A mom finds a way to profit from her pretty son.
This is a fictional story and in no way am I promoting sex between adults
and children in anyway.

Julie's Meal Ticket
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Julie had seen the ad in the local newspaper. "Wanted models between 8-12 for designer clothing ads, pays $50. per hour". Julie did not have much going for her. She was out of work, no child support or alimony and the little money she lived on from her parents had all but dried up. She did have one asset, a strikingly beautiful 10 year old son. Brandon was slim and blond, with a girlish face outlined with reddened highlights on his cheeks and lips. His slim form with bony hips, a flat but somewhat muscled chest and stomach, smooth thighs, and a perfect little ass, have all led to many people telling Julie that he should be a model. His best feature might have been his infectious smile with bright shiny teeth that would melt anyone's heart if they were lucky enough to be smiled upon. Of course some would say his hair might be his best feature, dirty blond, mostly straight, his mother kept it somewhat long ever since he was little, never having the courage to cut too much off. He was constantly shaking his head to move the hair out of his eyes, which combined with his smile was enough to make even much older girls blush.

So with the newspaper in one hand and Brandon in the other, Julie walked into Fashion Studio. In the lobby were several other parents and kids all with similar hopes of making some quick money by using their kids good looks. At the front desk a woman of about 50 glances at Julie, then eyes Brandon up and down. She hands Julie a form which she got from a drawer behind her and asks her to fill it out and bring it back. Finding a seat in the large waiting room, Julie starts on the form. Most of it was boilerplate paperwork, but what was interesting was the second to last page that listed in four distinct sections a fee, and under what types of modeling would be done for the fee. At the top of each section was an area for Julie to initial her consent for Brandon to work in that area.

The first section listed fashion modeling, listing types of clothes and the basic rate of $50 an hour to wear such clothing and pose. The second section listed under garments, swim wear and misc. shiftless pictures for $100 an hour. The third section listed possible nude scenarios including; medical photographs, art photography, still life posing, and general pictures with nudity in them - for $400 an hour. The last section and the one that Julie was now sure that this was for over 18 models only listed one word: Erotica. This paid $1500. an hour. Julie not sure if she was even supposed to initial the accept/decline box on this section walked to the receptionist to inquire if this was indeed the correct form.

The studios lady at the front listened patiently to Julie explain that her 10 year old son was hear for the fashion modeling job and if she should fill out these sections of the form as well. Calmly and with much practiced ease the receptionist explained to Julie that the form was indeed correct and that while initialing any box did definitely not mean you were giving carte blanch to the studio, but rather just being open to accepting various jobs should they arise.

She explained further that the nudity section was necessary even for the most benign of pictures such as a shot with a child getting out of the tub with a towel wrapped around them but that had the back a little low so the top of the child's buttocks might be exposed. The erotica section was something newer that they have added to the form. While erotica to adults means sex and such, in the business of kids photography it can mean something entirely different. A child in full clothing who happens to be on his hands in knees can in many cases be considered erotica. Why?, she explains is probably just the dirty old men who make these laws cant see anyone on their knees without having a dirty thought.

The lady goes on to suggest that you should be open to all categories since it does not mean that you have to accept the job before you hear more about it. And yes, if you select the nudity box there will be photographers who want just that - a long photo shoot with your son completely naked, but that does not mean you have to accept the job if it is not to your liking. The one thing you do not want to do is leave yourself closed to opportunities or turn down too many gigs. Once they know you are going to say no, no one is going to call.

Julie mollified by this explanation asks only if everything is legal, the receptionist knowing that this mom has passed the first part of the test tells her that while most everything is legal they do venture into some taboo areas that pay so well that no one ever thinks about the law too much. Since no one here is forced to do anything, they do not worry too much about what society gives them permission for. If you are worried about the law then you might want to try to get your son a paper route to make extra money. If you want to make real money then you should just follow your instincts and decide job to job what you would be willing to have Brandon do.

With what sounded like this sound advice Julie proceeds to finish the form initialing yes under for all four categories. Her hairdresser, a gay man in his twenties told Julie many times that Brandon was just about every pedos fantasy. He often teased her offering free cuts for life for just a moment with her son alone.

