Just a heads up, These are the ages of the people in the story. If you don't like young, don't read - Girls ranging from the age of 9-yo to 14-yo and the rest are 17-yo and up.
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To people who are about to read this story:
If you don't like sex stories with 9-yo - 14 -yo GIRLS don't read it. It'll be a waste of your time. This is story marked as YOUNG and it has a lot in it. It's STUPID how people read a story like this and then complain about its contents. I see it all the time.
The story is pretty long but I tried to keep it interesting throughout. I put spacers (*********) in between each encounter. So if you reach a boring part, just skip ahead.
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Our Family And My Sisters Friends 4

Recap: My name's ANDY, I’m a male, 17 about 6’ blond hair, blue eyes. I work out and I like to run so I’m good shape. I’ve been told numerous times, I’m what women like to call a “Hunk”. I don’t think I’m that good looking, but I always appreciate the compliments. My Mom’s (her names SHERRY) pretty short about 5’4", she’s also in great shape. Her DD breasts look kind of large on her because she’s such a small woman She's 37. My 2 younger sisters, one’s SAMANTHA (We usually call her SAM for short) she’s 12, and the other’s TAMMY she’s 14. Both are also in good shape about average height and are developing nicely for their age. Then there’s Sam’s Friend APRIL she’s 11 and Tammy’s Friend MEAGAN who’s 14. Both also look damn hot. There's also April's mom SUE she's 40 She's a larger woman with breast about 4 sizes larger than moms, she's about 5'9" tall and April's Sister FALECIA (LIZ for short) she's 9. There will be some others in this story.
It was really unbelievable how sexually active these little girls were. It was like a damn was broken and they were flooded with sexual energy. It felt like they had super charged pussies, the way they got so loud when they came. I didn't even know girls that young could even have orgasms. I sure know now. Whatever the reason, they sure loved having sex, at least with me they did.
I'd gotten used to lying around in my shorts or loose pants with no underwear on. It just made things easier. I usually was lying down on the couch when I wasn't doing anything (It made me easier to find). Meagan walked in and came right over to me. She really had a hot little 14-yo body and always dressed in something real sexy when she came over. She was wearing one of those little skirts you see cheerleaders wear and tight tank top with no bra. Damn she looked hot.
She came over to the couch and sat on the opposite side of me. She said, “I am feeling so horny, I had to come over and see you.” She whipped her shirt off and spread her legs for me. She wasn't wearing any underwear. She had a perfect set of tits for her age and a bald pussy. I didn't need any further encouragement. I moved right in and buried my face in her pussy. Right away she started rolling her hips around. She grabbed my head pulling me into her even more. I kept licking and sucking, moving my tongue back and forth over her hot spot. Her moans started getting louder and louder. I moved my hand up and inserted a finger. She always loved that. When my finger had been in there for several minutes, I pulled it out and rubbed it along her rear entryway. I kept moving it back and forth from pussy to ass, inserting it more and more.
When I had my finger buried deep in her ass with my tongue moving up and down her slit. She couldn't hold it in any longer. She was screaming "I'M CUMMING ANDY, OH GOD, OH, OH, UNH I'M CUMMMMMMMMING"
When her orgasm subsided a little, I turned her over and placed against her ass, I pressed in slowly, moving in bit by bit until I was buried deep inside her. I had done a good job at lubing her up because It slid in easily enough. I started fucking her ass hard. Another orgasm rocked her body. "Oh my GOD ANDY, Your cock feels so good in my ass, I want to feel you cum deep inside me" That's when I exploded. I shoved forward hard and exploded deep inside her. I could feel her ass muscles tighten as her own orgasm ripped through her again. Damn she felt so good. She leaned back and gave me a deep kiss thanking me for the wonderful feeling I gave her. I smiled back at her and gave her another kiss, letting my hands cup her growing tits. We cuddled on the couch for a while but she said, "I have to get going Andy, that was just what I needed. I'll see you soon"
A few hours later I heard a knock at the door. I just yelled out for them to come in. (I had a room I used for working out. The usual stuff, weights, bike machine, rowing machine, I even had a smaller bar for the girls, so they could work out. They come in 2-3 times a week for a couple of hours. It also has a one-way mirror that only mom and I know about) I was in the work out room, when my best friend Steve popped his head in. I'd hardly talked to him in over a month. Guess I had other stuff on my mind. We used to work out together on a regular basis so he's about the same size I was. He's also 17 so were in the same class.
