A mom confesses something nasty involving her young son.
Confessions of a Mother (Mb, MF)
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I am not as naive or stupid as you think I am. I notice the long glances as well as the hurried looks. Nothing is more telling than when someone who tries not to look. I know my kids are beautiful so I don't blame you for looking. I have even caught more than one of you trying to talk to or perhaps even lure my precious creatures. It happens to my son more often than my daughter. Maybe its just more acceptable for a man to strike up a conversation with a 9 year old boy than it is for them to be seen chatting up a girl of 11. Either way I have always loved to stand back for just a few minutes and watch as the stranger gets his hopes up. Hopes of what? I am not entirely sure. I do know it probably involves my sons cute little mouth and his even cuter little behind. I love to see the look on their faces when I walk up and introduce myself as the boys mother. Most flush with such color that you would think they just got caught robbing a bank. They always stammer out an explanation, like they needed a legitimate reason to just be friendly with a kid. What also strikes me is how hot some of these men are. They are not all creepy looking fat guys with the word pedo painted across their faces. Many are extremely attractive and often make me think of using their weakness to my advantage. It's probably wrong to use my kid as bait to land me one of these hotties though, so for the most part I refrain.

Did you catch the for the most part? I can't be expected to be a saint all the time. The first time it happened, I let my son stay in the food court area of the mall for a few minutes with his ipad while I ran to a store. When I came back I saw a good looking guy in his mid to late twenties sitting next to him playing with the Ipad as well. My first thoughts were of kindness and human goodness. That a stranger would take pity on my son having to spend time alone at the mall and would be so kind as to spend a few minutes letting my son excitedly show him a new game, but then I saw the man put his hand on Jake's shoulder. Not in a menacing mean way, but in such a tender, longing way that anyone who has ever been touched in such a way knows the meaning.

This was one of those times I chose to stay back and watch. The man took many opportunities to touch my son, on his shoulder, his arm and even a couple squeezes on his leg. They could have been attempts at affection, completely innocent of desire, but I knew better. I saw the way the man feigned interest in the ipad while staring deep into my sons eyes. I saw him lean in close as he appeared to be smelling my son. Of course these acts themselves were not as telling as what the man would do directly after each one. As soon as he would lean in close and try to get a whiff of my sons brown boyish hair, he would quickly retreat and make some sort of innocent show. Like after he ran has hand down my sons back in a slow and tender nature he quickly followed it with a tussle of Jake's hair and a playful punch to his arm.

The man was well built probably closer to middle twenties than late. He was exceptionally groomed and had on a nicely pressed pair of slacks with a golf shirt. He had chiseled model like features on his face and you could tell with even just a quick glance that he was ripe with muscles. He was probably at least 6'1" and had rather large hands as well. All these features got me thinking of how nice it would be to spend more time with this man. Jake seemed to be loving the attention as well so I did something no mother should ever do. I used my kid as bait.

I took an indirect route up to them and surprised them each with a loud hello. The man who was, as all of them do, quickly stammering out an explanation for his interest in the boy looked relieved when I gave him a profound thank you for spending time with Jake. I introduced myself as Julie and he returned with his name Luke. Luke I thought, how appropriate. I tried to use my feminine charms on him, but it was as if I was talking to one of Jake's friends from school. He was obviously much more comfortable talking with Jake than me.

In yet another move that I probably should not have done, I encouraged the man to take Jake to the bathroom. I know what you are probably thinking, but I wanted this man and at the time I was looking for ways to show him that I trusted him. So after a few minutes they returned, and after some more painful conversation I asked the hunk if he would at all be interested in spending more time with Jake. I am sure he was hoping I meant a weekend retreat where he got to take Jake to a some exotic destination where they would spend the days in speedos playing in the ocean and would be naked at night playing in the sheets. Of course I had something much different in mind. My own fantasy started out with a nice dinner at my house, letting the boys play video games while me and my daughter cooked for them. I was hoping that after a night spent playing games with Jake, Luke would decide that I was a good option to release any sexual tension that hopefully was built up in him.

