Joan had been abducted from London in 2013 and taken to an alien planet thousands of light years away to be auctioned off as a slave.
Joan had been abducted from London in 2013, and taken to this alien planet thousands of light years away to be auctioned off as a slave. Slave markets were particularly common in this part of the galaxy.
Who, or what, were these people that had taken her captive? Joan wondered for what felt like to be the thousandth time. Their voyage, she had been told, was over now, yet she couldn't make out the beginnings of any familiar town anywhere within seeing distance. She took a careful look around, perceiving that the atmosphere was harsher, heavier, than any climate on Earth.
What was going to happen to her now? She asked herself.
Joan nearly screamed in horror when an alien creature helped her out of her pod. He had canines a full inch longer than his other teeth! They looked sharp enough to cut through flesh like it was butter.
Bloody hell, he looked dangerous!
Joan glared at the terrifying large aliens who encircled her. Her wrists hurt at the effort she made to twist free the shackles securing her. One of the alien creatures moved forward, trying to grab her, she screamed in fury and kicked out her right leg. She booted the son of a bitch between his legs. He snarled, backing up with his large hands clutching the spot she hit.
"This one has fire," one of them laughed. "She'll make a fine breeder."
"I'll cut your fucking balls off if you touch me," she spat.
The alien she'd kicked in the groin had groaned again, turning to face his comrade. "You told me humans were tame?! This bitch is not tame."
"Come closer and I'll show how tame I am," she waved at him tauntingly.
The alien roared at Joan. His teeth were yellow, sharp, and he a had chipped incisor.
His reptilian yellow eyes looked livid as he glared at her. "She's going to make the auction difficult."
Joan was scared, she was in pain and felt tired but she wasn't going to stop fighting until they either killed her or she managed to escape. "I'm a human being, cuntface!! Not some chattel for you to sell to some asshole to be a fuck toy!"
Meelafut was a seven-foot alien with a bald head, scaly skin and sharp teeth. Three weeks ago Joan had been outside her home by the pool sipping Ice Tea, when suddenly a bright light temporarily blinded her. That alien asshole had kidnapped her right there in broad daylight. She'd kicked and scratched until everything had gone dark.
When she'd come back to her senses, she'd found herself locked in a cage with other human women with identical stories of alien abductions. They'd been all living their lives oblivious to the existence of extraterrestrials, and then they'd been abducted by aliens, only to wake up in hell.
Joan had been brought here by aliens who were intent on selling her and the other humans as sex slaves on some remote planet. They'd injected all of them with green goo that was full of nanobots which would ease acclimatization, accelerate the repair of any tissue damage and allow them to speak any language in the galaxy without having to learn it.
She'd watched as some of the women had utterly fallen apart when Meelafut had introduced himself to them, informing where they were and why they'd been taken and what lay in store for them. Some of the women had just cracked psychologically under the pressure and cried for days. Joan hadn't cried. She'd been frightened, for certain, but mostly she was killing furious.
Meelafut snarled at her again. "You will be submissive," he commanded. "Or I will give you away to a whorehouse just to be rid of you. Trust me! They know how to break spirit."
His yellow eyes burned with rage. He turned his head to glance at the nine men in the room. "If she gives you any trouble you each have my permission to mount the human female … and her companions as often as you want." He added with a sneer of satisfaction.
Joan stopped struggling, her heart pounded. She'd never been stupid and understood the consequences of her action. The horror hit her hard, recognizing that this son of a bitch was offering to whore her and the other women out to all nine guys.
Her eyes flashed to the huge motherfucking alien men in the room, seeing lust in their expressions. They were huge fuckers, muscular and nearly seven feet of heavy-weight wrestler sized aliens.
A shocked Joan then stood by helplessly while the powerful aliens figuratively tore her clothes from her body until she was standing naked before them. Joan was a full figured woman with very large heavy breasts and wide feminine hips, creating a most enticing sight for the male of any species, but it was her pussy that was covered with a thin fur of light-brown pubic hair that was her most alluring feature!
The alien she had kicked tilted his head, his yellow eyes staring at her for long seconds. His focus went down, roaming down her completely bared body. He gazed at Joan's wide thighs, her flat stomach, but mostly at the triangle of hair and the pink, lips of her cunt.