We talked for a while, catching up on stuff. He was really curious what I'd been up to. I used to see him 3-4 times a week. I don't remember what I'd said but I made something up. We started working out together spotting each other while lifting weights. Steve was about to start when my 12-yo sister Sam popped her head in. When she saw Steve she got a huge grin, I think she always had a crush on him. She came in giving him a huge hug. She kissed him on the cheek, then said she'd be right back. Steve said "Damn your sister is getting big, she's pretty cute for her age. You better keep an eye on her." I just said, "I always do my friend."
Sam came back after about 10 min. She had put on a very short mini-skirt and a tight tank top. You could easily make out her nipples through the very thin material that was even see-through. I noticed Steve couldn't keep his eyes off her. I couldn't blame him though she did look hot. She smiled and winked at me. I took the hint. I said "I have to go check on something, Sam would you just spot him while he lifts. If he has trouble and you can't help him just yell to me, I'll be here fast.

I went right to the secret room so I could watch through the mirror; mom also had it made up so it had sound. Sam was standing right at Steve's head while he was lying down on the bench doing some reps.
She said "Steve, I was wondering if you could help me out with something" "sure, anything" he replied
Sam - "ok, but you sure you don't mind?” Steve - "not at all beautiful" She moved herself so her pussy was right over his face. She wasn't wearing any underwear. She lifted her skirt and lowered herself saying, "I want you to eat me, I need to feel your tongue and make me cum." It looked a little awkward from the position she was in, so she got up turned around and sat right on his mouth.
Steve didn't even pause; he reached up grabbing her hot little ass and started licking and sucking like there was no tomorrow. She flung her shirt off and started rubbing her 12-yo little tits. They really looked good for her age. She started moaning, louder and louder "OH, OH Yes Steve that feels wonderful, Oh my god Steve, OH YES. I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING FOR YOU, OHHHH GOD!!!" She was rocking her hips forcing herself down on him even more. (She always looked incredible when she was having an orgasm) Her body started jerking, as she bucked against his tongue. It started to subside but Steve had other plans.
He went right at it even more. Her face was in pure ecstasy as she was building up another orgasm. Suddenly she got up, moved around and grabbed at his shorts, pulling them right down to his ankles. "I want your cock in me right now" His cock sprang right up, she grabbed hold of it, mounted him and buried it inside her in one motion. Then started fucking up and down riding him like a horse. She was screaming now "OH, STEVE, I'm going to cum, Cum with me now." He reached out grabbing her little ass again; he shoved his cock in as deep as it would go. Her body started bucking against his cock as he unloaded deep inside her. Her orgasm hit her hard, as she felt him explode over and over again. She fell on top of him. "Thank you Steve, I needed that so bad. Your cock feels wonderful.
I waited till they got dressed. Which didn't take long. I then ran into the room "Hey, is everything ok in here? I heard a scream." Steve's face got all red. Sam just said, "Steve tickled me, it made me scream"
A sudden look of relief came over his face. Steve said, "I need to get going"
I interrupted him saying "Steve would mind watching my 2 sisters tonight. Mom's out and I was supposed to watch them but I had forgotten I made plans. Come on pal, I really need your help" He agreed, but he had to go home to finish his chores, he said, "I'll be back in about an hour". I said. "Tammy whose 14 should be home soon, so she'll be here when you get back." We walked with him mostly to the door and said see ya soon.
As soon as he left, I grabbed Sam. Pulling her to me kissing her lips hotly. My hands went right for her ass, rubbing and pulling her into me. Watching them had really made me horny. Sam looked up at me and smiled, she sank to her knees and pulled my stiff shaft free from my shorts. She plunged my cock deep in her throat. I grabbed the back of her head, as I slowly started fucking her face. She loved sucking my cock and I could hear her moans as she bobbed back and forth.
