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Sara makes it to Sturgis, and finds a new friend. With the help of the Katchina Doll, she stretches her sexuality.
Shaman 2 by Mod Man copyright, 2013.

Chapter 5

Sara’s Call

“I’m in Sturgis.” Sara told me from her room in Sturgis. “I probably set a speed record from Santa Fe to here. I don’t know why those looneytoons went through Santa Fe, but it worked out well for me. I will have to wait until I get back to tell you all about it, but I met this Shaman there, and he taught me a lot about the native-American way of sex.”

“Well, hold off then and tell me when you get home, but have a good time at Sturgis. I will want to hear all about it. Love, bye” I said.

“Love, bye” Sara said.

Sara settled herself in her room, then prepared to go out.

The big noise in the news here at Sturgis was that the State was cracking down on the sexual trafficking at Sturgis. And she came ready to compensate. John had told her where Doug and Phil were staying, but she didn’t think that she wanted to look them up. Leaving with the shaman was bound to get our friends talking enough anyway, and she wasn't planning to play Miss Goody Two Shoes for her husband's friends. They were good guys, she guessed, but talked too much and thought too little.

She showered, put on a little makeup, put her leathers back on, and put her Kachina Doll in her pocket. “This may be handy” she thought and then had an idea. She walked to a mirror, reached into her pocket, touched the doll, walked to a mirror, and became a slender 5’ 10” brunette with very big tits. She noticed that her leathers adjusted to her new size. She then walked out, hopped on her motorcycle, and rode off down the main drag.

Pretty soon, she came to a place where all the bikers were cruising down the street, passing a very good looking blonde riding topless on the back of a Honda CBR1000. Very quickly she noticed that scantily clad good looking women were not in short supply. “Maybe there is already a lot of compensating going on!” She thought. And thinking that John had failed to follow through on the lesbian sex thought, decided maybe she would try switching teams for a while. “But how to go about it?” She thought. “Maybe women in a strip club would be there to look at girls! Well, I am dressed like a butch dyke. I can play the role.” No sooner thought than done, she pulled her bike into one of the more obvious establishments, and walked inside. Instant pandemonium, not because of her, but just the ambiance of the place. She walked to the bar and ordered a tequila shot. It went down hot, but she reached into her pocket and touched her Doll. “Sober it is. I want my wits in place.” There weren’t a lot of women there, and those with guys, some of the grodiest specimens of humanity she had seen, since she wasn't into bushy uncut beards and pot bellies anymore after hanging out with a motorcycle gang in her teens. “Fuck, what was I thinking then?” She thought. Then she saw a nice looking chick watching her surreptitiously. “That looks promising.” She gradually wandered closer to the girl, who looked in her twenties. The girl saw Sara walking towards her and smiled. “Hi, I'm Sara.”

“Louise.” The girl said succinctly.

“Let's get out of here.” Said Sara.

“You don't fuck around, you get right to the point. I’m game.” Said Louise.

They walked out to Sara’s bike, got on and rode off. Louise whipped off her top, and bra, very dexterously, riding no hands on the back of the bike, stuffed them under her leg and waved to the other riders.

Sara thought to herself, “Maybe I have a live one.” And she headed back to the hotel room, thinking, “I had better get her off the street before some of the guys think we are trolling for dollars.”

They went into the hotel room, with some strange looks from the staff, but no comments. Immediately, Sara whipped off her leathers, right down to her bra and panties. Louise whipped off her jeans. She had nice tits, maybe Bs or small Cs, with nice round puffy aureoles and very erect large nipples. Sara didn’t know if the nipples were erect because of the wind on the motorcycle or excitement about the occasion, but either way, she reached out and touched them, then squeezed Louise’ breasts. “Humm, they feel nice, and they’re real” Sara thought.

Louise touched Sara’s breasts and said “These are nice and big. I wish mine were that big. Did you have a boob job?”

“No, they’re real.” Sara, not mentioning how they got that way. “Feel them, and feel my mammary gland. Nothing behind them.”

