

“AHhhh Ann that feels good,” Uncle Bill moaned softly.

I learned a long time ago that my tits were very sensitive and with Janet’s help. I found I could even have a mini orgasm if she or I played with my tits just right. I started to feel that orgasm building in my pussy as he played with my tits.

Uncle Bill went to taking a tit in each hand and squeezing them lightly. My breathing became heavy as I yanked on his cock. I noticed the clear liquid start to seep then drip from the opening of his cock as I pulled at his cock.

I was going to taste his pre-cum, however I did not get a chance. I felt his cock swell then jerk in both of my hands. Uncle Bill started to rock his body forward toward me when suddenly a long stream of white sticky stuff shot from the head of his cock.

“AHHHHHHHH ANN,” Uncle Bill yelled.

I just kept pumping my hands on his cock as stream after stream of white stuff shot from it. The first shot landed on the top of my tit and the next two thick heavy shots splashed into my face. That first splash of cum onto my tits caused my own orgasm to kick in as I rocked on the sofa.

I removed my hands from his cock to wipe at the stuff running down my face. His cock danced on its own as more of this white stuff dripped from his cock. I pulled my hand from my face and saw his white stuff in my hand.

“Go ahead and taste it Ann it is only cum,” Uncle Bill said.

I shook my head as I replied, “No,” staring at the white stuff in my hand.

Uncle Bill moved his hand on my tits scooping up a big glob onto his fingers as he said, “It won’t kill you,” as I watched him shove his gooey fingers into his mouth.

I stuck my tongue out and dipped my tongue into the white stuff in my hand. I gave it a little lick with my tongue then drew some into my mouth with my tongue. It tasted a little salty almost like peanuts I thought before I licked the rest of it from my hand as I looked up to Uncle Bill.

Uncle Bill smiled as he said, “That’s a good girl Ann.” Uncle Bill pushed me back onto the sofa as he added; “Now it is your turn.”

Uncle Bill took a hold of my legs and pulled me to the very edge of the sofa. My hairy pussy was right at the edge of it. He pushed the coffee table from in front of the sofa as he got down onto the floor between my legs. He lightly rubbed his hands up and down the length of my legs. He used one hand on each leg.

He ran his hands up to my thighs where he rubbed then lightly on the very insides of both of them. I started to feel my pussy twitch as he did. I cupped my tits with my hands lightly squeezing at them as I felt his hand rub at my pussy.

“You are hairier than your mom,” Uncle Bill said as he rubbed at my hair.

My hands ran into his cum on my tits as I played with them. I started to rub his cum into my nipples. I felt his big finger rubbing at my pussy lips. As with Janet, they unfolded allowing him access to my pussy hole. I felt his finger against my pussy as he rubbed it between my open pussy lips.

“AHhhhh,” I moaned softly as I felt his fingertip slipping up into my hole.

Uncle Bill rather wiggled his finer into my hole as I started to move my pussy toward his finger. I rocked against his finger as he dug it deeper into my pussy as my wetness filled the room.

“You have a very wet pussy, Ann,” Uncle Bill said as he started to finger fuck my pussy.

I rolled my tits in my hand and pulled at my nipples as he slipped his finger in and out of me. I felt him remove his finger and then I felt his lips kissing at my thigh. Uncle Bill kissed and licked at my inner thigh working his way to my hairy pussy.

He kissed at my pussy then went to kissing and licking at my other thigh. I felt his hand parting the hair on my pussy then his tongue as he lapped at my pussy lips. My hands went from my tits to the back of his head. I ran my hands through his hair as his tongue went between my pussy lips.

His tongue lapped between my pussy lips then he dipped his tongue deep into my pussy. It felt like he was taking his tongue in and out fucking my pussy with his tongue. I felt his finger pressing at the top of my pussy where it found my clit that swelled at the touch of his finger. He ran that finger back and forth across my clit as he used his tongue inside my pussy.

“AHHHHH Uncle Bill,” I moaned out as he went to drilling my pussy with his tongue.

My pussy throbbed then the flood gates opened as the strongest orgasm up to that time raced through my body. My eyes closed tight as my body shook from head to toe and with each little shake pussy juice leaked from my pussy until it turned into a gusher.

“UNCLE BILLLLL,” I moaned out as I had the biggest squirt ever back then.

Uncle Bill just kept licking and rubbing my clit until I had to push his head away from between my legs as it felt like I was going to pass out from the pleasure I was feeling. My juices were dripping from his face and running down both my thighs. I lie back into the sofa trying to catch my breath as the last bit of orgasm raced through me.

“Damn girl you’re a wet one,” Uncle Bill said smiling then wiping his face with his hands.

Uncle Bill flopped down onto the sofa and he rather rolled me over to where I was half on him and half off him. He kissed me on my fore head telling me just how tasty my pussy was. He also told me that was better than he ever thought it could be. I asked him just what did he mean by that.

