A mom gets a second lease on life, and gets what she wants
My first story, let me know what you think...

When I was 42, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was scary, but nothing too serious. I decided to have a double mastectomy in order to completely remove the problem. I had a 32b chest ever since I was a teenager, and never really identified by my breast size. I thought that women who had breast implants were incredibly shallow. But after my treatment and recovery, I felt a loss of my womanhood, a loss of my identity. So, after my surgery, and after my insurance company decided to pay for it, I decided to get implants. Big ones.

A little about myself: my name is Amy, and I have always been considered 'pretty' I guess. I stand 5'8" tall, with long brunette hair, green eyes, and a nice trim figure. After years of marriage and a child, however, life had developed into a routine. The cancer scare was a wake up call I suppose. My husband Michael and my son Tim were incredibly supportive and were with me every step of the way. When faced with the 'replacement' option, in light of my mortality, I thought of my old flat saggy breasts and said 'go big'. When I came home with a brand new set of 36dds, after the initial jaw drop, my family understood.

My husband, of course, was thrilled, and initially there was a phenomenal increase in our sex life. I think in his mind I was a different woman. But, eventually he got used to the new me and our hum drum routine returned.
One thing didn't go back to normal however: my confidence. I loved my new look and how it made me feel. I started to dress to show off my figure, tight and low cut tank tops, sweaters, blouses with plunging neck lines, tight dresses. I loved the attention I got everywhere. Even my son Tim seemed to sneak in some glances, but that's understandable, teen boys will stare at any tits, right?

Well, I started doing anything I could to attract the attention. Driving my son and his friends became a thrill as they all stared at my chest in the rearview mirror, my tits bouncing from every bump and pothole. I wore thin shirts and short skirts to the store, letting my nipples poke through in the freezer section. At the gym, I loved the fit men eye fucking me as I lewdly used the chest and thigh machines. I even welcomed the attention of women, openly walking nude through the locker rooms, feeling their envious and sometimes lustful eyes combing my body. Becoming more and more of an exhibitionist, I began seeking out ways for more people to see me naked. I treated myself to a nice Brazilian wax, loving the hot wax on my most sensitive areas, and the woman's touch stripping my privates bare. I became incredibly aroused during that treatment, and she knew it, and that turned me on even more. I stopped wearing panties unless they were visible, and then it was usually something skimpy and lacy. Once, at a stoplight, some college boys in the car next to me started hitting on me. I licked my lips and flashed them my tits right as the light changed, the sped away. I masturbated the rest of the way home.

Quite simply, I was acting like a slut, but not cheating on my husband. But, I craved much more attention than I was getting. One night when he was away on a business trip, I sat down in front of the computer with a glass of wine and started browsing porn sites, my hand drifting up under my skirt. I found a chat room that included web cams and logged in as "Mommy has new tits". I was greeted my a slew of horny men. They pushed me into stripping on cam for them (not like it was very hard!) and I ended up with my legs spread wide on the desk, furiously rubbing my clit towards the camera until I came so hard that I had to cover my mouth so I didn't wake Tim up. I loved the feeling of so many pervs seeing me naked that this became a habit for me. I even started leaving the cam on all day and doing my household chores completely naked (the postman loved this!).

Soon after I started my online shows, I was doing laundry as usual, when I came across some of Tim's very crusty socks. Now, having a son in high school, this wasn't the first time this had happened, but given my new online habits, and the computer in his bedroom, I got curious about what helped him fill these socks.