Luke arrived on time, and while there were no flowers for me, he did hand Jake some sort of hand held device that made the boy really excited. I am not sure why, but Jake hardly ever has a shirt on when in the house. This was also the case now as he had changed out of his school clothes earlier, but seemed to only have the will to put shorts back on. He looks like most boys from the head down I assume, he is skinny, his muscles are flat but defined, his skin is perfectly smooth clear of any blemish. His body is beautiful no one can deny that. I don't think I would ever use the word sexy to describe it, but I could see how some might equate his beauty with sex.

I let Luke and Jake play alone in the den while me and my daughter, Lisa, finished dinner. When I told Lisa to go get the boys she came back a few moments later to tell me the door was shut. I told her to just yell through it, they probably have their games turned up loud. A few minutes later a happy Luke and a still shiftless Jake came to the table. I noticed the red marks on Jakes stomach and back and figured that they were probably just wrestling. Dinner was once again filled with awkward conversation, although it did get a little better as the meal went on. I found out that Luke worked as a window designer. He would go to a store and design their front window display, usually for clothing stores in malls. The company he worked for had contracts with several big names. After dinner it was already decided that we were all going to watch one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The family room has a nice size TV with a couch and one recliner all available to sit on.

Our dog, usually gets the recliner and does not move for anyone. This left just the couch for the four of us. When I came in Jake sat on one end, Lisa in the middle, and Luke on the other. I went to the spot Jake was in and pulled him roughly out of it, quickly taking the spot. I laughed and continued to wrestle with him as he tried to remove me from the couch to reclaim his seat. I suggested to Luke to grab Jake and help me out of this jam and made the further comment that Jake could either sit on the floor or on Luke if he wanted to be nicer than me. Luke, being a good sport, reached over and pulled Jake from me and into his lap. Jake being a cuddler happily squirmed his way into Luke's lap and gave me a quick flash of his tongue while settling in.

It wasn't long into the movie when Lisa left to go to her room and do who knows what with her iphone and computer. Her leaving left an opening on the couch but Luke made no effort to place what looked to be a very sleepy Jake in it. The movie was quite dark through most of it, with only flashes of light now and then. In these moments I used my peripheral vision to check out Luke. I was mesmerized by those large, strong hands which were sweetly, if not a little actively, caressing Jakes lower stomach at the moment. I longed to trade places with Jake and hoped to get my chance soon. The movie was now in a place that was much brighter and for whatever reason the movements that were previously distracting me from Luke and Jake stopped. I had a peculiar feeling that something was not right and saw that Jake had indeed fallen asleep with Luke's hands now stabilized on his chest and leg.

I whispered to Luke "your soft hands must have put him right to sleep".

Luke in his awkward way only smiled and said "ya".

I excused myself to the kitchen and to check on Lisa and told him I shouldn't be but a few minutes. Taking my leave I had an idea in the kitchen to get a good close look at Luke's face and see what exactly he was doing with Jake. I snuck outside out the back and around to the side window in the front of the house. From this vantage point I had an almost straight on view of The couch with Jake and Luke in it. What I saw next came as somewhat of a shock and annoyed me more than just a little. Luke turned his head seeming to check for me coming back, he then leaned in and looked to me sniffing Jake's hair. His right hand looked to go in his own pants and adjust what I had to assume was a stiffening cock while his left hand looked to be feeling Jake's crotch area through his shorts.

I am not sure what I was angry about, that this man was molesting my son or that he hadn't yet paid much attention to me. I suppose I should have known that he was more interested in Jake, but I don't think I ever thought he would be rubbing my sleeping son's genitals. While pondering this and, if I am being honest, getting more than a little horny watching the debauchery before me, I saw Luke again look around. After this look he seemed to grow a little bolder as he now slid his hand inside my sons shorts and I am assuming his little boxers as well. I watched closely my sons face to make sure he was asleep and no damage was being done to his psyche. Seeing only a happily dreaming little boy, I turned my attention back to Luke's hand that was now visibly jacking my son off beneath his clothes.