We were right in the middle of the room when the front door opened, Tammy was home. Sam didn't care, she just kept going. Tammy just stood there for a few seconds, with a huge smile on her face. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the sensations; Tammy had seen and done it many times before. She started giggling, I heard her whisper something. I was to close to cumming to care though. "Unh, Oh, Yeah Sam, I'm cumming, OH Yes, I'm cumming." I pulled Sam's head into me as I shoved forward exploding down her throat, pumping load after load. She swallowed every drop, she had gotten real good at giving head.
When I opened my eyes, Tammy was standing there with another one of her friends. It was Rachael who was also 14; she was a black girl from down the street. Her tits were almost 2 sizes larger than Tammy’s; I always thought she looked hot. I wasn't sure what to do. There I was with my shorts around my ankles, and my deflating cock coming out of Sam's mouth. Rachael just came over; she helped Sam up, and then kissed her hotly.
Sam responded by kissing her back and moving her hands up underneath Rachael's shirt. Sam moved her shirt up freeing Rachael's beautiful breasts. They kissed like that for several minutes; I could see their tongues moving against each other. Rachael had moved her hands down so she could feel Sam's bare ass. They really looked hot together. Tammy said " Rachael's spending the night, she's been looking forward to coming over for awhile" Rachael finally broke from her kiss, long enough to say, "I want to feel a real cock inside of me" Then went right back to kissing Sam. They finally broke away from each other and fixed their clothes.
I told Tammy about Steve, She just smiled and said, "I think it's going to be an interesting night. Rachael, Tammy and Sam all went into Tammy's room to listen to music. Finally after another hour Steve arrived, he had a huge smile on his face. Mom arrived home just after; she only had a few minutes before she had to head out.
I asked Steve if wanted to finish his workout. I have to get ready, but if you want I can send in one of the girls to spot you. They can call me if you need help. He said, "that's fine, Sam did a great job before, if you want to send her in again, that'd be cool." I said "Tammy has her friend Rachael here. She's going to be spending the night. It might be better if I sent all 3 in, just in case." He kind of looked disappointed, but said "sure, I guess that’d be fine"
I went and got the girls, told them where Steve was, and said they should all go to help him out. All 3 got huge smiles on their faces. They had already gotten in their nightclothes. They were wearing little shorts and loose tank tops and nothing else. They ran right to the room, I told them to tell him I had left and didn't have time to say good-bye. I went right to the mirror room to see what was going to happen.
Steve was on the bench; he had moved the lifting bar to the floor and had taken off his shirt. He was doing sit-ups when the girls entered. Sam said "Hey Steve how can we help, can I help you like I did earlier". He said " I'm not lifting right now, but". Sam cut him off saying, "I mean like this." She quickly moved over to him and sat on his lap, he was laying down with his legs over the edge. She leaned down and kissed him fully. That's when Tammy came over saying "Hey, what do you think your doing" Steve just looked and said "I wasn't doing anything she just" Tammy - "Not you Steve, Sam. What do you think your doing, it's my turn" Sam quickly got up and Tammy took her place. Only before she sat down she removed her top.
Tammy may only be 14 be she (like her friends), really has a nice set of tits for age. Steve was really enjoying him self. I knew what it was like to feel her hard nipples against my chest. While Steve and Tammy were kissing heavily, Sam and Rachael were undressing each other, it didn't take long. Tammy got up and said, "OK it's Rachael's turn. But first Steve needs to be fixed. They helped him with his pants, which also didn't take long. As soon as he was naked, he laid down on the padded floor and Rachael got on top of him.
Even though I'd already seen them, it was hard to believe how big Rachael's tits were. She really was only 14 but damn were they nice. Sam got down on her back between Steve's knees, Tammy came over and lowered herself down on Sam's awaiting mouth, then leaned forward and buried her face in Rachael's hot ass. As soon as Tammy's tongue made contact Rachael started moaning and ground her hips against Steve's rock hard cock. Tammy reached out and grabbed Steve's shaft and guided it into Rachael's beautiful pussy. Her black skin against his white skin looked incredibly sexy.