Knowing that he was just having some harmless fun she never took any of it too serious. In fact, she often felt enormous pride when she watched men like him stare openly and longingly at her son. She once, when Brandon was just nine, found herself asking Kent (her hairdresser) what he would do if he had his moment alone with Brandon.

With a red face and just a bit short of breath, Kent excitedly told her that even a cuddle from such a lovely boy would be enough to keep his libido in check for years. Pressing further and now a little excited at this forbidden discussion, Julie presses further. Kent, after getting assurances that Julie would be fine with whatever honest answer he would give, told Julie that he envisioned Brandon on his knees with his big blue eyes looking up at him while Kent's cock was pushed deep and hard into Brandon's throat. Hearing only encouragement from a visibly excited Julie, Kent continues with his fantasy telling her how he would gently lay Brandon on his back and after worshipping his body with little kisses, bites and licks he would pick Brandon's legs up from the knees and pin them next to his ears.

He would then guide his cock to the sweetest ass he had ever seen and with great tenderness he would deprive Brandon of his virginity. Taken with the story and the free cosmopolitans Julie, now red faced and more than a little wet, asks if he wants to fuck her son slow and gentle or hard and fast. Kent taking this as a serious question explains that while he would probably be kind and go somewhat slow and gentle what he would really want to do is to fuck Brandon with such abandon that he wouldn't walk right for weeks. That just the image of that tight ass absorbing blow after blow of a hard, deep and fast fuck is enough to turn any man into a raging pedo. This exchange between her and Kent had forever etched in her mind that Brandon was a sexual being. Or that at least others saw him as a sexual being.

She was a good mother, protective, kind and filled with all the other general feelings that one would expect. This one exchange though, with the influence of alcohol and further coupled with the fact that she was as sexually frustrated as one could get led her to occasionally glance at her son with a less than motherly eye. More than once while she was busy rubbing her clit, a little drunk, and more than a little desperate she turned to slipping in the occasional image of her hot hairdresser feeding his cock into her pretty son.

Guilt of course piled up after. She knew how wrong it was and she knew that, while the fantasy could never hurt anyone, she was being less than motherly at these times. It didn't stop her though from further asking Kent on subsequent trips to the hairdresser what made her boy so special.

Kent often replied that when you combine a pretty boy who is a touch dainty, but still none the less all boy - that these are the qualities that men look for. The way Brandon walks, his infectious giggle and smile, his smallish nose, those skinny hips and perfect boy ass. To look at him you see the innocence that was once part of all of us and want it back even if it means trying to take or steal it from him.

Julie on several occasions let Kent cut Brandon's hair as well. She sat in the chair next to him watching Kent stroke and caress her sons head and shoulders. Often giving Brandon's cheeks a loving caress. On more than one occasion she could have sworn she saw Kent pushing his bulge into one of Brandon's shoulders while leaving in to make a precision cut. She always felt a little rush of excitement at these moments knowing what Kent wanted from the boy and knowing she was dangling her son in front of him just to tease him and get him as frustrated sexually as she was.

She always made Brandon hug Kent hello and goodbye knowing that this seemingly innocent gesture was in fact a lewd joke on Kent. Kent for his part made the most of these small but wicked gestures. When these hugs came he would always pick the boy up and press him fully into his body. He would wrap his right hand around the boys slim backside and while grabbing the boy by the opposite hip press his forearm into the boys ass to get a fell for its firmness.

Not knowing how far Julie was willing to let this game go, the most daring he ever got was with a small peck on Brandon's right check while Kent's arm retreated so his hand was able to give a quick but firm squeeze to the whole of Brandon's left butt cheek. Julie saw this squeeze and her head snapped to attention knowing that her son just got molested - if even in the most benign and innocent way. Her son for his part seemed to cherish if not love these moments when a man paid any attention to him.

With no dad to speak of these hugs were the most contact her son had with a man. So while her head knew that something wasn't all together innocent about these meetings, she let them continue and even forced her boy into them. The one thing Julie could not deny was the wetness she experienced during these encounters, nor the pride she felt for having produced a boy so pretty that men lusted after him.

