Schoolgirls learning about sex
Learning (part one)

My best friend Brigit and I go to the same school and we are also in the same class. We even live in the same street on the edge of our small village. My name is Elisabeth (Beth to everyone that knows me). I live with my mother, my parents are divorced. Brigit’s parents were not able to cope with all their five children, so she came to live with her aunt seven doors down from me. We both have one more year to do at school before we are let loose on the world. It was in the early summer, just after Easter, we got off the school bus at our usual stop. We use a footpath down between houses, which leads onto the playing fields. Then we cross the field through a small wood that leads to our street. This particular day was cool and cloudy, as we entered the footpath between the houses, there was a man at the far end who was cutting a hedge with some shears.

Brigit gave me a nudge.

“He looks dishy,” she giggled as we approached him.

He was probably in his early thirties, I guessed, as he looked at us as we got near. He smiled, Brigit smiled back and gave another little giggle. She never missed a chance to tease and flirt, and I could see she was not going to miss this opportunity. The boys we knew were very immature, and not very nice. Here was an older guy that neither of us had seen before, who looked very friendly.

“Hello, girls,” he said, “had a good day at school”.

“No, I hate school,” Brigit replied with a girlish grin.

“You both look very smart in your school uniforms,” he said smiling back at us.

Our school is very strict on uniforms being worn. The skirts are a dark blue/light blue and white check same as the ties, and then we have a dark blue blazer and white blouse. During the winter months we wear black tights but during the summer we wear white knee high socks. Brigit was quite pretty of average height and build, with fair hair, almost blonde, her boobs were well formed and pretty big and she liked people to notice them. His eyes dwelled quite a while on the swelling they made in the front of her blouse, as he looked her up and down. Me, I’m rather plain in comparison to Brigit, I’m slimmer, dark hair, and my boobs are small and my hips are not as shapely as hers.

He was wearing a tight fitting white t-shirt and jeans, he looked very fit and tanned with lots of muscle.

“Are you new around her?” she asked, being her usual nosey self.

“Yes, I’m staying her for a while,” he answered.

“I thought I hadn’t seen you before,” she said with a little girly giggle at the end.

“This is my mothers house, I’m staying here for a while, on a bit of a holiday,” he answered.

“How long are you here for,” Brigit asked.

“Oh, ignore her, she is so nosey,” I said interrupting them.

He laughed.

“It’s ok,” he said, “I’ll be here for about six weeks, till I have to go back to work”.

“Where do you work,” Brigit asked.

“On the oilrigs,” he answered.

“Are you married,” she asked.

“Brigit, stop the questions you nosey old bag,” I said sternly.

“Brigit, now there’s a nice name,” he said laughing again.

“No, I’m not married,” he finally answered. Brigit smiled broadly at the answer she was obviously hoping for.

I watched her out of the corner of my eye as she opened the front of her blazer a little, displaying more of the bulge her breasts made in her blouse. I could see his gaze was drawn towards them.

“You like my boobs,” she asked giggling again.

“Brigit, will you shut up, God you are so embarrassing”. I half shouted at her, giving her sleeve a tug.

“Come on we have to go home,” I said tugging more heavily on her sleeve.

He was laughing at us both.

“You have lovely tits,” he answered smiling broadly, then laughing some more.

We began to walk away.

“You have a nice ass too,” he added laughing even more.

Brigit put a very exaggerated wiggle in her hips, he wolf whistled at this. I’ll teach her, I thought, as I reached behind her and lifted her skirt up at the back, giving him a good look at her white panty covered ass.

“WOW,” we heard him utter at the unexpected sight. Brigit made no attempt to pull her skirt from my grasp, in fact she wiggled her ass even more.

“You brazen hussy,” I said to her as I let go of her skirt allowing it to fall back into place.

“That was fun,” she said as she turned and gave him a little girly type wave. He waved back smiling broadly.

“Hope he’s there tomorrow,” she said as we walked on across the field.

