David and Jessica continue to develop and explore their love for each other.
The room was pitch-black when next I opened my eyes. I hear the sound of someone murmuring and I could feel a finger tracing patterns on my chest. Without moving, my eyes dart to the digital clock next to my bed which read 4:33. What on Earth is Jess doing up so early? I focus on her murmuring and start to make out what she is saying " apart, no matter what we'll always be together. I can feel your heart beating brother....... *sighs* I had always dreamed of being this close to you, and now you have made my dreams come true. You are mine, and no one elses. I want you all to myself, nothing will get between us. I will always look after you and care for you, my amazing, handsome brother. My beautiful, kind, caring, considerate, selfless, sexy, big brother. I will NEVER get enough of your deli-" at this point her trailing finger brushed up against a sensitive spot under my arm and I jumped involuntarily, causing her to immediately freeze up and hold her breath, waiting silently for me to go back to sleep. I wait for a second, then sigh quietly, reaching out for her hand in clasping it in my own. "Damn, I was enjoying that. So how long have you been sitting here, caressing my chest and whispering so passionately? Huh, my naughty little minx? You don't like to sleep much do you?" ~

By this point her face was thoroughly buried into my chest, and she was squealing from embarrassment. I turn on the bedside lamp and watch her as she squirms into my body, obviously trying to find some way to disappear into my skin. Finally she lifts her head up and she looks at me, her face beet-red and her lips sticking out at me in a sulky pout. "You bumhole, why didn't you tell me you were awake?! I woke up about twenty minutes ago, and the first thought that entered my mind was the fact that I was sleeping next to you, and... w-well, I just really like touching your body, okay?!" She pauses for a second and breathes out slowly, calming herself. Then she lays her head on my shoulder and places her hand on my chest, twirling and rubbing my chest hair. "I really like touching your body and talking to you when you're asleep. I feel like I can just empty my soul out to you, all of my feelings, without having to worry about what you think." I was not expecting this, and I think Jessica realised her mistake because she gasped and put her hands over her mouth, before sitting up and looking me in the eyes. "W-wait, it's not like I'm keeping secrets from you! I tell you everything that matters Davey, I really do! I just..... sometimes I get these really powerful emotions and...... cravings, and I just have to release them. I know I can tell you almost anything Dave, but I'm really scared about how you would react to these things. They're..... pretty messed up. I know how hard it is for you to deal with all this as it is, I don't want to freak you out so much that you do something crazy, like turn yourself in to the police or something. I'm just so scared that I'm going to ruin this somehow!" ~

She looks so distraught and uncertain and ashamed that she kept things from me, that I drop the subject and just place my lips on her forehead, stroking her naked back and pulling her closer to me, so that her boobs are mashed against my chest and my steely boner is digging into her stomach. Her hands come up and slowly wrap around my cock, stroking and squeezing it, and rubbing the tip against her smooth stomach. I lift her head up with my index finger and kiss her tenderly on the lips, and start to softly talk into her ear. "Jessica my darling, it's fine. You don't have to feel obligated to tell me everything, but you also don't have to worry about a thing. There is nothing that you could say or do that will EVER damage what we have" She shook her head stubbornly, but then smiled gratefully and hugged me tight, thanking me for being so amazing. We laid there for a bit cuddling each other, while I tried to suppress my burning curiosity to find out what it is she feel she can't tell me. I can't even comprehend the idea that she could say something that will freak me out or offend me or whatever. ~

Jess was watching my face and she must have guessed what I was thinking about because she swung her leg over and straddled me, saying "Don't worry, I'll make you forget we ever had this talk" and she kissed me hard on the lips before slowly moving down until she was kissing the base of my shaft. I groan with the sudden contact and before long she has me bucking my hips and holding my breath as I fill her mouth with my seed. Completely spent, I mumble "I love you" over and over as she finishes licking clean my limp penis before moving up so that her head was once again on my shoulder. "I wouldn't do it if your cum wasn't so fucking delicious" she purred, her eyes glazing over from the taste. I roll onto my side facing her and wrap my arms and leg around her, giving her a massive bear hug, trying to convey through the strength of my hug how much I love and appreciate her. She holds my arm and squeezes back at me, our molecules seeming to fuse together and our combined energies moved back and forth through our bodies. I manage to fall asleep in this position, but I only got two hours rest before Jess jostled me awake. "Huh? What? What is it?" I mumble as I sluggishly regain my consciousness. "Sorry Davey but I have to get up and get ready for school!" She pushes me over so that I'm on my back and pecks me on the cheek before getting up and heading for the bathroom. I lay there for a bit, still not fully awake, absentmindedly playing with my dick as I replay the image of Jess's naked body sexily walking out of the bedroom, her buttocks jiggling invitingly at me. ~

