This fictional story picks up where My First Beast stops. You probably want to read that story first.
During my sleep, I dreamed about little Cindi. I dreamed that I returned home and found her naked in my bed, with her pointed, little girl, nipples reaching up beckoning me. I slid onto the bed beside her, and she rolled over to kiss me with a full, big girl kiss, as she pushed her down covered pussy against mine which had also become naked. I moaned as her tongue explored the inside of my mouth, and she pressed those perfect little nipples against mine. She pressed hard against me, and we rolled together onto my back, with our bodies pressed together from head to toe, in a way not possible except in a dream. I felt that the whole of our beings were fused, as she continued to grind her small pussy hard into mine. My legs parted, and she fell between them, writhing and churning to my clit, as if she had fingers down there. I could barely breathe with the overwhelming passion I experienced, and I gasped as my pussy spasmed, and I called out, “AHHHHHHHH.” That woke me, to find Julie’s hands busy in my cunt, working me through an earthshaking orgasm.

“I saw you were having a sex dream,” she said when I finished bucking and moaning “and I didn’t think you’d mind if I tried to help. I certainly didn’t, and told her so. “Thinking about Pump,” she asked? I couldn’t tell her what I was really dreaming about, so I said, “no, I was dreaming about you.” She gave me a funny look, but said that based upon my actions, she was very flattered. I could tell she didn’t really believe me, but left the compliment as it was.

“You are welcome to stay here tonight,” she offered. “You look quite worn out.” I looked at the clock, and saw it was about 2:30 p.m. “I have to work, but you can stay here and do whatever,” she said glancing at Pump. “Hell, you can move in here if you want. You probably don’t want to go back and sleep in that bed, and I could really use the company. I really like you Pam.”

“Thanks. I may take you up on the offer, but I need to go back and do some stuff, and at least get some clothes if I’m going to stay,” I replied. I turned and put my feet on the floor, and my head began to spin, so I gave up on standing up right then and just leaned back on the sofa. Julie had apparently moved me around so that I was lying lengthwise while I was sleeping.

“Well, I need to leave for work, but here’s a key. Make yourself at home,” Julie said. I sat on the sofa for about 30 minutes, until I felt like I could walk, got up, got dressed, and walked to my car. My head was swimming with emotions. Scott wasn’t one of them. I had just had mind-blowing sex with an animal, while another woman and I masturbated each other, and I didn’t really know how to feel about that, but what bothered me more was that I had dreamed of having sex with a 15 year-old girl, essentially doing in my mind what I had just excoriated Scott for doing. Of course, I hadn’t actually done it, but I wasn’t sure that made a difference. I wasn’t really concerned about the sex with a female thing: I had thought about it before, and was fine with it – actually kind of had it as a theoretical option. But a 15 year-old? What was wrong with me. I hoped that I didn’t see her when I returned home. I was embarrassed to confront her, even though nothing real actually happened.

As I pulled into the parking place, I could see Cindi looking out her window, and a moment after I let myself in, there was a knock at the door. I opened it, and sure enough there was Cindi. “Hi, Cindi. Come on in,” I told her. “Can I get you something to drink?” “A martini, please,” she responded, shocking me until I saw the sardonic look on her face. “I’m fine,” she said. “I need to talk about what happened, and there’s no one else, I can tell. I’m sorry; I know you are the last person I should impose on with my feelings, but I don’t know what else to do.” “Well, I asked for it,” I replied. “Be careful what you ask for, eh?” At that she gave me a sad smile.

“Here’s the thing. I’m so sorry I did that to you. I didn’t really know you, but that’s no excuse. I knew I was doing it to someone. I really was hurt when Scott said it meant nothing, but I already knew that. At least I knew it didn’t mean anything to me. I didn’t really want to go away with him. I never really thought I loved him or he loved me. I told myself I did, but if the opportunity to run off with him had actually come, I know I never would have done it. I don’t want to run away with anyone. I want to finish high school; I want to go to college; I want to become a doctor. I just wanted someone to fuck me. I’m sorry. That must shock you. Scott made it easy.