"Better!" Meelafut smiled pleased with himself as he saw Joan's arrogance quashed.
She'd been the last to be loaded into the transport vehicle, and what a beautiful little slave she was going to be, he mused, her long, straight, brown hair hanging loose down her back.
He questioned himself: Should he stop and take her now? It would be a simple matter to pull Joan out of the group and spread her legs as he fucked her plump disobedient little ass for its insolence.
But in truth Meelafut felt almost sorry for the human slaves. They would all be sold and sent off to whatever perverted creature might buy them. He caught another succulent little human with his hand and slapped the rosy pubic lips that peered through a nest of glossy blond curls.
He loved humans even more than his own species. And as sorry as he felt for them, he couldn't help but think of the delight of the auctioneers.
Many people saved their money for this day. He might even stay for the auction this time, Meelafut thought, and buy the human himself.
The transport vehicle came to a violent halt, and Joan could see through the open doors a diverse mob swelling out onto the square. There were species that only a few weeks ago she would never have believed existed.
The human slaves were quickly unpacked from the transport vehicle, forced with the blow of the whip to join together at the square.
"Shut up!" came the loud voice of Meelafut. "Slaves aren't permitted to speak unless spoken to! Any who speak out of place will be gagged and fucked more cruelly than they have ever been before!"
Joan took a deep breath, realizing that nobody would ever come to look for her.
She nibbled on her lower lip. They didn't even know that here existed.
She could see the crowd clearly; there was hundreds of people, perhaps thousands, flooding to meet the new merchandise. She was afraid, but more than that, she was angry. The crowd waved and cheers rose as the human slaves drew closer, and through the excitement there came the sounds of mockery, and Joan's heart pounded as she tried not to think about it
The mob gathered round them. Hands reached for the human slaves as they huddled together for protection. Joan's buttocks were pinched, her hair tugged.
"Let the sale commence!"
A cry of joy raised from all around them, in a boisterous chorus, its volume shocking Joan so that she couldn't hear herself think. The spectacle of her own trembling breasts surprised her, and in a quick glance she saw thousands of eyes passing over her, probing her, measuring her naked genitals, a thousand whispering lips and grins.
Joan's eyebrows narrowed furiously. She offered her captor no resistance when he yanked her by the elbow and guided her towards the back. She watched in wretched horror as the other women had been sold to huge alien men who reminded her of the all-brawn-and-no-brain types. The women had sobbed and cried while they'd been inspected and sold one at a time.
The males here were big compared to Earth standards. They resembled humans but they had a reptilian appearance and had sharp teeth. But otherwise they looked like human men—muscular, handsome human men.
Joan's attention was caught a moment later, when she heard an African woman scream as a young alien male caught her by the thigh and dragged her towards him. He'd slipped his hand under the African woman's wet sex. She was then dragged and placed in front of a group of alien men.
Naked and gagged, the poor human woman had been strapped to a table, her thighs spread wide.
"She's being treated like an animal," Joan thought, watching.
Joan got a good look of her dark ebony face and raven hair, eyes almost closed. Sweat gleamed on her flat chest and belly, her pussy wet as the guards had wanted it, her legs shaking slightly with the strain of being so widely spread apart.
"This can't be happening. It just can't! It can't!" But how many times had she said these words.
A loud burst of laughter caught her off-guard. All over the place there were loud banter and arguments, as the African woman's legs were made open wider, making her appear the more naked and vulnerable.
"Exceptionally strong human," the auctioneer shouted, his voice loud and deep."Feast your eyes on this long-limbed, yet sturdy subject. Fit for house labor unquestionably, field labor absolutely…"
"What about fucking?!" Someone from the crowd shouted and in response the audience laughed.
"Patience," he raised his hands.
Joan winced.
The auctioneer slapped the African woman's cunt as she faced the corral of aliens, announcing to one and all: "Strong and wet pussy, capable of great pleasure, great stamina," and a roar of laughter rose everywhere from the square.
