Missy's Birthday Party. This is a work of complete and utter fiction. None of the things described here have occurred nor are they recommended. This story is for sexual fantasy, plain and simple. Thanks.
“Happy Birthday, dear Missy! Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuu!” They finished as Missy blew the 11 candles out in one long breath. The cake was chocolate, with chocolate pudding filling and whipped cream frosting; her favorite.

Her mom hugged her as she looked around the table at her 6th grade friends who had joined her for her party. Theresa began portioning out the cake.

*** *** ***
“So how many of these rugrats do we have spending the night with us?” Phil asked as they sat in the family room afterwards, the giggles and laughter of 8 young girls echoing through the house.

“Just 2 of her friends are staying to sleep over, dear” Theresa answered “the rest will be picked up by 9, so don’t worry, the house won’t be a zoo for long.”

“Good, I was hoping to be able to relax a bit and just watch some TV or something. Work has been a friggin’ bear this last week.”

“I’ve got something we can all watch, Dad” Jim informed him. He was sitting on the sectional working on his laptop. “It’s a webcast that I think we’ll all like, and it starts about 9:30”

“We’re not all going to huddle around your laptop to watch some webcast, Jim, that wouldn’t be very relaxing.”

“Get with the times, Dad, the TV has HDMI inputs and I can patch it to the laptop through a USB.”

“I’m glad you know what you’re talking about!” laughed Phil. “I couldn’t even put together a PowerPoint presentation if my life depended on it! My sales assistant does all that and just hands me the clicker!”

“Well, I’ll take care of ‘the clicker’ Dad, and I think this show will help you relax, it’s supposed to be pretty sexy.”

“You expect us to watch one of our sex shows while Missy has friends sleeping over?”

“Dad, you know once they start with their ‘girl-talk’ they’ll be out of our hair for the evening.”

“We’ll see, Jim, I just don’t want anything weird happening when there’s other people in the house. Mason being part of our group is risky enough.”

“No problem dad” Jim promised.

*** *** ***

“Bye, Tracy. Thanks for coming!” Missy called out the front door. Tracy was the last to be picked that evening, leaving just Sara and Christina who’d be spending the night. They’d brought sleeping bags and pajamas and were all set to have a little camp-out on Missy’s bedroom floor.

Missy had known Sara since 1st Grade and had been one of her staunch defenders when people began teasing her about her chest development, which started in the summer before 4th grade. By the end of elementary school Sara was 5’ tall and sporting tits that any junior in high school would be proud of.
Missy loved playing with her sister Sue’s gorgeous mounds and she often thought of doing the same with Sara. While Sue had a copper complexion and dirty-blond hair, Sara had very pale skin to go with her fine red hair and green eyes. Missy thought she was beautiful.

Christina had only been with them at school for the last 6 months, having moved here when her father took a job at the State University. Missy and Sara had befriended her right away and helped her learn her way around school and her classes. She was super smart and very shy so did not make multitudes of friends; she had grabbed on to the lifeline of these two girls with outgoing personalities.

Chris, as they called her, was of Japanese heritage; her parents had moved to the US almost 20 years ago to go to college and had given their kids American first names to help them integrate into the culture easier. She was beautiful in a very different way than Sara. Petite, at 4’6” and not likely to grow as tall as Missy’s mom, who was just 5’4”. Silky, jet black hair hung straight to the middle of her back. Her angelic, oval face carried a button nose and tiny mouth, her impossibly dark eyes belied her intelligence and they were fathomless. Though she was a few months older than Missy, at first glance of her body you would assume she was younger than her 11 tender years.

“This is my first sleep-over!” Chris informed them as they piled into Missy’s room with their stuff. “Thanks for having me over, Missy.”

“You’re one of my best friends, Chris; of course I wanted you to stay over!”

“Where’s your bathroom so I can get changed?” she followed up.

“Change right here!” Missy declared, as she unzipped her jeans and pulled them down. Sara was doing the same.