“There is no hope for you,” I said and we both giggled and continued home.


During break times at school the next day Brigit always found something to say about this new bloke.

“I wonder what his name is,” she said.

“What do you think his name is?” she asked me.

“Brigit, for god’s sake!” I exclaimed. “Ask him”.

On the way home on the bus she was getting more and more excited.

“I hope he’s there,” she said for the tenth time. I just looked at her and shook my head. The sun was shining brightly through the window making me squint.

We got of the bus and Brigit nearly ran to the top of the footpath. She looked back at me with a sad face and waited for me to catch up.

“He’s not there,” she said sadly.

We walked down the path.

“Maybe tomorrow,” I said smiling at her misery.

“He might be in his garden, let’s go have a look,” she said with renewed interest in her voice.

“You can’t go looking in peoples back gardens,” I said sternly.

“Why not, he might be sun bathing,” she said hopefully.

She turned left at the end of the footpath and walked a short way along the edge of the field looking over the fence into his garden. His house was the only one on that side of the footpath. I followed behind wondering what situation she was going to get us into.

“Hello,” I heard her say.

I looked over the fence to see who she was talking to. He was on the patio up by the back of the house, lying on a sun bed with just a pair of shorts on and a can of beer in his hand.

“Hello,” he said as he looked up and saw our two heads above the fence.

“Come in, I’ll open the gate for you,” he said getting up and walking towards us.

“Maybe we shouldn’t go in,” I said warily.

“He’s a nice guy it will be alright, come on,” she said as he held the gate open for us both to enter.

He led the way up the garden towards the house, Brigit was making gestures to me behind his back, as to the fact she thought he was hot. He pulled two chairs out from under the patio table and turned them towards his deck chair and motioned for us to sit down.

“My mothers gone out for the day and won’t be back till late, and she certainly wouldn’t approve of you girls being here,” he said.

“Would you like a beer or perhaps a coke or something,” he asked

“I’ll have a coke please,” I said.

“Can I have a beer,” Brigit asked.

“You can’t have a beer,” I said sternly.

“She can have one if she wants one, it will do her no harm,” he said smiling at us both. He went indoors.

“You shouldn’t be drinking beer,” I told her off.

“I have had a beer before, it’s quite nice,” she said.

He came back with our drinks. I watched Brigit open her can then take a long drink, and then she wiped the back of her hand across her mouth. She looked like a real adult. She got up and took her blazer off and hung it on the back of her chair.

“It’s quite warm isn’t it,” she said as she sat back down, nonchalantly thrusting her bosom out a little.

I saw him looking at her boobs and smiling to himself.

“We don’t know your name,” Brigit said.

“It’s Barry,” he answered.

“What’s your name,” he asked looking at me.

“I’m Beth,” I answered.

“Good job I don’t have any neighbours, I don’t know what they would think of me having two schoolgirl visitors,” he said with a smile, Brigit sniggered.

We sat on the seats and he sat back in his sun bed.

“What have you been doing at school today,” he asked.

“Oh nothing much,” Brigit answered.

“She’s been talking about you at every opportunity,” I said. We all laughed and Brigit looked ever so slightly embarrassed.

“All day she’s been wondering what your name would be,” I continued. Brigit giggled.

“It’s nice sat here in the sun,” Brigit said changing the subject.

“I could start my sun tan,” she said.

She lay back in her chair and took off her tie. She undid a few buttons of her blouse and pulled both sides apart creating a big “V” from her neck down to her cleavage. I watched Barry watching her, he seemed to be enjoying the view. She leaned back a little further and closed her eyes in the strong sunlight. She slid the hem of her skirt up towards the top of her thighs, she did have lovely legs I thought. Barry seemed to approve also. He seemed to be trying not to take to much notice, but kept on looking at Brigit legs. She very slightly let her knees part, Barry, being sat directly in front of her, was finding it difficult not to look. Even from the angle I was sat I could see a triangle of her white panties. Occasionally Brigit would half open an eye to see if Barry was looking at her.