“I have been beating my meat to you for the last two years,” Uncle Bill replied with a smile. “You have always drove me crazy with desire and believe me I enjoyed this much more than you ever could have,” he added as he kissed me fully on his lips.

He was wrong I had enjoyed it way to much. So much so that we were soon in a 69 giving each other pleasure again. Once again, I had the best orgasm ever. Uncle Bill not only gave me pleasure but he also told me how lovely and beautiful I truly was. Over the weeks that followed he built my self-confidence back up and once again I started to dress sexy both for school and for after school.

I became popular again in school and Uncle Bill was right because all of the boy’s hormones must have kicked in because they all started to take notice of me. There were a few problems with all of this. One was I was enjoying all the attention while forgetting about my best friend Janet. By the time school left out for the summer, Janet and I were hardly talking to each other let alone hanging out together. I also found out they had moved again and I did not know where too.

I also was not having fun with any boys in school or after except for maybe allowing them to feel my tits or play with them if they walked me home from school. I did not need that after all I had a real man at home.
Uncle Bill and I played whenever we got the chance that was a lot as mom worked mostly nights. I was still a virgin but I was soon going to change that with Uncle Bill’s help.

One night during the summer Uncle Bill and I had just returned home from dinner. Over dinner, I asked him to make me into a woman by taking my virgin pussy. Uncle Bill told me if that was what I wanted. The night started down stairs in the living room with lots of kissing then oral play. Uncle Bill had made me cum twice with his oral skills and I had sucked him to one cum already.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as I said, “Take my virgin pussy.”

Uncle Bill picked me up and he carried me upstairs to my bedroom. He tossed me down onto the bed and climbed between my legs. He drove me wild with his tongue and had me begging him to fuck me with his cock.

“You sure Ann this could hurt for a short time,” Uncle Bill asked from between my legs.

I pulled my legs further apart as I replied, “Fuck me make me a woman.”

Uncle Bill got between my legs and he rubbed his hard cock at my pussy. My pussy lips rolled opened spreading for his cock. Uncle Bill pressed the head of his cock into the entrance of my pussy. I moaned softly as he eased it in a little bit. It hurt as he entered and I bit my lip then it felt as if something was stopping it from going in any further and Uncle Bill pulled it back then pushed it forward again.

“AWWwww.” I yelled out in pain as his cock slipped deep into my pussy.

Uncle Bill just lie there on top of me not moving as he said, “Just relax the pain will soon go away.”

I relaxed and I felt his cock slip a little further in and then he started to move it in and out of my pussy. With in five minutes I was begging him to fuck me harder. Uncle Bill scooped my legs up onto his shoulders and he fucked the living hell out of me. I was in total pleasure as his big cock fucked me deep and hard. I was having one orgasm after the other non-stop as he fucked me. I was in mid orgasm when he pulled his cock from my pussy and grasped it with his hand pulling on it.

“AHHHhhhh ANN,” Uncle Bill moaned out as his cock throbbed in his hand.

Thick jets of cum shot from his cock with force as they shot all the way up to my tits and landed on my tits with a wet splash. I rubbed his cum into my tits as his cock fired shot after shot. While his cock was shooting cum my pussy was squirting juices all over him and into the bed. Uncle Bill dropped my legs from his shoulders.

Uncle Bill moved from between my legs and I saw we had pretty much ruined the bed cover as it was coated with blood, cum and my own juices as I sat up in bed. He told me we would buy new one tomorrow as he took me into his arms. He held me kissing and telling me how wonderful that was for him. We fell asleep together in my bed and he just barely made it out of my bedroom before mom came home in the morning.

We spent the whole week fucking everywhere through the house and even in the garage. Uncle Bill even took me to get birth control pills as he had started to use a rubber but I told him I did no like how that felt. Uncle Bill and I fucked that whole summer away. We only ever did it with him on top and I really only thought that was the only way you did it.

Uncle Bill also saw to it that I got anything I wanted. If I wanted new clothes, I got them, new shoes I got them. The only time I really hated with Uncle Bill was on Saturday and Sundays as that was his time to be with my mom. I did not realize it until it was too late but I was in love with my Uncle Bill as well.

Uncle Bill talked to me about this and told me he never should have allowed all this to happen. He told me it might be better if he just moved out and ended all of this before it causes any trouble. I told him that was not what I wanted and I would get over being jealous of mom. I should have left him get away while he could.

A few weeks before school started that year. Uncle Bill and I were going at on the sofa. As usual, he was on top with my legs upon his shoulders driving his cock deep and hard into my pussy. I lie under him writhing in pleasure.

“FUCK ME Uncle Bill,” I screamed. “Fuck me harder,” I cried out loudly.

Suddenly I heard, “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS,” as the voice of my mom filled the room.

Uncle Bill jumped off me just as mom hit him with the big ashtray up along the side of his head. I grabbed my clothes and ran up into my bedroom. I got dressed as I heard my mom telling my Uncle he had ten minutes to get his stuff out of her house or she was calling the cops.

