A guy gets involved in a suprise hookup with two sisters in their teen summer hangout
It was the summer of 1973. I'd just passed my 13th birthday, it was a typical, hot July in Iowa and I lived next door to two hot girls. Life couldn't get any better.

Or could it?

The girls next door were Rhonda, who was my age, and her older sister Lori, who was 15, a sophomore in high school and “grown up.” At least we thought so.

Rhonda was a thin, dark-haired girl, tall for her age at about 5-foot-5 with small-but-definitely-there breasts. She was kind of geeky (I don't even remember if that word was in use then. But it describes her well.) For some reason, she always wore dresses, showing off her thin legs and often-scraped knees. And, occasionally, the odd flash of the plain white panties which were the norm then.

Lori, by contrast, was red-haired, taller than her younger sibling at about 5-foot-7. She was definitely more shapely than Rhonda, boasting the beginnings of a classic hour-glass shape, nicely rounded ass and very obvious “womanly” tits.

I, as I said, was 13, very tall for my age at almost 6-foot (Just for the record, I'm 6-foot-9 now) and in pretty good shape from swimming and running. I wasn't an Adonis, by any means, but I'd easily attract the attention of most of the girls in my junior high school.

That said, I was still a virgin. But it wasn't for lack of trying. I'd been in a few hot grab-n-grope sessions with a couple of the girls at school but had never managed to go all the way.

That was about to change.

As I said, it was mid-July, about two weeks after my birthday. The three of us, Rhonda, Lori and I, were hanging out in the loft of an old barn behind a rental duplex my grandmother owned. It had been converted to a garage for the two apartments, with part of it used for long-term storage for the rest of the family.

The loft was reached by an abbreviated stairway, which started off about three feet off the floor, reached by climbing on cross-beams built into the wall and swinging into place. Always the gentleman, when ever we went there (and we went there a lot), I'd always off the girls a hand up before climbing up myself, almost guaranteeing myself an up-skirt panty shot from Rhonda.

What can I say. I was a nice guy. Always willing to help a girl.

Anyway, on this particular day, we were all up in the loft when Lori announced she had to pee. This wasn't an unusual occurrence. Typically, though, she or Rhonda would leave the barn for a time and head home to take care of business. It was only a couple of houses down so modern plumbing was close at hand.

This time, however, Lori got this glint in her eye as she announced nature's call. She stood up and, instead of walking toward the stairs, she walked in the other direction toward the back of the loft about 10 feet away. She turned to face me and a shocked Rhonda, pushed her shorts and panties down around her ankles, and kicked them off.

You could have knocked either one or both of us over with a feather. There was Lori, hands on hips, proudly standing with her feet about shoulder-width apart, naked from the waist down.

The vision is burned into my mind today. I could clearly see a small bush of bright red pubic hair gracing the top of her Mons and, below, the puffy, hairless lips. They formed a tightly-clenched line at the apex of her thighs. Imagine clenching a fist. The space between the middle and ring fingers closely mirrors the look of her teenage pussy.

With a grin, Lori squatted down and spread her knees. She reached under herself with both hands and spread her labia wide, exposing the pink, glistening hole inside. I had no earthly idea exactly what all I was seeing. I just knew I liked it.

I think I licked my lips as Lori closed her eyes and concentrated. Moments later, a golden stream of urine arched out of somewhere inside all that strange, never-before-seen flesh. I looked over at Rhonda and she, too, was transfixed as her sister relieved herself in front of us.

Lori moaned and I realized at that moment my cock was hard as stone inside my loose basketball shorts. I was wishing I'd worn underwear that morning, as the shaft made what I'm sure was a very noticeable tent in the soft, cotton fabric.

As I said, I was bigger than average for a 13-year-old. And my size difference extended to my male equipment. I'd hit puberty at 11 and by then, almost two years later, my shaft was a respectable 6 inches. It was, I'd judged from brief glances around in the showers after gym class or track practice after school, thicker than average for a youth of my age group.

That being said, the lump in my shorts was easily seen by both girls. I looked over at Rhonda as Lori finished peeing. Her gaze had turned from her sister's activities and she was openly staring between my legs where I sat on an old trunk, facing her, not 3-feet away.

Her mouth was open and her face was flushed. Her hand was between her legs, pressing the fabric of her skirt into her crotch, where it was bunched up as she moved her fingers subconsciously over her own 13-year-old pleasure center.

“Rhonda,” I said in a low, whispered voice. “Are you touching yourself?”

“Yeah, so?” she whispered back. “So are you.”