I saw Luke also start to give little humps into Jake's bottom, noticeably lifting him from the couch. Whether to stop the man from molesting Jake, or to make sure he didn't cum so he could still molest me, I don't know but something propelled me quickly back into the house. I spent a few more moments in the kitchen getting both Luke and I a strong drink. When I went back into the family room I was surprised to see Jake was now turned around and while still sleeping, was front to front with the man. Why Luke would have switched him to be in this position I am not sure, but I have a feeling that he was probably trying to get a feel of Jake's ass as well. This is the feature I most often spy you pervs looking at when Jake and I are out somewhere, so I can only reason that Luke was also turned on by his little posterior.

I asked Luke to put Jake to bed for me so he and I could have some alone time. He seemed reluctant at this, but with my insistence he took Jake upstairs to his bedroom. After a few minutes, right about when I was getting ready to go look for Luke, he returned downstairs. Sitting back on the couch I made my move asking him if I could sit on his lap as well. Luke surprised me and started to make excuses about the time and work and such. At this point I wanted nothing more than to be fucked, I would have literally done just about anything for it. This young man with his handsome features and bulging muscles was a dream that I had to bring to life. I pleaded with him to stay, I slid my hand over his chest and told him it would be worth his while. But alas, nothing worked. Out of final frustration and in what was probably an attempt to embarrass him I made the following offer:

"You can take me from behind and call me Jake if you like".

Luke went pale right and his eyes shot to the door. Trying to save myself from another lonely night I blocked him and told him that it was alright, I knew he had a thing for Jake and didn't care. I just wanted something for me. I told him I knew he would never actually do anything with the boy and offered myself up as a replacement. I told him he could fuck me in whatever way he wanted to do my son. That with his eyes closed I could be anyone he wanted me to be. While I was pleading my case I was also rubbing Luke's cock through his pants. It stayed mostly flaccid, although I knew it was quite huge adding to my desire. It stayed flaccid that is until I started to mention Jake in more earnest.

When I told him to just close his eyes and picture Jake's ass while he was fucking me I felt a surge of blood rush into it. When I told him that I had a picture of Jake on my nightstand that he could even look at while fucking me, his cock grew even more. When I finally told him that I would be willing to take it in the ass doggy style and that he could fuck me exactly like he was fucking the boy his cock seemed more than ready.

I led him to my bedroom taking a quick peek to make sure Jake and Lisa were sleeping. The time that had passed between my horny begs for him to fuck me and now, left me a little freaked out. I had butterflies in my stomach as my mind worked out what I just agreed to. I told myself that a little role play never hurt anyone and that if giving this man some outlet for his frustrations gets me off than what would the harm be.

Once in the bedroom I downed another drink, hoping to get drunk enough to let all inhibitions fly. The alcohol kicked in just about the time I got to see Luke naked. His body was perfect for my tastes strong with cut muscles everywhere. His cock was not to disappoint either as it was one of the largest I had ever seen, outside of 1 strip club I went to that had a black man with a 14" cock as their main attraction. Luke's was a close second or third though, remembering the agreement to let him have my ass was a very bad choice.

Feeling hornier than ever now I also stripped and sauntered up to Luke and ask him if he is ready to fuck my little virgin 9 year old ass.

He asks, or more like confirms, that he can treat me just like he would Jake and call me Jake and everything and I wouldn't care.

The red in his eyes and the way he said this brought the nerves quickly back as I wondered why he was so intense in this statement. Not wanting to spoil the mood I agreed and told him that I was his and he should use me for what ever fantasy he had about my son. The red that was in his eyes spread over his face. He instantly starts coming at me calling me shocking names like boy whore and cock tease. I open my mouth to speak only to have him grab me by my hair pulling it roughly back as he spits in my face. Before I can protest he slaps me across the face and calls me his little pussy boy. He tells me my cute little ass has it coming and that I was a mean little cock tease.

I was still standing speechless at this barrage when I felt him roughly throw me down onto the bed on my back. He twists me and grabs my head to pull it back off the bed so I am now looking up at his nuts. He holds my head still with one hand while slapping his dick against my face. "yeah you little fucker, I know you like this, I am going to get it in even deeper this time you little faggot." Placing the head of his cock at my mouth I instinctively open and let the cock in.

