David slowly accepts the fact that his sister seduced him
I'll be writing a part 3, but I only get to work on these stories every now and then, so stay patient. Enjoy!


Sunlight streamed through the curtains of the spare room in my fathers house as I slowly stirred. I heard the shower going and looked over at the clock to see that it was 7:38 in the morning. I was exhausted after last night. I was constantly drinking those beers in a desperate attempt to distract myself from Jess's warm body laying on me on the recliner, and every time I had finished one she'd bounce up and get me another. I groan and turn on my side, when I am suddenly hit with the realisation of what happened early this morning. Holy shit, holy fuck fuck fuck! What have I done?! She's 14, she's 7 years younger than me, and she's my sister! Why the fuck did I let her suck my cock all night?! How did that happen? I remember her making these points that seemed to make a lot of sense, but frankly all I could remember was the feeling of her mouth engulfing my rock-hard penis and her tongue exploring every inch of the shaft, holding just the tip in her mouth and massaging the glans with her tongue, lightly caressing my balls with her fingers.... Shit! Shit shit shit, I'm a monster! ~

I rip off the sheets and put on my clothes, unsure of what to do but certain that I won't be getting any sleep now. I walk to the loungeroom and start to pace up and down. This all wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been the martyr and promised to pay for a new flat-tec, then she wouldn't feel obligated to be my slave. Why on Earth did I think that was normal?! It just never occurred to me that Jessica was capable of something like that. In any case, it's over. I'll just say that she doesn't owe me anything after this morning, and she doesn't have to be my slave anymore. I'm sure it wiped her out, she must have been going at my cock for a while, because I could feel it in my dreams about her all night. Fuck, maybe that's why I'm so tired. I can't believe I let my desperate horniness and weak spot for Jessica get the better of me. I hear the shower being turned off and I'm bracing myself for the confrontation, and it's then that I start to remember everything else about early this morning. How we kissed and cuddled, and held each others hands. The things we talked about. That wasn't a fleeting thing, some kind of reward for my sacrifice. It was an intimate, loving moment, and I will remember it for the rest of my life. ~

The bathroom door opens and Jess steps out, a towel covering her body and holding up her hair. I stand there, nervous and uncertain. She stands there with a half-confused, half-exhausted expression on her face. "Oh, David, you're up! I suppose I'll just go to my bed then. I'm so tired. Didn't get much sleep" she winks at me and walks off to her room. I guess she wasn't expecting me to be up so early. She probably meant to crawl back into bed with me.... I finally let go of the doubt that had been plaguing me this morning, and walk quickly to her slightly open door, and push it open. She had just dropped her towels on the ground and was pulling the blanket back when she spun around, startled to see me bursting in the room but not bothering to cover herself with her hands. "What? What is it? Are you o-mmf!" The rest of her sentence is cut off as I kiss her passionately. She melts instantly and holds my head with her hands, moaning and whimpering into my mouth. I break away and gaze at her lovingly. "I'm sorry Darling, I couldn't sleep because I was freaking out about last night... But I'm OK now. I was wondering..... maybe you would like a companion to help you off to sleep?" I start softly kissing her face and I run my hands down her naked back. She shivers and pulls closer to me, looking at me with tired but lustful eyes. Before she can speak I place my index finger on her lips "uh-uh, don't say a word, I'm taking care of you. Just get in bed, face the wall and relax. I'm going to go take my clothes off in my room, then I'll be back. I love you Jess" I remove my finger and she instantly kisses me, wrapping her arms around my sides. "I love you Davey" She moans as I suck lightly on her neck. Then I reluctantly break our embrace and race off to my room, stripping off as fast as I can. Then I slowly make my way back to her room. I can feel my heart beating frantically in my chest. I should be fine, I mean we spent last night sleeping together, didn't we? The difference is this time I'm coming to her. I place my shaking hand on the doorknob and turn it slightly, revealing the now dark room. ~

