He gets invited by the pimp for supper and sex
About a week after the T-shirt incident I got a call from Marie's father. He said since watching me fuck Marie got him almost hard enough to fuck her himself he wanted me to come over tonight about 6 and have dinner with them to be followed by my keeping my word to eat his daughter's pussy and maybe fucking her or getting sucked off by her depending on how he responds. I asked him if he had checked with her to be sure it was okay. He answered me,"She would have you move in here but I explained the laws that demand you live in the country."

About 4, after school had let out I sent a text to Marie's phone to tell her I would be at her house for supper and wanted her for desert. She sent me an LOL.

So at 5PM I drove up to their house and as I pulled into the driveway the garage door opened up and I drove into it and when I killed the motor the garage door closed. I got out of my car and as soon as I was upright I was hugged by Marie who held her body to me. Her breasts were pressing into my chest. Her pelvis was grinding on my crotch. She kissed me and tried to touch my tonsils with her tongue. Then I returned the favor. She said,"I'm so glad you are here. I've been without sex for a week and if you eating me gets Dad hard enough I'm going to fuck him. Okay?" I replied,"Sure Marie as long as everybody has one climax it will be fine." She said,"I expect to have at least 3 maybe as many as 5.

We went into the house through the connecting door in the garage. Her father was in the kitchen broiling steaks and frying french fries in a deep fat frier. He took a break to shake my hand and tell me I could take Marie to the living room and turn on the DVD player and watch some porn. Taking his hint I took her to the living room and sat on the sofa. I started to make out with Marie and talking between kisses. I asked her,"Why do you want to be such a slut?" "Well, you have to remember Daddy went to prison. While there he learned there are two kinds of women. A woman is either a bitch or a ho. I don't want to be a bitch so I want to become the best ho I can be."

I kissed her again and gave her tongue and she returned the favor. I reached for her tit outside her shirt. She made no objection as I palmed her nipple and rubbed it lightly in circles. She unbuttoned a couple more buttons and I reached into the opening to directly touch and rub her lovely full breasts. They were so sensitive they got hard as soon as I touched them. After that I unbuttoned the rest of her buttons and slipped the shirt down her shoulders. I took one nipple in my mouth and sucked and licked it for a few minutes. Then I switched to the other one and kissed it and She was panting now and I reached into her skirt between her legs and found pussy not panties. I put a finger and ran it to her g-spot. I rubbed it continuously trying to make her cum and she did screaming,"I'm cumming and I have not even touched your cock yet." That brought her father into the room. He said,"Wish you two would wait until I could watch so maybe I can get hard enough to fuck her tonight." I told him. "Don't worry. I'm sure you get a chance at her tonight." He said,"Come on out the supper is just about ready." When we went into the kitchen table he had a beer at each of the three places. "Are you giving her beer?", I asked. He replied,"Actually her's is non-alcoholic. She just loves the taste of it. But I don't want her going to school with a hangover." We talked about our prison experiences and how he had obtained his pardon with his daughter's endorsement.

It was too bad my victim had gone dis-associative when we were doing our thing that was how she became multiple personality. Marie was not doing that. She was present every time we did anything together. She said,"Daddy, I'm sorry if I started something without you. If he eats me tonight we think it will make you hard enough to fuck me that is why I didn't fuck him already."

He told me he would contact my victim and invite her down here. I told him "Better not. If you say I am involved she would complain and I'd be in trouble." Marie piped up and said,"If it would help you could call me by your daughter's name and I'll play along. Daddy doesn't care about that at all." We finished our meal and Marie asked me,"Are you ready to get down to business?" I told her,"Anytime you want to." She took my hand and led me to her room.

