This is my first story! Please please give me feed back, and hopefully I will write more stories!
It was a summer weekend, and instead of doing what I normally do on weekend, I was actually going to work. My mother had told me that Mrs.Figi was in need of a baby sitter, and my mother volunteered me. I was pretty pissed at her, but in the end, I get paid, and I know the kid I'm going to be babysitting. I knew he had a little crush on me, so I knew this should be interesting. I loved knowing when a guy was into me, I'm not sure what is is it just gets me going. Anyways I'm standing in front of the door to th Figi's household, I looked down at me, I was dressed like a total slut. I didn't meant to dress slutty, but I was hanging out with some friends and I didn't have time to change. So I had a spaghetti strap tank top on, not too tight but still. For my pants I had a nice pair of casual tight fitting jeans. It had to do, so I knocked on the door next thing I know Mrs. and Mr. Figi open up the door.

"Hi Tracy! It's so good to see you, it's been way too long!" Both Mr and Mrs. Both spoke to me.

"Yes I know, I've been meaning to get around to coming over here, I just didn't have the time." I honestly didn't want to be anywhere near them.

"Oh that's fine. We know your a teen and all you have a social life and stuff. Please come in sweetie" Mrs.Figi spoke to me, as Mr. Figi went back inside. I followed them both inside, their house was beautiful. It wasn't a mansion, but it did have some really exspensive furnishings. We walked into the living room, where we sat on a leather couch that was caddy cornered so it could easily face the TV. We talked for what seem like an eternity.

" Oh dear, Hun we really need to go it's almost seven already? Where did the time go? Mrs. Figi looked down at her watch and me again.

"Oh no that's fine I would hate too keep you guys from dinner. If you don't mind me asking what's the special occasion?"

" Today is our wedding anniversary! We've been married happily for twenty years. We got married when we twenty, those were some of the good times. Anyways sweetie, I really want to thank you for sitting Nick for us, he shouldn't be much trouble he's a bit quiet. We have left money on the counter for some pizza or whatever you want. Once we get back we will pay you no worries. Anyways bye sweetie." Mr and Mrs. Figi both got up and gave me a little hug, and we said our goodbyes and they left out the door in a bit of a hurry. I wondered where Nick was. If I remembered right he was 14? No, 13? I couldn't remember to be honest. I went into the kitchen quickly so see how much money they left. I was disappointed they only left a twenty dollars.

"Ehhhhhh" I thought. I went up stairs to see if Nick was up their, I looked in the bedroom, which was a guest bedroom I presumed. I went to the next one, and I knocked to make sure I wouldn't be intruding on anyone.

" Hello? Nick? It's Tracy, your , eh, Babysitter i guess."

" come on in." It was nick I presumed, he had a nice voice not too deep not to squeaky. I open the door and walked in to find Nick was on his bed on his phone. He has a decent sized bedroom, and a queen bed so i call him spoiled.

"hi Tracy. What did you need?" Nick asked me tapping away on his phone.

"Nothing, just coming up to see what your doing."

"I'm, just on my phone."

" I can see that" I laughed. I felt I light vibration in my pocket, in a haste, i attempt to grab it and silence I drop it. What a fail I say to myself. I quickly bend over and pick it up. I silence it and I walk up to his bed and sit next to his feet. He looked at me with nervousness, like he had just killed somebody, he quickly looked up at me and back down to his phone.

"Hey Tracy?"


"How old are you?"

" I'm 17 sweetie" I say in a sweet voice.

" How old are you?" I ask.

"13." He keeps tapping on his phone, I begin to be filled with curiosity. It even became the best of me when I unexpectedly grabbed his phone.

"hey!" He hells sitting up to trying to get it back. I look at his phone, he was looking at pictures of women covered in cum, some looked like they actually swam in cum they were that drenched. I was disgusted, he was looking at hundreds of pictures of women covered in cum, other getting fucked hard.
" What the fuck is this nick?" I yell.

" Ummmm, some girls."

" yeah! Some girls covered in Cu-- umm sperm!" I didn't want to use the word cum in front him, then again I did say fuck, so, I guess it didn't really matter.

"Tracy, you can say cum, I know what it is."

" Nick, you know your not supposed to look at this shit. It not real life, women aren't this, this sluttish. Not everyone women like cum over their face. Sorry for the harsh words but it's true."

" Do you like cum over your face Tracy?"

"Nick! That is not the question to ask me right now!"

"You know, your not denying it" He smiles deviously. He was right though, I did love when a man came all over my face. The more cum the better I say but that's besides the point. I was still sitting at the foot of his bed, while he laid on his bed with his hands crossed. He had his blonde hair curved to the side of his face, showing his cute little green eyes. It makes me upset how something so innocent became so evil. I looked down at his crotch, he had a fucking erection. This sick perverted kid was getting hard from this.

"Nick! You sick bastard! Your getting hard from this?"

"Well, all this talk of cum on girls faces, got me a little excited Tracy." He looks down at his bulge in his pants.

"Perhaps, you could give me a helping hand Tracy?" He giggled.

"What? No?! What the fuck is wrong with you?" I was distrusted.

"Well Tracy you kind of have too."

"No! No I don't."

"Or, you know I could tell my parents you swore at me, and stole my phone from me." He got a devilish look on his face. I looked at him, he was right. I crossed my hands and looked down at myself.


" Well, I can always just tell my parents. Your choice." He smiles happily. As mad and pissed as I was, I knew he had more control over me.