Jessica calls out to me through a mouth full of toothpaste, and I slowly get up and make my way to the bathroom. I see her there, standing at the mirror, waiting for me. "Gub, Ih'fe been wabting to try thish oub for a while" She spits the toothpaste out into the sink, then turns around and walks up to me, getting on her knees and putting my penis into her mouth. I guess I should have expected this, but the mint from the toothpaste felt so refreshing and intense, and I just stood there with my mouth open and eyes closed, enjoying the experience. Once the feeling has gone I start to pull out, but Jess grabs the shaft with her hands before the head can escape past her lips, and she starts to jack me off furiously while flurrying her dextrous tongue all over my glans. I start to hump and fuck her face and she pulls her hands away to give me easy access, and right before I cum I pull back till just the tip is left in her mouth; just the way she likes it. When she finally pulls away she stands up and throws her arms around my neck, breathlessly thanking me again and again for knowing what she wants. I'm exhausted both physically and mentally, still struggling to accept how much Jess craved my sperm. ~

She walks over to the shower and turns it on, beckoning me to join her. We take our time carefully washing each others bodies, myself taking it particularly slow, enjoying the feel of her soapy skin under my wandering hands. I rinse my hands off and put my hands on her buttocks, squeezing and caressing them. Jess does the same to me while grinning cheekily, before she starts to clean my groin. As she's doing this she looks oddly sad, but when I question her about this her face immediately brightens up and she looks at me with a curious smile, so I decide to drop it and let her go back to making sure he was thoroughly clean. As we step out of the shower and towel each other off, it finally registers in my head that Jess said she has school today. "Wait a minute, I thought you made the whole school thing up so that you could come here?" I ask her, rubbing her back dry. She turns around and allows me to do the same thing to her chest. "Unfortunately no, I was actually woken up yesterday by Jane calling me. I'm so glad though, because it meant that I got to fall asleep in your arms like I wanted to earlier that morning." ~

I finished towelling her off and she started on me, drying my shoulders and chest and slowly working down to my groin and buttocks. Once she was done she threw the towel on the ground and wrapped her arms around me, her lips inches from mine. "Last night was the one of the best sleeps I've ever had, snuggled up next to you. I don't think I'll ever be able to sleep right alone again" Her voice sounded like flowing honey, and I pushed closer to share an intimate kiss with her. It was cold in the bathroom and I could see the heat from the shower was starting to wear off, as Jess' nipples were starting to harden and stick into my chest. She slowly dragged them up and down my chest, then squeezed her boobs into me, kissing me even harder for a moment, before pulling away with her beautiful eyes staring up at me dreamily. "Dave, you do things to my body that I didn't think was possible. I..... I feel so safe and secure around you. I know you will never hurt me, never do anything to upset me. I will always cherish you." She starts to head down to my cock again but I stop her before she has a chance to convince me. "Surely you must be full by now!" I joked. She stood up again and looked at me seriously. "I will always have room for your delicious fluids. All of them" she kissed me again and walked quickly out of the room, leaving me there feeling a complex jumble of emotions, the predominant three being Happiness, Concern and Guilt. ~

I followed her into my room where she was changing into her school uniform. She puts on a short little show for me as she reverse strip-teased, sexily sliding her skirt up her legs and fastening it at the side, before sitting down on the floor and giving me a tantalising view of her white panties as she lifted each leg one at a time to put on her knee-high socks, then shoes. Next went on her bra, which she held out to me with a coy, expectant smile. I took her bra and put it on to her boobs, wrapping my arms around under her arms to hook the bra on. Grabbing her polyester school top I brought her wrists straight up above her head and brought the shirt down over her slim figure. She giggled and clung to my naked body, hugging me fiercely and standing on her toes so that she could shower my face with kisses. I held her just as tight and felt my cock throbbing against her beautifully soft and warm body. She looked into my eyes and kissed me on the lips, and I could feel myself slipping back into the familiar haze of passion, pleasure and affection that Jess induces as she kissed my chin, then my collarbone as she slowly sunk down. "Since I'm such a good girl and am ready for school, can I please have my treat now?" She asks me in a cute, innocent little girl voice, and I manage a strangled groan as her lips slowly drag down over my stomach....

