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Our new friends make us both an offer
This is the sequel to “Grace in Disgrace 1” & “2” For maximum enjoyment, please read them first.

I had just had my first experience of a double penetration by fucking my wife, Grace, in the arse while our new friend, Pete, fucked her cunt and Pete's girlfriend, Valerie watched. The three of us just lay on the bed, I was on top, Grace in the middle and Pete underneath. Valerie was standing beside the bed.

“That was amazing to watch. I can't wait for my turn.”

“OK. I think that John and I need a short break before we DP you, Valerie. Would you get a fresh bottle of Bollinger out of the fridge, please, dear?”

As we sat around, all naked, and sipped our champagne, Pete turned to Grace and me.

“I think that I like your attitudes to sex. Do you want to tell me about it?”

“Well,” I started, “we've just come through a rocky patch in our marriage where Grace was getting a lot of sex with many partners and I wasn't getting any.”

“Ouch!”, Pete and Valerie said in unison.

“Anyway, we are trying to make a go of it. As a result of being compelled to participate in every kind of sex and learning to enjoy it, Grace is now willing, more than willing in fact, to do just about anything that I ask of her. For instance, until last Saturday I had never cum in her mouth and had her swallow it all. I had never fucked her arse until last night. Unfortunately, though, she now craves more than what just my one cock can give her, which is part of the reason that we are here with you tonight.”

“I hope,” Pete looked a bit worried, “that while she was getting lots of sex and you were getting none, she did not pick up any STD?”

I smiled at Pete. “Relax Pete. The real reason that we did not come back here, with you two, last Sunday was that I wanted to get us both tested for STDs. We got the results last night and we are both clean.”

Pete looked relieved. “I'm glad that you were so responsible about that.”

“To finish the story,” I continued, “I'm thinking that maybe Grace could become a courtesan with a few rich clients who would enjoy her unbridled sexuality and help us to live comfortably. Do you know anyone who might be interested in employing her in that role?”

“I might be able to offer you something, not as a courtesan exactly, but it does involve sex. If I were to pay your airfares and accommodation, could you both take a week off and visit Valerie and me on the Gold Coast?”

“Yes. I think so. But why?”

“I own, and Valerie and I manage a private club up there. I'm not going to try to describe it to you because it's so unusual. Instead I want you to experience it for yourselves.”

“We'll both have to negotiate leave with our workplaces. Can we get back to you?”

“Yes. Of course. I'll give you my card. Can you give me your contact details too, please?”

“Hey! You guys! I'm waiting for my DP. You can exchange details later.”

With help from the two girls our erections were quickly restored. This time I lay on the bed, face up, then Valerie impaled herself on my dick then lay forward so that her breasts were pressed against my chest, presenting her arse to Pete. Pete lubed his dick while Grace lubed Valerie's arsehole, then Pete pushed in, Valerie and I both felt his cock pushing into her tight arse.

We used the same rhythm as before except that now it was Pete doing the long strokes into Valerie, while I lifted my hips off the bed to meet each of his thrusts. After a few minutes of this Valerie went over the edge.

“Oh! My god! Ahhhh!”

Her cunt squeezed my cock and I followed her over the edge.


Pete continued thrusting into her for a few more strokes before he was ready to cum too.

“Here it cums, baby.”

We stayed with Pete and Valerie Friday night, all day Saturday, Saturday night and most of Sunday. Pete and Valerie flew home to the Gold Coast late on Sunday and we returned home with a new outlook on sex and monogamy. We loved sex but we had lost interest in monogamy.

During our stay with Pete and Valerie we had tried many combinations; Grace's favourite was lying on her back with her legs spread wide, Valerie was face down, eating Grace's pussy while Pete or I (it didn't matter to Grace which) fucked Valerie from behind with long slow strokes which pushed Valerie's tongue up Grace's cunt as we pushed in and pulled Valerie back down to Grace's arsehole as we pulled out.