I enter and close the door behind me, and slowly creep up to the dark form of the bed. I hear the sound of Jess rolling towards me, and I feel a hand reach out and touch my left hip. The other hand reaches out and finds the other hip, then suddenly I can feel her mouth engulfing my penis once again. My knees almost buckle at the amazing feeling of her hot, wet mouth as it sucked and massaged my rapidly growing organ. Then she pulled back with a slurp and went back under the covers, giggling like a mad thing. "Sorry, just wanted to make sure you were naked" I laugh at this and jump into the bed, moving up to her and finding her pushing her butt up into my groin. She gasped and started to grind against my rock hard penis with her warm backside. "Wow, It feels so much larger and harder against my bum when there aren't any clothes in the way. Mmmm, thank you Dave, it's so nice to be able to fall asleep while I'm in your arms" she snuggles up even closer than sighs contentedly. I can feel every curve and contour of her back and legs as we spooned, and I realised I was unconsciously rocking back and forth against her bum with my painfully hard cock. Jess seemed to be rocking with me rather than complaining about it so I didn't stop, and my heart nearly stopped when she grabbed my hands and placed them over her boobs. ~

They were probably just a bit larger than the average fourteen year old's, and they were deliciously supple and smooth. I moaned as I fondled and massaged and rubbed her soft breasts with both of my hands. Eventually my right hand left her chest to slowly trace a path down her stomach. Her breathing was becoming quick and shallow, and as I approached her mound she started to buck, trying to bring her vulva closer to my hands. I played with her light blonde pubic hair as she turned her head and rubbed the side of her cheek into my face. I slowly dip down into the pulsing wet heat of her slit, and she arches her back, hissing and then breathing out heavily, and starts humping against my cock. "My god Dave, your hand feels ssssooooooo gooooood. Ungh, please, please don't stop. I love you *huff* David!" She starts to talk faster and higher as I explore her soft, beautiful flower. I find her clit and I lightly massage it between my thumb and forefinger, and suddenly she is thrashing and bucking wildly against my body, and then just as suddenly she stiffens and shoves my hand away from her crotch and makes a drawn out, stuttering moan as she slowly relaxes and melts into the bed. ~

"Oh.... Oh Dave..... Oh..... My god..... Dave..... You are, INCREDIBLE...... That has never been... So good. Uuuunnnhhh" she groans and rolls onto her back and lays there, spent. I turn on the bedside lamp and find her tired eyes struggling to focus on me. "Daveeeeey, that was TOO good. I can't move! I was wondering if you could do me a massive favour? There was something I needed to do before I fall asleep, but I think I'll need your help." I snuggle up closer to her and plant a kiss on her wonderfully soft lips before whispering into her ear "whatever you need princess" She looks at me and despite her exhaustion I could see her eyes were aflame with lust. "I need you to straddle my chest and fuck my mouth" A small moan escapes me as I move forward to passionately kiss her. "Jesus Christ Jessie, you are the single sexiest thing ever!" I get on top of her while we're making out and feel my erection hitting her inner thighs. Slowly I start to move up her body till I'm lightly straddling her chest, and my penis is inches from her face. I sit there nervously, watching her looking at my twitching girth. "I want you to be in control Dave. i'm just going to sit here with my mouth open." She smiles at me then closes her eyes and opens her mouth wide, her glistening tongue swaying invitingly. ~

I slowly guide the tip of my cock past her gaping mouth and as soon as she feels it pushing against her tongue she closes her mouth over the head and forms a tight seal. I just sit there with the tip in her mouth so she starts to thoroughly lick and suck on it. I am overwhelmed with pleasure and compassion as I look at Jessica's angelic face. I slowly push my cock in a bit further, then pull out a bit. She keeps the seal tight around my cock-head as I lightly hump her face. "Jessie, oh baby this feels so good! Holy fuck I love you so much!!" She opens her eyes look up to meet mine. When she meets them she places her hands on my hips and pushes me away. "I love you too David, but I thought I told you to fuck my mouth? Do it now please, darling brother. I need it!" She gives me a balls-to-tip lick up the underside of my shaft, then blows a kiss at me before lying back down and closing her eyes, forming another "O" with her mouth. I stop for a second to appreciate just how incredibly lucky I am, before I shift forward so that my knees are either side of her neck. I slowly guide my 7 inches of firm cock-meat into her gaping mouth. She gags when I hit the back of her throat and I move back a bit, apologetic. She has me move forward again but up to just before the gagging point. Then she closes her mouth and starts to lick all of the 5 inches that could fit, gurgling happily at having her mouth filled. I sit there, leaning my head against the wall in front of me, basking in the magnificent blowjob she was giving me. The pleasure was causing me to jump back a bit then twitch forward again, and Jess would work with it, maximising my pleasure with her tongue. I start to hump faster and harder as I focus on her tongue flurrying against my shaft. "Oh.... Fuck..... Jessie..... Uunnh.... My..... God..... I'm cummiiiiinnng fuuuuuuuuuuuuck." I moan laboriously as Jessica's mouth fills up with shot after shot of my hot, thick cream. ~