My mom won’t let me date. You know how she is. I love her, but really, she is deranged. I don’t believe all of that crap she churns out. I don’t believe that sex is evil. I don’t even see where it says that in the Bible, if that’s where you want to get your moral roots, and I don’t. I don’t really know what I believe about Christianity, but I don’t believe that God’s going to condemn us for satisfying a physical hunger he gave us. But I’m sorry I did it with Scott. Because of you. I have wanted to have sex since I was 12 or 13, and I didn’t know how to go about it. Please try to understand.”

“I do understand,” I said when I finally got a chance to speak. “I understand completely. You’re no different than I was. I was hungry for sex from the time my periods started. Actually, from some time before that. I was lucky, though; I had a neighbor a year older than I who was as curious as I, and we were able to find some time alone often enough when I had just turned 14, that I never got to where you are emotionally. I was able to start dating when I was 15, and I had an adequate sex life. My mother never encouraged me to have sex, but I’m confident she knew what was going on, and turned her head. I think she thought what I think – that people should sex as soon and as often as they are able to handle it emotionally. But, if you are going to have sex, you should be doing it with someone age appropriate. Not someone twice as old as you.” I wasn’t sure why that was, but it felt like something I was supposed to say.

Early in the conversation, I noticed that Cindi was wearing short loose fitting shorts, and that her top was a thin white silky material which did little to hide the points forming two tents on her chest and were not encumbered by a bra. She sat cross-legged on the chair across from me, and it took no effort to see her soft, silky mound up the leg of the shorts. She was a magnificent looking creature, and was going to make some man – probably many men – very happy. She was obviously quite willing, even anxious, to make me very happy. And she would have, too. I was not going to seduce (or be seduced by) a 15 year-old child, though, no matter how horny she was, or I was, or how some others might justify it.

“What can I do then, Pam. There aren’t any boys my age that I ever can be alone with,” she complained, bending forward and giving me a long glimpse of her luscious breasts. “I can’t help you there, Honey,” I said. “I could go to prison for decades for just assisting you. I’m taking a chance by not reporting Scott, and I’m just doing that, because I don’t want to subject you to your mother’s rage. I do sympathize with you, and wish I could help. Probably, some opportunity will come around.”

“So if you could go to prison for not reporting Scott, then I could blackmail you into helping me?” she asked. I must have turned pale, because she immediately stepped over to the sofa and grabbed my hand. “That was just a joke. I’m sorry. I couldn’t ever do that to you. I thought you knew that. You’ve been so nice, when you had no reason to be. I do so appreciate what you are doing for me. I would do anything for you.” As she uttered what might have been interpreted as an invitation, she backed away realizing how it sounded, and said, “I didn’t mean... I mean... I didn’t want...” I saw her anxiety, and quickly said, “I know what you meant, Cindi. We’re good, right?” “Right,” she said, relieved.

We talked about girl stuff for awhile, and then she said, “would you tell me about your first time?” I thought about it for a minute, and realized I would like to do that as much as she would like to hear it. “Okay, I said. Here’s what happened.” “Give me all the detail. Everything you saw, everything you felt,” she said.

“I was barely 14. Brian was 15. He was tall and slim, but muscular. He was athletic and would later be a star wide receiver, basketball forward, and pitcher. At 15, he just looked good. He lived next door, and was the kind of boy that parents like. He was humble and polite. He said ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am.’ He asked them about their jobs, and made excellent grades. When Brian came over, no one objected. I certainly didn’t. I liked Brian, but I was too shy to tell him so, and I was too young to date. Beyond liking him, though, I thought he was really sexy. As I told you, I had a sex drive that had been burning in my pants for a couple of years and then some.

“One afternoon, I really wanted to see him, so shut off the circuit breaker that controlled the lights and electrical outlets in my bedroom and went over to his house and knocked on the door. He came to the door and I told him that the lights had gone out in my room, and I really needed to use the computer to look up some stuff for school. I thought it was something pretty simple, but I didn’t know what to do. ‘Sounds like a circuit breaker,’ he said in his most authoritative voice. ‘Well, do you have time to help me,’ I asked? ‘Sure, I’ll take a look at it,’ he said.