“Really, in front of you two?”

“Nobody here but us girls, Chris” Sara responded as she pulled her sweater over her head.

Chris’ eyes were glued to Sara’s chest as her boobs were pulled up by her sweater and bounced back down to settle in their normal position. Her bra was plain white cotton, but it was the sexiest thing Chris had seen in her young life.

Missy really didn’t NEED a bra, but she wore a trainer for her not-quite-A cups, which she quickly discarded and stood there casually in only her panties and socks, also enjoying the view of Sara in her undergarments.

She walked confidently over to her adorable Asian friend and said “Arms up!” grabbing the sides of Christina’s long-sleeve T and pulling it over her head in a fluid motion.

*** *** *** ***

“Jimmy, what the hell!” Phil exclaimed, “This is kiddie porn you pulled up here! We can’t watch that shit, it’s illegal!” Jimmy had been tapping away on the laptop and the image that came up on the big-screen TV showed three VERY young girls. “You want the FBI coming after you?” He couldn’t believe his son would look for that kind of shit online.

Jimmy was just grinning as he watched the scene unfold onscreen. “Don’t worry dad, this isn’t kiddie porn and it can’t be traced, anyway” he was chuckling as he said “give it a chance.”

Phil had trouble tearing his eyes away as the blond with tiny tits helped the young Asian girl disrobe. The young redhead with big boobs had just undone her bra to display her very pert, pink nipples.

Something about the first girl caught his attention and he did a double-take, “holy fuck, that’s Missy!”

“It sure is Dad”, Sam spoke for the first time, already rubbing the bulge in his pajamas.

“What the fuck is going on here, Jim? Explain this!”

“Well, you remember when we bought this laptop and all the accessories; it came with pretty much everything, right?”

“Yeah , . . . so?”

“So, one of those things was a wireless webcam. It can pan and tilt, and zoom, and it has a microphone built in.”

“And …?

“It’s in Missy’s room right now, on her bookshelf with a book leaning over it so it’s not so easy to see.”

Theresa and Sue, who had of course recognized Missy the first second she came up on screen, just started laughing out loud.

“And what made you think anything like THIS” he pointed up at the screen, where his daughter was unzipping Christina pants, “uh . . . THIS was going to happen?”

“Dad, come on” Susan chimed in. “Don’t you KNOW Missy by now? That girl is a sex fiend, and she asked her two hottest friends to sleep over for her birthday party, and no one else?”

“What do you think about this, Terry” Phil hoped his wife would pull him back from the pits of hell that he was falling into.

“I think those girls are hot as hell!” and she popped open her jeans to give her hand access to her snatch.

*** *** ***

“You just rub up and down like this, Chris” Missy instructed as she lay on her bed and stroked her moistening panties “it feels really good . . . I can’t believe you’ve never done it before.”

Chris was standing in her light blue panties watching her two friends reclined on Missy’s bed . . . and Missy was rubbing her hand up and down her privates! Her own nipples were sticking out almost an inch from her small, budding breasts, and she had never felt so erotic. No one but her mother or the doctor had seen her naked since she was a baby, and here she was standing in only her little panties in front of her friends. It seemed like it was wrong, and she had initially covered her boobies when Missy had pulled her shirt off, but watching how Sara and Missy were comfortable with themselves gave her the courage to expose herself to them. Now she was staring at Missy’s crotch and her nipples ached in a way she had never felt before.

Missy then removed her panties to fully expose herself to her friends. Chris was expecting just to see a little muffin like she saw when she stood in front of the mirror, but Missy was opened up obscenely. Her inner lips looked like they had puffed up and spread out, and her privates were all shiny inside, like they were wet.

*** *** ***

Jimmy had managed to zoom in and bring into focus his little sister’s cunt as she began sliding her finger in and out of it. The image filled the 60” screen and Phil couldn’t help but pull his pants down and whip his dick out. “God, she’s fucking hot!” he grunted out to no one in particular, as he stood in the middle of the room and pulled on his crank.