...A quarter of an hour later finds me lying on my bed in a catatonic state, completely incapable of cognitive function. I feel Jess lean over me and hug my body, nestling her face against mine and kissing my cheek before slowly getting up. "Don't worry Davey, I'll show myself out. I'm sorry that I went so overboard, I just don't know when I'll be able to see you next. Maybe Wednesday? I don't think I'm going to be able to manage without you or your cock David." She lets out a deep sigh then kisses me again firmly, her hand cupping my cheek. I wrap both my arms around her and before I can stop myself I let out a small whimper. I just can't help it, I'm going to be miserable without her! "I love you so much Jessica, you're going to be the only thing on my mind until I can see you next. Please come back to me soon!" I wipe away the small tear that had formed in the corner of her eye and hold her close to me again. Then she stood up and slowly walked out. I sat there for a second, unsure of what to do with myself. I didn't really feel like doing anything, but I didn't want to go back to sleep either. I decided to get up and lock my apartment door, before sitting at my desk and turing on my computer. I might as well play DayZ for a while. After about ten minutes I was on my clan's server, and being able to talk to my online mates seemed to distract me from the numb emptiness I felt inside. ~

"David! I was wondering when you would get back on. You said you were gonna be on last night, what happened man?"
"Sorry dude.... my little sister had to sleepover so that she could go to school today. She wanted to use the computer and I figured it was better than her just sitting around and doing nothing."
"Fair enough. Anyway you didn't miss much, we ended up postponing the raid on the military district until tonight because Dicko didn't come on either. Mark said he would be on in a couple of hours, we could start getting ready by flying the helis over to a re-fueling station. We'll be taking two of them, plus a couple of Jerry Cans to keep handy."
"Alright man, but you take the good heli, I'm a bit rusty when it comes to flying and I don't want to-WHOA FUCK" I jump backwards, the headphones ripping off my head and falling to the ground, and stare wide-eyed at Jess, who was crouching underneath the desk, her mouth having just engulfed my cock. "What the hell?! H-how did you get in?! What are you doing here?" She picked up my headphones and talked into the mic. "Sorry, but David's little sister wants to use the computer again. Bye" Then she manually shut down the computer and slowly walked up to me. "I'm so glad you stayed naked, it made this all the more better!" She pushed me down onto the couch and draped herself over me, my cock resting between her legs on her mound. I was still staring at her shocked, so she giggled and explained how she closed the door from the inside and ran off to hide in the bathroom. "As soon as I heard you talking into those headphones, I knew it was time to strike!" She looked at me with her glorious smile then pressed her face into my chest, grinding her panty-clad pussy along the shaft of my cock. "So what, do you have school today or not?!" She looked at me and just started laughing uncontrollably. "What do you think? Of course I don't have school today! I just wanted an excuse to wake you up early so that we could get the most out of our day. Also, I'm not one to pass up a chance of being able to show off in a school uniform for my beautiful and sexy brother!" ~

I couldn't believe that she went through all that effort to set this up, even lying to my face about Jane calling her. "Wow Jess, I am impressed. I already knew you were ridiculously clever, cunning even. But I had no idea that you could be so devious" I pull her up to me so that her lips were touching mine as I spoke. "You have no fucking idea how incredibly sexy that is" and we writhe about on the couch making out and kissing and caressing each others bodies. I pulled her panties to the side and gently probed between her labia woth my finger, the slick heat pulsing from her aroused vulva sending shivers up and down my spine. I started to kiss her neck, then kiss her skin through the fabric of her uniform, kissing along her arms until the sleeves ended, then making my way down to her hands, sucking and licking her supple skin, moaning into her hands and letting them cup my face and bring me down, under her skirt. My heart started to pound in my chest, and I hoped to God that Jess couldn't hear or see how nervous I was. She gently pushed my nose into her panties and suddenly a smell struck me that was both completely new and instantly recognisable. It was an intoxicating musk, potent and mysterious, that bombarded my senses with new sensations and revelations, and my brain struggled to process all of the signals at once, but the one signal that never wavered and stood out among the others was the instinctive knowledge that this is Jess' scent. I would know this even if I was blind and deaf. I knew then that this was a connection, a bond, a pairing that went beyond conscious thought and action; it was embedded in our destiny, our souls. ~