I start to use my tongue and suck but am quickly stopped when he gives me another hard slap across the face and tells me "you had your chance earlier you little cum whore, now I am going to just fuck your little mouth."

With that he grabs my head and starts to piston his cock into my throat. I have never been able to deep throat anyone so I was gagging and choking, but he still kept driving it in harder and harder.

"that's it Jake take it in your throat, fuck you have a nice mouth boy"

I look up at him, but only to see his eyes were indeed turned to my nightstand looking at Jake. The sex got rougher from there. Before I knew it I was on all fours with him pushing my head down into the mattress. He repeatedly kept spanking my ass telling me that all boys need spanking and I am lucky that he didn't have his whips with him. He roughly spit on two fingers and jammed them hard into my ass telling me what a nice tight little boy pussy I had, and that he was going to open it up so everyone could use my little cunt.

"I am going to tell all my friends about you Jake, they all are gonna want a piece of this little ass, your going to be a good boy whore and let them all have some, right Jake?"

I didn't answer at first as my drunken mind worked to assure me that this was still just harmless role playing and that neither me nor Jake would have to be good little whores for Luke and his friend. Feeling a hard slap on my ass Luke pressures

" I asked you a question boy, don't you want more friends to come over and fuck this tight boy cunt of yours"

"yes sir", I responded "I want men to come play with me"

Luke happy with my response proceeds to line up his cock with my ass. He did use a good amount of spit but no lube, I told him the lube is in the drawer but he responded that I should shut my cum dump as boys don't require any special lube for their pussies. What followed was the roughest most brutal fuck I have ever received. I was pounded into with such force I was afraid my fillings were going to fall out. He repeatedly spanked me while fucking my ass, he called me more filthy names. He would pull my head back by my hair and spit in my face telling me I was such a good boy.

When he finally came deep in my ass I had cum multiple times. One orgasm lasted several minutes while he continued to brutally thrust deep into my ass. The thing is any new sexual experience is usually a hot one. When you are young and get your first kiss you can feel the adrenaline pumping and the rush of excitement. Then after so many kisses that excitement is gone, so next you are getting felt up and the adrenaline rush is back but alas this too will stop to bring you excitement. The first time you are fucked a mind blowing mental rush, then after so many times it too becomes only routine. So having this new experience, one so shocking and new brought back in me the those feelings of excitement that had for so long abandoned me.

Adrenaline was pumping so hard that my whole body was shaking with nerves. It was like being a virgin all over again and a door was opening to a world of new imagery and debauchery. Several times while Luke was pounding into me and calling me by my son's name I pictured myself as Jake. On all fours, small, naked, and scared while this big man used my pristine body for his sexual gratification. It was with these images in my mind that I started to have orgasm after orgasm. The scene was so vial and wrong that my adrenal glands worked over time to flood my system with hormones that added to my sexual pleasure.

When I looked over my shoulder as he was panting while his hardness was becoming putty in me I saw him still staring at the picture of Jake on my nightstand. A tear came to my eye and ran down my cheek as I thought of my sweet little boy with his messy brown hair and skinny little body taking the pounding that I had just endured. As we decoupled and laid down to catch our breath I told him he was the most energetic fucker I had ever known. I asked him if that was really what he wanted to do with my Jake. At the mention of Jake I swear his cock starting to come back to life. He responded that he would probably rather have Jake on his back so he could watch his face. This revelation left me stunned and scared for what I had done. I never should have used my son to bait this man for me. I swore to never do it again, but like all new sexual experiences, once you have a taste for it you want more and to go farther.

After Luke left I stood in the kitchen as sitting was going to be hard to do for a while. I thought back to the sex and how hard I had cum. Guilt washed over me as I knew that hearing him talk so filthy about Jake and knowing how perverse this man was is what really got me off. I remembered several things the man said such as when he told me he was going to get it in even deeper this time. It couldn't be possible that he had tried such things with Jake already, could it? I assured myself that it was all part of the role play and went bed, sexually satisfied but knowing that mother of the year award was gone.

