The sad story of my sons abuse.
Please feel free to contact me.

Shea is my now 11 year old son. When he was 10 a friend of mine fooled around with him. Shea is a really pretty child, skinny, longer dirty blond hair, a very cute ass, tiny balls, but a longer penis (cut), He is affectionate, emotional, silly and kind. He gets along and plays with his big sister Emma much more than his younger brother Brandon. Shea is not into sports too much, but has the body of a swimmer. When he was 9 we got both of his ears pierced as well. So he looks very chic with his long hair, pierced ears and such. He looks more like my husbands family from France so he has those typical smaller lips, rosy checks and button nose that you see many of the French boys have. Ok enough details for you to know that yes my son is hot and you would like him. On with the tale:

We have been very open about sex with all of the kids so I don't think Shea is that repressed. OF course that's also what worries me, if you tell a kid that sex is good, healthy, fun and that they are ok to let themselves feel good - you are generally referring to them touching themselves or playing with a same age boy or girl. If you tell that to a boy that has desires for men, you are essentially setting his ass up for some hurt. Shea is a very touchy feely kid that loves to be in men's laps and will do anything to please guys. He begs my husband to let him hang out with the guys and for him to take him out anytime my husband is meeting friends. If there is an older male in the house - Shea will do whatever it takes to get in that mans lap. Even now at 11 he will awkwardly hold hands with guys and such. I saw him this summer at the day camp he went to for a couple of weeks walking along holding hands with his camp counselor - a hot guy of about 20. I did not mind at all and only thought it was cute - and somewhat sexy - but I don't know many 11 year old boys that want to hold hands with older guys. Its a little hard for me to write - but I think - well I know that Shea was had some experience with a man. I mentioned the cum in the hood of his sweatshirt - I haven't followed up on it just because it is a little hard for me to write about. You know I can write the darkest fantasies about my sons, but its harder to write about truths. I feel guilty writing it because I get aroused by it and it really happened. Getting hot and wet having fantasies about your own kids is one thing, but getting mind blowing orgasms thinking about the time when they were actually molested takes guilt and remorse to a whole other level. So here is what happened.....

I met a guy in college - lets call him Luc. We are both from Quebec and found ourselves in Paris attending University. Since we were pretty much the only two from Canada in Paris we became friends. He is very strange - he studied art and spent most of his time on the streets in Paris trying to do drawings for tourists. I knew he was bi-sexual and we had some fun in university talking dirty and he was really the first person I ever told about my childhood. He was kind and listened - but now in hindsight - he always wanted to talk about it and hear more of the details and different times things happened to Jake. It was therapeutic and I enjoyed telling him so I did not think much of it really. Him and I never really did anything sexual though. So since University we have stayed friends and visit every once in a while. Last summer -2012- he invited my whole family to stay for a week with him in his cabin in northern Quebec. A beautiful place with a little cabin and a lake nearby - just an amazing place. So we all went, of course Shea (who was 10 at the time) did his usual routine of getting Luc to like him. Campfires at night would always find Shea in Luc's lap. The second night as I was holding Sabina who was just born in my lap, I know I saw Shea sitting in Luc's lap with Luc rubbing Shea's stomach and I saw Luc have to adjust his cock and I saw him occasionally "stretch" which I think was an excuse to push his hardened cock into Shea's short covered ass. Hindsight is of course bringing these details into sharper focus.

On day 4 Luc asked if he and Shea could take a hike to see a remote airport where there was a large airliner that had crashed. Shea wanted nothing more than to go and I really had no reason to say no. I had an inkling at the time that I should say no, I am sorry to say that I even thought in my head that Luc wanted Shea alone in the woods so he could fuck him - but I let them go anyway. The hike and return would take three days so they had to camp out two nights. 3 days later they returned. Shea did not sit in Lucs lap that last 2 nights we were at the cabin and he didn't really act himself - he somewhat did - but not quite. I saw him and Luc exchanging laughs and stuff - but something was a little off. When I went to get Shea his sweatshirt on the night he returned I tried to open the hood and it kind of "ripped" apart. I saw, smelled, and yes tasted what was definitely cum that had dried on the inside of his hoody. I filled with adrenaline, thoughts or murder, and I got wet and week in the knees as well. I instantly knew that Luc or Shea had to have used it to clean up cum on their trip. Since only Luc could cum I knew it was his, since it was Shea's hoody I knew it was not innocent.