“This is nice beer, and it’s lovely sitting here in the sun,” she said, breaking the silence.

“It’s nice having some female company after all the men on the oilrigs,” he said.

I notice a significant bulge appearing in his shorts. I think he was becoming uncomfortable as he got up from his seat.

“My drinks anyone,” he asked.

We both said no and he went into the house.

“Did you see he was getting an erection watching you,” I asked Brigit, as soon as he was out of earshot.

“Was he, I didn’t see, goodie, was it a BIG one,” she asked.

“I couldn’t tell, you’ll have to look when he comes back,” I said.

Barry came back and sat on his seat, I could see Brigit was trying not to make it too obvious she was looking at his crotch. She undid another button on her blouse and parted it a little more showing more of her fleshy mounds, and her bra cups that was keeping things in place. Then she shuffled in her seat giving him a big flash of her white panties as her skirt rode up high, she was very slow in covering herself back up again. The swelling in his shorts was beginning again, Brigit really was a teasing bitch, I thought to myself. Barry tried to cover up his bulge as best he could, I knew Brigit had seen it as she had a grin on her face when she glanced at me. We stayed for quite a bit longer. I managed to get Barry’s mind on to other things by asking him about his work on the oilrigs. His bulge had subsided now. He asked us about ourselves, where we lived, our parents and Brigit’s auntie.

“We ought to go, they will be wondering where we are,” I said to Brigit.

“Okay, come on,” she said getting to her feet and buttoning her blouse back up and fastening her tie. She picked up her blazer, as Barry walked with us down to the garden gate.

“My mum will be home shortly,” he said as we walked through the gate he was holding open for us. We said goodbye and made our way home.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The next day was Friday, all the way to school Brigit was talking about Barry’s big bulge.

“I couldn’t sleep for thinking about it,” she said.

“I wonder what his penis looks like, what is feels like when it’s hard,” she said.

“You really are a slut,” I said.

She nodded vigorously and we both laughed.

All day she sort of mooned about. I knew she had Barry on her mind.

We finally got out of school and were going home on the school bus.

“I hope he is there”, Brigit said as we neared our stop.

We got of the bus and walked along to the footpath, Brigit skipped ahead and disappeared from view, down towards the playing field to see if he was there. I followed her around into the playing field, she was outside his gate, crouching down.

“Is he there” she whispered to me as I approached.

I looked over the gate, he was talking to a woman, and I assumed that must be his mother. I crouched down and whispered to Brigit what I had seen.

“I will come back after I have had tea,” she said as she got up from her crouched position and began walking over the field.

“Can you come out after tea?” she asked me.

“Yes, it’s Saturday tomorrow, so no homework to finish” I answered.

We agreed to meet up at 5.30.

I got to the swings in the playing field and met Brigit there. She was looking across at Barry’s back garden just across from where we were.

“Look, there he is” she said to me as I approached, she began waiving her arms trying to attract his attention. He finally noticed her and waived back. Brigit then waived her arm in a beckoning motion for him to come over to us. He seemed to acknowledge.

“I wonder if he will come over,” she asked me after a short while he still hadn’t appeared.

“He might,” I answered.

Brigit had changed into white jogging bottoms and a pink loose fitting top. I still had my school uniform on except for my tie. She was sat on the middle of the three swings and was gently rocking back and forth.

“Here he is,” she said excitedly.

I looked over to see him closing his gate and walking towards us. He was wearing dark blue shorts and a white tee shirt.

“Hello,” he said to us both as he approached.

