The Next Morning. Phil wakes to his new reality.
Phil’s head had cracked open and he didn’t think it would close up again. He had vague recollections … two (or was it three?) shots of chilled vodka as a toast with Theresa, Jim and Sue, standing naked in the kitchen . . .

. . . His 10-year old daughter squatting on his face … the sweet taste of her innocence on his mouth.

. . . Watching his wife and daughter 69 in the shower while he, Jim and Sam wanked off on the bench seat, not caring who was wanking who . . .

. . . Sam’s very young and very hard erection in his mouth?

Aspirin and coffee. That’s what he needed. He must have had too much to drink on the flight home after his last meeting and this was his dream world intruding into his drunken stupor.

Where was his car?

Oh, yeah, still at the airport . . .

Terry had picked him up at the airport . . . with the kids . . .

Rolling over confirmed his fears: his daughter Missy was laying between him and a sound-asleep Theresa, stark naked; the light blanket she had snuggled in kicked away in her sleep. His eyes drew into focus on her adorable ass. Her left thigh was pulled up to the side, affording Phil a perfect view of her little pink flower, just ready to open and bloom.

Without thought he reached out and rested a hand on one of those little cheeks, giving it a light squeeze.

He popped 4 extra strength aspirin as he looked back at his bloodshot eyes in the bathroom mirror, then headed downstairs to make a pot of strong coffee.

It was Saturday, that much at least he knew, and it was only 8:35. Still early for the kids, but almost 3 hours after he would normally start his day. As he took his first few sips of Kenyan roast, hoping to normalize things, Susan strode into the kitchen wearing nothing but a t-shirt that she had gotten with the rest of the girls on her softball team. It read “Girls have Bigger Balls” and had a graphic of a girl in a fast-pitch motion. Her pubic region and her beautiful legs were completely exposed as she conveniently stretched her arms in the air. Then as she turned and reached up into the cupboard to get a glass for juice, Phil had a glorious view of her flawless fanny. She went up on tiptoes, even though she didn’t need to, and teased her father with the view, knowing as a woman knows that his eyes were glued to her naked backside.

After filling her glass with orange juice and taking a sip she walked over and planted a kiss on Phil, full on the mouth. He felt her nipples brush against him through her shirt as she casually reached down and cupped his cock in her hand. “How are you feeling this morning, Daddy?” she asked wantonly. She had a devilish look in her eyes that he wouldn’t previously have thought her capable of.

“Like I got run over . . .” Phil groaned . . . “by a school bus!”

He appreciated the caring smile he got in return from his daughter but needed to continue. “Uh, about last night, uh, Susan. Um, . . . I . . .”

“Too late, Daddy” Susan interrupted, “you’re in the club now!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Phil had a hint of anger in his tone.

“It means, as mom would say, ‘You can’t put the Genie back in the bottle’.”

“It doesn’t mean this is going to happen regularly, or that I’m going to do the kind of things, um, … I, … uh, did!”

“What . . ., are you embarrassed?” Susan asked, a bit teasingly but tinged with annoyance.

“It’s not that, it’s just that certain things should be, um, you know, kept private and personal.”

“Dad, we’ve all seen each other doing things with each other, and DONE things with each other that most people would consider to be PRIVATE. But you know what? We all love each other MORE because of it.

He had a doubtful, almost sarcastic look on his face, which forced Sue to follow up.

“Do you think I love Missy more now, or before she made me cum with her mouth? What do you think, Dad, do I feel CLOSER to Sam since he put himself inside me yesterday and made love to me, or before?”

Phil was taken aback by her surety, and the forcefulness with which his little girl laid out her argument.

She had started out teasing or scolding but it had transformed into real emotion. A tear ran down her cheek as she looked at her dad and said “I LOVE everyone in this family dad, and doing the things we have done together has made me feel more love than I knew I had. And we Love You! We want to show you love that same way. So maybe it’s not the way most people do it, but who’s to say they’re right and we’re wrong? Please don’t ask us to give this up, this way we’ve found to share with each other.”

“But Susan” Phil persisted. “You do realize that if anyone was to find out about … THIS (Phil traced a horizontal circle in the air with his finger) activity, and were to report it to anybody in authority, your mom or I could be arrested? And you kids would be taken away from us? Do you realize how serious that is?”