My favourite combination was lying on my back with Valerie or Grace (again it did not matter which) bouncing up and down on my cock while Grace or Valerie squatted over my mouth so that I was tongue fucking her. Valerie's favourite was being DPed by Pete and me.

Pete did not have a favourite. He said that he just loved the fact that we were all ready, more than ready, keen, to try anything that anyone suggested.

Mostly we just ate meals brought to us by room service, but occasionally we put on a minimum of clothing and went out to some really nice and expensive restaurant. Even then there was a certain amount of feeling each other under the table; we were like teenagers who had just discovered how exciting sexual contacts can be.

For the two weeks afterwards, Grace and I had great fucks together. Between fucks we would remember something from that weekend or we would wonder what their club was all about. All that we knew was that it had something to do with sex. We were both anxious to find out. It helped to keep us both randy the whole time.

A couple of weeks after our weekend with Pete and Valerie, Grace and I were at the airport to catch a flight to the Gold Coast for our visit. We checked at the airline desk, gave our names, and were issued with first-class boarding passes. It was a pleasure to do business with someone with as much class as Pete, and he obviously had plenty of money too.

In a way it was a pity that the flight was only a bit over an hour, but we enjoyed the first-class service up front in the aircraft. Pete and Valerie were both at the airport to meet us. Once we had our luggage they led us out to a limousine and we all got in. Pete gave instructions to the driver and we were off.

Pete pulled Grace onto his lap and slipped his hand up her inner thigh, under her skirt. I guessed that Pete would be pleasantly surprised when he discovered that she wore no panties. Then Valerie climbed onto my lap and I lost interest in what was happening between Grace and Pete.

“We're not going straight home,”, Valerie whispered to me, “because Pete and I wanted some time to play with Grace and you. I hope that that is all right?”

I grinned and slid my hand up the inside of Valerie's thigh, under her short skirt. I quickly discovered that she wore no panties either.

“I'll take that as a yes.” she said. Then she kissed me.

As we kissed each other I had my index finger in her cunt and my thumb on her clit. I was not surprised when she unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and freed my already-erect cock. The fact that I wore no underpants made that task easier for her.

Then she lifted herself up, lined my cock up with her cunt, and lowered herself back down. As I entered her it felt as good as any fuck that I had ever had, and I had had some magnificent ones, especially over the two previous weeks.

I came in Valerie. Richard came in Grace. We all looked pretty happy with ourselves. The limo dropped us off outside a tall building. Richard led us inside and to a lift labelled “Penthouse only.” We shot up to their 'humble' abode. When I saw the view from their apartment I was puzzled.

“Tell me Richard and Valerie. Why did we fuck in the limo rather than here?”

“Valerie and I really like fucking in the limo. Sometimes, when there are just the two of us we'll phone for a limo and cruise around for about an hour while we fuck. Of course we have to tip the driver $100 to clean up after us. She doesn't object because she can usually clean up after us for maybe $30.

“Sometimes, when we are with a couple, like you two, we like to share our limo experience with them. Didn't you like it?”

“Yes. It was great. But fucking here, with that view of the Pacific Ocean would be at least as good.”

“There was another reason. We wanted to be sure that you two were as much into uncommitted sex as you seemed to be when we were with you in Sydney.”


“You passed the test. Now we are ready to show you our club. Interested?”

“Hell, yes.” “Fuck yes. We've been wondering, ever since you told us about it, what it is like.”

“OK. First up, it's a men's club. Only men can be members. All employees are young attractive women. All women in the club must be naked except for coloured bands around their wrists, ankles, and neck. The colour of the bands gives their status.

“Green bands are for employees. They must accept any sexual advance by a member or a member's male guest. It is the male's option whether the employee is fucked in the public area or in a private room. There are plenty of private rooms.

“Red bands are for a female guest of a member. She does not have to accept any sexual advance. However she may accept if she wishes, or she may initiate sex with a female employee or any male.

