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Mom is calmed down and Aunt Lucy is invited as well. Fun with Lucy in next chapter
PS: No this is not the plot of 'boy dominates sexy mom'. This is less extreme and more fun.

It was 7am in the morning. I slept nude. I got up to dress myself. I did not get the wake up call from mom. Probably she knows that it is not safe to wake up devils. As I was looking up my schedule , I found out that I had a Chemistry test today, Maths assignment submission and project submission as well. I was lagging behind, far behind. Events of last night made me forget all of it. What a night it was.

I decided to bunk the school and went back to the bed. I was dreaming of what all I did last night. I kept on sleeping till Bill came to see up.

“Matt , wake up you ass. Mom is not well” he said looking down at the bed. Thank God I was covered.

“What? What happened to her ?” I asked. I was terrified. I knew it was due to me. I was just wishing she did not tell this to daddy.
“Well she is having back pain and may not work today.” Bill said. I too woke up.
“Okay buddy bbye then. I am not going school today”. I said him pointing to door.
He left without saying anything. As he left, I realized it was just me and mom in the house. And as usual I started to think dirty. I dressed up my self and headed towards her room. I knocked her door.
“May I come in?” I had already opened the door. She was lying on the bed.
“As if I had said no , you wouldn't have” She replied with a grin. I did not reply. I did not speak a word. I kept on looking at her. I smiled at her then. At that very moment she knew that I had cooked up something in my head.

“How are you mom? What happened ?” I asked .
“DO you really care??” she said taking a sip from the glass of milk. I was silent.
“I am feeling pain in my back and my head as well due to your fun last night” she explained. I did not say a word.
Now I wanted to comfort her and have fun as well. I made up a plan. I sat beside her on the bed. It was a double bed. Since my mom was still in her night suits , it was kinda hot already.

“Mom do you want a massage?” and my hand was already on her tit.
“SO you still want to take advantage of the situation? Oh my god , I gave birth to a rapist it seems” she said.

“Well if you have sex with different guys , you have really good babies” I said sarcastically.

“So mom here goes the plan, first of all we take a bath in warm water together and do nice stuffs, then I massage you not necessarily where you feel pain and then we have nice warm sex. What say?” I looked at her.

“Well I cannot say no to anything now. DO you think I have another option?” and she sat on her bed.

I went in the bathroom to fill the bathtub with hot water. It takes usually around 20-30 mins. I came back to the bedroom. She was still on the bed.

“Mom , let me massage you” I said. She had lost all kinds of resistance. She quietly undressed her self and lay down.

“On your belly mom, I wanna see your back” I said.
I got a some oil. I applied it on her back. I saw some blues and I thought let me first relieve her pain.
I applied a lot of oil on her back and started massaging her. I kept my hands moving up and down for a while when she spoke.

“On a separate note , how did you get to massage so well? My pain is relieved although I know it would be back up but still” she asked me. I felt a little happy.
“I massage my dick all night mom” I answered. I giggled too looking at her.
Soon as my resistance got over , my hand was at her ass. I took some oil and started moving my hands up and down on her ass. It felt so warm.

“Dad must be loving these I guess” I said looking at her eyes. She did not reply. She too was enjoying it seems Afterall her pain subsided due to it.

I started massaging her pussy. It was so soft and warm. It was a little wet too. I got the idea that she was enjoying it too. I applied oil on her clitoris, each one by one. I also put my finger inside her pussy. It was warm and wet inside. I kept on fingering it. My movement of hands suddenly triggered good juices from there. My hand was wet. I took my finger out and licked it. It was licking good.
“Mom are you enjoying?” I asked.
“None of your business” She said. She was probably ashamed feeling warm by her son.
“I think the tub must be sufficiently hot now , lets hop in” I said. She did not reply but got up.She got up smoothly. Her pains vanished it seems.

“Okay let me get fresh and then you may hop in” she said and walked towards the door.
“Oh Common , you still feel shy ?” I asked her as I stopped her on the door. She knew her fate.

I hopped in the tub while she did her business. Soon she too joined me in.
My hands were holding her boobs. I kissed her on lips. I kept on kissing her. Her lips were so juicy.

“Mom , I am feeling a stiffness in my dick , please make it soft with your hands” I said.
She held my dick in her warm cozy hands and started to move it up and down. She did it well. I guess she had done this to many guys. My hands were slipping towards her ass and I was not able to control it.

I soon cummed in her hands.
“Mom , be a doggie please. I want to wash your ass and then kiss it” I said.
“You have pretty weird fantasy. Its disgusting as well” she suddenly spoke.

Well as I wanted she became a doggie in the bath tub and I started to wash her hole and down her pussy.I cleared up all the soap and all I was left was that tiny little hole. I put my tongue out and slightly touched it. Oh it was so delicious. I started licking as if it was the lips and I started kissing it madly. I put my tongue in and out of it. Oh its so tight and amazing. Now I wanted pussy.

“Mom , I am laying down , just sit over my face so that I can lick your pussy” I said.
She followed and all I could see was her pussy. I started kissing it madly and started eating it.

“Mom , I see juices coming out, are you enjoying?” I asked in a funny tone.
“Well if you are fed sweets even with force , you feel sweet in your mouth”. She was ashamed of it but still kinda continue with it. She too was enjoying and moving as if she was enjoying. Soon enough she squirted all over my face.
“You lick good. Better try it on your gf” she finally said.

“Blow my dick mom” I ordered. Soon it was all the way round and my dick was in her mouth. I put it in hard this time. Deep in her throat and started to move. It was an amazing sensation. She had great experience in this it seems.
“Mom , are you so passionate about it?” I said looking towards her.
She too pressed hard this time and I blown it all in her mouth. I did not take it out so she had to drink all of it.