*** *** ***

Chris was mesmerized by the view and she knelt down on the floor and put her hands on Missy’s knees for a very up-close and personal look at this heretofore unknown activity.

“Do you want to touch it?” Missy said, barely a whisper.

Christina was motionless for several seconds then just nodded her head once. She reached out tentatively until Missy could grasp her hand and guide it to her sopping slit. She then gave Chris a tour of her vulva very gently, very slowly, while staring into the depths of her fantastic, dark eyes, watching the fascination there.

Sara had begun rubbing herself in earnest while watching Chris receive her first education in sex. She wondered how much or little Chris’s mom had told her. She must have had her period by now right? That’s something a mom HAS to tell her daughter about, it’s not like you can keep THAT a secret. Sara leaned over to have a better look, which brought her boob very close to Missy’s face.

“Oh, ooooh, that feels great!” she called out as Missy clamped onto her tit with her mouth. “Oh, god! Keep sucking it Missy.”

*** *** ***

“Pretty good stuff, huh dad?” Jimmy asked rhetorically as Phil continued to stand and pump his meat.

“I’m gonna cum, goddammit! I’m gonna cum watching three little girls!! What the fuck! What . . . THE . . . FUCK!”

“Not on the furniture, Phil” Theresa laughed lightly. She didn’t really care but loved teasing her husband as he slipped further into depravity.

“I’ll get it Mom” offered Sam, unexpectedly. He sat down on the ottoman in front of his dad and moved his mouth to the head of his dick. Phil looked down with a shocked look on his face.

“It’s OK Dad, you did it for me, remember ... in the shower?” His son’s lips and mouth surrounding Phil’s cock were a feeling he never thought he’d experience, but here it was. His boy was blowing him and he didn’t want it to stop.

“Now THAT is HOT” groaned Sue as she frigged herself, watching the pre-teen threesome on screen and her little brother bobbing on Daddy’s dick.

“Boys WILL be boys, Sue!” Theresa laughed. “They’re all cock-suckers at heart.”

Phil watched onscreen as the big-titted young girl pulled off her panties and exposed her little tuft of fire-red pubic hair; and Missy pulled Christina forward so that she could suck her juices off her friend’s fingers. His hips bucked and he grabbed a handful of Sam’s hair as he began pumping his load into his son’s mouth.

Sam struggled to swallow and breathe but managed to get most of it down; a little dribble lay on his chin and a smear on his cheek as his dad pulled his dick out. “I did it Mom!” he proclaimed loudly “Did you see? I swallowed it!”

“I saw dear, now come over here and give mom a kiss so I can have a taste.”

Sam took the few steps to his mom, where she licked his face like a lioness cleaning her cub. Sam giggled as she planted a luscious kiss on his mouth, smelling Phil’s spunk on his breath.

*** *** ***

Christina looked at the second open gash in front of her as Sara draped her long leg over Missy’s and spread herself wide, laying back on the bed. Missy rolled partially over so she could apply attention to Sara’s tits and looked down at Chris, still kneeling on the floor with a look of amazement on her face.

“Lick it Christina” Missy suggested, quietly and gently.

Chris finally found her voice “lick it?”

“Um-hmm . . . believe me, it’ll feel cool to do; and Sara will absolutely love it!”

“How do you know all the stuff, Missy?” Chris asked the question that both of them wanted to know.

“I have an older sister and two older brothers” she said casually. “They tell me stuff.”

“That is so cool” Sara said. “So you licked one before?”

“Only yours, Sara” she laughed “in my dreams!” The all began giggling, which broke the tension that Chris was feeling.

“I feel funny between my legs” Chris admitted to her friends.

“That’s your pussy telling you that you want to have sex” Professor Missy informed. “If you rub it, or let us rub it, it will feel really good.”

“I’ll try licking Sara’s first . . . then we’ll see.”