So not being as quite as innocent to what made her son so attractive as a model Julie was somewhat excited about the possibility of making more than $50. an hour. As long as they were just pictures, she figured, what harm could come to them. After all she wasn't willing to let Brandon get fucked or anything like that, only some pictures of him shirt less perhaps. Or at the very most she reasoned, seeing him on his back with his legs pulled up and his mouth open gazing into the camera would bring a nice payday and Brandon, for his part would not know that these pictures were anything but innocent poses.

When her and Brandon finally got called back the nerves in her stomach had almost made her nauseated. Why she felt such angst over what she expected to be just some fashion photos she could not explain. In hindsight, what her body knew that her mind had yet to comprehend, was that she was actively seeking a way to pimp her son out for money to men who wanted nothing more than to use her son in every possible way.

In the room they were brought into stood 2 men and 1 young women. The men both looked very much like her hairdresser. Stylish, slim, attractive and very much gay as far as she could see. The women was young, perhaps 20 at the most and was quite beautiful. She looked very much like every model Julie had ever seen in the fancy catalogs that were sent to her 1 room apartment most decidedly by mistake.

The two men stared past Julie, looking directly at Brandon. They stared intensely at his face with wide eyes and hopeful glances to each other. They had this routine down as they started to flatter Julie over Brandon. His looks, his style, those eyes, that hair. My dear they would say he is the most beautiful creature we have ever seen. Every boy photographer out there will want a piece of him. These phrases were all deliberate to gauge Julie's reaction.

They then started to man handle young Brandon raking his hair from his eyes with their hands. Holding his head with both hands as they probed and prodded his face like he was a dog in the Westminster show. They would also deliberately treat the child model as an object at this point, only looking to mom for confirmation or direction. They learned early on to not let the child have a say, to let them know that everything was inevitable and that they were merely a pawn in this business. They showered Julie with more compliments and exclamations saying they just must get some test shots right away and the camera will just love him. They asked Julie if they may change the boys clothes to something more suitable for the shoot.

Julie responds of course, but to her surprise they do not send the boy behind a screen or ask her to help him. Instead they tell the boy arms up and right in front of her pull his shirt off over his head. They admonish his slight hesitation and obvious embarrassment at being unshirted so quickly. They use some encouragement saying that he has all the makings of one of the best models, and that to be truly a great model you can have to modesty and must turn yourself over completely to be putty in the hands of the artists behind the camera. They ask Brandon if he thinks he can be truly great at this or if they have seen something that is just not there.

With this praise and a naturally willingness to please any man Brandon agrees to be there putty. They continue with their rough examination of his body running their hands over his small chest feeling the small bumps of muscles on his lower stomach and also caressing each of his pecks going so far as to give his nipples each a little pinch. They turn him around and feel his shoulder blades, which stick out ever so slightly from his back.

This examination over they ask their girl assistant to go and fetch a tape measure so they can start to size the boy. The next test came when they stepped away from Brandon and asked him to please remove the rest of his clothes reminding him gently that great models are putty and his only thoughts should be of making the photographer happy. At this point Julie was more than a little nervous. Her instincts told her to get Brandon and go. Leave his shirt there, just grab him by the wrist and go. As with most gut instincts though, her mind quickly rationalized the situation to have it make sense.

She figured they did this all the time, that a studio this professional and all these people here had to be on the up and up. That, just like they said, to be a true model Brandon must be putty and they should be able to mold him in any way possible. She also again felt that pride knowing that her son could so quickly arose a man with inclinations towards young boys. That she created a creature so lovely that got the attention she had always craved from the opposite sex let her live vicariously through him. Often pretending it was her, in fact, that the men were gazing lustfully at.

Brandon now stood there in his boxers. They came to halfway down his thighs and were white with a black lining at the top. To say he looked cute would only be the way an old grandmother would describe him. He looked wanton, lithe and sexy. The staff took notice and again went to Brandon to examine these new parts now uncovered. Dropping to his knees, the one caressed Brandon's calf and stroked his leg down to his foot. Exclamations of perfect, divine, and exemplary came from his lips. after caressing each leg in turn he told, not asked, but told Brandon to turn around.