Rachael kept kissing him while she slowly fucked him. I could see her ass moving up and down as she felt the onslaught of Steve's cock and Tammy's tongue. Suddenly Tammy sat strait up screaming and grabbing her own tits saying "OH MY GOD, I'M CUMMING, OH GOD SAM YES, OHHHHHHH, YES RIGHT THERE AAAAAANNNUUUGHHHHHH" Tammy fell back her body still jerking from her orgasm. Sam didn't waste any time she got up.
That's when I left mirror room and ran in to join them. I had removed my clothing as went so I was nude by the time I got there. I burst through the door. The scene hadn't changed much, Sam was now sitting on Tammy's face grinding her little bald pussy against Tammy's mouth. Rachael was kissing Steve hotly, while she her hips moved up and down on his shaft. I just said, "mind if I join you" Steve broke from the kiss long enough to say, go ahead pal. I got behind Rachael on my knees and grabbed her little ass. She stopped and looked back. A huge smile came over her face as she felt my cock against her rear hole. It was still wet from Tammy's tongue attack, my cock slid in slowly inch-by-inch. I would get it in a little pull out then push in a little more.
Rachael's moans were getting louder and louder. I finally got my shaft buried in her tight hole. I loved seeing my white cock enter her black ass. We both started fucking her, I could feel Steve's cock moving in and out of her pussy as my own cock moved in and out. Rachael Started screaming after a few minutes "YES, OH GOD YES, DON'T STOP, FUCK ME. I'M CUMMING OH GOD I'M CUMMING ALREADY." Her body was moving in unison with ours. Her orgasm hit, but didn't really stop. It's like she hit her peak, started to come down and hit her peak again. "I'VE NEVER FELT ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE, OH GOD HARDER, FUCK ME HARDER.
I could barley hear Sam's voice she went through her orgasm. Rachael was really loud. "OH YES, CUM IN ME NOW, I WANT TO FEEL IT, OH FUCK" Steve and I both slammed into her hard at the same time and let loose. Rachael was bucking her hips; her whole body was shaking as yet another orgasm rocked her body. I erupted deep in her ass and I could feel her shake as load after load pumped into her. I moved off her and she rolled off of Steve, her body still quivering and jerking from the huge orgasm. Sam came over to me and Tammy went over to Steve. Sam took my deflated cock into her mouth sucking it and licking it clean. Tammy did the same to Steve.
We finally got up and went to the living room. Rachael had to be carried. Sam and Tammy grabbed the clothes that were in the room. I laid Rachael down on the couch her body still shaking; I couldn't get over at how sexy her body was. Her skin looked so sleek and smooth. She had a little bit of hair above her pussy. Damn she was incredible and I just got to fuck her hot ass. My sister's really were full of surprises. I wonder how many of their friends they had exposed to sex. I hoped more, especially Sam. April was probably the best, of the kids. She had gotten real good, I hoped to see her again soon
We rested for a while but it wasn't long before Tammy and Sam moved over to Steve and took his cock and each took turns going down on him. They even French kissed each other with his shaft in the middle. It didn't take long for Steve to get hard. Rachael finally recovered, came over to me and took my cock into her mouth slowly moving her head up and down the length of my shaft. She would take it out of her mouth and slide it up and down between her breasts. She had big enough tits that I could fuck them. I looked over and Sam had gotten behind Tammy and had her face buried in Tammy's ass. Tammy was lick and sucking Steve's member like a woman possessed.
I watched as she ground her hips against April's invading tongue. Rachael had my cock deep in her mouth now. I was buried all the way in, she was actually deep-throating me. Damn did it feel good. I looked back just as Tammy was mounting Steve, she had her back to him and was lowering herself slowly down. Sam helped guide his cock in as it entered Tammy's ass. When he was all the way in, Tammy started sliding up and down. Sam had grabbed Tammy's hips, and shoved her mouth and tongue against Tammy's pussy. Steve was reaching around and grabbing Tammy's nice tits. He was rubbing her breasts and lightly pinching her nipples.