“Who’s gonna tell anyone Daddy? Sam and Missy may be young but they are NOT stupid. We’ve already clarified boundaries with them so that they don’t blurt anything out that would raise suspicion. Me and Jimmy are old enough to know the deal and we understand the consequences. What happens here, happens ONLY here and STAYS here. Kinda like Vegas, ya know?”

She paused again to gather her thoughts.

“Dad, you’ve been away so much it’s almost felt like we’ve been on different teams. This is something we can do together; for us to let you know how much we love you, and how much we appreciate you.”

Sue’s maturity and demeanor continued to impress Phil as she came over to him and sat astride his left knee. He could feel the warmth of her young sex and the light touch of her pubic hair on the bare skin of his thigh, as she draped her arms around his neck and looked in his eyes. ‘My fucking daughter is seducing, me, goddammit!’ was screaming in his head.

“Dad, I watched you last night” she purred quietly as her pussy spread open onto his warm leg . . . “I saw how much you craved what was happening. How much you wanted mom to tell you what to do … You NEEDED that dad. You needed to feel that again, because I know you haven’t felt it in a long time, and I know that mom hasn’t either.”

“We used to do things like that when we were young” he found himself admitting to his 13-year old.

“We’d get a little crazy with sex at times . . . it’s part of being young.”

“Well, I’m Young”

“You certainly are dear.”

“And you did it with mom AND her friend?”

“Yeah, we did.”

“What was that like?” Sue enquired as she rubbed her moistening snatch on his leg.

“It was pretty hot” Phil admitted.

Sue’s rubbing motion became more pronounced. She held her dad’s head in her arms as she asked “did you fuck them both? . . . Did you lick their pussies? . . . Did they lick each other?” She had a real rhythm going and he instinctively slid his hands under her shirt to firmly grasp her tits, eliciting a moan of pleasure from his girl.

“Yes” he grunted. “I fucked them both, I licked their pussies, their assholes; they licked and fucked each other” he blurted out as the power of reasoning in his head was once again plowed over by the sensuality of his daughter.

His hands slid around and grabbed his Susan’s ass cheeks firmly and pushed her snatch against his leg. “When you had me touch you at the restaurant, Sue, it was so wrong. So wrong. But I loved it. I loved the smell of you on my fingers. You were so … fucking … wet!”

“Yes I was Daddy. Like I am now” she breathed at him and gently bit his ear lobe.

She leaned back and pulled off her t-shirt. “Suck my tits, Daddy.”

“Oooh, good gaaaaaahd” the air came out of Phil as the shreds of his self-control fell about him like wet tissue. He obeyed Susan’s command.

“You’re gonna fuck me Daddy. You are going to fuck me, and I am going to FUCK you.”

“Yes, ma’am” was all he could say in response.

Sue reached down and found the satisfying hardness of her father’s dick in his loose boxer shorts and worked it out through the flap in the front.

“This is a big cock Daddy!”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“I’m gonna slide this inside my cunt Daddy, your daughter’s cunt!”

“Oh, God . . . yes” he breathed. His body was shaking.

Sue stood and brought her left leg over to the other side of the chair, her tits pressed against Phil’s face. He sucked on her hard nipple like an infant.

“Make sure I’m ready, Daddy. Make sure your girl is wet enough for that huge cock to go inside me” she ordered.

“Yes, Sue . . . I’ll check” he replied as he brought his fingers up to her snatch and found it drenched with her juices,
further exciting him. He once again felt that painful urgency to the hardness of his dick, despite his hangover. “Oh, yes Sue, you’re ready.”

“I thought so, mister.” Sue got off on echoing her mom from the night before. “Now, grab that cock of yours and rub the head of it against my pussy, let me feel that cock head.” Words flowed out of Susan like she had never spoken before and she was exquisitely aroused by playing the slut role.

As the head of Phil’s dick slid up and down her labia she began to moan, and so did Phil.

Sue worked her hips to find the proper angle and applied a little downward pressure. Her dad’s dick was at least twice the size of Sam’s, and considerably larger than Mason’s. She felt the head penetrate her opening and she grunted, squeezing him with her cunt muscles. “Pffff, pfff, fff” she breathed quickly, biting her lower lip in concentration and getting her bearings to try to accept the mass of meat below her. She was still a bit of a novice when it came to the workings of her vagina. It was pretty easy to clamp down, that came naturally, but relaxing to open up and accept something this large inside of her was new, tricky and amazing all at the same time.

