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The Wife Who Wasn’t

By Blueheatt

…..My name is Sean, I’m 25, tall with blondish hair.
To everyone, Ed Branson was married, had 3 boys and lived a normal family life. Ed was 40, but his wife looked about my age of about 25. She was a beauty, but dressed older and tried to act older. Something about her didn’t jive as I talked to her about service for her car. I got to know her a little. The oldest boy was 13. Was she 12 when she had him? I had seen the boys, and they didn’t look like her at all. I noticed they never called her mom, but Connie. I figured she had to be a step-mom or something, but they all acted like she was their mom, just like normal. Then the boys were gone for a while, as she came in alone and looked around for me. She looked so fucking hot each time, she was getting to me, bad.

Her husband Ed was a real big shot with his company, and he needed a normal, stable family life for appearances. It was a huge corporation and he was close to the top. I had to find out about his wife.
Connie Branson brought her hi-dollar car into where I worked. That’s how I first met her. I had noticed her the very first time she came in and was impressed with her looks. She had caught me staring at her each time, and smiled back. I had to explain to her some things her car needed for repair, and this would take until tomorrow. I was awe struck by her beauty close up. Her youth and her trying to look older didn’t fit in. She wore a beautiful blond wig that projected ‘expensive’ and ‘wealth.’ She had a perfect figure, nice tits, hot legs, beautiful smooth white skin. I said I would take her home and then tomorrow pick her up when the car was finished. It was almost quitting time and I took her home.
She invited me in for coffee. No one was home. She said Ed always stayed at his apt. near his company offices, most of the time, and the boys were in a private boarding school. The first thing she did was change clothes. She came out barefoot, in tight black pants, and big sloppy black sweater, no blond wig and cute short black hair. Now she looked her age of 25. She became a different person.
She flirted with me, stood close to me, leaned on me, and was real sexy acting. She held my arm and walked me to the couch, and sat real close to me, our hips touching. We sipped our coffee and I asked her about things that didn’t match up with the boys ages. She stared out the big glass window.
Finally she said: “ If you’ll stay for dinner….maybe you’ll find out.”
A very teasing answer, as she smiled at me sexy like. I said: “That would be great Mrs. Branson., I….” she interrupted….“Connie, call me Connie.” She got up on her knees beside me and stared at me. She leaned forward and got real close to my face. She whispered: (“I’ve seen you staring at me every time I bring my car in Sean. What were you thinking about me?”) I paused…… smiled, turned and looked her in the eyes and whispered back: (“If you invite me to stay after dinner, maybe you’ll find out.”)
She smiled, but looked a little stunned at my answer, then slowly began to grin. She laid back against the end of the couch, on a big pillow, and put her legs in my lap. She was unconsciously twisting her hair with one finger. She looked like a million thoughts were running thru her head, as she grinned. It was her move now, was she going to let this go forward, or stop it. I made the decision for her. I took off her shoes, and started rubbing her legs. She took a big breath as she watched me, still grinning. I said quietly: “Connie,….. why couldn’t you be ugly, nasty and not looking so beautiful….and will you stop looking at me with that sexy silly grin.”

She told me much later what she thought about that night on the couch……
(…..It had been 6 years since I hired on as Ed’s fake wife. I agreed to no boyfriends, to make it look normal. The money he was paying me blinded me as to my personal desires. I had it very well made, and had a fat personal bank account. He had 3 boys by his first wife but got caught with another women and she divorced him. He had the boys, I weekend a month. He had a apartment close to his office, where his girlfriend dressed as a maid and they kept their affair secret. I was to pose as his wife and mother to the boys. No sex between him and I… ….but I didn’t count on a guy like Sean coming along and firing up my sexual desires, really strong. This temptation is more than I can handle. I wish he just get on top of me and rip my clothes off and we would have hot steamy sex, right here on the couch. Something’s going to happen tonight so I better make sure all is clear.…..)

She lifted up one leg clamped my hands between her legs. She took her cell phone and made a call. She put her finger up to her shhh. She had called Ed, at the end of the call she said: “Ok, see you Sunday.”…..and hung up. (today was Monday) She grinned and said: “Sorry my husband Ed won’t be here until Sunday, so I could introduce you to him.” I said: “Oh, I’m sure your ‘husband’ would be thrilled to find me here….’Hi Ed, I ‘m just rubbing your wife’s hot legs.’
Can we eat so I can ‘maybe’ find out the details about you?”
She just keep looking at me grinning. She said: “Would you rather keep playing with my legs or eat?”
I said: “You know, I’m really not that hungry, now if you’ll just un clamp my hands I’d love to continue.”
“What will you do if I don’t?”
“Well….I’d really like to remove your pants, I’d love to feel your bare skin.”
She smiled that evil grin of hers.
“OH!….you wouldn’t dare!….or would you?” I removed my hands and started unbuttoning her pants. She took a big breath and giggled. I pulled her pants off. She had no panties on and the sweetest little black bush was staring me in the face. I rubbed her legs and kept working up and up to her tummy, just skimming by her pussy.
She now had her eyes closed and moaning softly. I reached under her sweater and felt no bra and two wonderful soft tits. She began to squirm and breath heavy as I played with her firm nipples.

