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Sex with a neighbour
This is one case where three is not a crowd - it started over a year ago and is still active.

This only a short but true event – very short story because that is just what happened.

I was home and working on a presentation when there was a knock at the door.

It was my neighbour she is about 8 months pregnant and we have had a few weekends with her husband and her when we have been around the pool all naked. About 12 months ago he was away and things just happened. She had invited me in for a dinner because she said she was feeling lonely with her husband away. We ended up in bed and we both realised what we were doing was bad. We did enjoy the couple of hours we had together in bed and said it must never happen again. It did however just about every time he went away – we had a night or two of sex together.

Then she got pregnant.

It certainly wasn’t mine as we had not been together for a couple of months. There was no question - it was her husband David’s kid. Since she has been pregnant we have had sex twice while David is away and like before it was good and we said it won’t happen again – but it does.

With Jean standing there in just a bath robe she said – I know - I know – we shouldn’t but I want it and I want it now. I can’t handle it with him away – when I need sex you know I have got to have it and for about a year now we have been able to control it – I hope after the baby it will change and we will stop forever.

Any how I invited her in – she had a massive tummy and I said are you sure this won’t bring it on – I wouldn’t want you to go to hospital with a belly full of my cum in there and David away.

No she said – it will be fine – once I have cum I will be happy and I can go home satisfied and sleep.

Anyhow as we were not altogether strangers we went into my bedroom undressed and we began to fuck. She was very good at it and loved having cock inside her – I can imagine what she is like with David as she does not hold anything back when she is with me as well.

With her massive tummy it wasn’t possible to go missionary so we did it doggy. After that she said can we do it once more and then she wanted it on top. I don’t know why but we both seemed to be having a fantastic time and being naked and pregnant it felt really great. She then said look can I sleep in your bed tonight – I think we can do it again a couple more times and that’s what happened – we fucked in every way it was possible to get my cock into her cunt front back on top and every other way possible.

We fucked 9 times that night and nothing seemed to satisfy her apart from when she came – and 20 minutes later she wanted it again. I had mentioned before that I had been to an orgy and had fucked 8 women and cum 8 times. She wanted to better it with me and make a record. To me it was like humping an elephant she was that big. She came time and time again and out did me about two to one. She was insatiable.

Anyhow the next morning she went home and I went to work a bit late and worn out – it had been a heavy night and I had cum 8 times. She had broken my record and it was with one woman.

That morning I got a text – she had a boy. Evidently what we had done the night before had brought it on a bit early. Everything was fine but one of the nurses asked where her husband was as she had come to the hospital alone. Without thinking she said he is away – then the nurse said what has been going on – she recognised evidence of semen inside her.

Anyhow thing proceeded and she had the baby – I went in that night and the same nurse was there and asked me if I were her husband. I said no just a neighbour.

She didn’t mince words – she said what you two did last night was dangerous and could have harmed the baby. I hope her husband doesn’t find out about this or there may be big trouble – you were very stupid the both of you. We both felt very stupid and guilty.

As I was leaving the hospital and walking to my car the nurse who gave us grief was right behind me and when I opened the door she said is there room for me – if you can keep the neighbours wife happy while her husband is away I believe you may wish to keep that very quiet and that can be achieved by doing with me what you did with her.

I began to protest and say no way - but she opened her coat and revealed she was naked apart from the coat and shoes and said if you want to keep it quiet I suggest you and I are going to b very good friends.

It was mad of me but I said well ok lets talk about it – and she got into the car – told me where to go to get her things out of her car and I drove her back to my place and then it started – evidently Jan had told her all about our previous evening and how fantastic it was and she said she hadn’t had a good fuck session for weeks. Jan said I would be up for it and they worked out how to get me involved.

I now have a new girlfriend – she has moved in and Jan from next door called in one day and said what is the chance of a threesome – now whenever David is away the two cats play and I have the most amazing threesomes one can ever imagine. Jan had to get used to having sex with another woman – Sue had done it before so now I have two sex machines available whenever I need it – or whenever they decide to share me in an orgy. I just wish David wasn’t away as often as he is. The baby is now 9 months old and when Jan is in my place she brings a baby thing that tells us if he wakes up while she is in with us. I have had the most amazing experience of fucking her and the baby is crying next door and then Sue goes in and lets him suckle on her dry breasts which seems to work.

It just goes to show men are not always the sex fiends they are made out to be – I know two women who would leave most men for dead, and will probably end up killing me by fucking me to death.

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2013-09-24 02:13:23
Well I think the #1/2/6 are jerk and anyhow your story sounded great, I wish you a long life of threesome sex. Your should turn your guest room into a nursery then your neighbor could bring the baby over and no one needs to worry about listen to a monitor.

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2013-09-23 23:45:43
commenter 5 no one really cares what you think, I personally agree with the first two, this was a horrible story. I have balls, a big set too, I've never written anything with them though, although if I did, I'm sure I wouldn't use text message shortcuts, well, unless maybe I was actually texting......

so write something else now and prove again what a total fucking moron you really are

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2013-09-23 20:10:56
fuck u commenter one and two i i think he has more balls then u he actully writes

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2013-09-23 18:13:49
I am pregnant and I am doing it surrogate. The husband got me pregnant and now his wife and him and I have sex together every Saturday night.- threesomes and its amazing with a woman as well as a man. On the odd occasion he and I do it during the week if she is not home. I am getting paid for it big time. I am 18 and they are 28.

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2013-09-23 13:10:16
Can you give me the directions to Sex Heaven?

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