I nearly break her panties as I yank them down, then I get up off the lounge and she shifts so that she is leaning back with her butt hanging off the edge of the lounge. I dive in and as soon as my tongue makes contact with her pussy, we are both transported to another world. Her nectar was strong, but incredibly delicious and arousing. I had my eyes locked on her as she started to hyper ventilate, bucking up and down and crying out with pleasure. I could instinctively visualise in my head each wave of pleasure that crashed down on her body with every lick of my tongue. I constantly ran my tongue up and down her slit, alternating between thick, broad strokes and precise deft licks. I stuck my tongue at her entrance and she pushed into it, the tip plunging in and all of a sudden my head was spinning and Jess was grinding into my face and tongue, mewling desperately as I swirled my tongue around her clit and sucked on it, before heading back down to lap up the juices that had seeped out of her throbbing cunt. The more I drank her juices, the more I needed. My mouth was starting to tingle and my brain was interpreting her taste as pure pleasure, which amplified the beautiful image of Jessica riding waves of pleasure that was burning into my head and projecting itself in front of me. I could see colours and sparks popping and exploding all around Jess' glorious face as she neared her orgasm, then a pure yellow ring of colour spread out from her radiant face and engulfed the room, and I sensed this warmth all over my body, and her juices started to gush into my waiting mouth, every fibre of my being concentrating and focusing on her heavenly taste. Her juices slow down but they don't stop and neither do I, lapping and sucking her inner labia into my mouth, playing with them with my tongue, then spending some time on her clit, my eyes shifting out of focus again before I start to see the sparks slowly popping around her head once more. When I stopped and focused on the area around her face, the sparks disappeared and I felt the warm fuzzy haze of love and affection disappear. But as I dip back down into her delicious fruit, I feel the comforting warmth return to my body and when I closed my eyes I could see brighter than before what looked like fireworks on New Years Day outlining Jess' dark silhouette. I opened my eyes and I was staring into Jess' eyes, and I gasped as I seemed to look past her eyes and into her soul, which was pulsing with the pleasure I was giving it. ~

Somehow without her explaining it I knew now that this is what she felt when she had my cock in her mouth, and suddenly the reason for her passion for blowjobs was apparent. Wanting to save the talking for later, I sucked her clit into my mouth and pushed two fingers up against her tight vaginal opening, the tips just popping inside, and she clamped down on and pushed hard against them, forcing them up and through her intact hymen, the pain from the act eclipsed by the tidal waves of pleasure that she was cascading down, and she wailed and shrieked, ripping my hair out as she grabbed and rocked my head, blubbering and then seizing up again as a second, smaller orgasm struck her like lightning, and In my mind I could hear the thunder from her explosion echoing and rebounding throughout my head, leaving me shell-shocked and dazed. After a couple of minutes I lifted my head off of her thigh and found that she had fallen asleep, her top drenched through from sweat and her hair a sweaty, ruffled mess. I don't know what came over me but I brought my face up to her hair and breathed in her beautiful smell, and suddenly I was visualising an endless field of flowers, with Jess standing naked and free in the middle, holding her arms out open to me and skipping happily towards me. I tilt her face up and she hazily looks at me, and though it is faint I can still feel the warmth from her orgasm permeating throughout my core. I hugged her to me and kissed her on the lips, and all at once I could feel the amount of happiness, of gratitude and appreciation flowing from her lips to mine. I struggled to stay upright, and fought an insane urge to go back down on her. She broke the kiss and looked at me, mesmerised by my eyes as I felt my love for her pouring out of my face and bathing hers in this radiant light. These new visions and sensations had not worried or frightened me, because I had always had an incredible imagination and I figured it was the result of my intense, superhuman attachment and level of intimacy with Jess. What Jessica said next however completely rocked my world out of orbit and hurtling through space.

"It looks like you are starting to see the visions too. I suppose this means that I can tell you my story now that you won't think I'm crazy. You see, it all started seven years ago when you first taught me all about the magic of Locking Hearts......"


Sorry to leave it at that, but I felt it would make sense to split this chapter into two halves, so that I could realease all of this material while I continue to put to paper the journey I have mapped out for Dave and Jessica. Any and all feedback is always welcomed, and I thank you for reading!

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