Now, my son Tim was a tall, athletic, handsome young man. He made varsity basketball his sophomore year of high school, and was fairly popular. Despite all of this, I had never really seen him with many girls. So i figured he must go online to satisfy his needs. That afternoon, curiosity got the best of me and I went to his room to check his history. As I sat at his computer, I opened up the browser and dropped my jaw as I saw what he had been looking at. All manner of porn was in there. I opened link after link, casually fondling myself. It seemed that he particularly liked big breasted women, and I also saw a lot of 'Milf' and ''Cougar' sites. I watched a few videos he had seen that were compilations of facials and women eating cum. I licked my lips watching these, remembering the salty, spunky taste of cum. I had given many more blow jobs to men than I had slept with, and was quite talented in that area. I always swallowed and was turned on by the taste. Then I watched some anal videos with interest. I had never done that before, but while I watched I lubed up my ass using my pussy juices and slipped in an experimental finger, moaning with pleasure. Then, my heart stopped for a second as I saw the next link in his history. He had visited the site where I did my late night 'shows'. I started hyperventilating and furiously rubbing my clit as I found this. Then I checked the date. And the time. My son had been in the room, had watched me as I stripped and masturbated for strangers. And had presumably been masturbating at the same time. My legs shook and I cried out in a massive orgasm as I realized this.

My head spun and my body tingled as I came down from this massive orgasm. I sat there, open mouthed, staring at his computer contemplating what this meant. As I began to regain my cognitive function, I reduced the situation to three simple points:

1. My son had seen me naked and masturbating
2. He had presumably liked it
3. This thought was more exciting than anything I had previously experienced

I know I should have felt ashamed, disgusted with my actions. Not only had I unwittingly exposed my slutty nature to him, but I had sat in his bedroom and had a massive orgasm while thinking about it. But I didn't feel even the slightest twinge or remorse. Lust had completely taken over. I started wondering what his cock looked like hard. How he masturbated. Whether he had shot his load while he saw me naked, and how much cum he squirted all over himself. I licked my lips imagining his shooting rope after gooey rope over his tight teen stomach. I knew he cleaned up after himself with those crusty socks I always found in the laundry. And at that point, I started to hatch a plan.
It's funny, looking back there was never any moment when I wrestled with the thought of incest, whether or not it would be "right" for me to do anything with my son. I just decided it, instantly, knew I had to have him. I spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about him, and my plan. I thought about him in his basketball shorts, about all the times I had seen that dangling bulge hinting at a nice big teen cock. Thinking about him without a shirt on, mowing the lawn, his toned upper body slick with sweat. These images had me wet and aching all afternoon. In fact, after I came while sitting in his desk chair, I had thought about wiping up my juices from his chair, then decided to leave it, to see if he noticed. Oh the thrill of even thinking about committing sexual acts with my son was just amazing!

While I waited for him to return home from practice, I fully committed to my plan. I changed into an outfit that I used for exercise when I was feeling particularly naughty: A very tight black sports bra that was a size too small, pushing my tits up into some extreme cleavage and leaving a small gap underneath my tits too, and then black tights that were so tight around my waist and ass that they became a bit see-through. You could clearly see my bright magenta colored thong underneath, and I noticed, a hint of my pussy lips in the front. Examining myself in the mirror, I nodding approvingly, feeling slutty enough without blatantly wearing lingerie. That would come later.

As I finished getting 'ready', I heard the door slam, and Tim come stomping in the door. He yelled "Mom, I'm home!" and ran up the stairs to his room, as usual. Smiling the smile of the wicked, I pinched my nipples hard, getting them to poke through my bra ever so slightly, grabbed the laundry basket and headed up stairs.

Outside of Tim's door, my heart was beating so fast in anticipation. I knocked on his door and shouted over his music "TIM!" "YEAH? COME IN!" He shouted back. I walked into his room, his back was towards me as he sat at his computer. I set the laundry basket down on his bed "CAN YOU TURN THE MUSIC DOWN PLEASE?"

"Yeah, sorry" He said, turning it down, then turning around to face me "What's u-" His words caught in his throat as he saw me standing there, dressed like a gym slut. His eyes roamed over my body, failing to be discreet, but spurring me on. I was just as bad, with him sitting there shirtless, shiny with sweat from practice, wearing his basketball shorts that always failed to hide his bulge.