Connie thought…
(…oh damn…I haven’t had a man play with me in 6 years, and this is making me so hot, I feel faint. Sorry Ed, but I need this really bad, and I’m about to attack poor Sean right now. )

She pulled me down towards her, and we lay side by side with her one leg over me. She whispered: (“I made an agreement with Ed not to have any boyfriends….but…since you attack poor little me, what else could I do but suffer the attack…right?”) I held her close and whispered in her ear: (“….repeat after me.”)
“Helpless little Connie”
“Helpless little Connie” (giggle)
“Will try not to look so beautiful, sweet, loving and sexy around Sean…and…not let him put his warm arms around me, and start kissing my face and feeling my hot body…..and…”
That’s as far at the talking got, as she started kissing me and driving her tongue in my mouth. I felt her undoing my belt, button, and unzipped my pants. She pushed them off me with her foot. I felt her put my cock between her legs as she push her wet pussy down on it, firm. She used her moving thighs to stroke me as I took mouth fulls of her sweets tits and nipples to suck on. I felt her hand guide my cock into her sweet wet pussy and pull me on top of her. She was so tight, it took a few strokes to slowly get my cock in her. She moaned all the way. Her hands trembled as she slowly kept pushing my cock in her deeper and deeper with each stroke. She moaned:...”oh god…you feel so good in me…it’s been a while….oh yes...I haven‘t cum in so long….oh god..” I reached down and massaged her clit as I fucked her slowly…She started moving her hips and twitching her body. I felt her legs lock around mine and her arms feel my butt cheeks and pull on them tight with each stroke. Her head swung from side to side in pleasure as I felt her pussy working my dick with squeezes and twitches. I was going for it and started fucking her fast and she moaned in pulses...starting to yell out as her peak was almost here. With one big thrust she locked her body on mine and shook hard and squeezed my dick and yelled “Oh….your making me cum…god yes!” I felt my load rocket out my cock, over and over in her, in glorious shots, filling her sweet pussy to overflowing. We both moaned and gave it everything we had. She could make her pussy do things to my cock I’d never felt before. Squirming, bucking and moaning, we were in our own world as she held me so tight….”Oh…. Sean baby...she moaned over and over. We let the pulses run by themselves as we drifted away……
It was dark out. We were still locked together as she still had little moans. Three hours had passed in a blink. My cock wanted more, and her pussy did too. She was like fucking a young girl for the first time. We finally unplugged to go shower. She gave me a robe to wear and we lay on the couch again. She grinned at me and said: “I think my car will need service a lot in the future.”
“Yes, I’m sure it will, in fact I’ll make sure it does.”
She said: “Oh…did I tell you someone attacked me last night.”
“No…really?…did you get a deion?”
“No, it was dark, but I’d recognize his cock if I feel it again?”
“Was it square with spines on it?”
“Oh no…round, real warm, long, smooth and felt so good.”
“Did it feel like this?” I placed her hand on my hard cock.
“Why yes!…omg…you’re my attacker!”
“Amazing…because some girl attacked me last night and forced me to put my cock in her!”
“I bet you were scared.”
“ I was, she forced me to cum in her…against my will!”
“Oh…you poor thing, my attacker flooded my pussy with his cum, and made me go crazy with a climax that made me faint, …against my will, of course.”
“We have to be careful now, I’ve heard they always come back for more….ooooooo.”
“Your right, I’ll watch your cock, and you watch my pussy in case they come back,…ok?”
She turned around to watch my cock and so I could watch her pussy. She put my cock deep in her throat, and I stuck my tongue deep in her pussy.
What Sean and Connie didn’t know…was that Ed had state of the art micro camera’s with sound, all thru that house. They were no bigger than a pencil lead, and could not be seen at all. The video signal was sent in a high speed coded form to his lap top computer.
Ed lay in bed. He and his girlfriend had been watching Connie and Sean the whole time. It got them so hot they were fucking themselves crazy.
Sean and Connie went at it like two wild animals. She deep throated him and massaged his butt hole a little. He sucked her clit hard as he massaged her G spot with 2 fingers, and with the other hand ran his finger around her butt hole some. When she felt that, she started climaxing and yelling with a mouth full of his cock. He let go with a big blast that filled her mouth to almost overflowing and the cum just kept cuming. They trashed and moaned until euphoria set in. She got all of his cum, down her throat….
She swallowed it all.

Their body’s spazmed with jolts of pure pleasure. They both lay trembling as they drifted away…..
Ed and his girlfriend fucked fast as they watched and both moaned with the live action. It turned them on to the best sex they had ever had.
Later Ed’s girlfriend, completely spent breathlessly asked: “Who ARE those people?”

Ed smiled,….. slowly shook his head and said:

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you..”


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