We both said hello. He sat on the swing next to Brigit and they began chatting, they didn’t seem to notice me. Another girl from our school was nearby and I went across to her and we got talking about school etc. After some time, I looked across to the swings and Brigit and Barry had gone. I looked around the field and saw them disappearing into the wood, holding hands. What are they up to, I thought. I finished my conversation and took off after them. It took me some time to find them, I saw Brigit’s pink top through the bushes and trees. I thought I would try and creep up on them with out being seen, to see what they were doing. I managed to get fairly close, I could see Brigit had her back to a tree and Barry was stood in front of her and they were kissing. What a tart she was, I thought. Then she took his left hand and placed it on her right breast, I gasped quietly to myself as I watched her do this. He was squeezing and massaging it gently. Brigit seemed to enjoy that. She gave a muffled sigh as he slid his hand up under her top and made contact with her breast again. After a short while he slid his hand out from under her top and took her hand and placed it on his crotch. I gave another little gasp as Brigit was keenly feeling his cock and balls. I watched as they kissed more passionately, and then Brigit slid her hand down the front of his shorts. I could see her fingers encircle his cock and begin sliding up and down its length. Both his hands were up under her top, sliding it up exposing her white bra. He deftly popped her breasts out of their cups and was soon tugging and pinching her nipples and squeezing the fleshy mounds. Her fingers where working feverishly on his cock which was now jutting out of the top of his shorts, it did look big, I thought to myself. I felt my pussy getting quite wet and beginning to throb a little. I couched down in my hiding place and pulled my skirt up and began to softly rub my pussy. Barry’s shorts were sliding down more and more as Brigit rubbed his cock with more enthusiasm. They finally slid down around his ankles. Brigit had both her hands on his equipment one sliding up and down his cock whilst the other massaged his hairy balls. I felt the dampness of my pussy soak through my white school panties. I pulled them to one side and my fingers began to rub my exposed clit, oh, what ecstasy. I was very turned on, and began to realise I was perhaps a peeping tom or voyeur. I watched Brigit’s slender fingers wanking his cock, then he gave out a loud grunt or two and I saw his cock jerk in her hand and jet after jet of his semen sprayed onto Brigit’s tummy. It began to dribble down onto the elasticated waistband of her jogging bottoms. It was about then that we all heard voices coming from the footpath and I could see the heads of two people walk past my hiding place. I hastily pulled my panties back over my pussy and got up and sprinted back to the swings. I could feel the wetness of my panties as I sat on the first swing. I was still very turned on, I could feel my swollen and puffy pussy between my thighs. I pulled my skirt out from under me so my wetness wouldn’t soak into my skirt. I could feel my wet pussy pressing against the hard wooden seat. I saw Barry come out of the woods shortly afterwards. He had pulled his shorts back up but his cock still made a big bulge in the front. He went back across the field, his mother was standing at her open back gate obviously wonder where he was. (Mummies boy maybe – I thought). Brigit appeared moments later, she came across to me.

“Wow, that was fun,” she said.

“What have you been doing,” I asked pointing to the rather large amounts of semen trickling down the front of her jogging bottoms. I didn’t want her to know I had been watching.

“Oh god, what will auntie think when she sees this mess.” She said scooping some up on her fingers.

“I wonder what it tastes like,” she said excitedly as she licked the semen from her fingers.

“Mmmm…. Still warm and a little salty,” she said smiling lecherously at me.

“Let me have a taste,” I said.

I was very surprised at myself for saying that, and also surprised at how dirty and sexy I felt as I reached out my hand towards her. She came nearer, and I cupped one hand under a large globule of semen and scooped some into my palm and raised it to my mouth licking some up with my tongue. She was right it was a little salty, and a little like an unset lumpy jelly, rather nice!

“Now whose a dirty bitch,” she said, and we both laughed.

“What did he do to you, did he touch you, your pussy I mean,” I asked.

“No, he just mauled my boobs a lot while I wanked him off,” she answered quite candidly.

“Well did he have a big cock,” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“OH, yes, my fingers only just touched around it, and it’s pretty long as well,” she answered with some real enthusiasm.

“He wants us to meet here tomorrow morning, can you come as well, as my auntie won’t let me out unless you are there,” she asked.

“Yes I’ll come along and play gooseberry,” I said laughingly.