Brandon did so immediately still giggling at this mans infatuation with him. The man standing next to Julie jealously gazing at his partners touches on the lovely child delivered his line next. Of course its alright to remove his boxers so that we may measure and see the rest of him?" he half asked and half told Julie. On reflex she responded without comprehension or thought of course.

Before the course was out of her mouth Brandon stood there naked. He had neither time to protest nor any inclination left that what was happening was anything but proper. After all his mother was standing only 10 feet away from him. He saw this scenario as little different than when he went to the doctor or had to strip for his nightly bath. Exquisite the men exclaimed again. It was now time to feed Julie's ego, giving her full credit for the work of art in front of them. Telling her how amazing she was to have such a lovely son, and how wise she was to get him into modeling now before these years and youthful beauty left him.

Making her feel confident and wise in her decision while letting her feel that as long as she was making the decisions she was in control over what was happening was key to getting all they wanted out of this boy. Standing back the two men asked Brandon to turn around, to reach up real high and to touch his toes. They had him turn around again and both without making any attempt to hide their gazes stared at the boys young package. He was small, circumcised, with the head of his cock laying perfectly on his balls resting in the middle of them. The balls were also similarly small, maybe the size of a jelly bean each. Like the rest of this boy his hairless genitals leant themselves perfectly to his aura of innocence and sexuality.

Making him turn around again they both stared at his pale and shapely ass. It seemed to have a perfect arch away and back into the boys body. The firmness of it could be seen without even having to caress it. With his feet together the muscled dimples could be seen in each side, legs apart the perfect ass lost these impressions. This part of the boy though, did not lead to thoughts of innocence, instead it only led to mental images of the boy bent over something, legs spread wide while cock after cock was pounded into this perfect little ass.

They could hear the boys screams and protests as the last of his innocence was pounded out of him. A body this perfect, and an ass this fine would only lead to one thing in their industry. No one would be willing to leave this boy alone for long. This thought made the two men smile knowing that yet again they had found a perfect boy with a mom that, even if she didn't realize it yet, was going to let them do whatever they wanted with her son.

Julie was momentarily distracted by the timely return of the young lady with a cloth measuring tape. She hands it over the men and stands back also lavishing praise on how wonderful it must be for Julie to have such a perfect specimen as her son. She tells her how he is the prettiest boy or girl that has been in here for ages. The man with the tape measure starts at Brandon's shoulders throwing out numbers to his partner while he manhandles and poses the boy for each measuring. He measures his head, chest and waste. He gets on his knees and tells the boy to spread his legs a little, wrapping the tape measure around each thigh while massaging and feeling the boy at the same time. His hands squeeze the very top of Brandon's inside thigh so that the boys balls have no choice but to rest on the top of his hand.

He repeats the same process on the other side, again getting the same thrill of having the boys immature sex rest on his hand. All the while he makes sure he does not block the moms view of this show. It must seem utterly necessary and professional while still eliciting a protective response from the mom. Only in these ways can Julie get used to the gradual shock of this new world in which her son ceases to become a boy and instead becomes a sex object and plaything.

After measuring his feet and calves he turns his attention to the boys cock without hesitation lifting it and moving it from side to side. He uses the tape measure to and calls out 1.6 inches. Then after lifting and feeling the boys balls he turns Brandon around and starts to take various measurements of his inside should blade width, his lower back, and then settles in to examine the boys ass. He measures from top to bottom, side to side and as he has been trained to do, pulls the checks apart to check on the boys most private part. He looks for tell tale signs of sexual activity, stretching, discoloration, and the likes. Seeing none he hopefully concludes that this boy is all virgin.

Concluding this portion he asks the other man if he needs a full erection measurement as well. The man turns to his young assistant and tells her to take Brandon behind the screen and get that measurement as well. Telling Brandon to follow her she walks behind a curtain. Julie knows what she heard and had almost processed it when she saw her son disappear with this vixen behind the screen. The two men laugh and tell her quickly that this will definitely be Brandon's favorite part of modeling and that its good to let him have some fun as well since she will be making all the money.