She let's it fill her mouth up before gulping it down and lightly licking my inflamed piss-slit until the flow had completely stopped. I pull back and she sits up and leans against the wall, glowing with satisfaction. I kind of fall down onto the bed next to her and she turns to face me with a tired smile on her wet lips. "David, I want you to promise me something. Please don't..." She paused and took a deep breath, her face quickly turning red. "Please don't ever cum in anything besides my mouth." I look at her expressionless, unable to react. "I understand when you're at your apartment alone you might have to, but if you need to orgasm and you have easy access to me, I expect you to always come to me. I just.... I really like the taste of your cum!" Jessica buried her face in her hands in embarrassment and her voice was muffled by them as she continued "At first I thought it didn't really had a taste but now all I can think about is that it is the product of your pleasure, which makes it possibly the most delicious thing on the planet!" I sit there, already paralysed physically by the sheer strength of that orgasm, now also stunned by her incredible words. "Jessie, I don't know if you're aware of it, but you are absolutely...... INCREDIBLE. I don't deserve any of this; no man does. You.... You take my breath away. Jessica, please don't ever leave me" She moves her hands away from her face and I see that she is still flustered and embarrassed, but also radiant with joy. We slowly envelop each other in our arms and rest with our faces touching each other, drifting in the euphoric atmosphere we had created with our love for each other. ~

I look at the clock on the bedside table and see it is already 8:57. "Shit, didn't your parents say they were coming back at ten?" Jessica looks at the clock and turns back to face me, her eyes sad and pleading "can't you just stay for half an hour? I need you to be able to fall asleep" She rests one hand on my chest while the other one snakes down to firmly grasp my wet, shrunken scrotum. "Jessie, sweetheart, I'm sorry but I can't. It's not worth the risk darling. But what are you worrying about? We have the rest of our young lives to sleep together" She looks up at me with huge beaming eyes and a grin from ear to ear. "Do you really mean that Dave?"
"Consider it a Heart-Lock Oath" Her lip starts to quiver and then all of a sudden she is bawling her eyes out on my shoulder. "Oh David! Thank you so much! You are all I want in this life! I will always be yours, always!" She hugs me fiercely tight, pulling my face into her chest so that I am nestled between her breasts with her face resting against the top of my head. ~

After about 5 minutes I start to pull away. She holds on tighter but eventually she has to let me go, so she just lays there on her back, exhausted but content. "Get some sleep, okay Jess? I'm leaving as soon as dad and Jenny get back, so don't wake up earlier than you normally would just for a chance to see me, okay?" She ducked her head, embarrassed that I had guessed her plan. I smile and ruffle her hair happily, still unsure of what I did to deserve such her. As I'm leaving the room she calls my name in a suddenly concerned tone, and I spun around to find her regarding with me a sad, questioning look. "When will I see you again David?" The look she has on her face is so breathtakingly beautiful and heartbreakingly sad, that I almost promise her that I'll never leave. However I stop myself from making such a foolish promise, and answer truthfully "I don't know Jessie-baby. Probably during the week. You've still gotta come down and clean my apartment, remember?" I wink at her and look at her from the doorway. Even when she is exhausted and spent from an entire night of drinking my cum and then even again after having a huge orgasm, even though she should be close to comatose right now, the amount of energy that seemed to be going into looking as miserable and lonely as she did, was scary. Finally I can't take it anymore, and I rush to her side, giving her a tender, long, passionate kiss. After some time I retract and I notice that her eyes have glazed over, and then she smiles at me, whispering "I love you" before turning over and settling. I close her door and walk into the spareroom, deciding to change into my clothes and wait in the lounge for Dad & Jen to get back. ~