Louise said, “You have big firm glands. Have you nursed a baby?”

“No just a freak of nature, I guess.”

Meanwhile Louise was feeling Sara’s breasts all over, almost like an exam. “It makes me really wet, touching you like this. I do this professionally, but it never makes me hot like this.”

“Why? Are you a nurse?” asked Sara.

“No, an OBGYN,” said Louise.

“Then, you examine a lot of cunts,” said Sara.

“Well, yes, but I haven’t seen a pair of breasts as spectacular these,” said Louise, “nor a pussy that I wanted more to put my fingers in.”

“I guess I won’t have to tell you where my G-spot is.” Said Sara.

“Not if it’s in the usual place.” Said Louise, “Lie down on the bed and let me check.”

Sara pulled off her panties and laid down. Louise laid down beside her, panties still on, and reached down to Sara’s vagina. She stuck two fingers in. ”Guess I don’t need lube, you are really wet.“ said Louise and went right to Sara’s G-spot, “Right there huh.”

Sara sighed, and said “Yes!”

“I didn’t even need a speculum.” Said Louise.

“Good! It would have been cold.” Said Sara.

Louise pulled out her fingers, and felt Sara’s clitoris. “Nice and hard. It sticks out a lot. I seldom see one that big and never that hard.”

Sara sighed again. “Stroke it along the side, its VERY sensitive.”

Louise did that, and then put four fingers in Sara’s vagina.

“that feels really good, stick them in farther.” Sara said.

Louise folded in her thumb then slowly slid her whole hand in Sara’s vagina. She then moved it in and out. Sara reached down and stroked her clitoris. Pretty soon, Sara’s vagina started pulsing and the mouth of her vagina tightened around Louise’s wrist. Sara screamed, “Oh god, oh god.” As she came and came.

Louise said, “I have NEVER done that before. It really made me hot. Eat my pussy, right now, PLEASE!”

Sara said “I've never eaten a pussy before.”

Louise said “Well, figure it out. You have one too.”

And Sara did. She peeled off Louise’s panties and turned around. She put her face down to Louise’s pussy, and saw her clitoris sticking out. She put her lips around it, and gently sucked.

“Harder” said Louise.

So Sara sucked harder.

“Stick your finger in my pussy. Stick two fingers in my pussy. Rub my G-spot. Oh god, that’s so nice.” Louise shouted orders like a drill sergeant.

Sara did that for a while, and then asked “would you like another finger?”

“Try it, I don’t know if it will go… but try it”, so Sara did. Louise started raising her hips up and humping Sara’s hand. “Quick another finger… God, that feels SOO good.” “Fold your thumb into your palm and push your hand in deeper.” Louise forced her pussy onto Sara’s hand. Suddenly, Sara’s hand slipped into Louise’s pussy. “I can feel that on my G-spot…My god, I’m coming, I’m coming.” And her pussy clamped onto Sara’s hand like a vise.

After Sara’ extricated her hand from Louise, they began to talk. Sara soon found they had a lot in common. Sara told Louise about her newfound bisexuality, and told her a little about Santa Fe. “Are you sure you’re not kidding me.” Said Louise. “That’s just not possible.”

“Wait, I’ll show you.” And reached into the pocket of her leathers, touched her Doll, and concentrated on being normal. Immediately she lost56” in height, her hair changed color and she became cute instead of outstandingly beautiful. Her breasts changed to a 34 DD, from whatever fantastic size they had been, and they were also less outstanding. Over at the side of the bed, her leathers got smaller too.

“How did you do that?” Louise asked. “Never mind, shaman magic, I know.” “And just saying… I like your new look better. You look a lot less like a porn star. I first noticed you in the bar, because so many men were looking at you and slobbering. So besides entirely changing your appearance, what other tricks can you do?”
Sara said, “What is your favorite fantasy” Louise said, “I’m afraid to tell you… But I’m not exactly a bisexual or a lez. I have always dreamed of being a man.”

“Not a problem…” said Sara. “Hold this with me, and imagine the man you want to be.”

