Autobiography of the Auther.
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I am a woman, therapist, wife, mother of 3, and a complete pervert. I wish it wasn't so. I wish the person I portray in public was the same as when I am alone with my thoughts. But alas, my destiny was determined by my sick uncle long ago. Growing up it was me, my little brother and my mom. Our dad was never in the picture and I have no idea even what he looks like. We lived in a Duplex around Quebec City. We grew up speaking French and English often times within the same sentence. We lived on one side of the Duplex and our Uncle lived on the other. I always thought of him as a father. He was always there for us and, until I was around 11 and my brother was around 9, never gave us a clue as to what really lived deep inside him.

Right after my brother's ninth birthday my Uncle took a new interest in him. I remember being over at my Uncles with my brother, just the three of us. My uncle (Steve) had my Brother ( Frédéric - but we all call him Jake) on his lap. This was not too uncommon as both my brother and I spent lots of time on Steve's lap. This time however my Uncle's hands must have started to wonder. I saw my brother start to squirm and whine for my Uncle to stop it. At the time I just remember being annoyed with another one of my little brothers whiny cries. My Uncle quickly took things up to another level though. He roughly pulled Jake up and started to yell at him to be a good boy and just do what hes told. My brother was quick to break out in tears which just further angered my Uncle. Steve grabbed Jake and quickly pulled him over his lap. I watched as he pulled my brothers shorts and underwear down and started to spank Jake hard and fast. I was breathless as I heard Jake cry and scream and then I felt new strange feelings in my tummy as I watched my Uncle start to rub Jake's ass then start to push a finger into his boy hole. My Uncle seemed to remember my presence and asked me to help him. He had me put a hand over Jake's mouth as he forced two fingers into Jake. I was mesmerized by the sight of my Uncle spitting onto Jake for lubrication. The butterflies in my stomach flew out of control when my Uncle stood up with Jake and ordered him to strip. Steve stripped as well and I saw a hard adult cock for the first time in my life. Being 11 I was just on the cusp of puberty and was just learning what it felt like to have my pussy become damp. Looking at my Uncle's hard cock and seeing him use my brother as a sex object made me wetter than I had ever been before. I knew nothing of sex, I was vaguely aware of some small specifics, but had never even remembered seeing a man naked. Now I was watching, actually helping, my Uncle Steve use Jake as a sex toy. Jake was put on the floor, now completely naked, sitting on his knees. My uncle told me to hold Jake's hands behind his back which I quickly did. My brother was still crying and begging my Uncle to stop. Uncle Steve grabbed Jake roughly by his long hair and started to rub his cock over the boys face. I felt spasms in my cunt for the first time seeing this. I felt the adrenaline course through every part of me and forgot all about being a good big sister and instead thought only of my pussy.

Before long my Uncle has the head of his cock in Jake's mouth and with both hand on the side of Jake's head he started to fuck my brother's mouth. After just a couple of minutes, or perhaps even seconds I saw my Uncle bury more and more of his cock into Jake as Steve started groaning and bucking his hips. I had no idea what was happening or that Steve was actually filling Jake's mouth with cum at the time. I saw Steve visibly calm down and also saw my brother spit on the floor again and again. Steve told Jake what a good boy he was and essentially thanked him. He put his pants on also praised me for my help and told me what a big girl I was and how I surprised him with how strong I was. To say I wanted the praise is an understatement. I relished it, I needed it. Growing up with no father, I was more than willing to do anything for a man that I had spent my childhood fantasizing that he was my father.

My Brother did not adjust well to this new situation. My Uncle's desire seemed to know no limits and everyday Jake was introduced to some new type of perverted act. My Uncle always made sure to include me. I felt like a co conspirator helping my Uncle use my whiny little brother. I loved being on his team and my pussy loved even more the sights of Steve and Jake having sex. Having no other outlet for sexual knowledge this is how I was educated in the ways of love. Seeing Steve and Jake day after day led me to believe that the only way I could get off was to help a man use a little boy. When I started to masturbate, these are the images I pictured. I would rub my little clit and finger my virgin pussy thinking about Steve's hard cock pumping in and out of Jake's mouth. Or I would picture me holding Jake's ass open as Uncle Steve lined his cock up and penetrated my brother's little hole. I would often cum to the images of Steve deep dicking Jake's ass, remembering Steve's moans and Jake's screams as I shoved another finger in my cunt. Steve quickly went to pimping Jake out as well, which meant that I had even more men to act as father figures towards me. I never hesitated to indulge any of them in what evil thing they wanted to do to Jake. For some reason I was never really touched. It seemed to be a rule, that I could help them use Jake, but I was not to be used myself.

There was one evening that at least 8 men used Jake. They all gave me tips and made me feel so important. I watched as they came on Jake's face and over his back and on his stomach. It was usually my job to be ready with a towel to clean up. I was also in charge of washing Jake up between sessions and would put him in the shower and scrub him. I became fascinated with his little body. He was very cute, with a skinny body and deep green eyes. His hair was brown and was always kept long. He had a smaller dick that was cut. It occasionally got hard and was probably 2.5 inches at the time. His ass was also well shaped, typical little boys ass with muscular dimples and a perfect curve to it. I loved rubbing it and feeling it when I cleaned Jake up.

Jake is now very gay living in Toronto with his partner. We have talked somewhat about what happened and he views me as much as a victim as himself. He has been kind enough to say that he doesn't blame me for any of what happened. He has asked however why I don't let his nephews visit him more and perhaps stay for a few days.

So now when people see an author who likes to write about a mom who holds her sons down so some twisted pedo can fuck them they might ask why? I guess in my case its pretty easy to see why the idea of some man using one of my pretty sons turns me on. I am wet even now thinking about my youngest son having a dick in his mouth while I hold his hands behind his back. Having kids that are really pretty doesn't help either. I do see you guys staring at them and know what you are thinking. Lucky for you, I am having the same thoughts and love to know what goes through your minds when you look at my sons tight little asses or my daughters slim long legs. Don;t get me wrong here, I am not open to letting any man come fuck them they are my kids after all- but in my fantasies all of you already have. again and again, in every way imaginable. J.

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2015-10-04 06:38:46
Don't tell them to burn in hell, they opened up themselves so you can know them better. My advice to you, the author, just go with your gut if you decide to let someone use your kids. If you don't, you'll start second guessing yourself.

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2015-05-26 17:58:12
This is disgusting may you burn in hell

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2013-12-14 19:22:06
I think Jake and his partner want to spit roast his little Nephews!
I know it's something I'd like to person!

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2013-09-24 23:08:01
I love this. I'm one of the guys that stare longingly at your pretty little boys with lust in my eyes. And at your daughter's long slim legs and sweet curved ass too.

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