I sit down in the recliner and attempt to sort out the last 12 hours in my head. It was right about know that Jess was zipping around, eagerly preparing this very same recliner for me to sit in it. Had she already decided by then what she was going to do? How did she keep it hidden so well?! I didn't notice a change in her behaviour at all. Yes, I kind of freaked out when she sat on me while we were watching the movie, but even that isn't unusual for us. I think the problem was that we are normally so close and intimate anyway, I didn't think anything of it. The more I think about last night, the more I am sure that there was nothing I could have done. I could barely keep my eyes open at the end of it, it would have been impossible for me to have made sure she was asleep before I went to bed, and even if I had, I couldn't have stopped her from waking up in the middle of the night. I marvelled at how smoothly her plan worked; I suppose she does know me better than anyone. I was daydreaming about Jess' mouth again when I find myself being abruptly pulled back to reality by the sound of Dad's Commodore pulling up. ~

Rearranging my undies so that my boner isn't completely obvious, I walk outside and greet them as they step out of their car. They both look absolutely trashed. I yawn heavily and realise that I probably don't look much better myself. "So, how was it guys?" Dad just grunts and stumbles past me inside. "Sorry about him Dave, apparently he had trouble sleeping on the lounge at Mike's place. How did last night go? I didn't get to talk to you, but Jess said that everything was alright. I don't know how you did it but she sounded really happy on the phone; she's been moping about all week. I swear, sometimes I wonder if you're more of a parent to her than her own parents!" She beams at me, and I smile back weakly, unable to even look her in the eye. Wanting to get out of there as quickly as possible, I give her a quick hug and start to walk off "Sorry to leave so quickly, I've got a few errands to run. Oh, I woke Jess up this morning at 9, she said she had a hard time sleeping last night so she's planning on sleeping today. Alright, I'll see you next time!" We wave and then I quickly walk off before my face betrays me, and make it around the corner where I sigh with relief and lean against a signpost for support. Shit, that wasn't cool. There's going to be a problem if I can't talk to my dad and step-mum without constantly thinking about the fact that their daughter spent most of this morning sucking on my dick. I resume walking towards the bus stop, and once I get there I sit down and once again my mind takes me back to this morning, reminiscing about waking up and finding Jess hungrily devouring my cock. Fuck, I still can't believe any of that happened. ~

It took me about 5 hours to catch a bus to the bank, withdraw the $6,000, wait for a bus to the city, ride it, walk to an Aus-tec store, buy the Flat-tec, fill out the paperwork, walk to the bus stop, wait for a bus home, then actually get home. It was about 4:17 by the time I got home, and I was absolutely buggered. I had already had my energy literally sucked dry by Jess this morning, and after going through all that just now, all I had on my mind is sleep. Well, sleep and Jess. I felt guilty about it, but I was really missing her company. Maybe I felt guilty because I have never missed her before today? But it isn't just her oral skills or devotion that I miss, I feel like I'm not complete. My other half is still with Jess. I sigh with the realisation of how difficult it's going to be all alone here. Deciding that sitting here and wishing that she will just magically show up on my doorstep isn't going to change anything, I get up off the couch and head for my room, determined to sleep for the next 24 hours. I don't even reach my bed however, before my phone rings. I bring it out and see that Jenny is calling me. ~

Fighting down the swell of panic threatening to engulf me, I answer the phone in what I hope is a light and carefree voice. "David! Thank god I got a hold of you so quickly! Look, I'm really sorry to do this, but Jess just informed me at the last minute that she DOES have school tomorrow after all! Seeing as Jack, Jess and Crystal had the day off we had planned to head down to the farm to sleepover tonight, but we can't if Jess' school is still on. I offered to just let her skip the first day but she says that she wants to have perfect attendance this semester. Umm, would it be alright if I maaaaayyybeeee dropped her off at yours tonight and she can go to school from your place tomorrow? We'll feed her first, and we've made her promise not to annoy you. Please David?" I sit there stunned, hardly believing my ears. I quickly compose myself and reply with a forced sigh that yes, I guess it's Okay for her to come over. The sound of Jenny thanking me fades into the distance as I attempt to comprehend what just happened. Jess, you are a bloody GENIUS!! I can't believe that once again, she has managed to come up with such a clever, wonderful, brilliant idea. I assure her that it's no big deal, and wish her a good night before hanging up. Suddenly, sleep was the last thing on my mind. ~