They continue talking Julie up telling her that they have several jobs in mind for Brandon and they hope she will be able to accept them. They let her know that with his beauty she should never accept the rate on the sheet, that double or even triple is what she should demand. They say of course for those types of rates you wont be able to dictate much about what the photographer wants out of him, but for over $5,000. per hour no one ever complains.

After almost 10 minutes the assistant comes from behind the curtain and walks out with a coy smile. Brandon needs another minute and will be out she claims. I gave him a pair of the artsies to put on so you can take a couple test shots. Artsies were underwear that covered only the boys genitals. Almost like the smallest of thongs, the boys ass and other areas remained completely exposed. Brandon with a very red face making it look like he just came from running a race walked out with the artsies on. Perfect the men exclaimed, lets see if you model as good as we think you do.

The had Brandon stand in a variety of normal poses. Walking, waving, smiling and the like until routine and boredom set into Julie and her son. They then had him lay on the ground, doing similar shots. Pretend sleeping, doing a sit up, a push up and sitting Indian style. Once those poses were over the one photographer goes to Julie and again, half asking and half telling her, that they are now going to do what some would call erotic poses. Note that they did not ask her for her permission, only if she was ok to stay and watch or would she like to make use out of one of their private sitting rooms. Julie both nervous for her son, but excited to see what poses they are would consider erotic from a ten year old boy, chose to stay.

The first pose had Brandon standing legs slightly apart, hip out to one side with his right hand crossing his chest and resting on his left shoulder and his left hand coming to rest under his right hip, low enough so that his arm was somewhat covering the material on his skimpy undies. Several more standing poses like this occurred when they then had Brandon change into just his boxers again.

With him standing they had him repeat several of the poses and then started having him pull his boxers down little by little so that the bones of his hips were exposed and then the top of his pubis where he would someday have hair, was also exposed for the camera. They had him reach his hand in his boxers and pretend to grab or cover his small penis. They had him turn around and repeated the slow decent of his boxers to expose the top of his smallish ass.

Brandon to his credit became instantly taken with the idea of pleasing these two men who were working with him. He relished the smiles they would give him when he complied with their wishes. Being 10 he was not as completely innocent as what his mother may have thought. He very much knew what these men were. He also had some vague notions of what they wanted from him. Not just a month ago he was approached in a restroom at a gas station by a man who offered him $5. just to watch Brandon pee. Brandon happily accepted at the time both excited at the money and at having someone ogling over him.

Before he finished peeing the man offered him a full $20. just to help Brandon shake his cock. Brandon was more than happy to leave with the $25., but not as thrilled when the man with rough hands did more than just shake his penis. The man roughly grabbed it and stroked it pawing at his cock and balls. He squeezed it several times trying to milk it like a cows udder. Brandon with wide eyes and that feeling of excitement every youngster gets when they first realize what more their bodies can do for them, both enjoyed and hated this experience. After just a few moments, perhaps under a minute the man bolted out of the bathroom. Brandon felt both relieved and abandoned wishing for more attention, but glad the danger had passed.

The same feelings he had felt then had now resurfaced. The two men were posing Brandon on a couch, having Brandon bent over the armrest on one side. Feet apart, head down on a pillow the men took rope and started to bind his hands behind his back. With a verbal protest from Brandon, Julie snapped to attention to once again try to be the boy's mother. This is the type of erotica that sells Julie. Well there are a few types, but since Brandon is just starting this is our best option for now. Its a very simple concept, we pose Brandon in ways were he could be fucked and then make him powerless to stop it.

Julie was speechless, for this was the first time that anyone had overtly told her that Brandon was being posed not as a model for the Sears catalog but rather for men to masturbate on. This was another critical moment, she looked at Brandon who now with his hands tied behind his back, his feet apart ass perfectly positioned for fucking, and his head down resting side ways looking at the camera would make any pedo cum without a single touch. The men choose this moment to remind her that she is getting paid $5000 an hour for them to simply take some pictures of a boy only she could have produced.