I did not go straight to Shea and ask him about it, we returned home and things were normal. Shea did bring up Luc just about every chance he got. He even said that Luc said he could come back anytime and Shea kept pestering me to call Luc and see if he could. I finally broke down and kinda told Shea that I knew or at least suspected that him and Luc fooled around and I wanted him to know that I basically hoped he enjoyed it and that I was ok with it. I let him know again that its his body and he is allowed to use it however he wants. I told him that of course if Luc or anyone tried to make him do something he didn't want to do he should fight, scream and tell me and I would kill the guy. He giggled at this and i told him he didn't have to tell me what happened but I was curious to know. He was to shy to say anything so I just did a question answer type thing with him.

Did Luc take your clothes off? yes

Did he take his clothes off?yes

Did he touch your dick? yes

Did you touch his dick? yes

Did you kiss? yes

Did you like it? yes

Did he kiss you dick? mommmmm

Well did he? yes

Did you kiss his? a long pause - its ok if you did I really dont care and there is nothing wrong with it ---- Yes

Did you guys suck each other like give each other blowjobs? yes

Did he play with your butt? yes

I saw that while he enjoyed the exchange initially he was getting squirmy and uneasy now. I asked him:

Did he put a finger in your ass? and after a little while I saw tears kinda form in his eyes and he told me yes

I again consoled him and told him - if you liked it its ok, if you didn't then don't worry about it I will make sure it doesn't happen again. I told him most boys do similar things and that while it may seem like a big deal and all that he really should just not worry about it all that much.

He kinda rolled his eyes around and said i know i know and told me that he was just embarrassed talking to me about it. I wast going to be denied my final questions though.

Do you know what cum is? yes

Did he cum in your mouth? kinda

and I just couldn't resist:
Did he put his dick in your bottom? kinda

What does kinda mean? mooommmmm (whiny mom sound, not sure how to really write that, but Shea does it very well)

What did you like best? moooommmmm

OK so at this point I knew that I was abusing the boy by making him tell his mommy about all this we talked some more and I made light of the situation. I told him that I was happy for him that he had some fun and learned some of this. I told him that I would never judge him and that he should he could tell me anything. I let him know that sex should not be that big of a deal and its good to learn this stuff and have experiences as a younger person so that when you grow up you know what you want in life. ect.

So that's basically the story. I, like you now, want to hear everything - step by step every detail. What does kinda mean, what else happened and how willing were you? But I have not embarrassed the boy further. You are also probably asking if he has gone back to stay with Luc - No. I have not sent him back. But I have wondered if that wouldn't have been better than what I suspect is happening now. I think Shea looks for other guys and could very well be playing around with other men. I don't have details on this and I have kinda teased him some about it and he never really denies it. So you see there is a good chance Shea is one of those healthy boys that just likes men.

The Hoody? So how did cum get in the hoody? well...

I asked him why there was cum in his hood of the sweatshirt. He didn't want to tell me, but I told him that if I have to wash the cum out he has to at least let me know how it got there. So he told me that Luc had him lay down naked and Luc straddle him and was jacking off and occasionally making Shea lick his cock and stuff. Finally Luc came and sprayed Shea's face with his cum. As a joke Luc took the hood of Shea's sweatshirt and put it over Shea's face to kinda clean him up and also hold it over his face kinda teasing Shea. I dont know what it is with men. Why must you spray all your cum on our faces? I assume it is the degrading hotness of seeing some slut wearing your cum, but as I have no cum to shoot I am only guessing.

This is not how Shea exactly told the story, but after enough questions and some interpreting what Shea meant - this is what happened.

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This is a very hot story
I want to suck Sheas cock also.

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