The next couple of hours are a mad scramble as I tidy up the unit in preparation for her arrival. As I'm doing this I remember that Jess was actually supposed to be coming down every now and then TO clean. Ah well, I've got nothing better to do, and I don't want to go through the torture of sitting around waiting for them to arrive. Also, I wasn't sure why but I didn't want Jess to see how my home lile this. Even though she has come to my apartment before and has seen the mess a hundred times, suddenly things were different. I didn't just want to clean the unit so that she would think better of me, I wanted to clean so that she would like living here. I realised that I felt like I really was in a relationship with Jess, and rather than hating myself for it like I thought I would, all I felt was a supreme satisfaction. She was mine, all mine. She wants me, she CRAVES me, so much so that she can't even spend one night away from me. I was feeling giddy and light-headed with exhilaration just from thinking about all of these things, so I went into the loungeroom and turned on my small, shitty TV and lay down on the lounge, and watched NASCAR. ~

After only ten minutes of lying down I hear the intercom buzzing and suddenly before I realise it I've leapt up and I'm looking at the little screen that shows me who wants to enter the building. I live on the second floor of a three-storied government rent-assisted apartment building, that has a foyer that only opens up to people with the swipe card or if someone already inside pushes one of the release buttons. I can see my little angel standing there at the glass sliding doors, with one travel bag on the ground next to her. "What's the password?" I ask in a gruff voice. "Oh mister, please won't you let me in? I'm just a poor child living on the streets. All I want is a roof over my head, some food in my belly and a penis to suck on! Won't you help me mister? Please?" I don't quite know how to reply to that, so I just push the button allowing her entry and go unlock my apartment door, before sitting back on the lounge and nearly passing out from the massive surge of nerves that has suddenly rushed through me. I hear the door open and I just sit there, still paralysed from stage fright. What the fuck is wrong with me?! Is it because it's the first time that I've ever brought a sexual partner over to my apartment? ~

I hear her plonk her bag down in my room, before coming out here and sitting cross-legged in front of me. "So, what do you think? Pretty impressive huh? When I woke up this afternoon I rushed out into the kitchen and acted really panicked, saying I just got a call from Jane reminding me to go to school tomorrow. Man, mum was so pissed off! You should have seem her, she was going on about how I need to be more organised and to remember stuff like this, and how their trip was now ruined. I told her that I could just stay home alone, but she wouldn't have it, so she did the only thing she could!" Jess shifted forward till her arms were resting on my knees and her head was resting in her hands. "You know, I was actually frightened of her in the car. You could just sense this cold fury. When we got here she turned to me and made me swear that I wouldn't bug or annoy you. Will you let me know if I'm bugging you David?" She looked at me with wide, clear blue eyes, and I dove off the couch onto her, so that we were sprawled out on the carpet between the TV and the lounge. Her legs were wrapped around my waist, and the dress she had been wearing bunched up to reveal her silky smooth legs. I ran my left hand up and down her exposed thigh, and held the side of her face in my other hand, just looking into her mesmerising eyes. ~

She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down to her face, and our lips tenderly made contact. I closed my eyes and squeezed her thigh, while our lips softly brushed against each other. I felt her tongue swipe along my lips, and the tingling feeling it left made me push my groin against hers with lust. She shuddered and pushed back up against me, then forced my mouth open with hers, her tongue darting into my mouth, caressing every surface, dancing with my tongue, leaving me feeling like I was swimming in an ocean of pleasure. I felt some of my saliva drip into her mouth and I was worried that she'd think that was gross, but she eagerly swallows it and moans loudly into my mouth, and starts to suck on my mouth in an attempt to get more. I pull back with pure shock, and she follows me, hungrily trying to make contact with my lips. "More. Need more!" I push up until my arms are straight, and she comes with and wraps her lips around mine. Feeling kind of weird but wanting to please her, I start to let my saliva flow into her mouth, and she eagerly swallows it down, her eyes closing and eyebrows raising, in what seemed to be exquisite pleasure. I'm not really sure how I feel about this, but I let it go for now. Keeping my mouth firmly locked to hers, I held her by her shoulders and helped her up, before she breaks away and gives me a forceful hug. "David! I don't know why, but that was really fucking hot! I was... Picturing your cock...... Releasing it's liquid and filling my stomach." She grabs the shorts I changed into and pulled them down, revealing my 7" cock that was stretching the undies I was wearing, and starts to stroke and play with it through the fabric "I really, Reeaallyy love your cock Davey. Everything about it. From it's perfect size and proportions to the firmness and the warmth and, even the smell it gives off. And the taste! My god! I don't think I've ever had anything as amazing as your delicious penis in my mouth before." ~