Tammy was going crazy, she was fucking him hard and had grabbed Sam's head pulling her hard against her hot pussy. Rachael got up and moved me back and climbed on straddling me. I could hear Tammy's voice, as she got more and more excited. She had cum once and was building up another one. Rachael leaned down kissing me as she slammed her hips down burying my cock deep inside her wet pussy. I reached up and was massaging her tits while she kissed me harder moaning at the same time.
Tammy was really cumming hard now "OH GOD, STEVE I CAN FEEL YOU CUMMING IN MY ASS, OH, OH, OH FUCK, I'M CUMMING WITH YOU STEVE". She slammed her ass down and ground her hips. Rachael, got my attention back when she started to scream "Oh yeah, I'm cumming, your cock feels so good. Oh, oh Oh, unh, CUMming, AHHHHHHHHHHHH" her pussy felt so tight, I felt my own orgasm hit, I pounded into her and released a load pulled back then in again doing this over and over until I couldn't shoot anymore. Rachael leaned down and kissed me again saying how wonderful it felt. She just moved to the side of me and fell asleep.
Sam was masturbating now. She was on her side with 2 fingers in her ass from one hand and 3 fingers from her other hand in her pussy. I could see her thumb rubbing against her clit. She was squirming on the floor riding out her own orgasm, as her fingers finger moved in and out in unison. She really looked hot when she came.
Steve and I went out back and talked. I told him everything. I said "you can see why I haven't been around much, I loved having sex with all these girls" I told him about mom, April and her sister and mother. How it all started. So "Do you think, you'll be coming over more often now?" I said. Steve just smiled, and said "count on it, maybe Sam could have talk with my little sister Joanna (Jo), she may be 10 but she looks damn good." I said, "I haven't seen your sister in awhile, I always thought she was cute, but I bet with April's help, Sam and April could do it"
I also said to him "Now look, never go to them, let them come to you. Trust me they will. Also if I call you and tell you to meet me somewhere just do it. I promise you wont regret it."
First we have some others to pay attention to, April who's 11 and her sister Liz who's 9. Would love for us to come over. I think we'll be keeping busy for a while. He just grinned at me and said, "Damn I hope so"
A few days later about noon, I got a call from April's mom Sue, She said "Andy, I really need you to come over and watch the girls. I have to be out of here for a meeting. Would you come over within the next hour?" I said "I'll be right there" I didn't have sex yet today and I was just thinking about Sue and her awesome set of tits. She may be a little chunky and 40 but I sure didn't care, she was a great fuck.
I got there close to 1p. The girls were nowhere in sight and she was in robe. She said come on up Andy. I noticed she had black stockings on. When we got to her room she said "The girls will be back in awhile, right now I want you all to myself. She dropped her robe. What she had on looked sexy. She was wearing black stockings like I had noticed, a black lacy see-through bra, black totally see-through thong panties. Seeing her huge cleavage disappear in the material and her nipples pressed against the fabric. Then looking down and making out her pubic hairs and the pussy lips right through the material. Really gave me hard-on. She turned around and bent over the bed, I watched the thong from behind, ride right up the crack of her ass. Her ass, as big as it was still looked damn good in her outfit.
I came up behind her and started rubbing my still clothed hard-on up and down the crack of her ass. She turned around helped me get undressed. Told me to lay down on the bed. She whipped her bra off; exposing her huge tits, climbed on the bed straddled me. She then moved her panties to the side and sat down right on my cock. She leaned over so I could suck on her nipples while she fucked me.
I could feel her pussy sliding along the length of my shaft, as she moved back and forth. She stared moaning, saying how much she needed this. She rode me like that for about 10 min. all the time getting louder and louder, saying how good it felt. "OH YES ANDY, I'M CUMMING, OH MY FUCKING GOD, OH YES" I had both tits in my hands pushing them together so I could get both nipples in my mouth at the same time. She was really loving it. Suddenly, she got up, turned around moved her panties to the side again, and this time place my cock in her ass, and slowly slid down. I felt my shaft enter her tight ass, and then she started bouncing up and down. I was so close to cumming it didn't take long. She was real loud now "HOLY SHIT, IT FEELS GOOD IN MY ASS, I'M CUMMING AGAIN." I felt her ass tighten as her orgasm hit. That's when I shot my load. She sat down shoving the entire length deeper into her ass. I could see in the mirror on the opposite wall her tits bouncing up and down as she rode out both our orgasms.