We managed to clean off the surplus semen from Brigit trousers, there was just some damp patches visible. I wanted to go home and play with my vibrator and finish off my orgasm. I got up of the swing and looked down at the damp patch I had left behind and we both walked back through the wood too our homes. I went to my room and got undressed taking off my wet panties and lay on my bed with my vibrator and relived the sexy show I had witnessed. My small breasts got the vibrator first making my large dark nipples stand to attention. I was stroking my almost hairless pussy at the same time. Then sliding the cool vibrator into my pussy then into my ass. I had found out how sensitive my anus was from earlier sexual exploration sessions. I found that with the vibrator in my ass and my rubbing furiously on my clit and plucking my nipples, I could achieve a fantastic orgasm. I would have to keep the noise down this time, because my mother was home, normally I am rather vocal! I brought myself to a lovely orgasm imagining Barry’s cock inside me.

The next morning after breakfast I went down to Brigit’s. She opened the door and let me in and we went to her room. She was sorting through some clothes and not quite sure what to wear. I had drop waist jeans on and a short pink top showing my tummy.
She decided on a medium length light blue skirt with an elastic waist and a white top. She pulled her skirt down so the waist was around her hips to show her belly button and tummy as well. She pulled on her white trainers and stood up.

“Come on we better get a move on Barry will be waiting,” she said as she picked up her bag and slung the strap over her shoulder.

“Bye auntie, I’ll be back at teatime,” she said on the way out the door.

We walked along the street and turned into the lane, which leads through the wood to the playing field.

“The back of your panties are showing above the waist of your skirt,” I said to Brigit.

“I thought that would happen,” she said.

She darted into the wood a short way.

“What are doing,” I called after her.

She came out with her white panties in her hand and quickly pushed them into her bag.

“You’re not wearing any knickers,” I exclaimed.

“SHhhh,” she uttered in reply, and giggled a little

She pulled her skirt further down her hips in a far more daring way. She pulled it back up a little at the front as a little tuft of fair pubic hair was showing. She shaved her (bikini line) same as me. From behind I could see just the beginning of her bum, she did look sexy like that, I’m sure Barry will approve, I thought.

“He’s at his back gate,” she said getting all excited.

She started to walk faster towards him.

“Slow down,” I said loudly.

She went into a fit of giggles and I joined in. we walked across the field to his gate.

“Hello, you both look very nice,” he said.

Brigit gave him a big smile as he held the gate open for us.

“My mothers away for the week end, so I have the house to myself,” he said.

He led us into the living room, he had some music playing which he turned off. He put the television on and gave me the remote.

“See if you can find something to watch,” he said.

I sat on the sofa and began flicking through the channels.

“We won’t be long,” he said to me.

He took Brigit’s hand and led her towards the door.

“Just going to show Brigit something,” he said.

Brigit looked back at me with a big smirk in her face and a very large look of anticipation. I heard them go upstairs, I looked at my watch it was 11 o’clock. I found a movie on one of the satellite channels and started to watch it. I kept wondering what was going on upstairs and I wondered if I dare sneak up and seeing what they were doing. I decide not to and made myself comfortable on the sofa and watched the movie. Occasionally I would hear some noises from upstairs. The movie ended and a short while later they both came down.

“Sorry we were gone so long, have you been alright,” Barry asked.

“Yes, I found o movie to watch,” I answered.

I looked at Brigit, she looked like the cat that just got the cream, I thought as we smiled a knowing smile at each other.

“Come on, I’ll take you both for a McDonalds,” he said.

We went out through the front door and into his car. Brigit got into the front with Barry, and me, still playing gooseberry, got in the backseat. Brigit and I, didn’t get chance to talk, I was dying to know what they had been doing. Barry said we could have what ever we wanted. We had a good feast then we went on a short walk into a shopping centre, where Barry bought us both some music cd’s what we fancied. It was about 3.30pm when we got back to Barry’s house. We went into the living room.

“Can I use the toilet,” I said to Barry.

“Yes, I’ll show you where it is, he said.