After a few minutes of holding the doll and concentrating. Sara stayed the same, and Louise was now Louis. A nice looking man with a narrow frame, and a bigger than average penis, about 5’ 8” with brown hair who looked a lot like Louise’s twin brother.

Sara struck a pose, “Well, as a man, what do you think of me?”

Louis walked up to Sara and said “You’re great. What do you think of me as a man?”

Sara reached out and grabbed his penis. “Well, you have this convenient handle!” And gave a big smile. “And it’s getting hard, too.” She knelt down and put Louis’ penis in her mouth, and gave it a suck. She ran her tongue around its head. She stuck her tongue down the slit and wiggled it around.

“That felt really neat. How did you do that?” Asked Louis. “A little trick I learned on the way here.” Sara said.

Sara slipped Louis’s penis down her throat all the way to the base. Louis’s penis did not cut off her airway, so she could breath. She wrapped her lips around the base of Louis’s penis and sucked a vacuum around the shaft like a penis pump. It immediately responded by getting larger and longer.

Louis sighed and said “That feels really good. Let’s get on the bed and sixty nine.”

Sara pulled Louis’ hard stiff shaft out of her mouth, said, “Sounds like a plan” and leaped on the bed followed by Louis. She put Louis’s penis back in her mouth, and begin sliding her lips up and down his shaft. Louis immediately focused on Sara’s slit, sticking his long tongue in her vagina. Then he slid his tongue up to her urethra, and licked it back and forth until Sara pushed her hips into his face. He immediately moved his attention to her clitoris.

Sara immediately noticed that Louis had a talent for pussy licking even exceeding her husband. “You eat pussy really well. Where did you learn that?” Sara asked.

“Oh, I have some specialized knowledge, from my previous life as a girl.” And chuckled. Sara giggled and put her mouth back on his penis. From what Louis was doing, she noticed that she was rapidly approaching an orgasm. She quickly began moaning to let Louis know he was getting results, then as she came she let out a loud scream.

“The neighbors will think someone is being killed.” Said Louis.

“Or being pleasured to death, maybe” said Sara. She put her lips back on Louis’ penis, and began trying her best to make her mouth feel like a pussy. Louis responded by shooting a load of semen down her throat.

“That was fun, but I have an idea.” Said Sara. “Why don’t I turn into you and link up with you so you feel what I do?”

“And what do you want me to feel? Said Louis.

“Why don’t you turn into your best fantasy of a male? Said Sara.

“Let’s do that, but later. I want to go out as Louis, with you as the sex bomb and see what it’s like to stir something up.” Said Louis. “We can go get my motorcycle.”

“You have a ride?” Asked Sara.

“Why do you think I’m at Sturgis?” said Louis. “I have a Sportster parked at the Marriott.”

“You’re on!” Said Sara.

At the Marriott, they went to Louise’s room, “Oh, my leather’s won’t fit”, said Louis.

“Think again. They changed when you did.” Said Sara.

Louis slipped on his VERY masculine leathers, Sara changed into the Sex Bomb, and then they went down to the parking garage and grabbed Louise’ bike. They rode onto the drag, riding down the street side by side, the Yamaha whining along as the Sportster thundered. Both bikes had custom pipes, for performance, of course, but the effect was LOUD.

“What should we do? Asked Sara. ”I have only been here since last night.”

“Want to do something weird?” Asked Louis.

“Of course, I have a pocket full of weird.” Sara said, referring to her doll.

“There is a sex toy store here having a giant dildo contest. There is a prize for the woman who can take in the biggest dildo.” Said Louis.

“You would want your girl to compete in something like that?” Asked Sara.

“Of course”, said Louis.

“So, let’s go. Lead the way” Sara said, grinning widely. “OF course I wouldn’t cheat.”

Arriving at the Sturgis Official Sex Toy Store, they walked in. Sara said to the clerk, “I want to enter the contest.”

“Which one, we have the Largest Cock contest, the Longest Cock contest. Breath Holding While Cock Sucking contest…” said the clerk.