"Hi Honey, how was your day?" I asked with a smile.
"Umm, good, what's up mom?" He said, struggling to maintain eye contact
"Well, I was doing some laundry today, and I noticed some interesting stains on your socks..." I said, dumping out half a dozen cum stained socks onto his bed.
"Uh, yeah. Those are my gym socks mom, sorry they get so dirty..."
"Oh really" I replied disbelievingly "That's what made those stains?" I sat on his bed, my knees almost touching his. "Now honey, I'm not stupid. I know you've been masturbating into your socks..."
"Whoa, MOM!" He cried, embarrassed
"It's OK honey!" I said reassuringly, "It's natural. Everyone does it." He looked up at me as I repeated, "Everyone."
"Uh, alright..." he said cautiously, "so, um, what?"
"Well, I think we need to figure out a little better way to clean up after yourself. You make a pretty big mess!" I giggled a little as he blushed and cried out "Jesus, mom!"
"And another thing, I worried about what might be looking at on the Internet while you...pleasure yourself"
"Gees, mom, I dont-"
"Honey" I interrupted him "I'll say it again, Mommy's not stupid. Now, do you like to look at girls online while you touch yourself?" I asked, loving watching him squirm as i asked about his masturbation habits.
"Yeah, ok, sometimes" he said, trying not to look at me.
"That's ok honey. Lots of people do that too. How many times a day do you make yourself cum?" I felt a thrill saying the word 'cum' in front of him for the first time.
"REALLY mom?" he said indignantly "If you HAVE to know, probably 3 or 4. Happy?"
Actually, that made me very happy! "Poor baby" I said caressing his face lovingly "I know how hard it is for teenage boys, horny all the time, hormones like crazy. Don't be embarrassed, that's totally natural at your age."
"Ok, fine mom. If it's totally natural, then why do we have to talk about it?"
"Well, I'm concerned about what you might be viewing. There's a lot of kinky, perverted stuff out there, and a lot of really nasty sluts too (fully aware that I was one of those nasty sluts!), and I just don't want you to get the wrong idea about sex."
"Uhm, ok...." Tim said, looking very confused, and looking openly at my cleavage. I leaned forward, giving him a better view, putting my hands on his knees, turning his chair so he was facing me directly.
"You see Tim, I know your dad gave you the 'talk'. But sex can be a lot more than just 'when a man and woman love each other very much...'. See, sex can be so many different things, exciting thrilling things to explore with another person, like different positions, and blow jobs, and licking, and even toys-"
"Hey Mom?" Tim interrupted my monologue that was growing more and more explicit. "Earlier you said that everyone...masturbates. Um, is that true? I mean, do you?"
I chuckled at his question, because I knew very well that he knew the answer was yes.

"Well, of course I do!" I said, reassuringly looking him in the eyes, knowing he had watched me do it. "I didn't use to do it that often, but ever since I got these" I leaned back and gave my chest a little shake for him "I finger myself at least twice a day!" I looked to him for his response, but he was just gaping at my chest.
"Um, really? Why is that?" He asked
"Well, it's hard to explain Tim, but these things" I grabbed them for effect "give me confidence, and attract attention which makes me, well, there's no other way to put it: horny". He just continued staring at my tits, which were pressed up even higher with me squeezing them. "Listen, Tim, I know this has been an adjustment for you too, me getting these things, you not being used to your mother looking like this. Would you like to see them?"
"Wait, what?!" He cried, looking at me, to see if I was serious.
"Well, sure honey! Like I said, it's an adjustment for you too, and I know you're probably, do you want to see them?" I asked again, biting my lip.
"Sure" he squeaked out.
I smiled, grabbed the bottom band of my sports bra, and swiftly pulled it up over my head, letting my tits hang free. But they didn't really hang, not like they would on a woman my age. They were delightfully perky and round, with just enough sag to let my hard nipples point upward a bit and avoid looking like balloons on my chest. My blue veins showed through, my pulse probably visible as I sat topless on my teen son's bed. He just sat, jaw hanging, staring at my tits. I reached up and undid my pony tail, letting my long dark hair down, and I shook it out, giving me an excuse to make my tits jiggle in front of him. "Well, what do you think?"
"Uh...uh, I mean, they're awesome!" He stammered out, eyes glued "I mean, fantastic!"
"Oh good" I said leaning forward, squeezing them with my elbows. I was ecstatic, feeling his eyes exploring my body, my plan was going perfectly. Now, I had to move forward. "They feel great too!" I said, cupping my breasts, squeezing them and running my hands over them "Do you want to feel them, Tim?" I asked him, my head cocked to the side.