"Fine! But only a handjob. Nothing else." I was pissed off.

"Yay!" he yelled happily like a kid on Christmas. He then unbuckled his shorts. He took off his boxers where his cock sprang out. I was shocked to see it was almost 7in. Maybe not the full 7 inches but near their. My mouth dropped.

"You weren't expecting me to be that big were you?" He laughed. I grabbed his cock with one hand and began stroking it lightly, causing him to moan loudly. I must admit his cock was huge for his age.

"I didn't expect to give a hand job to a 7in cock either." He laughed. I pumped his cock even faster, hoping to make him cum soon as possible. After a near minutes he was still going strong, so I took both my hands and started pumping his cock hard and fast. He moaned very loudly. His cock was warm soft and hard all at the same time. I stroked his hard cock from his base up to his massive head. Shit was I get turned on?

" You know Tracy, this would go faster if you just sucked it" He gave me a warm smile. Who knew, it would go a lot faster if I just sucked it. It couldn't be that bad. Just then I let go of his cock and I put the mouth just over his head, and I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock, causing him to stir and moans. I bobbed my head up and down his head, before I took his entire cock down my mouth. I used my tongue to lick his cock like a lolipop, I would just keep bobbing my head up and down. I would make the occasional slurping noise after taking his entire cock in my mouth.

"Hmmm Tracy you know how to suck a cock." I picked up the pace hoping he would cum faster.

" Tracy, you know what would make me cum even faster? If I could see you naked."He smiled again. What the hell, I was sucking his cock why couldn't he see me naked. I let go of is cock from my mouth and I stood up, I did a bit of a show, I slowly slid my jeans off, revealing my lacy blue bra covering my little 30c tits. Perhaps by now I was horny and bragging, but what the hell. I slid off my jeans, again revealing my lacy blue thong covering my clean cut shaven pussy. I walked back over to him, and i let him touch me. He grabbed my tits, massaging them and caressing them. I moaned, damn he was good. I took his cock his hand as he played with my tities. He literally ripped my bra off. He spent no time wasting and he began sucking my tits, switching one form another as I moaned with each little knawl he he gave my tits. His free hand reached behind me and smacked my ass, I squealed and jumped up slightly.

" Baby your pussy looks delicious, get on my bed right now so I can eat you." I did as he said I got up and I got on his bed, I bent over In a doggy position, next thing I knew I felt his little tongue penetrate me. I felt his finger rub my clit as he tongue fucked me causing me to moan his name.
" Fuck! Nick your so good at this! Fuck! Eat me! Eat me! Mmmm fuck eat me like I'm your fucking dinner!" And he did just that. He ate my pussy like no tomorrow, he would even take his tongue out and lick my pussy lips. He would finger fuck me too, using three and even four fingers to fill me.

" Nick, I need your fat fucking cock inside my tight pussy now!" I felt him remove his tongue, and he got up, and I felt the tip of his cock brush against my lips. That fucking bastard was teasing me.

"Nick! Fucking fuck me already!"

"No, not until you beg me for it." The sick fuck was going to make me beg.

"Nick, take your fat fucking cock and shove it in my pussy! Please! Please!"

" fine!" Jus then Nick in one thrust shoved his entire cock in my pussy, I fucking screamed in Pain, as my pussy was very very tight and not used to big cocks like his.

"Fuck your tight! I guess ill have to fix that!" He fucking pounded me silly. He fucked me harder than any guy has before. He would thrust deep into me, making my cute little ass jiggle with each thrust. Each thrust I would moan his name loud and clear. Fuck his cock was huge. I could feel his cock just kiss my uterus with each thrust. His cock felt like it was more of a fucking baseball bat. He smacked my ass hard.

"Fuck baby your cock is sooooo big! I can fucking feel it in my stomach!" I guess that was inspiration to him, as he spanked me hard, and rammed his cock as far down my pussy as possible, and there for a moment I felt the head of his cock in my uterus. I fucking screamed In pain. His cock was so big it began to hurt me so I asked him to take it out.

"Nick! Fuck your cock is hurting me! Please take it out for a fucking second, or slow it down!

"No" he laughed.

"Seriously nick it hurts!"

"Too bad, fucking take it you slut."

"Nick you fucking ass hole take it out!"

"What's In it for me? How about your asshole?"

"No fuck you!" Just then he shoved his entire clock down my pussy, causing me to scream in pain.

"Fine! Fine! Please just take it out!" Just then he takes his cock out my pussy. But then Immeaditiy tries to start fucking my asshole, but his head is too big.

"Owwww! Fuck nick stop that's hurts!"

" Your ass is soo tight baby!"

"Maybe because their is no lube!"

"What ever!" He pushes his cock even harder into my asshole, causing me to scream yet again. He manages to pop his head into my asshole, and I can feel his cock every inch he puts into makes me scream even louder. I feel a few tears run down my cheek because the pain is too much. He finally says

"Baby your asshole is sooo tight I'm about to fucking cum! Where should I cum baby?"

"My face baby!" He pulls his cock from my asshole, and I then I turn around and get on my knees, and he starts pumping his cock in front of my face. Before I knew it his cum comes out like a hose on my face. Squirt after squirt after squirt his cum covers my face. So much is on my face I even have to swallow a shit ton so I could breathe. Before I knew it I was so covered Cum I couldn't see. Before I heard I faint 'click'.

"You did just NOT take a picture of me!" All I heard was laughter, and then I felt a slap on my ass before I heard the door slam short.

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