I looked down and, sure enough, my right hand was busy kneading the lump of flesh inside my shorts. I'd been so mesmerized by the sights in front of my I honestly hadn't even noticed. I quickly pulled my hand from my crotch and tried to will my erection to go away.

It didn't work, of course. What really didn't help matters was Rhonda asking me, in that same whispered, furtive voice, to keep playing with myself in front of her.

“Oh, darn,” Lori said in mock consternation, snapping us both back to the surreal reality of the situation. “I don't have any TP or anything. I guess I'll just have to air dry.”

She stood and walked, sauntered, actually, back to where we were sitting. She immediately smiled again as she saw what we were doing.

“Go ahead,” she said to me, sitting down opposite me on another old crate, spreading her thighs and exposing herself completely. “Take it out. I wanna see it.”

I started to reach up the leg band of my shorts, but Lori stopped me, shaking her head.

“Take them off,” she said. “I wanna see all of it. You too, Rhon. Take your panties off and show him your pee-pee.”

Strangely, without a self-conscious thought, I stood, dropped my shorts and sat back down. My rock-hard cock and balls were now fully on display and both girls stared openly as it throbbed in time with my heartbeat.

“Wow,” Lori said. “That's bigger than I expected. And fat, too.”

Without taking her eyes off me, she told Rhonda, “OK. Now, it's your turn. Take your dress and panties off. I wanna see you naked, too. And I know he does.”

The younger girl just sat there, unmoving, her mouth hanging open as she stared at my cock.

“Now, Rhon,” Lori said, a bit louder and more forcefully. “Strip!”

Rhonda jumped as the word broke through her emotional paralysis. She didn't take her eyes off me but she did stand up and start unbuttoning her dress. When she reached her waist, she shrugged it off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor, revealing a white tank-top and panties underneath. Her fingers slipped into the waistband of the panties and rolled them down, off her hips and down her legs, to pool around her ankles inside her dress.

And there I was, my cock harder than it had ever been in my young life, staring at only my second half-naked girl ever. I was struck immediately by both the obvious similarities and the clear differences between the two siblings.

Where Lori's bush was red, Rhonda's was brown, matching the hair on her head almost exactly. Lori's bush was small but full and Rhonda's was more of a dusting of peach-fuzz. Both girl's lips were nearly identical, Lori's parted slightly now and glistening a bit more, whether from arousal or drying urine I didn't know.

And there was this interesting bump, near the top of Lori's pussy, almost where the lips met just below where her hair started. I had no idea what that was but something inside me wanted to find out.

“Play with it,” Lori said. We didn't know who she was talking to.

“I've never …,” Rhonda began, but Lori cut her off.

“Shut up,” she told her younger sister. “I know you do. I've seen you doing it and I've heard you moaning his name under your breath.”

Rhonda turned a dark shade of red. I believe, if she'd had her clothes on, she would have run crying from the loft. As it was, she just buried her face in her hands, her head shaking back and forth.

“Sorry, sis,” Lori said. “Look, he's playing with his. Show him how you play with yours.”

We all three looked at my crotch. Sure enough, I had my hand wrapped around my cock, slowly stroking from base to head. Now how did that get there?

Rhonda looked up and gasped. My cock was an angry reddish purple, the skin pulled tight and glistening in the half-light of the loft. My balls were hanging low, swaying back and forth slowly, in time with my stroking fist.

Embarrassment forgotten, apparently, Rhonda's right hand crept between her slowly spreading thighs and cupped her adolescent pussy. She moaned as her middle finger settled itself between her nether lips and started slowly moving up and down. It was my turn to moan as she warmed to what she was doing, her left hand sliding up her body to pinch at her small, conical tits.

I'd almost forgotten about her tits. I moved my gaze from her probing hand to her squeezing digits as they worked over that still-hidden flesh. I could see some tantalizing swelling on her chest, capped by what appeared to be small knobs, pushing out the fabric of her tank top. She groaned aloud as she captured one of them between her thumb and index finger and twisted.

“Come here,” Lori said to me as she pulled her t-shirt off to reveal her larger breasts.

I found out later they were a 34B, smaller by comparison, but still delightful being the first naked tits I'd ever seen. In a bit of a daze, I stood and walked over to Lori. I started to sit, but she instructed me to remain standing, taking me by the hips and directing me so I was right in front of her. My cock pointed directly at her face.

“Hey, Rhon,” Lori said. “Watch this. You're next.”

With that, the older sibling wrapped her pale, soft fingers around my hard, angry shaft. She stroked a couple of times. She checked to make sure her younger sister was watching then leaned forward, licked her lips, and just engulfed the head of my cock with her mouth.