I followed him upstairs and he opened the door into the bathroom for me. I heard him go back down stairs. I went back down to the living room after I had finished. Barry was sat next to Brigit on the sofa he had his arm around her neck and they were kissing quite passionately. I noticed the hem of her skirt was up quite high showing a lot of thigh. Brigit saw me and broke off the kissing.

“I need the toilet also,” she said to Barry.

“Come on then, I’ll show you where it is,” he replied.

They left the room and I heard them go back upstairs. That was the last I saw of them for nearly an hour. I guessed what was going on. I put the television back on and watched a few programs. When they came back into the room I expected Brigit to have her usual grin in place but she looked distinctly uneasy and a half frown furrowed her brow.

“We had better go, my auntie will be expecting me home now,” she said looking at me.

“Ok, come on then,” I said.

“Come round and see me tomorrow,” Barry said as we went down the garden path towards the field.

Brigit had put her panties back on as they were poking out above the top of her skirt. She didn’t answer Barry and seemed quite intent on leaving as fast as possible. I noticed her walking a little strangely. We got to the swings and she sat down on one a little gingerly.

“Okay, let’s hear the whole story and don’t leave anything out, I want all the details,” I said smiling at her expectantly.

“Well, when we left you this morning, we went to his bedroom, we kissed and cuddled then he slowly undressed me, fondling my boobs then he lay me in the bed and spread my legs wide and licked and sucked my pussy, which was fantastic. He slid a couple of fingers into me and rubbed my clitty and brought to a lovely climax. Then I sucked his cock, which was great and he emptied his sperm into my mouth that was great too. Then, this afternoon’s session began much the same, he soon had me undressed and spread on the bed this time he licked around my pussy and also my ass.
Then he tried to get his tongue up inside my ass, I didn’t like that, then he slid a finger into my pussy then he tried to stick that same finger into my ass. I tried to stop him but he pushed it in anyway. He said I would get to like it if I gave it a try. He got me onto my hands and knees on the bed and got behind me and pressed his hard cock against my pussy. He slowly pushed it in it was a lovely feeling, I felt my pussy expanding to take his cock. He shagged long and slow for a while, I real enjoyed that, then he pulled it out and I felt him press it against my ass. He pushed harder trying to force it in. my ass was stretching but it hurt and told him to stop but he said it would get easier, and he pushed some more. The tip of his cock went in with a jerk and it really hurt and I fought him off. I didn’t like that at all. He said everybody did it. Anyway, I don’t think that is right, and I told him so,” she finished her tale.

I was feeling quite horney now, I was already imagining what it would feel like to have Barry’s big cock up my ass, my panties were getting wet again.

“I think some people go for anal sex, queers don’t they,” I said and we both laughed out loud.

“I don’t like it at all, I think he is a pig,” she said sternly.

I looked at the expression on her face and burst out laughing. She laughed too.

“I don’t want to see him again, anyway,” she said.

“I think we should be getting home now,” I said.

I got up from the seat and I could feel the wetness of my panties against my flesh. Brigit stood up and we began to walk home, she was still walking a little funny.

“My ass is still sore,” she moaned.

“And you’ve been shagged, was that the first time,” I asked.

“No,” she replied.

“Who was the first then,” I asked.

“You know John Hopkins, the sixth form prefect,” she asked

“Yes, was it him,” I enquired.

“Yes, we did it standing up behind the bike sheds last year,” she replied.

“You slut,” I exclaimed.

She nodded her head furiously and we went into fits of laughing.

“He’s only got a little one, though,” she added.

And we laughed all the way back to her house.

“Your not going back to Barry’s tomorrow then?” I asked.

“No, I’m not,” she answered.

“I’ll come round and see you sometime tomorrow then,” I said.

We parted and I went home, and went to my room to think over and relive the days developments. I lay on my bed with my vibrator, I looked at it, it was somewhat smaller in diameter to Barry’s big cock. I slid it into my ass and wondered what his cock would feel like and dreamed of what happened to Brigit had happened to me.


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