“I had dressed as sexy as a skinny, small chested, 14 year old could, but I’m sure I didn’t give him any boners looking at me. I doubt that he had never even thought of me as anything other than a little girl before that. Anyway, he came over and asked if I knew where the circuit breakers were. I lied that I did not. I followed him to the garage, and he quickly found the box and tripped the offending breaker. ‘That’s it?’ I asked. ‘Should be,’ he replied. ‘Let’s go check... Is it okay?’ I think that for the first time, he realized that he would be accompanying a girl to her room while no one else was in the house. ‘Sure; let’s go,’ I said.”

At this point, I could see that Cindi was getting antsy anticipating the coming scene. I could also see her pussy beginning to glisten with moisture. I knew 100% that she wanted sex with me, and that as much as I wanted it too, I couldn’t, but I thought of a way to help. “You know, Cindi,” I said, “we are talking about sex, and that can make a person pretty hot. If you want, you could remove your shirt and pants to cool off.” She looked quizzically at such an odd statement, and then understood and stood up to remove the only two articles of clothing she had on. “And you’re free to do whatever you want while I tell this. I won’t even pay any attention to what you’re doing.” She nodded that she caught my drift. I went to the bathroom and brought back a towel. “You might be more comfortable sitting on this,” I said.

As she disrobed and positioned the towel, I admired this perfect little body. 5'4" probably, small, muscled waist, thin hips with muscled buttocks that protruded just right. Her pussy was covered lightly with downy, almost transparent hair, through which you could clearly see the cleft of her pussy. She was blond, with a beautiful face which looked younger than 15. Her incredible breasts, about the size of mine, still had little girl nipples only slightly larger that a pencil lead. They appeared to come to perfect points. I looked good, but she was an obvious man killer. And she was a horny young thing. Different people have different sex drives. I have come to accept that mine exceeds that of most men. I expect hers did too.

She sat back down on the towel facing me, again cross-legged. I could now clearly see the little beads of moisture that had formed on the hairs surrounding her vaginal opening. She was still interested in me, but I valued my integrity more than that perfect little body. I did allow myself to hope that we were still in touch when she turned 18. “Aren’t you going to get hot?” She asked. I shrugged, and quickly took my clothes off. I had already come twice that day. Two gigantic, earthshaking orgasms, but yes, I was hot again.

“So Brian followed me up the stairs to my bedroom, and as we approached, we could see the lights were on. ‘Looks like we got-er-done,” he said. ‘Looks like it, but let’s check the computer,’ I told him. Of course the computer came on. ‘Let me get you something to drink,’ I told him and he accepted. I just caught a glimpse of him checking out my skinny ass as I sauntered out of the room. He started to follow, but I told him to wait and I’d bring it back. Up until we started to go up to my room, I think Brian still thought of me as the skinny little girl next door. As soon as it occurred to him that he was accompanying a girl to her room, I think he saw things differently. I brought some lemonade for each of us, and sat on the bed, patting the place beside me. He quickly sat down.

“I knew that Brian was too polite, and too respectable to make a move on me. I would have to initiate anything that developed. ‘Have you ever kissed anyone?’ I ventured. ‘Have you?’ He answered. ‘Oh sure, mother, father, grandparents, aunts, etcetera.’ I answered. ‘Yeah, me too,’ he said. Well, that hadn’t gone anywhere. I threw caution to the wind. ‘I’d like to kiss you.’ I blurted. Brian looked at me for a second, and then leaned over and kissed me full on the lips. He wasn’t good at it, but I didn’t know that; my heart was in my throat, and with the lemonade in one hand, I reached up with the other and held the kiss as long as I dared. Then I stood up and took his lemonade from him and set it with mine on my dresser. Then, knowing what I wanted, I lifted my skirt as I sat down straddling him, took his face in my hands, and kissed him again as I pushed him backward on the bed. I could feel his hard cock pressing up against my panties, and I positioned my little pussy right on top of it. I guess he had pictured this kind of scene before, because he pushed his cock hard up against me. I moved my pussy back and forth on his cock and both of our breaths quickened. Now, I rolled off of him and grabbed his gym shorts and pulled them down with his briefs. There, right before me was a real cock. Maybe 4 and a half inches long, it looked magnificent. I reached over to grab it, as I felt his hand inside my panties. With one hand on his cock, I pulled my panties off with the other, and felt the cool air on my pussy which was only protected by sparse hair.”