“Oh, god Sue, you feel so fucking good! So fucking tight! I haven’t been inside another woman in 15 fucking years!” If it weren’t for his body still trying to recover from last night, he would probably have cum as soon as his head entered his daughter, and he considered that a blessing.

Sue closed her eyes and rocked herself gently back and forth, easing her tunnel down onto her father, inch by wonderful inch, until she could sit right down on his lap and look him in the eyes.

“You’re inside me Daddy.”

“Yes, sweetheart.”

“I Love You Daddy” Susan whispered in his ear as she clutched him in a tight hug. When she pulled back from the hug Phil saw the trails of fresh tears on his daughter’s cheeks.

Theresa had been standing at the kitchen door for the last few minutes watching; she had untied the belt on her robe to let it fall open so she could rub herself. Sue and Phil turned and watched her walk over to them, shrugging the robe off her shoulders to give them a glorious view of her naked form. She put an arm over each of their shoulders and leaned in to give Phil a long French kiss, then turned her head and did the same with Sue.

Sue moaned into her mom’s mouth as they shared each other’s tongues and saliva.

Moving behind her daughter, Theresa reached around her to massage her fabulous tits and look her husband in the face as he fucked their second-born child. Her own breasts pressed against Sue’s back, sending a tingle down both their spines.

Sue was ready now so she picked up a few inches and settled back down, right to daddy’s ball sack.

“Uugh . . . uugh . . . uugh” she grunted as she moved up and back down on her daddy’s pole. “It’s . . . so . . . fucking . . . big!” she called out her amazement. “I’m . . . so . . . fucking . . . full!”

“Daddy!” she looked Phil square in the eyes. “This is very personal, you know” as she rocked up and down on him,
hearing the slurp of her sex mingling with his. “I think . . . uuuuugh . . . we should keep . . . this . . . between . . . US!” Sue was teasing her dad now, she had fully embraced the sexual power she had recently found in her body and mind. “Don’t . . . tell . . . mom . . . you fucked me . . . or anything” she leaned into him, slick with perspiration.

Theresa felt a fresh release of juices as she clutched her daughter, being drilled hard by her husband and talking like a dirty slut. She pushed her middle finger deep into her twat so that she could taste her own cunt, sending an additional thrill through her body. She dipped her finger again and brought it up to her daughter’s nose, who inhaled deeply before opening her mouth to get a taste of her mom.

“Do you want some of this mister?” she cracked her verbal whip at Phil.

He simply opened his mouth like a goldfish and waited for Theresa to feed him. He was rewarded with two of her fingers, thickly coated with her pungent lubrication.

She continued to grope Sue’s tits with her left hand and slid her right down over her stomach to gently touch her mound and play with her pubic hair. Theresa was kissing Sue’s neck and shoulder as she reached further to the point of their coupling and encircled her husband’s cock with her thumb and middle finger. Feeling her husband slide in and out of her beautiful daughter was beyond description; her first orgasm began as she pressed the heel of her hand against Sue’s clit and felt her shudder.

Phil was finding some old form as he began thrusting upward to meet his daughter’s downward movements. Sue rocked back to lean against her mom and managed to slide her right hand behind her and find the treasure of her mom’s sopping wet cunt. Two fingers slipped inside so easily, so she added a third and was rewarded with a whimper from Theresa, who continued to kiss and suck on her neck.

“Fuck me, dad! Fuck me, Dad! Fuck me, Daddy!!” she cried out. “Fuck me HARD!” She began bouncing up and down to bring on her soul-shattering cum.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!” was as much sense as Phil could vocalize as he pumped his sperm deep into his daughter. Theresa’s knees weakened while her cunt spasmed on Sue’s fingers, a second orgasm overcoming her.
Sue lost control of her body and bucked wildly into her dad and back to her mom, her stomach and pelvic muscles contracted over and over; her cunt milked her father’s cock for every drop of his cum.

They collapsed against each other in a sweaty, satisfied hug that none of them wanted to break.

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