For the next several weeks I worked to put this experience behind me. This was proving harder to do than I would have imagined. When I was laying in bed rubbing my clit with a dildo pistoning out of my cunt I would have trouble concentrating on what imagery would normally get me off. I found myself getting back into doggy position and moving the dildo to my ass. Pictures of the man would flood back and I would imagine Jake in my place receiving the fucking I had received.

It started to be that only doing this would get me off and I would start off with the dildo in my ass bypassing my pussy altogether. Over the coming weeks whenever I saw Jake in some position that he could be fucked in, I pictured Luke there with him. As much as I tried to stop my mind from having these terrible thoughts they kept creeping in. My phone started to fill with unsent txts to Luke. Inviting him over for dinner again or on many occasions typing in something so obscene and wrong that I blushed having even written it. One such txt started

"Have you been jacking off thinking about my son's ass".

Another was "Jake's been running around naked all night can you think of anything you would like to share with him".

One evening after another long week of sexual frustrations and when even the dildo in my ass was failing to excite me, I did the unthinkable and sent him a message.

"HI Luke, been awhile but I thought you might like to come over and have dinner again".

A benign enough txt, but I knew what I was actually saying was

"Hi Luke, you want to come molest my son and get me off after?".

I sent the txt and then waited for the response. Feeling very much like a preteen who just sent their first txt to a grade school crush. After what seemed like a very long time I got this response

"Not sure Lisa, last time left me a little frustrated".

Not having any idea what this meant I quickly replied with a ?.

"I thought you would have at least given me some alone time with Jake after I gave into your wishes but I haven't heard from you in weeks".

I sat stunned and perplexed. Many guys have figured out that when a girl likes you, or wants something from you, they are easy targets to manipulate and use. My thoughts here turned to ways to please Luke so that he would again want to be with me.

"Sorry Luke, didn't mean to leave you frustrated what did you want?"

His instant reply was "LOL Jake of course".

I knew what he meant and now had to decide what to do. This time cooler heads prevailed and I sent no response and heard nothing back from him.

More weeks passed and my libido grew wilder. In moments of extreme horniness I would start to rationalize the scenario before me. Luke would be gentle, Jake wouldn't mind, it would be good for him to have a male figure in his life, he is definitely a little queer anyways, the little brat has it coming, and so on and so forth. Part of me knew that it was just a matter of time. There is no stronger urge in human existence than the one to get off. I might not have known it right away, but my mind kept telling me that eventually I was going to give in, so why not just get it out of the way. I got the final push I needed when I saw Jake one night in his boxers with what was clearly a little boner peeking out of his fly. At this point I had been picturing Luke fucking Jake in many ways for over two months. My mind saw Jake as a very sexual being and one that was in need of a partner. This little boner confirmed in me that Jake needed some sex education, that Luke could show Jake how to use his small penis and make himself feel good.

I sent Luke this txt "Jake's been walking around with a boner, maybe he needs some time with you after all".

Luke responded "omw" (I had to look it up it means "on my way").

I did a couple of things next that to this day shock me. First, because I thought to do them, and second, because i actually did. I grabbed a video camera, put black tape of the recording light, turned it on and to record and placed it in my sons room facing his bed. I next got Jake and dressed him in a pair of adorable little boxers and shiny silver shorts that always seems to attract stares at his bottom when he wears them in public. I kept Jake shirt less though. These two somewhat innocent acts led the rest of my mind to believe that whatever was going to happen was inevitable and I was powerless to stop it.

I looked at Jake in his shiny shorts, with his messy brown hair, his soft supple skin, his skinny frame with all those little muscles showing his greenish eyes that seemed to have light behind them, his small mouth with pinkish red lips that made him look slightly English, and his small ass that just came away from his body far enough for you to know that an ass even existed on the boy. Even though nothing had happened yet, I knew that I wanted it too. I wanted to again feel that rush surge through me combining this taboo with my own sexual pleasure. I had long been afraid that nothing short of this would ever get me off again and I was now determined to put my needs before any qualms I might have had.