She stripped when she entered her room and laid on her back on the bed. Her father came in behind me and we both stripped to our skin looking at the lovely teenager naked in front of us. I went to the foot of the bed and got up on the bed. As I got to her legs she pulled her knees up and spread them. I slipped a finger into her and put my thumb on her clit. Then I added another finger to her vagina. As my two fingers went in and out of her, my thumb was rubbing her clit. Soon she was breathing hard. My fingers were getting wet from her fuck me juices. So I pulled my fingers out and put my mouth to work on her. Her father looked on as I licked up her slit to her clit, circled her clit and then licked down her slit to her vagina. Then I tongue fucked her. I repeated this again and again and again. She went into orgasm after my fifteenth circuit around her lovely pussy. Her father was stroking his cock and it was standing proudly erect. I turned to him and said,"Are you hard enough to do her?" He nodded and I backed out from her pussy then he laid between her legs and lined himself up with the entrance of her vagina. He pressed himself into her and then began to stroke in and out of her. I moved around to the head of the bed and Marie said,"Come here and let me eat you." I moved close to the bed and she scooted over to the edge and took my organ into her mouth. I moved back and forth fucking her mouth. Her father looked at the joint between her mouth and my cock. I did not break my rhythm and neither did he.

About five minutes after he had entered her she pushed me back, removing my organ from her mouth, and screamed out,"Daddy you are making me cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." She stiffened, quaked and arched up so her ass was six inches off the bed. Then she settled back to the top of the mattress and turned back to me. She smiled and said,"Feed me your cock, stud!" I moved in and gave it to her again. I rocked on my heals fucking her lovely mouth as her father pounded into her pussy again and again and again. I was able to watch his plunging prick going in and out of her and he was able to watch my plunging cock going in and out of her mouth. We went on for more minutes, I can't be sure how long since it was so pleasurable before she again screamed "Daddy fuck me real good I want to cuuuuummmmmmmm!" after pushing me back again.

Then her father said,"Honey, I'm sorry I can't hold out any longer." and his face became scrunched up as his penis discharged rope after rope of his cum into her. He was pushed into her as far as she could take him as he came. When he stopped he continued stroking in and out of her but as his penis softened his penis fell out of Marie's greasy vagina. She pushed me off and said,"Your turn stud, fuck me." I did not need to be told twice. I move back to the foot of the bed and laid on top of her. I told her,"Put your legs down flat on the bed." She looked puzzled, but complied. I lifted myself up and put my penis into her vagina. Then I lifted my right leg and put it outside her left leg. Then I pushed her leg in and left my right leg outside her left leg. Then I lifted my left leg and put it outside her right leg. Then I pushed her right leg in and kept my left leg outside her right leg. This forced me into a high angle of penetration. It would provide her with lots of stimulation. I started rocking my pelvis which gave me leverage to push and pull in and out of her.

I kept on fucking her pussy as her father kissed her passionately with tongue. I had been in her less than five minutes when she called out "I'm cumming again you perverts." I knew I would not last long after the oral stimulation she had applied to my organ. But I was determined to let her enjoy this as long as possible.

After a few more minutes she screamed out,"That feels so fucking goooood. You make me cuuummmm and I love fucking both of you." She stiffened, quaked and bridged up until she had lifted my 170 pounds off the bed! I reached down and rubbed her clit since I had no leverage now to fuck her. She finally settled back to the bed and I continued rocking my pelvis fucking her royally. She was now sucking on her father's cock trying to get him up again. I was concentrating on keeping myself from losing control but I did notice she was not having much success in getting him back up. I continued rocking my pelvis and keeping my prick going in and out of this young woman's vagina. I was trying to hold off and kept my abdominal muscles tense as my climax approached. She was having more trouble breathing and was gasping for breath. Then as I felt myself start to lose control she pushed off her father and said,"Dammit I'm cumming again. What is this my fourth one so far?" That was all she wrote and I lost my battle for control. As my penis discharged into her vagina its second load of semen she stiffened and quaked and again bridged up lifting me off the bed. I told her,"I'm cumming too Marie." she said,"It's okay, I'm tiring." She finally settle back to the bed and I kept on humping her trying to get her off one more time but my organ softened and fell out before I could induce her to climax again.

She put her arms around me and kissed me with the mouth that had just been removed from her father's prick. I did not mind. I loved this girl child. She was way too young for me but she was doing what my wife had refused to do for me.

Then I got up and started to get dressed. I saw her father move to the foot of the bed and climb up between her legs. I saw his tongue lap her clit and then go down her slit to her vagina where I had just ejaculated my semen. He actually put his tongue into her vagina and it came out with white sticky cum! He continued to move his tongue up and down her slit and tongue fuck her until she stiffened, quaked and bridged up raising her hips off of the bed. He kept on doing this oral sex on her until she had three more orgasms after that. I was fully dressed when he finally stopped.