She rolled off me and we lay for a while. She finally got up and said "My god Andy, I needed that so bad. Why don't you go down stairs while I clean up? I have something I want to show you before the girls get back. She was fully dressed when she came down. She said, "Your mom told me about the mirror room so I had one put in myself." She led me to a guest room. There was a slanted part of the wall that came out from behind the bed and went about 5' up to the ceiling. There was a mirror going the entire length of slant that was as wide as the bed. She then showed me how to get to the room behind the mirror.
The room went from the just below the bottom of the mirror to about a 10' high ceiling. You'd be able to see anything that was on the bed without a problem. The guest room was about 10' by 10' with a queen size mattress lay in the middle of the floor. There was also a chest in the room. She told me the chest was full of all kinds of sex toys. She also told me April her 11-yo and Liz her 9-yo both know about it. But her 5-yo Tiff (Tiffany) didn't.
The girls finally arrived about an hour later and I got huge hugs and kisses from them. This time their mom actually did have a meeting to go to that was going to take awhile. The rest of the afternoon went fairly uneventful. Liz or April would come up to me every so often and give me kiss, letting their tongue move against mine. I made sure to grab ass and pull as we kissed. They both really loved it. It was a little after dinner that Liz came to me and said "Did mom show you the mirror room?" I told her she had. Liz just smiled and said let's go, April has a surprise.
Liz and I got to the room, I really curious now. This room had sound, same as in my house. I heard voices already coming from the other room. I sat down on the mattress next to Liz. April was in the room and on the bed with Steve’s little sister Jo. They were both fully clothed and laying next to each other. Jo was saying, "Are you going to tell me what you and Liz were doing yesterday"
April said "It's a secret, but you promised you wouldn’t tell anybody if I told you” Jo - "Hey I'm 10, whatever Liz told you, you can tell me" April - "I guess, but I can't tell you, I can only show you" Jo - "I don't care, I can do whatever she can." April - "OK, but we weren’t wearing any clothes?" Jo - "I don’t care, from what I heard from outside, you both were having an incredible experience." April - "That's right, so if you really think you want to find out, we have to get undressed." Jo didn't even answer she just took her clothes of and threw them on the floor.
She really looked cute and damn of sexy; Liz started rubbing my raising cock through my pants. April then had Jo lay so her head was closest to the foot of the bed, and had her spread her legs out. April had gotten undressed also. She lay right next to Jo, so there heads were at the same end. April - "Now are you ready Jo to feel it?" Jo - "Ok, but is it going to hurt" April- "not at all, I promise. If you’re like me, you'll love it"
April licked her finger, and slowly slid it up and down along Jo’s little pussy. Jo 's eyes got big and she said "wow, that feels so weird, it's like I can feel it through my whole body" -April "now I know you’ve kissed a boy before, I'm going to kiss you the same way, only I want you move your tongue against mine at the same time. (Liz and I were now undressed and she was sucking on my stiff cock while I watched) April and Jo kissed for several seconds, April had never let her finger stop moving. When they broke away Jo said "Oh the feels so good," Jo had started moving her hips around on April's fingers.
That's when April moved down and got between Jo's legs. Jo was watching every move her sister made. When April was in position she dove right in, licking and sucking on Jo 's 10-yo pussy. Jo was getting more and more excited, a few months ago I didn't even know girls at that age could even feel something like that. Liz was doing an expert job on my cock. Suddenly Jo screamed out as she actually went through an orgasm. That's when I grabbed the back of Liz's head and slammed my cock in as I cam hard. I pumped load after load into her mouth. She gagged a little bit, but managed to swallow most of it. What she didn't get, she used her fingers to scoop it into her mouth.