His eyes just about popped out of his head when I asked him that. "What, seriously?" He asked.
"Sure honey, they feel great!" I said, squeezing my nipple between my fingers"
"Ok" he said, reaching out. I slapped his hand away saying "Uh uh, you have to ask nicely first"
"What?" he said, confused
"Ask me nicely. Say, 'Mommy, can I feel your tits?"
Grinning, he repeated "Mommy, can I PLEASE feel your tits?"
I smirked back at him, "sure, honey". He reached forward, knees awkwardly bumping mine. He readjusted, sitting next to me on his bed, reached over with both hands and cupped my tits. At his first touch, I threw my head back in pleasure. His large, inexperienced hands roughly explored my tits, first squeezing them a little, then harder, then weighing then in each hand. I moaned out loud as he cupped them, flicking my nipples with his thumbs. He continued playing, exploring, kneading them, squeezing them at the base and shaking them a bit too. He wasn't the most gentle, but his actions sent electric bolts down to my pussy, soaking my panties. I was breathing heavily, moaning, then he grabbed each nipple and lifting my tits up by them, twisting and pinching. My eyes flew wide, I gasped audibly, and a small orgasm rocked my body. In a husky voice, I whispered, "Tim, take your cock out of your shorts and play with it."

"Wait, what?" Tim said, surprised, dropping my tits. My head still swimming from my orgasm, I blurted out "Mommy wants to see your cock". Then regaining a bit of my senses (as much as I could in a situation like this), I stuttered "I-I mean, I know that you like to touch yourself while looking at naked women, and you can while you look a my tits, if you want. It's probably better than that Internet smut."
He looked at me incredulously "Are you sure?"
"Of course honey" I replied sarcastically "I showed you mine, show me yours."
He gave me another disbelieving look, then stood up and slid down his shorts slowly. As he did so, I could see he was hard, his shaft pointed downward straining at the waistband of his underwear. When he finally slid them to his knees, his rock hard teen cock bounced free and I gasped.

I sat on his bed, mouth open staring as he sat back down in his chair, cock standing straight up. He gave it a cautious tug, then looked to me for a signal. Staring, I got down on my knees in front of him, on eye level as I just said, "Timmy, it's beautiful!" And it was. It was no little boy cock. It was ramrod straight, at least 8" long, and thick. His bulging vein ran up the length to his tip, which mushroomed out slightly thicker than his shaft. His tight sack was snug up against the base of his cock, and swollen. As I took in the sight, he wrapped his fingers around the base of his cock by his nicely trimmed pubes, and slowly stroked upwards. "Really Tim, it's perfect! You are a lucky guy!" I gushed, enthralled by his beautiful teen cock. "Yeah, stroke it baby, looks like you need it!"
I think it finally dawned on him that this was much more than a 'it's OK to explore your body and you can be open with me' talk. He could see I was far too interested in his body for it to be that innocent.
"Are, are you sure this OK mom?" He said, still slowly stroking
"Oh yes, of course baby. It looks like you need it. Doesn't looking at me topless make you want to touch yourself?" I pointed my tits at him for effect
"Uhm, yeah!" he said, stroking faster
"Oh good!" I said, squeezing my tits together. "Now, maybe, i dunno, it would be better, if I, um, if I stroked it for you!" I said, playing dumb.
His cocked jumped as I suggested it. "Really?"
"I would love to baby" I said, placing my heavy tits on his bare thighs, and moving his hand away from his cock. I wrapped my hand around his thick cock, and slowly and firmly stroked upwards. "MMm, its so big, you probably have a hard time getting yourself off" I murmured as I began stroking my son's dick. He squirmed a little in pleasure, apparently the first time anyone else had touched him like this. "Does that feel good baby?"
"Uhhh...fuck, yeah mom!"
"Good. It's such a big, hard, lovely cock, I want to make you feel really good and cum"
"Uh, shit! Really mom?" he grunted
"Sure, it's only fair baby, after all, I came while you played with my tits! In fact..." I moved closer, my tits pressing against his warm dick, I put my lips close to his "Maybe I could suck it for you. Would you like that?"
"UHHfuckyes" He barely managed to grunt out
"Ask me nicely..."
"Please suck me!"
"Say: 'please suck my dick mommy'" I teased
"UHH, PLEASE suck my dick Mommy!"
"Gladly" I replied