I was all over for sometime so I went out. I was sitting at the dining table. I was thinking of something wicked that can be done ahead as I was bored with usual ones. I wanted to kinda take revenge of what my gf did with me. She soon followed after cleaning her up. I was so horny again. I was just thinking when she suddenly spoke.
“Aunt Linda is coming in an hour. Can we be clean now?” she asked.
“Why?” I was surprised why didn't she tell me.
“Well she has been facing problems with her husband and it seems like she wants to separate. She has not told it to Uncle Veron.” she said.
“That means I have another secret to hide now?” I said putting my hands around her ass.

“Noooooooooo. You will treat her well. She has been facing problems and if you speak one word I would simply choose to break my marriage instead of doing all this” she was angry.

“Ooooooh , double divorce, do you really want it Mom?” and my fingers were inching towards her hole. I knew it was tight I wanted her to feel a little pain. Without telling her or waiting, I simply put in my 3 fingers in her hole. It was tight.

“Aaaaah” She felt pain. “You dirty filthy guy , what are you upto? Do you want to sell you mother? Please do it. Atleast I won't have to suffer this.” she was angy this time.
“So I consider it done. Aunt Linda is ….... well our next playmate” I made a confirmation.
Without having any good choices , she said ” I won't ask her to do anything. Its all upto you. No please be clean and be decent for sometime.”

I took out my hand and went off for washing in my room. I also took a bath and started dreaming of all what could be done with Linda. She was also sexy. She married 3 years ago only. She had 36D size and well it is really sexy. I wanted them both together on bed. I had this last chance. As I was done, I went down to see Aunt Linda already on dining table with Mom. Mom was consoling her.
“See he abuses me day and night and I am tired of hima dn I want divorce as I cannot sustain with him” Linda complained. I decided to make the move. I got down from the stairs and stood in front of her where she was sitting.

“Whats up Aunt?” as I said, I put my hands inside her top and held one of her breast.
“Matt , you asshole. Martha , why don't you say something” she said as she moved away from me snatching her boobs away.
“Well mom was fucking a another guy so she is already a slave for me” I said proudly.
“And for you , the phone is barely 1 step away. And uncle's number is on speed dial no. 6” I said pointing towards the phone.
“So do you want me to give this good news or you want youself to present him with this” I said in a firm voice.

“What do you want?” , she asked.
“Simple. Become my slave and I would use you for anything and would not tell anything about you” I said and put my dick outside so that she can get what I wanted.

She put her face away and says “Put it inside, I am not interested to see. Martha , have you been doing this ? I am so ashamed of you” she said looking at her. “Will you say something Mom?” I said looking towards my Mom.
“Well she will be quiet as she has no other option. She was at the wrong end , very wrong end.” I said putting my dick inside. Linda was thinking something.
“Oh common Linda , what does it take away from you?” I said in a charming way.
“Okay, it seems destiny has written this for me” Linda replied spontaneously. I was surprised. I did not expect such enthusiasm.

“I think you should stay down tonight as a our guest Aunt Linda and we make fun all night. What say?” I asked her. She nodded her head positively.

“Let me get you something Linda” mom suddenly spoke in the middle. I was surprised as it seems both were enjoying the fate now rather than suffering it. Well it didn't matter to me, as I was a wave of lust which did not wanna stop down. Mom went down in the kitchen.

“Linda , loosen your top so that I can have look at what fun I am going to get tonight.” I said looking at her pussy.

She did not resist an her top was away soon.
“Wow your breasts seem ripe , may I have a sip?” I said as her breasts seemed to spill out a little milk.
“Fine but stop when I say so as I feel pain” she said.
'I grab one of her boobs and started to suck it. I sucked at her nipples. Her black nipples started to make milk for me. The milk started flowing and I was on cloud nine. It was not sweet or good in taste but still I kept on drinking. It was amazing. I never knew the milk was so good.
“Mom look , we have a milk parlour in our home now” I said while sucking the boobs. She made a disgusting face and went off.

I heard the bell ring and saw that it was 12pm. All my fun was over. Dad was about to come. I left boobs.
“All of us should get clean I guess.” My mom said in a low voice.
“Linda , I have kinda seen you many a times in your home, pretty nude ,can you please shave yourself in my room. Or may be can I shave you if you don't mind ?” I pleaded Linda.
“Ok” Linda said and went off.

TO continue.
Part 3 would have fun I had at that night.
Please tell me how to mend my English. Despite my good story , people have been complaining of weak English. Please help me and vote too.


2018-05-08 20:14:51
you should collar them both and have the father and Bill go away for a few days and really turn them into your slaves keeping them naked peeing on them spanking them

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2013-09-24 15:23:11
Not too bad. But your phrasing, grammar, punctuation and spelling still need to be improved. If you really want to improved your English then attend classes and go to the libraries. But this is a free adult site, so don't worry too much about your English. If however you still want to improved your writing, then I suggest you read other posting on this site. Especially those with high votes. It doesn't hurt either to go to other sites thats non erotic.

But overall you've improved and I will be waiting for the next chapter.

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2013-09-24 01:44:19
They stories getting better and your English is too. But in America we don't bunk school, we skip school. I'd say take them both to the club and make some money off them. And have the aunt serve the uncle with papers & move into the guest room. Waiting for chapter 3 & more.

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2013-09-23 23:19:31
I stopped at, "do nice stuffs'. You really need to un-suck your story.

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Fuck them both hard in all their holes

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