My heart is threatening to break through my ribcage it was beating so hard. Jess started to slowly pull my undies down inch by inch, dragging my boner down with them until he finally broke free and sprung back up, smacking into my stomach. Jess' eyes have glazed over and she's constantly licking her lips. She starts to slowly move closer to my shaft, her eyes constantly darting from my eyes to the tip of my cock and back again. As she gets closer I close my eyes and start to breathe heavily. I can feel her breath on my cock and I tense up from the exhiliration and the suspense, waiting for the contact. Finally, I feel her soft, warm lips plunge over the head and I snap my eyes open to look down at her, and I get to see her beautiful blue eyes twinkling merrily up at me, right before they once again glaze over as she slowly rasps her tongue along my glans and pee-hole. I stagger from the sheer amount of pleasure that ignited from the tip of her tongue and shot all the way down to the bottom of my shaft. As I regain my balance I shift forward slightly, and my penis pushes slightly further past her lips. Feel her whimper onto my dick and she pushes forward frantically, bumping the back of her throat with the tip. Instead of pulling back she gags once, then settles, keeping it there. The feeling of her beautifully warm and velvety mouth as it enveloped all 7" of my thick cock is indescribable. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I started to mutter and ramble incoherently as my entire dick twitched and jumped in her mouth, her tongue doing it's best to cover every inch of skin it could reach. Then she pulled back, letting it slide all the way back past her tight lips until the tip was just outside her mouth, before she gave the glans a passionate kiss and plunged down again, once again hitting the back of her throat. I lose my balance and fall back onto the couch and she falls with me, keeping at least half of my dick in her mouth. I start moaning Jess' name over and over again, as she speedily bobs up and down on my drenched cock, her saliva dripping down and pooling in my pubes. I start to uncontrollably hump her face as my orgasm began to erupt, and she opened her mouth as wide as she could and started to push against my thrusts, my penis penetrating her throat and pumping my searing hot load straight down her throat. Jess pulls back just in time so that only one spurt was wasted, and lets the rest fill up her mouth while she swirls it around on her tongue, her eyes closing in pure ecstasy as I continue to rock and jerk, not being able to form coherent thought or move my body, the only signal getting through being one of complete and utter pleasure. Time seemed to slow to a standstill as I felt mine and Jessica's energy flow into and merge with each other through her mouth. After an eternity dragged past, I felt Jess reluctantly pull away and I watched her with wonder and exhausted adoration as she slowly swallowed my sperm, making little noises of appreciation and pleasure as she savoured the taste and the texture. ~

After that I guess I dozed off because the next thing I know something naked and warm is climbing onto my lap, and I feel Jess wrapping her arms around me and nestling her face into mine, kissing me on the cheek and resting her temple there, sighing with happiness. The lights have all been turned off and she's taken off all of her clothes. "David, what do you think the chances are convincing mum and dad to let me live here with you? I'm scared that I won't be able to get through school without being by your side, I don't even want to think about the days that I won't be seeing you at all. When I woke up this afternoon, I didn't feel right at all. I felt I was missing something, a part of my soul, and I felt this hunger- no, this insatiable desire, to drink my fill of you. You have so many different amazing sensations and flavours. We had Spaghetti Bolognese tonight, which you know is my favourite. Well, I couldn't taste it. It was flavourless, dull. It's like, up until now I had never tasted flavour before, and now everything else I eat has lost it's meaning. I'm addicted to you Dave, I will never be able to get enough of you." She turns to face me so that my now-rock hard penis is rubbing against her slick vulva, and slowly and sheslides up and down, massaging my penis with her lips. I hold her in a fierce embrace and kiss and suck on her neck, and she mewls like a kitten as she increases her pace, grinding her mound into my cock. Eventually she pulls away from me, panting and whimpering. "David, I don't ever want to move from here, but, maybe we should go to bed." I lean my head in close to hers and gaze into her eyes, using the dim light coming from my bedroom to ogle her breathtaking features. I watch the corners of her mouth raise in a smile as she watches me absorbing her beauty, before she slowly gets up and leads me with one possessive hand gripping my cock. ~