"Look at these buttocks," spoke the loud voice, and then the inevitable smacks of his hand leaving welts on the woman's skin. "Elastic, soft!" cried the auctioneer, poking the flesh with his fingers. Then his hand went to her hair, yanking it, "She's eager to be obedient! As all humans should be!" Another whack of his hand and there was laughter all around.
Joan bit her lip as she watched the woman's labial lips spread wide apart by one of the reptilian aliens pondering of purchasing her from the auctioneer who'd abducted her from Earth. The male alien lowered his face to her cunt, sniffed it, then licked her in one lengthy swipe that started at her ass and ended at her clit. The African woman gasped when his rough tongue touched her clit, her eyes round and terrified.
She heard the cheer from the crowd, and then heard the woman moan from behind her gag.
The male growled something indiscernible against her clit then took the tiny nub into his mouth and suckled on it hard. The woman's head began to thrash about, her wish to not orgasm for the alien evident. But ultimately the prospective purchaser won and the woman groaned as she came fiercely for him.
Then another alien seated himself between the woman's legs and used his hands to spread her thighs wider apart. Joan watched as the male dove for the African woman's flesh, her eyes bulging when his long tongue speared out and licked her cunt clean. The African woman groaned the entire time, evidently as reluctantly turned on by the alien men as she was frightened of them.
The African woman began to convulsively orgasm, her moans becoming louder and louder as the alien continued to lick. Suctioning lips were clamped around her clit. The woman's body shivered ferociously as the alien seated between her thighs plunged his long forked tongue deep inside of her cunt and wormed it around in a succession of rapid flicks. The woman orgasmed violently, her whole body quivered as she moaned and groaned from behind her gag.
The African woman came over and over, again and again. Her eyes rolled back into her head and practically remained there as she was brought to cum more times than Joan could count.
"My turn!" The biggest of the alien males stood up and skewered the African woman with his cock.
Joan watched the African woman's breasts bounced back and forth with each regular thrust.
The woman moaned from behind her gag, her thighs trembling as the alien male fucked her thoroughly. Joan was astonished as the African woman began to seizure more violently than before, her orgasms growing more intense.
"Here it cums," the alien murmured as he incessantly speared his cock deep into her cunt with incredible long strokes.
He could feel his semen assembling for release, building up inside his enlarged testicles as they slapped against her cunt. He was ready to blow his load. All of the African woman's mental resistance had been smashed and was completely delirious with the physical sensation of the alien's cock fucking inside her spasming cunt.
He went feral on her then; his hips were like a piston thrusting back and forth as he greedily stuffed her flesh full of cock and cum. He roared, his sharp teeth gritting and jaw clenched as he shot his seed deep inside of her.
The African woman screamed from behind her gag, her limbs twitched and contracted, until she gave a final spastic jerk and shivered to a limp immobility, her legs splaying out inertly on each side of him. She had been thoroughly drained and fucked.
Suddenly, the huge alien removed his semi-hard cock glistening with the mixed juices of their orgasms as it fell like a fat anaconda between his thighs.
"This one will do." The alien tucked his cock inside his trousers.
"Sold," the auctioneer cried out finally, "to this virile young man."
"Move," the alien guard said harshly, motioning toward Joan, "you're next!" The alien guard, a huge, thickly muscled male close to eight feet in height, raised his hand, revealing the whip he held. He lashed it once in the air for effect, the harsh sound frightening.
Joan would just have to wait for the right opportunity to escape, but in the meantime she would need to endure…

The End or only the beginning?


2015-05-27 17:56:57
That's a great science fiction story

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I guess my bearded dragon's a freak, he says he's always wanted to lick me. ;D we had so much fun reading this.

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wjohNL Thank you ever so for you blog post.Much thanks again.

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I showed this story to my bearded dragon and he says that human-lizards are a good idea. But he would definitely not lick a human, he thinks that's just weird.

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I showed this story to my bearded dragon and he says that human-lizards are a good idea. But he would definitely not lick a human, he thinks that's just weird.

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