Sara interrupted, “The Biggest Dildo contest.”

“You KNOW you have to take off your pants in the showroom, don’t you? The clerk said.

“Well, my pussy needs some air. You think I’m a Girl Scout?”

“You have to sign a waiver and a photo release.” “Hand me a pen, Bitch” Said Sara.

“Drop your pants, babe” said the clerk, and announced on the PA. “The biggest dildo contest is resuming, over here.” He said to Sara, “The last contestant took one in all the way, 15 inches long and “7 inches around.”

“You’ve got to be kidding” said Sara.

“No really, that big” the clerk said.

“That small!” Sara said. “What is the largest cock so far.” “8 inches around.” Said the clerk. “The longest cock?” asked Sara.

“19 inches” said the clerk.

“Have you got a dildo 9 inches around and 20 inches long?” Well, we have a special dildo that is a little bigger around, and 3 feet long. We can mark a line at 20 inches.”

“Lube it up, Jack” said Sara, unzipping the waist of her leathers, and the front, and dropped them, showing she was commando. “How about a little music. Maybe some electronic dance music, followed by music with a beat.”

The dildo was set on its base in a showroom, and the music started to play. Sara started swaying to the music, and dancing around the huge fake penis which was on a stand and pointed straight up. Her vagina looked small and tight. She danced up to it, and stood on a step stool. She placed the giant head against her vagina, and then slowly worked it down. The crowd of spectators gasped, video cameras’ red lights came on and strobes flashed. The head vanished into her vagina. Slowly she worked it in.

“Give me a beat.” She said.

The music came on. She moved up on the dildo, and at every beat, she came down. She bent her knees, and squatted down further still going up then down. As she went down, the dildo became wider. She smiled and moaned to the music. “I know that moan,” Louis said. Now, every time she went further down, she moaned.

The spectators were chanting, “Further, further.”

She went to the 20 inch mark, and paused. Suddenly she stood up, and the dildo slid out to as high as her vagina would go standing. She suddenly plunged downward, past the 20 inch mark. Again she screamed in orgasm. She stayed there for a minute until her vagina quit grabbing the dildo, then stood up, and using the step stool, lifted herself off the dildo.

“Beat that, anyone.” Sara said.

She and Louis walked out, with $1000 in hand, and a promise to ship the huge dildo to her if she wanted it. She did.

“Lucky you had the doll,” said Louis.

“I didn’t need it,” she said. “It did irritate my diaphragm a little. It was like getting the wind knocked out of me. My martial arts training helped me, though.”
“Well, your pussy will be pretty loose tonight,” said Louis.

“You think?” “It will be as tight as when you stuck your tongue in it this morning. Said Sara.

“How can that be” said Louis.

“What do you think?” Said Sara.

“Magic!” said Louis.

“No, Kegel exercises,“ said Sara.

“Well, there will be a lot of pictures and videos of you on the internet tonight.” Louis said.

“Not tonight, and not ever”, said Sara. “Wait until they look at their pictures. All blank! I did use the doll for something.”

It was getting late so Dara and Louis went back to her room, where she put on a skirt and blouse in place of the leathers, morphed Louis’ leather into nice casual wear, then they went out to eat. They went to the fanciest restaurant in Sturgis.

“Do you have a reservation?” asked the Maitre’d.

“Check for Louis and Sara LeSeure.” Said Louis, pulling out the last name out of the air. “Certainement, Monsieur et Madame” said the Maitre’d, and gestured for them to follow to the finest table in the restaurant. “Damn, that doll is good,” said Louis.
They sat and ate their fancy and expensive dinner. Sara noticed that the tablecloth went down pretty close to the ground, so she kicked off her right shoe and placed her foot in Louis’ lap. Only somehow, the foot now looked like a hand. She unzipped his fly, and being thankful he was going commando as she was, pulled out his penis. She began stroking his penis. She was not going to crawl under the table and give him a blowjob. That stuff only worked in the movies. But she had an idea, and configured her hand like a vagina, and slipped it onto his now erect penis. She worked his penis in and out of her foot-vagina, gradually building up speed, and being glad that Louis, at least in his male phase, wasn’t a screamer. The sighs he let out were mistaken by the staff for enjoyment for the food, although really it wasn’t that great. Louis came. The gasp he let out could have been mistaken for a poorly swallowed crouton. Quickly her foot became a foot again, and slipped into her shoe.