“Oh, shit!” I yelled, as the sensation completely overwhelmed me.

My orgasm just rocketed up my body and exploded from the tip of my cock to drench Lori's throat with cum. I heard Rhonda behind me as she, too, gasped and came on her probing fingers. Lori just swallowed my cum and pulled back, her hand still wrapped around my still convulsing shaft. She milked the next several spurts out, letting it coat her naked breasts, pooling on her skin and dripping from her hard nipples.

“Wow!” she said. “That was cool! Fast, but cool. God you cummed a bunch.”

With her right hand still wrapped around my cock, stroking, her left hand went to her chest. She smeared parts of my load around her tits and nipples before she brought her hand to her mouth and licked her fingers clean.

My young cock didn't flag at all under Lori's continued attention. She noted this, looked at her sister, and motioned her to join us.

“Come here, Rhon,” Lori said. “It's your turn.”

Like an automaton, Rhonda stood and made her way toward us, her fingers still working her nips and pussy. Lori told her to kneel beside us. Rhonda sank to her knees, her eyes never leaving my cock and Lori's stroking hand.

“Watch this,” Lori said.

She leaned in again, ran her tongue around the head of my cock, then engulfed the entire thing. The term “Deep Throat” was not yet part of the lexicon of American culture, but that was precisely what the high school sophomore was doing to my junior high cock.

Rhonda's eyes grew wide as she watched my cock disappear and reappear from her sister's sucking mouth and throat. Lori moaned, sending amazing tingling sensations throughout the length of my shaft, as the head lodged deep in her gullet.

The older girl pulled away, her hand wrapped tightly around the base of my cock, which she pointed toward her sister.

“Your turn, Rhon,” she said. The younger girl balked.

“Just kiss the tip,” Lori said, stroking me just inches from her sister's face. “Kiss it. It won't bite. I promise.”

Tentatively, Rhonda leaned in, just touching her lips to the apex of my crown. I watched as she pulled back and licked her lips, tasting the combination of my precum and her sister's saliva.

“Umm,” she said. “Salty.”

She leaned in again and took a longer lick of my cock head. She again pulled her tongue into her mouth, tasting me again, then opened her mouth and tried to engulf the entire shaft in one go.

Naturally, Rhonda gagged when my cock hit the back of her throat. She pulled back, coughing, sudden tears of exertion flowing down her cheeks.

“Whoa,” Lori said, giggling. “Not so fast. It took me a long time to learn to do that. Just suck on the head, you know, like a lollipop.”

Rhonda cleared her throat and swallowed, looked over at her sister, then came back for another try. This time, she captured just the head between her lips and sucked, hard. It was my turn to groan as the sudden change of pressure sent insanely pleasurable sensations rocketing across all the nerves in my body.

My hips thrust involuntarily, driving my cock deeper into her throat. But something was different this time. Rhonda must have been taking a breath, or trying to swallow some of the saliva she'd built up, I don't know. Whatever the reason, my cock slipped past the ring of muscles at the back of her throat and, just that fast, her nose was buried in my sparse pubes, her lips stretched tight around the base of my cock.

“Holy shit!” Lori exclaimed. “How'd you do that?”

“Don't know,” Rhonda gasped after she pulled away, a string of spit connecting the tip of my cock with her lips. “Fun, though.”

She dove forward again, engulfed most of my shaft and stopped, just holding me there. Lori couldn't see, but Rhonda was swallowing around the shaft, massaging the head with her throat muscles. She wrapped her arms around me, grabbed my ass and pulled me forward the final inch. I was once again buried in her throat.

My eyes rolled back in their sockets and my head came unhinged, falling back between my shoulder blades. I heard, and felt, Rhonda let out a louder moan than any previously. I looked down and, for a moment, couldn't figure out what brought forth that sound.

Then I saw that Lori's right arm was around and behind her younger sibling. I quickly deduced the older girl was playing with her baby sister's snatch.

“God, Lor,” Rhonda said as she again released my cock. “Your fingers feel good in my puss.”

“Wanna feel something better?” the older girl asked, leaning in to tongue her sister's ear. Rhonda just nodded.

“Come here,” Lori said.

She pulled Rhonda away from my spit-soaked cock and led her over to a wooden bench sitting in the middle of the loft floor. She instructed Rhonda to bend over the end of the bench and put her butt in the air and her arms around the bench seat. Then she motioned me over.

“Kneel down,” Lori said, pointing to a spot on the floor behind her sister's upturned ass. I complied, having some idea from locker room talk what Lori had in mind.