April leaned back and lay down and said, "Now it's my turn Jo, I want you to do to me, what I just did to you". Jo just got up and moved her head right in. April had to guide her but it wasn't long before she got good at what she was doing, it's like Jo was born already knowing what to do. Pretty soon after she started April suddenly grabbed Jo's head and bucked against her face as she yelled "OH JO, I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING OH MY GOD JO". When April calmed down, Jo looked up at her and asked, "Did I do ok?" April just smiled at her and said, "You did wonderful, and next time it'll be better"
They talked for a little bit longer which gave us time to get dressed and go wait in the living room. I made a quick phone call. They finally came out and Jo said good night, she had to get home. We sat watching TV for a while, when there was a knock at the door. April answered it; she came back into the living room with Steve behind her. He was watching her little ass as she walked.
The 4 just sat down for a while, it must have been about and hour or so. I hadn’t told Steve about his sister, I wanted to wait to see if it went any further. I noticed April and Liz kept looking over at Steve. Liz got up and asked if she could sit on Steve lap, He said sure, I don't mind. When she sat down, she had her little 9-yo ass right on top of Steve's bulge. I noticed she ground her hips down against him. He looked over at me, and I just winked and smiled.
After a while April got up turned around so she was facing him and sat down again. She was grinding her hips down again rubbing against his obvious bulge. Liz came over to me and did the same; only she removed her top 1st and leaned in to kiss me. I could feel her mouth open as her tongue slid out to meet mine. She said, “I want to watch you sandwich my sister, I love seeing her ass stretch around your cock. I’ll get her ready for you.
We all stripped down, April went right for Steve’s cock, taking it in her mouth. Liz got behind April and spread her cheeks then buried her tongue in April’s ass. April was sucking hard, moving her head up and down his length while she ground her hips back into her sister. Suddenly Steve got up and moved down on the floor, taking April with him. He laid down on his back and guided April to waiting shaft. She got right on, and started moaning loudly as she moved up and down. You could see the excitement building up in her. Liz got behind her again, and went right back at April’s tight ass. Then April went stiff and shouted out as she started cumming, her face was in pure ecstasy as she felt the onslaught of Steve’s cock and Liz’s tongue.
I got behind her, and Liz guided my cock to April’s 9yo ass. I got the tip in, and slowly started moving in. You could see April’s ass stretching around my cock. I took it slowly at first, moving my shaft in and out. My cock popped out and Liz took it in her mouth, giving my shaft more lubrication. The she guided it back in. I was inside her about half way, when she slammed her hips back burying me the rest of way and letting out a scream at the same time as she came hard. Steve and I started pumping in and out of her in unison. Her ass was so tight, it was incredible. I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

Liz was on the floor next to me watching the whole thing and masturbating like crazy. Her eyes were glued to her sister’s ass, as she watched my cock. She had gotten a 2 long bottles. One behind her buried in her ass and the other in her pussy. She was fucking herself and cumming, never moving her eyes from her sister. April was moaning how good it felt as her body went thru orgasm after orgasm. I couldn’t take it any longer; I slammed my hips forward and blasted away. Steve was doing the same thing. When she felt us both cumming inside her at the same time, she screamed like never before. (OH GOD, IT FEELS AMAZING, UNNNNHHHHHHHH, OH MY GOD, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) Then she passed out.
At the same time, Liz was cumming hard. Her hands were wrapped tightly around the bottles as forced them inside her as far as they would go. She actually had the entire neck of the bottle inside her and some of the thicker part as well.
We picked April up and brought her to her room, her body still twitching from the after shock. Her breathing was heavy, and you could hear her still moaning. We went back and brought Liz to her room, she could walk but just barely. It was like she was in a daze. We then got dressed and talked for awhile before Steve had to go home.

Should I make a 5 ?

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2014-02-19 15:04:01
Any girls 9 to 12 ill teach u all u need to know about sex

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2013-07-08 07:58:05
you can do any of these hot women if you are rich. lots of money = pussy magnet cos most of them are wodnrlilg they love that lifestyle and they want that lifestyle. this is all about! there are exceptions as well but that's as rare as a trumpeter swan

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2013-02-09 12:32:30
good story!! bad writing

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2012-09-13 21:25:07
Please make number 5. Thanks.

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2011-10-24 22:21:47
four year old daughter came in to the room, so I fucked her.

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