“That was fantastic. Can I do something like that for you?” Louis asked.

“Kick off your shoe and peek under the table” she said.

He did and found that he too had a foot that was a hand.

“Now put it under my skirt and stroke my pussy,” she said.

He slid his toe/finger up her slit, to her clitoris. She spread her legs as wide as she could under the table, and he started making lazy circles around her clitoris. Pretty soon she got very wet. He reached down to stick his fingers into her vagina, then found he now had a stiff penis on the end of his ankle.

“You know what to do with that. I’ll try not to scream.” She said.

He put the penis into her vagina.

“Is that tight enough?” She asked. And gave her vagina a little squeeze with her pubococcygeus muscles.

“Wow that is very tight.” He said.

He began thrusting his foot-penis into her vagina rather rapidly.

“Slow it down, cowboy. You’re shaking the table. There are WAVES in the water pitcher. Getting away with this in public is so exciting that I am getting really turned on.” She stifled her moan, gritted her teeth, almost biting her tongue, and came and came.

Quickly, Louis’s foot- penis became a foot again, and he put it in his shoe. “Let’s get out of here. We have an appointment back in the room.

Back at the room, Sara pulled out the Doll, and told Louis to fantasize Louise’s Idea of the perfect male lover, not neglecting any detail…Especially not penis size. Almost immediately, Louis became Hernando, a tall slender Latino with subtle muscling and a nice, long penis not threatening to a normal female. Next, Sara took the doll and became Louise in every detail.

“Take a little off the butt and waist and make the boobs a little bigger…and smooth out the wrinkles on my face and make my hair longer and blond.” Hernando said. “I don’t want the real me, I want the idolized me.”

“Okay, asked and done. You know I can make those changes on you when you are back to yourself”. “Let’s wait and see how Hernando likes them” Hernando said. “Can you link me to you so I will feel what you feel as well as what Hernando feels?”

“I don’t want the link too strong. You’re already getting a little confused as to who you are. You are Hernando, right now.” Sara said.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Said Hernando.

They started kissing, and Sara stuck her extra-long tongue down Hernando’s throat. She had kept that feature from her own body. It was more of a technique than a body feature anyway. It certainly had an effect on Hernando. His penis came up like a jackknife. Sara almost heard the boing when it got straight. Hernando, sucked on Sara’s tongue for a while, imagining that it was a penis, kissing Sara’s lips while sucking on her tongue. After a few moments, Hernando’s penis was so hard it ached, but from her experience as a woman, he did not think that just sticking it in Sara would be very polite, so he disengaged from Sara’s lips and started kissing her neck. He delicately worked his way down to Sara’s left nipple, and licked it. The nipple was engorged to twice its un-erect size, and from Sara’s reaction, was very sensitive. Not to mention that he could feel it like it was on his own body. He grasped Sara’s breast, and palpitated it to feel the milk gland which felt somewhat engorged. It felt incredible, both from his side and the link to Sara. Since in real life, he was (or she was) an OBGYN, he should know why Sara’s breast was engorged, but he didn’t. He knew Sara wasn’t pregnant. He decided that even as a Doctor and as a woman, he still didn’t know that much about human sexual response. Masters and Johnson wasn’t a subject of study at med school, more the pity. But probably the engorgement was an effect of the extreme arousal Sara was feeling. Meanwhile, Sara seemed ready to have a hot penis inside her, as she had reached down and was guiding Hernando inside her. The gasp Sara made told him that her? Louise’s? vagina welcomed Hernando’s penis inside her. He pushed the head of his penis into then paused, waiting for Sara to show what she wanted. Well, Sara wanted him in to the hilt. She grabbed his ass, and pulled in with all her might. Sara as Louise was not as strong as sex-goddess Sara, but still Hernando could feel the nails in his butt. He took the hint, and went in hard until their pelvises collided with almost a thump. He held his penis there with force for a number of seconds, then pulled it out almost to the tip. He then repeated. Sara arched her back and pushed her hips into him. Varying the speed, he slowly pulled out, and then even more slowly pushed it back in. He reached in between them and stroked her clitoris. He was aided by the link between them, because he could feel exactly what he was doing with his fingers, which was driving Sara wild.