That Brandon is an amazing boy that should have all that this money can provide them and that when God gives you such beauty it is a crime to not share it. All of these assurances were not needed, Julie was only reacting to an instinct that told her to say something when her son protested. She was enthralled by the scene before her, seeing Brandon in such a position with men fondling him while they posed him made her horny beyond belief. She wished it were her in his position, but with that not being possible, she was happy to live vicariously through him. She was secretly hoping they would push it further.

She told them not to worry, that she understood all that Brandon was required to do and to please continue. That they should not hesitate to do whatever they wanted to get the best shots. Both men's cocks swelled at such an open statement coming from the boys mother. They were hoping to just push it a little further and then to pass the boy off to the next stage in getting them hooked onto the money and leading Julie and her son down into the darkest corners of kiddie porn. Here they had Julie who seemed to be visibly excited by the prospect of them molesting her son and in fact was almost cheering them on to do so.

Mollified that Julie was on board they turned their attentions to Brandon. Stroking his ego as well as making him think they were disappointed in him. Playing with his need for praise and attention while letting him know there was no one better at this than him. They apologized for not letting him know what the plans were for his wrists and told him that with most professional models they are used to just molding them into the positions and scenarios they want. That having to explain to the model can be very time consuming and since he is worth so much per hour, that no one is going to want to do that.

They again asked Brandon whether he thought he could make them happy and be the pro they thought they saw in him. They asked him if he needed everything explained first or if he was able to be smart enough to just go with it. Just like with the boys mom they had not need worry about Brandon's willingness to please. He very much wanted to continue.

With his hands tied behind him and being bent over the couch they gave him instructions on faces. Show me a smile, now pretend to be frightened, struggle a little with your binds. Close your eyes, open you mouth, good very good. The one man went behind Brandon and proceeded to pull the boy's boxers down so his ass was now half exposed. He slid his hand down the middle of Brandon's back into his hair, grabbed a handful and pulled back causing Brandon's head to come back and for pain and surprise to shoot across his face.d

With perfect timing the man behind the camera yells awesome, perfect, yes Brandon just like that, wow amazing. Brandon was happy to pretend that the looks of pain and surprise were all part of his amazing modeling skills. The man then pushed his head hard into the couch with similar encouragement from the photographer Brandon again did his part of "acting" appropriately for the scene. They had Brandon open his mouth wider, wider.

They had the man stand in front of the boy, just off to the side with his back to the camera so you can see Brandon's open mouth while the viewer knew what the man's intent was. The man then stood again behind Brandon and pulled the boxers down to around his knees, completely revealing the smooth ass to all. Picture after picture was taken of Julie's son. So many in this pose that Julie found herself getting bored and hoping for a scene with even more excitement. Something to re-wet her now drying pussy. As those thoughts came into her mind she heard the photographer tell his partner "gag him".

A flush of excitement re-entered Julie's body as she watched her son become even more erotic. They used a simple bandana to gag the boy, still keeping him in the exposed position. They now removed his boxers completely and spread his legs wide. She saw the one man run his hand down her son's exposed ass pushing his middle finger into the crevice while doing so. She once again found herself horrified at the scene and jealous of her son. They again started to take pictures from all angles and again the man grabbed her sons hair and manhandled his small head into different positions. They told the boy to relax for a minute and asked Julie for a quiet word.

Out of ear shot from Brandon they asked Julie if she preferred them to use fake tears or would it be ok to elicit real ones? Julie seeming to not understand the question looked dumb struck at this. The one went on to explain that obviously real ones are preferred, but sometimes with amateurs they are willing to use fake ones. They told her that they could, perhaps use Brandon a little longer today and get some more needed shots of a quick spanking that would elicit some tears and that they could then finish this shoot with those. The cloud of thoughts that filled Julie's head were many, but only one question came to her mind to clarify her mind.

"Why do you need tears?" she asked.

"Well Julie," the man explained. "Men are looking at these pictures of your son and they are assuming he is going to be fucked in this position. If he was fucked while being bound and gagged, he would most likely cry. So what we want is to give men the sense that there wishes were granted and that Brandon was fucked long and hard."

For the last hour the men were both mostly hard. Seeing a boy as cute as Brandon in these overtly sexual positions left them in a constant state of horny frustration. What they heard next however, made both of their cocks go from mostly hard, to solid pieces of steel.