“I will see to it that you are charged with rape if I ever see you again,” mom screamed at Uncle Bill.

I ran out of my room and down the steps where I went to mom and I said, “He did not rape me I wanted him to do me.”

My mother had never struck me ever before but she bitched slapped the hell out of me as she said, “I will deal with you later.”

I ran back up into my room and locked myself inside. I heard my Uncle tell my mom he would be back for his bike but she told him if he were lucky, it would be in one piece when he did. I cried the whole night laying awake in bed waiting for my mother to come up and take her anger out on me. She never came up and in the morning, I walked down stairs to find her in the kitchen.

I walked over to the table and I sat down. Mom turned and she stared at me until I lowered my head. She tossed a plate of eggs in front of me.

“Eat Ann because that is your last meal here,” mom said. I looked up to her as she added, “Your grandmother will be raising you from here on out because I can not.”

I started to cry as I sobbed out, “I am sorry mom.”

“Sorry does not cut it Ann, pack your clothes and I never want to see you ever again,” mom said as she walked out of the kitchen.

When I walked into the living room I saw the suitcases were out I took them upstairs and packed them full of my stuff. I carried them down stairs and waited for my grandmother to come who lived a few hours away.

Mom never came back into the living room nor did I go find her. I walked to my grandmothers car never looking back to see if she was watching. She did not tell me good-bye nor did I tell her goodbye. I did not know if I would ever see her again. I left knowing my mom hated me and wished she had never had me.

I got into the car with my grandmother who said, “Child I do not know what you did and I do not care just promise me you wouldn’t do it again.”

My grandmother was a sweet old woman, her and mom did not always see eye to eye on stuff as she was my mom's mother and I believe that is why she took me in instead of just having my mom toss me into the street. In a few days, I sat down with my grandmother and explained just how I had gotten myself into this mess.

“Sounds to me like Uncle Bill, was just using you for his own pleasure sweet child,” my grandmother explained to me.

The more we talked the more I believed that, as I never was to see or hear from Uncle Bill ever again.

My grandmother lived alone out in the country. Her nearest neighbor was miles away. Her husband my grandfather had died last year and she ran their little farm with a few ranch hands she hired. Her name was Mary and she was one tough woman who did not take shit from no one not man or woman. In fact, as she introduced me to her hired help she told them “Touch her and lose those balls between your legs.”

Her help were mostly middle age men who I swore would never touch me again. Her help was always polite to me, I even helped them with their chores, all of us became friends, and that was all we ever became.

I used to spend time on their farm when I was little where granddad taught me to fish and how to hunt. I always enjoyed my time with them there it was just I had outgrown it. However, I was back now and to me it felt like a fresh start.

I would turn 17 this year and only had two more years in high school. I would be going to a new high school next year where none of the kids knew me or I knew them. Grandma Mary took me to the high school where I got my class schedule and a tour of the school. I had even met a few new students like me but only smiled at them during our tour. At first, I was excited about that however; it soon turned to fear as the first day of school approached.

What was this new start to life and would it be any better than what I have faced already? Was I just to be this problem child all my life one who only ruined her own and others lives around her? Find out in my next Chapter of the Story of Ann.

Would love to hear your comments and sorry I have no photos of this chapter of my life to share with you however I might be able to send you something close if you asked. email me at


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2017-06-16 21:26:24
McDaddy and pet (wife)
We both enjoyed your story. We felt so bad for ANN, it really was very sad that her mother took that stance. We have a cpl of nieces just starting to bloom and we are encouraged to continue with the love we have for them, My wife is bi and is struggling with her desires to teach her two lovely nieces the joy of woman hood. Your offer to share some pics excited my pet and I, For a woman she is very visual as are most men. Your pics would be received with affection and lust.


2017-01-14 23:08:35
Ann that is an absolutely fabulous story. Thank you so much. I loved the way you transitioned from first flutterings to full on penetration. I'm adding you to my favourites. Wish I could write like that.

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2017-01-08 14:42:41
Very well written and lovely story. I can't waitto read the next chapter. Thank you

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2016-12-11 19:04:17
anyway the year would have been 50, and the homes that took me in on longer periods of time were child labor farms back them. And by that time they started closing them down one after another as much and as fast as they could. Any way I lived in about three of them from the time I was three until I was about eight. All together as best as I can remember I lived in about nine to ten different places, between 46 and 55. The long and the short of it is; people born in hell live in hell, and it creates a different kind of anima. Ecclesiastes 3:19. So to say how old I was at times when things happened, I can't really say except to say I was no older than 7. But where and when and with who these things happened? All of that is just film flashing and mud, in my memories toward details of those kind. But the memories of the events still stand today. So you can do math. Belt beatings for pissing the bed was a nightly fear to falling asleep. The out house built off the wood shed of the kitchen w

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