It seemed too soon and not soon enough when the doorbell finally rang. I greeted Luke and led him inside. I told him my deal, I would leave him alone with Jake for the next 30 minutes, nothing goes into the boys ass and when I return I get fucked just like last time. He thought about it for a minute and plainly stated I shouldn't worry so much and that give him at least an hour and he can't make any promises about that ass. He said this with a disarming smile and laugh that propelled me to laugh with him. Like my condition earlier was just a joke. I agreed and told him to use Jakes bedroom.

He liked that idea and told me not to worry that it would be fun. As he did this though and as I was starting to walk past him I saw a reddish tint grow over his eyes and face. I made it two blocks where I sat in my car, sipped from a bottle of vodka and rubbed my clit trying to only think about my own needs and how they would soon be met. I started the car at the 58 minute mark, but then thought the better of it and decided that some more time couldn't hurt. I finally put the car in gear after 90 minutes.

When I arrived back home I stood on my front porch not knowing whether to knock or just go in. I finally went in and was somewhat surprised to see Luke sitting on the couch fully dressed. I asked him where Jake was and he responded that Jake was asleep. Seeing the expression on my face he quickly responded not to worry that everything went fine and he was ready to give me my fuck. At least some motherly instinct was still left inside me as I first went upstairs to peek in on Jake.

With my heart in my throat I opened his door. Jake was indeed sleeping, he had his boxers on and was laying on his stomach with his head turned to the side while all the bed cloths lay on the floor next to him. From this distance, he looked peaceful and serene. As I stepped into the room the smell of sex filled my nostrils and instinctively made the juices flow into my pussy. I walked closer to the bed and noticed several red marks on my boys back. I saw some evidence of crying on the boys face and noticed red finger marks on his neck as well. I stood over him not believing what I was going to do next. See I wasn't going to do it to make sure he was ok, no I was going to do it to make sure he was fucked. I slid my fingers underneath the elastic of his waistband and lifted while pulling them down.

What had previously been an unmarked, unblemished ass was now covered in red marks. Again my pussy was flooded as I pictured him getting spanked. I ran my finger down his cleft over his boy hole to discover it had been opened wide and filled with liquid. I dared to push the finger into him and extract the evidence of his lost virginity. I felt the consistency of the fluid between my two fingers and did not have to think hard to know it was cum. With desire ripe within me I put Jakes boxers back where I found them and left his room. I met Luke at the entrance to my bedroom and together we went inside.

Luke answered the one question that I was scared to ask about.

"I gave him a little ambien to help him sleep, didn't want him up screaming and crying the whole night."

Just as before, Luke fucked me as if I was Jake. Several times he made reference to what he had just done with my son saying things like

"Jake sure was a lot tighter than this" and "at least you don't cry as much as your boy".

With each of these I found myself coming closer to orgasm. I had gone so far with this taboo that only the worst parts of these were getting me off. I needed more and more, I begged Luke for more and more. I asked him to put me in the same position he had just fucked Jake. I told him to do the same to me as he had done to the boy. I asked him to tell me whatever he had told my son. Just like with the first fuck, Luke proved to be an aggressive, mean fucker who treated me as meat that needed pounding. Knowing that Jake had just gone through this finally brought on orgasm after orgasm that left my whole body numb and shaking. After we finished Luke was again impatient to leave. Without goodbyes he dressed and left, I headed to my sons room with the only thought of retrieving the video camera.

I should mention now that Lisa was at a friends house this night. I had not yet brought her into this whole sorted affair and was keen on keeping her away for now. So with Jake under a drug induced sleep I hooked up the camera to my TV and started the video file. I grew embarrassed and ashamed as I saw myself placing the camera in the room and positioning it so it had the bed square in the frame. New found guilt came on as I saw a still innocent Jake come into his room and start to play with his cars on the floor. All night long I had forgotten that he was a little boy and not a tool to be used for my gratification. I wept silently with these realizations and started to make for the camera to shut it off when my libido was again sparked by the entrance of Luke. What followed was more shocking than anything I could have ever dreamed up. For with this video evidence four things were very apparent:

1. My son was not a virgin and was quite use to sucking cock and getting fucked.
2. My son was better at sucking cock than me.
3. Luke was shocked as well that Jake was not a virgin.
4. Luke was obviously very disappointed that Jake was not a virgin and punished the boy brutally for it.