Marie got up and with cum still dripping down her lovely legs she ran out and went into the bathroom. I asked her Dad,"Why did she run out?" He answered me,"She went to douche. She used to do that when I would fuck her but I guess with two loads in her she still needs to do that." A few minutes later she came back to her room and got dressed in her skirt and tank top. Then all three of us went out to the living room and Marie went to the kitchen. She returned with a Jack and Coke for her Dad and a rum and coke for me.

As we sat around the living room Marie asked me if I had enjoyed the threesome we had just had. I told her "Marie, you are a beautiful girl with a very sexy body, full firm breasts and slender hips. Who would not want to make love to you? And you are so opened to doing whatever we want you to I can't think of anything else a man would want."

I looked at my watch and it was a few minutes before eight. I stood up and then bent over to kiss Marie and to shake her father's hand before leaving. Then Marie asked her father,"Can I ask him Daddy?" He nodded. Then she said,"Would you like to spend the night with me in my bed? Just the two of us?" I told her,"I did not plan to spend the night. I don't have my razor with me and I did not bring pajamas." She replied,"Dad has disposable razors and you don't need pajamas. I don't wear them and you don't need to either." I was concerned her father might be jealous. "Are you sure it is okay with your Dad?" He answered me, "I haven't had sex in over six months. You made it possible tonight so if you want to stay and get sucked and fucked tonight, you are welcome to it. She wants it and I don't mind."

I told Marie,"After having already made love to you I'm not sure I'll be able to get it up for you." She said,"Don't worry. I know what it will take and will do what I have to do to get you going again." I went back to my chair and sat down.

Marie then told me if I had not come over tonight she might have tried to bring the whole football team home for a gang bang. I told her they would have kept her up all night and since she did have school in the morning she would not perform well at school. She said,"You'd be surprised at the teachers that will give me good grades for a bit of a blow job." I replied,"No I wouldn't be surprised. I know how rare it is in a long marriage."

We sat talking about what would happen if her Dad passed on. She said,"I would want you to adapt me so you could take care of me, if you know what I mean." I told her,"I doubt the state would permit that because my criminal record is like your dad's and I'm not related to you." She said,"I would demand they release me to your custody and swear that you had never laid a hand on me despite me being a willing victim. He said,"I would be happy to make it a provision in my will that you adapt and raise her." She then said,"If I am old enough I'll solve the problem by marrying you." I told her,"I come over here about once a week and am able to satisfy you but I don't think I could do it everynight. After all I am an old man." She said,"We will see if I can overcome your age tonight."

Then she stood up and walked out. I looked at her father and he said,"She is going to the bathroom to wash out her bowels to be certain all three of her holes are available to you tonight." I looked at my watch and it said it was 8:50PM. I told him,"I've never fucked anyone up the ass. It is simply nothing I ever thought of doing." He said,"She is tight up the shit chute. You might decide you like it better than fucking her pussy." I told him,"I don't think so, she is such a joy to make love to. So willing to do whatever we want to do." He said,"Don't kid yourself. If she did not want to do it she wouldn't." I heard the toilet flush.

I asked him, "Assuming she is giving herself an enema, how many times will she need to rinse her bowels out?" He said,"Considering the meal we had tonight she will have to do it two or three times." He said,"She finds it easier to take it up her ass if her bowels are empty. She will do it until it runs absolutely clear." I heard the toilet flush again.

He asked me if the school gave me any trouble getting the shirt to her. I told him no. He told me he was called before I was but couldn't get away so he told her to call me. While she was calling me he was calling the school to authorize me to enter and give her the shirt. I told him I was happy to take care it and was glad I was able to get away. I heard the toilet flush a third time. I expected Marie to rejoin us after that but she did not come out for five more minutes in which he asked me if the web site was the whole truth or not.

I told his the web site was 100% true and I was willing to take a polygraph if needed. He said it was not necessary for me to do that. While I did not hear her approach Marie came back into the room and her father said,"Here she is Charlie, all made up and no place to go." I turned and saw her. Her eye lashes has mascara on them. Her cheeks had just a touch of rough and her lips had ruby red lip stick on them.