Cindi’s hand moved to her crotch, and I watched her middle finger enter that hot pussy. I wanted so much to replace it with my finger. “Brian cupped my pussy, and a finger entered me. I had never had anything other than my own finger in there, and it felt wonderful. Brian’s dick was rock hard, and he kicked his shorts off, while he pulled his shirt off with his free hand.”

Cindi was beginning to move her finger in and out, while she placed her other hand on her clit. “I yanked my skirt down, and pulled my blouse over my head. Brian pulled my panties down, and I kicked them off. We were lying there naked, each holding the other’s sex, neither really knowing where to go from here. ‘Please put it in me, Brian,’ I pleaded. He needed no further encouragement, and positioned himself between my legs. I pushed my pussy as high as I could, straining to meet his sex. We were both sweating profusely, as that beautiful head touched my sex.” Cindi now had three fingers going in and out, as fast as they could as her other hand furiously rubbed her clit. “Just as we made contact, Brian’s cock began to spew cum at me. Some of it went in my pussy; some went on my pussy; some went on my breasts; and some went on my sheets, but his cock didn’t enter me.” I don’t think Cindi could even hear me at that point, but I continued.

“I was severely disappointed. I so wanted that cock inside me, and here he had gone and sprayed it all out before he even got it in. ‘Sorry,’ he told me, and then he pushed that still hard cock back at my pleasure hole. I had understood that after a man shot his load, it was over for him, but I didn’t know anything about 15 year old boys. If his cock lost any stiffness, I couldn’t tell it. He pushed, but could only gain about an inch, and it hurt some. I wasn’t worried about hurting me, but I didn’t want to break his dick, so I looked him in the eyes to say that if he wanted to stop, he could.” Cindi was moaning and panting, and had switched hands. “There was no quit in Brian, and he withdrew to the opening and pushed in a little farther. He continued to do this for maybe ten times and then he made a long hard push that buried that wonderful dick so that his abdomen caressed mine. He was all the way in.”

Cindi was actually growling and crying, and I could see that she was close to coming. “With all the action getting it in, it only took three more deep thrusts, and I could feel Brian’s cum splashing the inside of my pussy.” Cindi let out a loud grunt, and launched her hips against her hands, as she said, “oh God, oh God, oh God, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh. Ohhhhhhhhhh, the last coming in a high, almost squealing tone. She fell back with her hands still holding tight to her pussy.

After a couple of minutes, Cindi said, “Oh, Pam, thank you. I have never had such a climax. Never, even...” and then she let that trail off. I knew she was going to say with Scott, and I heard that with some silent satisfaction. I made her cum better just talking than he could with his body. “I’m happy to help, Sweetie. When you feel up to it, go ahead and get dressed. I have some things I have to do.” She was out in about 15 minutes. I didn’t tell her what I already knew: I would be moving. There was no way I could stay upstairs from her and not have her body on a regular basis. I wasn’t going there.

For my part, I was wild horny again. Naked, sitting four feet from that little goddess as I relived my first fucking, while she jacked herself to oblivion, had me crazy in spite of my earlier sessions. I could barely walk to the bedroom and I collapsed on the bed. That bed where only hours earlier, Cindi had been stuffing Scott’s rod in and out of her beautiful, petite pussy. I rolled in the sheets she had touched so recently. I was insane. I was like a schoolgirl who had a rockstar’s handkerchief. I pulled my vibrator out of the lamp table, and found that the batteries were fine. I put the tip of it barely into my throbbing lips and pressed the fingertips of my other hand just above my clit. I knew I wouldn’t last long, but still, I wanted to savor this the best I could. Where it was, the vibrator shook my whole swollen mound, and I could feel the orgasm rising from deep within my pelvic muscles. After only a few seconds, it began to peak, and I jammed the vibrator, which, in spite of its prodigious size, slipped easily completely to my cervix. I thrust three fingers of my other hand, onto my clit, one on each side, and one fluttering directly on it. Instinctively, my hips thrust upward trying to swallow more of the pulsing cock replacement. In my mind, Cindi was pushing that dildo into me, and it was her tongue flicking my swollen clit. My insides exploded, as my pussy clenched the vibrator again and again. I rubbed my clit as hard as it would stand, thinking of Cindi.

The orgasm was timeless. It seemed that way. When it was over, I was quickly asleep. Mercifully, I didn’t dream – at least none that I could remember.

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