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some parts are true and some are fake
It was very hot on a summers day, me and my little bro(james) who's 16, 1 year
younger them me was sweaty buckes in our bed room. It was so hot then when it came night time the whole street had a blackout. Me(david) and my brother james stayed in our room just laying on the beds. My brother is 5ft 11 , slim, 6 pack, blue eyes, blond hair. I on the other hand was also 5ft 11, brown eyes, brown hair, average weight. me and my bro share everything together apart from 1 big secret(he don't know I'm bi). However, on this very dark night, I hear something happening on my brothers bed, yep u got it, he was wanking, he must of thought I left the room to find out what's going on. I just layed there in my bed and I could hear my brother moan. I just wanted to cough, but suddenly the power came back and he saw me laying on me bed, james panicked and put his dick away and ran away from the bedroom crying, james locked himself in the bathroom,.

James, I said u alright buddy,
GO AWAY, he shouted

I started to walk away from the bathroom and went down stairs to make him a nice cold drink. After 3 hours james eventually came out of the bathroom and went straight to sleep. Around 12 o clock an hour after james went to sleep I decided to go to bed to my supprise james was sobbing in his sleep, I decided to do what all brothers should do and that was to comfort him whilst he sleeped.
James eventually started to snore so I knew he was fine, so at that point I decided to go to bed.

The next morning:

James must of got up early because when I was awake at 11am, he was already up washed and changed and eating his breakfeast.

Morning james I said as I walked past the couch,

Morning david, he replied.

After we said our greetings james asked if he could have a talk in private, I said sure meet me in our room.
I walked up stairs wondering what was going through his head, is he scared of something, was it what he done, who knows, time would only tell.

20 minutes later james walked into the bedroom and told me not to laugh, I promised I wouldn't, james then continued to tell me that he was having feelings about boys and same for girls, I was gob smacked that he was the same as me and that was bi. I just staired at me. As I was staring at him he tried saying sorry for about last night.

S-s-sorry about last night bro, a straight perason, I interupted him and said, its fine we all do it, then it hit me,
Hang on, did u just say straight?

Yes, ur straight and u shouldn't of seen me do it, I much an idiot he said, he began to cry.

I felt so quilty that I just grabbed him and hugged him and whispered in his ear. I'm not straight mate, I like boys and girls too.
He pulled away, what? He said,
I like boys and girls too I replied.

So,so,so when I was wanking u was watching?

That question, knocked the wind out of me all I could do was just nod.
He began to laugh, and put me on the spot again,

So who do u like, I just froze, as I never tasted boys before and I couldn't think of a reply.
Sorry, james said, u don't wanna say that's fine.
I just smiled at him, he smiled back which sent shivers down my spine, because his smile could knock anyone out.
Then all of a sudden my bro mumbled I wish my first was with u.
I couldn't catch all of that so I said what?
He repeated what he said.
I just froze again, I managed to get
words and said u want me?
He blushed and nodded yes.
I started to strip, my brother did the same.
He dick was 6inchs and a perfect size for me, mine was 6inchs 3

I got on my knees and began playing with james cock, he just froze because he'd never of expected me to suck him straight away, with his dick in my mouth I felt it getting harder so I began to suck it, james with so much excietment began to moan, this made me go faster, his moans began to get faster, whilst I was sucking him, I grabbed my bros ass to keep me stable, my bro just stood there and took it all.

I'm gonna cum, james said. Please stop,

I began sucking faster and faster, I knew james was about to orgasm and blow his load, so I took his dick and began to deep throat it and all of a sudden I heard james shout OMG YES AHHHHHHHH, whislt he blew his load in my mouth, he was 6 shots of nice sweat cum, I managed to sollow, I kept him dick in my mouth because I loved the feeling but after 5 minutes james pulled out and, kissed me and said thanks but not to tell anyone about this,
I promised I wouldn't
James replied its ur turn next time.

I just laid there amazed how sexy my bro is and how wonderfull it felt to have him cum in my mouth.

This was my first ever one, sorry it took so long to get into it, I hope u enjoyed it I got some ideas for the next lot but I am open for suggestions so comment ur suggestions and ideas and I will read them and follow them, any nasty comments will just be ignored so don't waste ur time writing it because it won't be read, thanks for reading my story, hope u liked it and I'm looking forward to reading ur comments in the box below

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2014-11-19 00:52:50
hey I liked the story. got slightly aroused. I am bi and enjoy both sides of the fence myself.

anonymous readerReport

2013-09-26 00:28:32
Badly written infantile crap, do the world a favour and don't bother to post more until you learn to write

anonymous readerReport

2013-09-25 19:11:35
For one, please don't write another story until you actually learn to write. I don't care if you write gay or glam or murder but your grammar, spelling, and punctuation suck. Big time. Never mind you can't even keep a sentence going for shit.

For the shit bird who remains anonymous claiming that the complainers don't write anything but bitches, my name is WantSumCandyLittleGirl. Go read my story, and yes there are some others I have posted that are NOT mine but I didn't claim them. I don't log on all the time because it is way easier to just write the critique than log in, write it, then log in again for the next critique. So, get the fuck over yourself.

anonymous readerReport

2013-09-25 18:35:56
Hey NewKidd,

Don't listen to the assholes. Criticizing someone is a way of saying, "I can do better". But you'll notice none of them point to stories THEY'VE written, cuz they obviously can't.

And fuck you assholes who cry about reading a gay story. I don't see the straights warning us gay guys that we might read about your tiny cocks enter those bloody axe slashes you fall into.

Anyway NewKidd, write for your own enjoyment. The compliments are the icing on the cake. The anonymous critics are just pussies who only have a "man up" behind a network cable.


2013-09-25 03:26:23
Hey thanks to the nice comments, I was considering of leaving, those nasty comments, really got to me, I will consider the 3rd story with more detail about are we others 1sts etc

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