From what I could surmise from the tape, Jake enjoyed sex with men. At least at the beginning when Luke was fondling Jake and pushing a finger into his little ass my son was enjoying the attention. When Jake went down on a surprised Luke and started to give him an expert blow job, my son still seemed to be enjoying himself. Luke, noticing that he did not have the little virgin that he expected, Seemed determined that Jake not enjoy the fucking to come that much. Just like he did with me he roughly grabbed my son by his hair and spat in his face.

He laid him on the mattress on his back and pulled his head back so that it was laying over the edge. Using this angle to force his cock deep into the boys throat face fucking him hard. In this position, I saw him slap my sons balls several times. I could see the tears running down my sons cheeks with each new assault. Also, unlike with me, he came in my boys mouth and my son without being told, and from I can only surmise was a whole lot of cock sucking experience, swallowed the load with no hesitation. Luke next sat on the bed and pulled Jake into his lap.

For a while he and the boy made out like two lovers. Tonguing each others mouths, Luke wiping the tears back from Jake's cheeks and even apologizing for the rough treatment. I was surprised to notice my sons cock was hard. Luke seemed happily surprised as well and quickly took to jacking it up and down and then moved into position to suck my sons small cock. I saw my son buck and hump Luke's face, clearly enjoying the blow job.

At this point I paused the tape. My mind was not able to comprehend any of this. My son was not a virgin, my son likes his cock sucked, and Luke was willing to slap my sons balls just to make him cry so he could get off. The only thing I could concentrate on was "my son is not a virgin". How was this possible? Who would he have been with and when? I sat stunned for several minutes thinking about my innocent little boy and how none of this made sense. How could he have some secret life, or even just a secret experience that I wouldn't have known about?

I also was angry, not at myself as I probably should have been, but at Jake for having this private life. I now wanted to see more of the video, part of me felt so betrayed that Jake kept this from me that I wanted him punished.

I pressed play again and sat watching as my son appeared to orgasm while Luke sucked his cock. Luke and Jake again started to kiss, to swap spit and caress tongues like two 15 year olds. Luke's cock was again hard and seemed to bring back the animal lust that brought out the worst in him. I kept wishing for things to move along as I was actually now getting bored with them kissing and wanted to see something more vial done to my son. I was not disappointed as Luke broke free from the embrace and called Jake a little whore.

"Little gay boy aren't you Jake, little fucking whore."

I grew moist again seeing the action speed up and knowing what was coming. Luke roughly put Jake in a spanking position over his knees and started to run his right hand up and down the boys body while his left kept him in place.

"please let me go, you can fuck me now I wont care" pleaded Jake.

This seemed to enrage Luke even further as he didn't want a willing little boy whore. I knew he wanted an innocent little virgin for which he could defile. Luke started to spank Jake's ass. Hitting it harder and harder as I heard my son go from begging, to crying, to sobbing, to screaming. Luke was getting more and more excited with each passing wail and was now spreading Jake's legs and running his hands up and down the inside of his thighs. He ran the hand up and started to gently caress the crevice of my son's ass. He brought his index finger to Jake's mouth and told the boy "wet it".

Jake, even in his current distress, took the finger quickly in his mouth and sucked it like the old pro he apparently was. This seemed to anger Luke just as it did me this time. He pulled the finger from Jake's mouth and, after circling the boys small hole for a second to get just the tip in, rammed the finger in the squirming child. Luke put his arm around Jake and held him firm while he pushed and pulled his index finger in the boys ass. Luke spit down on the boys ass and picking some of this up with his fingers now added his middle finger to Jake's ravaged backside. With two fingers in Jake's ass the boy started to protest vigorously for Luke to go slower and give him time. Luke ignored all protests and complaints and was fervently finger fucking the little ass before him.