Her slim body was covered with a t-shirt that stopped just above her navel. Her bikini panties looked very sexy on her slim frame. Marie said,"I thought you might like it if I put on my makeup and looked like the whore I'm trying to be." She sat on my lap then and kissed me. Then she broke that kiss and told er father,"I'm taking him to my bed. Good night dad." She kissed me with tongue and guided my hand to her tits. I stroked her nipple through the thin t-shirt fabric. Her father said,"you guys have fun.

She slid off my lap. Went over to her dad. Kissed him with tongue. Then she took my hand and took me to her bed room and closed the door. She said,"Undress for bed." As I slid my belt out of its loops she took off the t-shirt. As I unbottoned my dress shirt the panties came off. She helped me take off my pants and underwear. She reached out for my cock and started to jack me off. She was keeping a steady rhythum as she did it stoking up and down and up and down and up and down. As it started to expand she opened her mouth and plunged down on it until her lower lip was on my scrotum. Then she pulled back until only the head was behind her lips. She kept on deep throating me again and again and again. I told her,"It would be shame for you to go to all the trouble to wash out your bowels for me and then blow my load down her throat.

She came off my cock and she said,"I've go three holes and you can cum in any one of them and that will be fine. I do the enemas as much as to stay thin as to let you fuck my ass."

I told her, "I don't want to cum if you won't cum so I want you to cum first." She said,"I might cum if you fuck my ass. I have done that before." I answered her,"I don't want to risk you not cumming tonight. I would like to eat you to orgasm before I stick my cock up your ass." She said,"Okay!", as she took off the t-shirt and dropped her panties on the floor. She sat on the edge of the bed. I knelt before her and separated her labia with my tongue and then ran my tongue down her slit to her vagina. She laid back on the bed. Then I ran my tongue up her slit to her clit and circled it with my tongue. Before running down the slit I nibbled on her clit and as I did she began to moan with the pleasure I was giving her. I released her clit and ran my tongue down her slit to her vagina again. It was running with her "fuck me" juices. I ran my tongue back up her slit to her clit and again circled it before nibbling on it. She stiffened, quaked, and arched up as she went into a climax.

When she came down she sat up and said,"Now fuck me in my ass, stud." I told her,"Sorry, I'm not hard anymore." She said,"Easily solved." as she knelt down as I stood up and took my cock in her hands. She jacked me up and down and as it expanded she licked it on its top, its left side, its right side and then its bottom. Then she took the whole shaft in her mouth. She drove into me until her lower lip hit my scrotum. Then she pulled back until only the head of cock was behind her luscious lips. Then she took it all the way into her mouth until the head of my cock was in her throat and her lower lip was on my balls. I was fully erect and hard as a stone.

She said,"See, not problem. Now fuck my rosy red ass." She bent over the bed pulling the pillow over to rest her head on. I lined my cock up with her rosebud of an asshole. I saw some lubricant on the headboard and I reached over and grabbed it. I liberally distributed it over my prick and then I pressed it into the girl's bowels. It went in slowly. I came to hard resistance about an inch and half in. She said,"Just a sec." Then the resistance ceased and I pushed in a bit more. I pulled out a bit and then back in. I kept this up going a little further into her each time. Finally my balls hit her pussy and I began to stroke slowly in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out. She was breathing hard and I knew she was so tight I would not last long. She called out,"That feels so good and you are filling me way up. Keep on fucking me hard." I continued to stroke in and out. I knew I was getting close and told her so,"I'm getting close. I'm going to cum soon" She said,"I'm close too. Try to hold it out." I tightened my abdominal muscles to try to hold out. Then she stiffened and quaked and arched her back as she sprayed my balls with more "fuck me" juices. "I'm cumming right now." she called out. I released my abdominal muscles and my balls started to shoot my jism into her bowels. As her body relaxed she turned her head around and said,"See I can cum from being fucked in the ass." My erection faded and came out with a pop. It looked clean. She turned around and knelt before me and took it into her mouth and deep throated it once and then slid off it with her lips tight around my cock. She said,"Come on let's go to bed." she laid down on the bed and I settled in next to her and put my arms around this young teenager. We fell asleep in each other's arms.
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