“Wow, if I was there and Sara was here, I would be having the best sex of my life, not that being here is too shabby.” Louis thought. Sex as a woman had not generally been all that pleasing to Louise, but clearly there was much more to be had.

Sara moved until the stroking of Hernando’s penis was strongly stimulating her clitoris, which was driving her rapidly to an orgasm. She yelled “Oh god, oh god, oh god.” Then screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Wow, I didn’t know I could yell so loud, wait! That’s not me,” thought Hernando. “I hope I can do as well when I get back in there.” All the excitement of Sara’s actions drove Hernando to come as well. He filled Sara’s vagina with stream after stream of hot semen, the feel of which, caused Sara to resume coming and extended her orgasm to several minutes.

Sara laid back, and said “Boy, my pussy is going to be tired from all the spasming… Wait, it’s your pussy… Wait, we won’t know until we switch back.” And so they did. Louise and Sara laid there relaxed, and getting in tune with their own bodies.

“Hmmm, my vagina IS tired. How bout yours.” Said Louise.

Sara said. “I didn’t escape either. Unless that giant dildo… Wait, that was the sex goddess. Her pussy should be REALLY sore about now, where ever she is. Wait, that was me too. This is SOOO confusing.”

“Well, let’s sleep on it.” Said Louise and they drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, when they woke up, Louise said, “I had the strangest dream… What! My pussy is still sore. It wasn’t a dream.”

“Damn right it wasn’t… Hernando!” said Sara.

“Hernando has left the building…, with Elvis, I think.” Said Louise. “When I get back to Dallas, I’m going to miss all of this.”

“Louise! Have I got news for you. That’s where I live. When we get back, I have someone to introduce you to.” Said Sara. “Of course, assuming we want to hang together.”

“I want nothing more.” Said Louise.

Later, when she called, Sara told me…” Have I got some surprises for you. I am going to be riding back with Louis. Tell your buddies I’m all right, and heading back early. Say, didn’t you tell me you wondered what sex was like for a woman, and if you were a woman, what it would be like to be fucked by a dog. Well, hold that thought.”

Sara and Louise took less time to get back because they didn’t have a 500 mile detour through Santa Fe, but still not as fast as Sara could have by herself. Louise didn’t have the WFO throttle hand, Sara did. I didn’t know Louise was coming. I thought a guy named Louis was coming with Sara. I didn’t know about Louise or that Louise and Louis were the same person, if I had known, or how that could be. I did know that Sara was not into me fucking other women, so I would not have been able to guess what was about to happen.

As it happened, about in Denton, Louise again became Louis to reduce the shock to me. I wasn’t threatened by Sara being with another guy. We had done a number of threesomes with a friend, until he got killed in a plane crash. I would have been nervous if a good looking girl showed up with her, because if I showed the new girl any attention, I would have expected Sara to take my head off. I didn’t suspect a sexual relationship between Sara and another woman, because Sara had been strongly and exclusively a heterosexual, and had never even fantasized about another woman. I sort of expected Louis to be another bisexual that Sara had found to be our sex partner.

So when they arrived, I hugged and kissed Sara, and hugged Louis. I gave them time to clean up from the road, and then we went out to eat. The conversation was innocuous with no hint of what might come.

More to come in Shaman 3.

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your other readers may be enjoying this but for me it is just getting too ridiculous, I enjoyed the first part very much, but this, no way


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The universe of the shaman is bound by strict rules. He will tell you some of them, but not all.


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