"Why don't you just fuck him?" the boys mother quietly asked.

For the first time in a very long while, the two men were floored. "You want us to fuck your son?" they asked.

"Well know I don't want you to," Julie lied, "but isn't that what you would normally do, and isn't he going to get fucked soon enough?"

Julie was right on both accounts. Julie tried to mask her arousal as logic, but her quickened heart rate and her jagged breaths gave her needs away.

The men exchanged excited glances, "Which one would you prefer do the honors?" Julie looked them over and chose the smaller of the two. The man quickly agreed and promised to be gently.

Julie again flooring the two men said, "But I thought you wanted tears". The man said well I think we are going to get that no matter what, as he did he took Julie's hand and pressed it into his crotch. Julie felt part of what had to be a mammoth sized cock. She instantly felt regret at her boldness, but couldn't deny that she wanted nothing else at the moment than to see these hot guys use her son.

The men called in their young female assistant and gave her two keywords "lock n load".

"Really?" she asked with some surprise and hesitation.

"That's what the mom wants," he responds. "How do you want him prepared?"

They decided to keep him how he was and to let the girl work her magic on the boys ass so he wouldn't have any problems taking the mans large cock. The girl whispers quietly into the boys ear and elicits a shy smile from the bound, bent and gagged boy. The caresses his upper back, over his hands and runs her hands down over his inviting cheeks.

She proceeds to kneel behind him and with one hand she glides it up under him to gently caress and fondle his cock and balls. With the other the pretty girl pulls his ass open and leans in, tongue out, to give the boy a tongue bath he would never forget. She gently licks the boys ass, probing her tongue into his hole with a surprise gasp coming from the boy.

She works just his cock now with the one hand, stroking and milking it making him hard. Her tongue continues to wet and dive deeper into his virgin hole. She pushes and retreats again and again while adding more spit to his tight ass. The boy, now eager to feel more, relaxes his tight hole and is rewarded with more of her tongue entering his backside. She tongue fucks him for many long minutes, continuing to slowly mile his cock the whole time.

His mother now forgotten by all in the room feels like a virgin again herself standing there watching this forbidden scene. The girl leans back and puts a finger in her mouth, slicking it with spit. She eases it through his crevice and pushes it full into the boy. Finger fucking the boy for several minutes, she adds a second finger to the now discomforted boy.

Ignoring his discomfort, she stretches the boys whole firmly fucking him with both. Removing her second hand from his cock she combines one finger from her left hand to the two from her right and now, somewhat roughly, pushes three fingers into the small child. The boys heads comes back and through his gag he tries to voice his obvious pain.

The girl, paying no head to this, continues to assault his small hole with her now three punching fingers. She constantly stretches and pushes at the side of his anus trying to get it to dilate to its fullest extent.

The man chosen to fuck Brandon steps forward, now completely naked except for a black mask which covers his entire head. His cock jets out in what seems to be an impossible proportion with his otherwise average size. The cock itself was at least 9 inches in length and as wide as the boys wrists. Julie now more than ever wanted to stop this.

Despite the orgasm she had while watching the girl rim her boy, she now was thinking only with her head and no longer wanted to see Brandon used by this monster cock. The man asked the girl still working to open Brandon's ass if he was ready. "Just a few more minutes, this cutie is really really tight. I think this may be the first true virgin we have seen in a while" The man happily steps to the boys head and removes the gag from his mouth.

The boy quickly opening his mouth to shout, to scream, to cry out in horror only finds it filled just as quickly with the mans cock.

"Get it as wet as you can and it will hurt less boy." The nice man seemed to be gone, what was left was an animal with an animals desire. The man switched from giving Brandon's cheeks little slaps, to grabbing his ears pulling on his hair. The man could not get much more than just the head of his cock in the boys mouth so in frustration he found himself smacking Brandon's face with it, rubbing his cock all over his cheeks and in his hair. He was now rubbing his balls all over Brandon's face, pressing them hard into him.

The girl said, "He's as ready as I can make him without some more time and dildos, he probably won't walk right for a week but I don't think you will tear him."