“Blue bands are for Valerie and a few other hostesses A hostess may refuse sexual advances, but as often as is consistent with her other duties Valerie accepts invitations to fuck or suck.

“For our visits to the club, we propose to give you, Grace, blue bands because we are hoping that you will take a position in our club as a hostess.”

“And what would John's position be?”

“He would be assistant manager.”

“And what would his perks be?”

“Well. He would get to fuck any hostess whenever he wanted to. He could also fuck any of the employees with green bands. Female visitors with red bands could fuck him if they wanted to.”

“So what's the catch?”, I asked.

“There's no catch. You'll get free accommodation in the second penthouse unit in this building. In the club you can eat all your meals for free, and drink from the bar for free, although we trust that you will not overindulge. Basically you can live for free but we will pay you each $100,000 per annum for you services. Does that sound attractive?”

“Yes.” “Yes, extremely. Why us?”

“We liked the way that you both threw yourselves into fucking with us in Sydney. We also liked the fact that you did not party with us until you knew that you were free of STDs. Our club is growing and we need people like you to help run it. We only want to employ people who will enjoy working here.”

“So how,”, I wanted to know, “can you offer us such generous salaries?”

“Well. Only very rich men can join our club because we charge them a small fortune in annual membership fees. For that they get free food and drink for themselves and their guests, whenever they are in the club. They do, however, have to pay the girls who work here for any sexual activity. The girls get to keep that money. We do not pay them any thing for their service, except for annual and long service leave, superannuation and other benefits. Their regular income is from the men who fuck them. The most popular girls do very well out of the arrangement.”

“You said that members can bring female guests with them. How does that work?”

“Some married men bring their wives. They mostly both fuck with other partners. Some of them tell me that afterwards they go home together and fuck each other's brains out.”

“What about health issues?”

“The girls are checked weekly. We've only ever had one case of syphilis and we've been operating for two years. We keep logs of who fucks whom, so we were easily able to establish how she contracted it. The member who gave it to her was expelled and banned from coming back as anyone's guest.

“The other members know about his case and I think that they are particularly careful because they all value their memberships highly. Many of our members fly in from interstate or from out of the country, stay a few nights then fly home again.”

“What about pregnancies?”

“Most of the girls use effective birth control, so we have very few pregnancies. If a girl is pregnant and does not want the baby we pay all her medical expenses and pay her sick leave until she is ready to come back to work.

“Occasionally a girl gets pregnant deliberately. In those cases we also pay all her medical expenses and we pay for up to two years maternity leave. Of course the amount that we pay is not as much as they could be earning here but it is still quite generous. We also provide a creche for when they want to come back to work and flexible hours too.”

“That all sounds very generous. I imagine that most of your girls are very happy working under those conditions. Am I right?”

“Yes. The success of this club depends on happy, cooperative staff. I think that it is time for you to see the club.”

Gwen and Valerie stripped naked. Then they both ;put blue bands about there ankles, wrists and necks. Once they were ready we went through a door which led to a staircase. At the bottom of the staircase we went through another door and were in the club.

The first thing that we saw was a naked man on top of a beautiful young woman who was naked except for the green bands around her wrists, ankles and neck. They both seemed to be enjoying themselves enormously.

Nearby, sitting on a couch watching the action were another naked man and a woman wearing only red bands around her ankles, wrists and neck. They were drinking from beer-glasses and commenting on the couple fucking in front of them.

Another beautiful young woman, naked except for a set of blue bands rushed towards us to greet us.

“You must be Grace and John. I'm Charlotte. Welcome to our club. Good afternoon Valerie, Pete. Do you want me to keep the blue bands on or switch back to green?”

Valerie turned to explain to us: “Charlotte acts as hostess for us whenever we are short a hostess but she really prefers green to blue. She is probably our most successful girl.”

“No, Charlotte, keep the blue on for now. We want to spend time with Grace and John. We've only just made them job offers and we need to let them see what their jobs would entail.”

To be continued in “Grace in disgrace 4”

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