As Luke told me during our first encounter he did indeed do Jake on his back. He laid Jake down on his back in the boys small twin bed and lifted the boys legs by his knees while waddling up between them. While still holding Jake's legs up the man put copious amounts of spit in his hand and started to rub his cock with it. Jake was again pleading for the man to go slow and, to my surprise, to use vaseline. Reminded once again that Jake was not the virgin he wanted, the man slapped Jake across the face and told him that little boy whores get nothing. He told Jake that his well used cunt probably didn't even need spit.

The man started to circle his dick at Jakes hole now adding the occasional thrust that moved the boy on the mattress. My son was not crying or screaming at this point, but instead had a look of concentration on his face. Luke had yet to pin the boys knees next to his ears so I could plainly see his face. His mouth was open in a little O, his eyes were wide and bright looking at the man's face who was trying desperately to violate him. I stared deeply into his eyes looking for a change, then they grew even wider and his mouth opened wide to its fullest.

I heard Luke groan while Jake started to grunt. I saw Luke's hips jab in short little thrusts, and was captivated watching Jakes body being jerked back and forth on his bed. Luke was now holding both of Jake's legs by his ankles and, in what looked to be a well practiced move, he rolled fully on top of the boy while folding Jake in half pinning the legs next to his head. I could only see Jake's ass turned up now and the large cock wedged in it. Luke started to fuck the boy in more earnest now. I watched amazed, as each thrust in, buried more and more of the cock into Jake. At that moment I wanted nothing more than to see the entire cock disappear. I knew I would feel cheated if Jake wasn't fully fucked. Luke must have had the same thought as he was burying more and more of his cock inside the boys tight ass.

I felt glad that Jake was not a virgin now as I knew that his ass would have been ripped apart if it was not previously stretched and used. I suddenly came when I saw Luke's pubes pressed hard against Jake's ass. I knew he was completely buried in him by both the picture before me and the screams I heard from Jake as he was brutally pounded. The screams soon became grunts each time Luke thrust back into him. UGH, UGH, UGH, UGH was the continual rhythm I heard. Faster and faster Luke's hips moved until I saw him thrust in hard and then keeping thrusting forward pushing my son deep into his bed. I saw Luke's balls pulse as they pumped his seed into what had to be Jake's stomach. As soon as he had finished his cum, I watched as he very slowly pulled the cock out of my son. It seemed to take many long seconds before the entire length exited from Jake's sore and well used hole.

Luke grew back into the man and out of the animal that he seemed to become when hard. He lowered Jake's legs down on the bed and left the room for a moment leaving Jake there alone quietly sniffling and squirming in what had to be pain. He came back in with a pill and some water and Jake, without question, swallowed what I presume was the sleeping pill. Luke laid down next to him on the bed and asked Jake "so does you mom pimp you out often?".

I was temporarily stunned, Luke thought I was the reason the boy was not a virgin. Jake looked confused and asked what pimp meant.

"You know does your mom let lots of guys fuck you?" Luke asked.

"No" Jake responded "my mom doesn't even know".

This perplexed Luke enough to let it drop and he quietly stroked Jake's hair, face and stomach. He told the boy how cute he was and that he was sorry for hurting him. He told Jake that he loved him and wanted to be with him more. Jake, with still the occasional sniffle, seemed to easily forgive this man who just so brutally fucked him. I saw Jake press in tighter to Luke and enjoy these caresses. Before long Jake fell off to sleep and I watched Luke put Jake's boxers back on and leave the room.

My goal now was to find out more about my son. I knew that there was a whole part of his life that I knew nothing about. One of secrecy, sex and who knows what else. Thoughts in my mind started to form into plans and I grew excited about how I was going to find out the truth. That is for another story though.

To conclude this one let me just remind you pervs that I know when you are looking at my kids. I see the casual glance over the shoulder as you look back to oogle at my son's ass. I notice that you continually appear in different parts of the store trying to act nonchalant while walking past again and again. I see you wait the required 5 seconds before you take off after my son as he goes into a public restroom. It's OK though. I like you looking at my kids. J..

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