Julie's mind was racing for a way to stop the scene in front of her while saving face and keeping Brandon in the business. That was before she saw the man rub his cock over her sons face, the combination of seeing her innocent son in such a compromised position, with a cock she wanted so bad being rubbed all over him, made her again want to see her son fucked. Really she wanted to be fucked, but if she couldn't be, then watching her son take the giant cock would have to do. The man stepped behind the boy as the girl assistant stepped out towards Julie.

Tears were easily rolling down Brandon's cheek as the man was rubbing his cock up and down the valley of his ass. The man turned over completely to lust slaps the thin boys ass with a hard whack. With his cock lined up at the boys entrance the man pushes hard and pulls the boy backwards by his hips.

Fucking the tight ass of a young boy is not as easy as one might think, especially with a 9inch cock. The man knowing that these early jabs were feeble calls for the assistant to grab some pop. Julie can only think of soda, while Brandon is still too busy struggling to think at all.

The girl brings back a small vial which she uncorks and places beneath Brandon's nose. She closes one nostril for him and tells him to breath in deeply. Brandon, even under such duress, quickly follows her orders. His mind goes foggy, his limbs go limp and then lightning shoots through his body as the man pushes his cock deep into the boy. Managing less than half of the total length of his cock the man calls out for some lube.

"Never gonna happen without something more than spit, I think my cock probably hurts as much as the boys ass. Well almost as much". With that the young assistant hands him a bottle of Ky. He pulls out a little and proceeds to pour the liquid down Brandon's ass and lets it flow around his cock.

"Hit him again with the pop," he tells the assistant. Again she puts the vial under the boys nose and makes him breath deeply. The man thrusts deeper into the boys ass causing the couch to actually move with the force of the impact. Brandon's mom looks on, seeing the beauty that exists in watching something so pure be violated so completely. She doesn't see the boy whom she has cared for all his life, instead she sees an object, one that elicits the darkest desires in her.

Julie gasps as she sees the cock press further into the boys stretched ass. Without any consciousness of what she was doing she pleads in a voice that she wasn't quite sure was hers, "Harder".

Hearing this request from the boy's mother the man pulls back almost to his cocks tip out of the tight ass. Then with all the force he can muster pushes hard back into Brandon. He does this again and again building up to a jackhammer like pace that fills the room the room with the loud thuds every time his hips rocket forward. Even with such brutal force Julie can see that at least 2 inches have yet to penetrate the boys ass. Caring only for the wetness between her legs and for the depravity that was fueling her desire she lets out another command, "Deeper".

Hearing this the man pushes into Brandon as far as he has made it so far and starts to grind hard into the boy. Grabbing the boys slim waste he combines the grinds with small little thrusts. He feels the angle he has been looking for and pulls hard back on the boys hips while he thrusting forward. The thrilling sounds of the slap as flesh meets flesh was heard by all in the room. Julie can no longer see any of the mans penis, instead she only sees him and her son joined as one.

The mans pelvis pushing into the boys ass. Brandon for his part, who had only moments before stopped crying into his gag, let out a new protest of screams and spasms. The man in a moment of tenderness brushes the hair back out of Brandon's face. He wipes the tears off of the boys cheeks and gently caresses the boys face and hair.

Feeling Brandon's ass relaxing his once gentle touch again turned rough as he gripped the kid by his neck and slowly backing his cock out slammed it again all the way in to his abused ass. Again and again the man pounded deep into the boys guts, Julie lost in orgasm, watched as the sexy man used her son in such a complete and total way. She found herself wishing that the cock was even larger, or that more men surrounded her son all with angry cocks aching for relief.

As these thoughts flooded her mind, the man with a final grunt flooded her son's insides with jet after jet of cum. After his orgasm subsided he slowly withdrawals the 9 inches from the boys sore and gaping hole. He looks at his partner behind the camera and asks him if he would like to trade. The man agrees and strips and in an instants.

Wait the young girl assistant cries out before the new cock is presented to Brandon. "How about we let the mother comfort him first?" she asks. "Maybe she can help him enjoy this next cock a little more?"

End Part 1
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