The older girl sat down on the bench directly in front of her sister, her pussy spreading, glistening with what I was sure by now was arousal and not pee. Her lips flowered open, showing more of that shiny pink I'd seen before, and the interesting bump I'd noticed before at the apex of her slit seemed larger.

Lori leaned forward, grabbed both of Rhonda's ass cheeks, and spread her open. Rhonda moaned as Lori ran the tip of her index finger between the spread lips and slightly into the hole nestled in the middle. She looked at me and mouthed the words, “Put your cock right there.”

I nodded and scooted forward the final inches on my knees. I directed the tip of my cock between Rhonda's lips and nestled it in the indentation Lori indicated. Rhonda moaned, then stiffened as she realized what was about to happen.

“Lor, I don't know …,” Rhonda began.

But that was as far as she got. Lori reached out, grabbed my hips, and pulled me forward. Rhonda cried out as my cock speared into her pussy. I felt a slight resistance which quickly relaxed as my shaft sank into her hot, tight depths.

I didn't realize it at the time, but Rhonda was a virgin, and I'd just popped her cherry. Or, rather, her older sister popped her cherry with my cock.

“That's it, Rhon,” Lori said as she held me in place against her sister's upturned ass. “That's the only time it's going to hurt. I promise. From here on, it only gets better.”

“O-kay,” Rhonda whimpered.

“How's it feel?” I asked.

“Weird,” Rhonda gasped. “Good. But weird. How's it feel to you.”

“Amazing,” I said. “Hot.”

Lori released my hips and sat up. She told me not to move for a minute to let Rhonda get used to it then scooted forward until her pussy was almost in Rhonda's face.

“Do that thing you do,” Lori said. “Lick my pussy. It'll take your mind off what he's doing back there.”

I had no real frame of reference for what was happening. Of course, there'd been talk in the locker room of girls eating pussy and guys sucking cock. But that didn't happen in a small town in Iowa in the 1970s. Did it?

Apparently it did. Rhonda just dove into her sister's red-haired snatch. She gripped the older girl's thighs and started working her head up and down and side to side. I couldn't see what was happening, but I could definitely see the result. Lori's head rolled back on her shoulders and she moaned so loud I'm surprised dust wasn't shaken loose from the rafters.

“Pull back until just the head is inside her, then thrust forward again,” Lori groaned at me. “Do it slow at first.”

I did as instructed. I couldn't believe the feelings rushing through my cock. I was sure, if Lori hadn't made me cum with her mouth just a few minutes before, I'd would have already been painting Rhonda's insides with my sperm.

It was Rhonda's turn to moan as my cock re-entered her pussy. I didn't stay there long, though. The feeling of sliding in and out was addictive. Soon, I'd developed a steady rhythm and my speed increased as the way grew easier, Rhonda's natural juices literally flowing from her pussy and down her thighs.

“Oh, fuck,” Rhonda groaned into her sister's pussy. “God, that feels good now. Keep doing that.”

I grabbed Rhonda's hips for better leverage as the speed of my thrusts increased until I was pounding into her as hard as I could. And she was taking every bit of my fucking cock and meeting me, thrust for thrust, like she wanted more.

Lori reached down and around Rhonda's chest to pinch and pull her nipples. That, it seemed, was the last bit of stimulation she needed.

Rhonda must have been on edge for a long time, between watching her sister suck my cock, then her first time with a cock in her mouth. That, plus her constant rubbing and finger of her pussy combined with my thrusting shaft and tonguing her sister, finally drove Rhonda over the top.

She moaned deep in her throat, her hands gripped Lori's thighs, and Rhonda came. Her pussy muscles gripped my cock, milking it like a clenched fist, rippling the length of my shaft. With a roar I buried my cock deep in her young pussy and exploded again.

Lori watched as her sister and I came almost simultaneously. The older girl released her sister's tits, grabbed her own nipples and twisted, hard. Then she joined us in orgasm, her eyes rolling back in their sockets, her right hand abandoning her tit to pull Rhonda's face tighter against her spasming pussy.

My orgasm ran its course, which left me gasping for air, draped across Rhonda's sweaty back. She, too, collapsed across the length of the bench. Her breathing sounded like she'd just run a marathon.

“Wow,” Lori said. “That was a good one.”

I could only nod. Rhonda moaned, unable to move.

“How'd you like loosing your cherry, lil' sis?”

“Far out,” Rhonda moaned, her voice muffled by her hair and the bench.

We eventually pulled ourselves together and staggered out of the loft and to our respective homes. That definitely wasn't the last time we fucked, Lori and I, Rhonda and I and all the possible combinations. But it was definitely the most intense and a memorable way to lose my virginity.

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