I climb into bed and lie on my back, and she comes in after me, snuggling up to my side so that her breast was pressing into my chest and one of her legs were lying on top of me, resting on my still hard penis. "My my, he doesn't want to go down does he? Is my poor little master lonely? Maybe I better talk to him, make sure that he knows he's loved" I feel her boobs brush up against my chest as she slowly kisses a trail down my chest and stomach until she is centimetres from my cock. "Hello there" she breathes unto him, and sticks her tongue out and swirls it around my glans, causing me to convulse and moan and push up slightly at her tongue. She closes the gap and rests her lips on top of my penis, and starts to slide her lips up and down my cock-meat, crooning and whispering sweet nothings into his firm skin. I'm constantly turning my head and bucking my hips from the ticklish pleasure that she is inflicting on me, and I hear a happy giggle before she suddenly plunges down on my shaft, making me moan rather loudly. I place my hand on the back of her head, and she starts to bob up and down, the tip plunging into her throat on every down plunge, then on every upward motion she would stop for a second to caress the head with her tongue, before plunging back down and starting over. I can only take 30 seconds of this before I finally explode, moaning like a wounded animal, thrusting my cock deep into her mouth and spraying her tongue with my thick jizz. ~

After 5 minutes of lapping up any excess jizz that seeped into her mouth, she slowly let my penis slip out of her mouth before coming up to me and nuzzling her forehead under my chin. "I love you David, thank you for letting me have two servings of dessert. I was just so hungry!" I bring her lips up to mine and kiss her passionately, slowly swiping my tongue along her lips and into her mouth. I held her in my arms and gently rocked the love of my life until we both drifted off to sleep.

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Yes, I can't understand why he hasn't turned her around into a 69 by now, it's about the most fun you can have next to intercourse, or you can just do both alternately all day! But 69 is especially good if you are avoiding penetration for any reason.

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make mistakes. I must say, this story has been so freaking close to our relationship so far. Not exactally but pretty damn close. I caught my brother jackin' off one day and from then on, it was on. I remember running home after school as fast as I could, to get there in time for suck his dick before the parents got home. We usually had about 2 hrs. in which to play. One other thing, after that first time I sucked his dick. He was very sweet and turned around and ate my pussy for about 20 or 30 mins. We lived in the 69 posistion most of the time. Lots a fun memories. We're still together 28yrs. later. Thanks for writing this story. Now we're off to read the next chapter.

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2013-10-28 12:18:45
My brother an I are on our way to read the next chapter, but wanted to comment on this chapter. As for us, being a real life brother and sister couple, I have to say that actual sex with his dick in my pussy, never happen because of that one fact. I was not on any birth control. I was just so freaking scared that I'd get preganate, I would not let him fuck me. I did give up my butt. And I sucked his dick daily for the 4 and half years as teens that we spent together. Once I got a taste for his cum, I just couldn't get enough of it. As soon as I turned 18 and got the pill, my brother fucked me black and blue the first night. I felt like I was in a gang bang. Once we moved in together, it was a non-stop fuck fest. Even to this day, we screw at least once a day. And I still suck his dick every night while we watch TV. Our home is no clothing once we step inside the house. My body is his to have whenever he wants. He fucks me while I'm trying to type this. He thinks it funny when I ....TBC

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2013-09-29 17:02:21
Why doesn't he fuck her brains out with that big fat 7" cock


2013-09-23 00:17:40
However, I will keep your feedback in mind when I write the next chapter. I'm going to be speeding time up a bit, skipping days and keeping details short, unless it's important to the story. The reason I was embellishing the blowjob scenes is because this is the second day for him having any sort of sexual contact with another partner, his close sister no less. I didn't want the novelty to wear off so quickly. In any case, I might have the next story up in a week. We'll see how it goes!

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