I looked at his gorgeous cock licking my lips, wondering where to begin. I looked him in the eyes, saw his anticipation, then, keeping eye contact, I leaned forward. I started at the base, and ran my tongue all the way up the length of his shaft, tasting his salty flesh, tracing up his bulging vein.
"OhwhoaOH!" He exclaimed, a tongue touching him for the first time. I giggled and grinned, licking around his bulbous cock head, before taking his head between my lips, squeezing it until it popped out of my mouth. I repeated this action while he twitched in pleasure. Licking the precum from his hole, I moaned "mmmm" before taking my son into my mouth, the first two inches, licking his cock head while it was in my mouth.
"JESUS!" he cried out as I continued this tongue bath. I kept going awhile longer, then pulled off and said, "You think I can get the whole thing in my mouth?" His eyes just bulged out of his head while I, remaining eye contact, stuck my tongue out flat and lowered my head onto his cock, taking him deep into my mouth. When he reached the back of my throat, I fought a gag reflex, back off an inch, then plunged forward, swallowing, taking him all the way into my throat until my nose hit his pubis.
"OHHHHHHHHhh" he grunted as i pulled his cock in and out of my throat, swallowing hard, squeezing his cock head with my esophagus until I rammed down again, holding him in my throat as I licked his balls with my extended tongue. I could smell and almost taste the huge load he had stored in there.
I pulled off his cock to breathe, fondling his cum filled sack with one hand and stroked his slimy shaft with the other. "I know a solution to your dirty sock problem Timmy"
"Uhh...what's that mom?" he grunted
"Cum in my mouth. Mommy is thirsty for your cum, I want you to fill my mouth with your cum!"
With that, I plunged my head down again, sucking his long shaft deep and hard, alternating fucking my throat with the whole length and sucking his head between my lips.
I took him deep into my throat again, swallowing hard and vibrating his cock with my moans of pleasure. Then I felt his cock grow even bigger, pulsing before he could even yell out "ohshitShitSHIT MOM I'M CUMMMMING!!!!"
He sent his first rope of cum straight down my throat, then I pulled him back out, resting the tip of his cock between my open lips and pumping his shaft, milking all the glorious cum out, letting his watch himself fill my mouth. His next pump of cum nearly DID fill my mouth as a second thick salty stream filled my mouth. My senses were overwhelmed by the taste and smell of hot teen spunk as he continued groaning and filling my mouth. I watched his face twist in agonizing pleasure as he shot rope after rope into my mouth. I tilted my head back to keep any precious cum from escaping, but eventually it overflowed and began running down my chin. It was like he hadn't cum in months! Finally, his pulsing subsided and he slumped back in his chair. I continued holding my mouth open, pointed up towards him, as he looked down at me. I closed my mouth and took a gulp down, but that wasn't all of it. I opened my mouth again, rolling the rest of it around on my tongue, moaning, savoring the flavor. As I mentioned, I had always loved the taste of cum, and this had the added benefit of being fresh teen cum from my sons cock. After savoring the salty, musky, slightly bitter taste of him for far too long, I swallowed the rest. Then, leaning back on my knees, I gathered the rest off of my chin with my fingers, greedily sucking each and every last drop off of each one, cooing contentedly with each taste.

This is the end of act one. Sorry for the long build up, but I like to set a decent context. There will be much more explicit content to come, but please leave comments to let me know what you think!

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