Sara propped herself up on her elbows so she could look down between her legs at Christina gazing intently at her privates. It gave her a thrill that released some juices in her pussy. Missy seemed to feel her need and gently ran her hand over the top of her little mound and dipped a finger into her virginal flower, pulling it back up against her bulging clitoris. Sara made a loud sucking sound as she caught her breath and shivered with the thrill that her friend had given her, who also returned to sucking her nipple. Sara was being driven crazy by the touch and gaze of her friends.

Chris moved her face in close and drew in a breath to get the odor of Sara’s sex. The aroma intoxicated her and she also felt a release of juice into her panties, something that had never happened before. She took her nose and nuzzled it up against the fine pubic hairs and ended up poking into Sara’s clit. She was 3 inches from her friend’s cunt as she watched it contract in excitement and some fresh beads of juice slid down her inner lips.

Christina then tested the waters by extending her tongue and leaning in until it contacted those bright pink labia. Some instinct in her moved her left hand to the gusset of her panties while her right arm looped around Sara’s luscious long leg. Leaning in further her own lips met Sara’s and she placed a very intimate kiss upon her friend. Sara’s nether lips began pulsing in her mouth, and suddenly there was a hand on the back of her head, holding her there.

“Shit . . . oh, shit” Sara called out, “oh, shit, shit, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit . . . what the . . . shit . . . fuck!” She used the word for the first time in her life; she’d heard it at school a bunch of times but never before had the urge to say it out loud.

Her release of fluids as she came was more than Missy ever had done, and Chris’s face came up from her snatch with a coating that amazed them all. Chris was grinning, though, as she wiped her face with the back of her hand. Her manual stimulation combined with the experience of licking her first pussy brought her to orgasm and she clutched her legs together and rode her hand through it.

*** *** ***

“That . . . was fucking amazing . . . “Jimmy remarked as he began wiping the cum off his dick and belly. Sometimes he found that just pleasuring himself while watching family members was so satisfying and so sexy. Looking around the room his mom and Sue were doing their 69 on the couch, alternating between fingers and tongues to get themselves off for the 2nd or 3rd time each. And dad was returning the earlier favor to Sam. Looking like it came natural to him.

Jim was the only one who noticed the flurry of footsteps coming down the stairs.

“Oh, Shit!” he warned, “someone’s coming down, guys!” Looking up at the TV screen he found Theresa’s room empty. “Oh, shit, oh shit!”

As everyone scrambled, little Missy burst into the room, stark naked and out of breath. “Did you see us, did you see us?” She was laughing and so excited.

“We saw you, sis” Jim answered, “Now make sure they DON’T COME DOWN!”

“They went to the bathroom together and I told them I’d bring up some drinks. Believe me, they won’t come down, their almost naked! I got both of them to cum, though, did you see?”

“So you knew about being on camera?” Phil asked with an arch to his eyebrow.

“Of course, Daddy. It was my idea in the first place! . . . I know Jimmy’s pretty good with the computer stuff and he set it up . . . you did RECORD it, right Jimmy?”

“Every sweet second, sis” Jimmy assured.

“I can’t wait to watch it myself later. Did I miss anything exciting here?”

“Well . . . “Sue said, grinning at her dad, “Daddy and Sam gave each other blow-jobs” she disclosed, very matter of fact.

“They DID NOT!” Missy stared in disbelief, eyes wide. When Sam nodded enthusiastically, she just added “cool . . . I’d like to see that sometime. Hey mom, would it be OK if I borrowed your vibrator?”

“Sure Honey, it’s in my –“

“I know where it is” Missy interrupted, “Thanks.”

As she turned to leave the room she proudly announced “I’m gonna go back upstairs and play some more with my friends, OK? See you guys in the morning!” Then she added in a whisper as she left the room, a grin on her face that she could not suppress “aren’t they fucking HOT!?”

“They sure are, dear . . . they sure are”

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