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Getting fucked in public by a stranger
It was a beautiful summers day and the sun was bright and hot. I decided to go for a walk
in my local park. I walked through the park and as usual I had no panties on under my
short skirt, and no bra. I never wear underwear as I feel restricted when I do. I love it
when I get a breeze up my skirt and my pussy feels cool, especially when it is wet.

I stopped to sit and watch the birds and just relax. I saw a man with a camera who was
taking pictures of the birds and squirrels. I was watching him and imagining him naked
with his stiff cock standing upright. I could feel my pussy getting wet and I carried on
thinking of this man's cock in me and me sucking it.

I crossed and uncrossed my legs because my pussy was so hot and when I opened my legs
a slight breeze cooled it and then I would let it get hot again. I wanted to finger my pussy
there and then but thought he might see me. I was in a day dream thinking about fucking
and having my clit licked.

"Excuse me!; Excuse me!" The man said nearly giving me a heart attack.

I jumped and said "Oh my god, you frightened me"

"Oh sorry I didn't mean to startle you" he said apologetically.

"I was just wondering if you would mind if I sat with you" he said

"No, no, that's fine" I told him.

He sat down and introduced himself.

"My name's Jim"

"Oh, I'm Sammy" I said nervously.

"What a beautiful day" said Jim

"I know" I said "So warm isn't it"

"Are you a photographer?" I asked.

"Well, not a professional" he replied

I caught Jim looking at my legs and could see he liked what he saw.

"You look very sexy" Said Jim hesitantly

"Oh thank you" I replied. I thought I would be a little naughty so I said to Jim "I look even better naked"

"I would like to see that" he said excitedly.

"You dirty bastard" I giggled.

"Seriously though, have ever thought about having some pictures done, I could do a
couple now if you like"

"Ok" I said without thinking

Jim began taking some shots and was saying how good I looked, he said "Why not do a
couple topless"

"Someone might see" I said

"Not if we go over there" he said pointing to a secluded wooded part of the park.
I was a little scared but also very excited.

We moved to the spot Jim had pointed to and he seemed to know it well.
I looked round and could tell no one could see us so I removed my top to reveal my small
tits with my hard nipples poking out.

"Wow" Jim said as he started taken more shots, "You have great tits"

I felt so horny, here I was in the park in broad daylight with a man I had just met and I
was showing him my tits. My pussy was tingling with excitement as I could see Jim's
cock in his shorts. He really did like my tits.

"Shall I show my pussy" I asked

Jim nearly choked and replied "That would be great Sammy"

I slowly lifted my skirt to show Jim my hairy pussy "Fucking great" he exclaimed

Jim was getting hot and removed his top and continued photographing me and telling me
how hot I looked. I could feel my pussy dribbling as I was getting so turned on.
I unbuttoned my skirt and let it fall to the ground, I was now totally naked.

I said "This is not fair, you should be naked too"

Jim shrugged his shoulders and said "Ok" and removed his shorts.
His cock was as hard as rock and the site of it got me even wetter, I moved closer saying
"Get a good close up of my tits" but all I wanted to do was get near his lovely cock.
As Igot closer Jim said "I can smell your pussy" and his cock twitched

"Look" he said " my cock is calling you closer" as he tensed his cock making it come
towards him and back again.

"I better come closer then" I said licking my lips.

Jim pulled me into him and pushed his cock against me, I could feel it against my belly
and wanted it in my pussy. Jim kissed me with more passion than I had been kissed with
before, I didn't know what was getting wetter my mouth or my pussy. I pulled away and
asked Jim to lay on the grass. He put his camera down and lay on his back with his cock
standing tall.

I began kissing his belly while I slowly jerked his cock, I stroked his cock so gently it
hardly felt like I was touching it at all.
Jim shuddered as my fingers scratched the head of his cock very lightly. I moved down
and put my hot wet mouth around the end of his cock, I lowered my mouth slowly down
the shaft and could feel my pussy tighten and relax again, I thought I was going to orgasm
right then just by sucking this beautiful cock.
I grabbed the base of his cock and thrust my head up and down going faster and faster
with each movement.

"Fucking hell Sammy" Jim said shakily "you certainly know how to suck cock"

I slowed down and just licked around the head, I had so much spit that I just let it run
from my mouth and down his cock onto his balls. I rubbed his balls and got my finger wet
from my spit and eased it into Jim's arse

"Yeah" Jim moaned "Fuck my arse"

My finger went deeper into his arse and his cock stiffened, so I took it back in my mouth.
I was fingering his arse sucking his cock and fingering my pussy all at the same time, it
made me so horny.
I could feel Jim's cock getting rock hard now and knew he was about to cum, I fingered
his arse faster and just sucked on the tip of his cock with my tongue gently flicking it. I
felt his cock swell as his spunk rushed from his balls and up the length of his cock. I was
gulping down his sweet spunk as fast as his cock spurted it out, it was so warm and it
tasted great.

Jim lay still for a moment and then said "I want to suck your pussy Sammy"
I straddled him and moved slowly up his body leaving a snail trail of my pussy juice as I

I positioned my pussy on Jim's face and he gripped my arse cheeks as he began licking
my clit. I was dripping juice onto his chin and this made his cock start to stiffen again.
I became aware of someone watching us but I was too fucking excited to give a shit.
Jim was gripping under my arse cheeks and pulling them apart as he licked my clit, I was
thrusting my pussy into his face and his tongue was darting in and out of my open pussy.
I was tweaking my nipples and could feel my orgasm building within me.
I suddenly became aware of someone standing in front of me, I opened my eyes and there
was a gorgeous man in his mid twenty's stroking his cock.
Without hesitating I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth and he threw his head
back and shouted "Oh my god".

By now I thought my pussy couldn't take anymore, I had Jim running his tongue around
my clit and it was now swollen and sending tingles though my whole body, I also had this
guys cock in my mouth. I began shaking as my pussy began contracting, Jim was pulling
my arse cheeks more and more apart. I clasped my hand around this guys cock and
vigorously jerked his cock.

Jim was thrusting his hips up and down and I heard a woman’s voice

"Fuck me" she said.

I continued jerking this cock and looked over my left shoulder. There was a naked woman
riding Jim's cock and rubbing her tits.
I couldn't believe what was happening, four of us fucking out in the open.
my pussy finally made it's last big contraction as my orgasm flooded my pussy and my
whole body stiffened. I pulled away slightly from Jim's face and squirted my cum all over
his it, it was flooding out of me like piss, Jim opened his mouth and put out his tongue to
sample my pussy juice. The cock in my mouth exploded and filled my mouth with spunk,
I spat it over his cock and then licked it off again.

I could still hear the woman moaning and she was fucking Jim's cock like there was no
tomorrow. I span round on Jim's face and grabbed his cock, I started shoving his cock
into her pussy like it was a dildo. I could hear her arse cheeks slapping against his balls
and I could feel his cock was about to cum. I pulled his cock from her and jerked it while
she moved down to suck on the swollen head, he gripped my waist and thrust his cock
deep into her mouth as he finally shot another hot load, this time this stranger was the
lucky recipient.

There was a deafly silence as we all went limp and our bodies returned to normal, I could
smell sperm and pussy and just smiled.
What a way to spend the afternoon I thought.

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2013-09-30 21:17:35
nice 4some.................................

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2013-09-25 13:57:37
could be me . but not with a hairy pussy im as smooth as a baby

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