This is Chapter IV of the Amy story. Read the others first, if you want to know how we got here.
The school year went pretty much that way. After tennis and track season, we had more time, and enjoyed ourselves. We had sex every day that we could, and during this time, that was pretty much every day. If we had to miss a day, we were both highly charged at our next session.

Neither of us told anyone. I knew he would never brag about it, and I had no reason to tell anyone. However, Mark knew that I would tell Amy when I could.

In February, I noticed that Mark had the beginnings of pubic hairs starting to emerge. I sucked and jacked him off often, and I knew that the little bead of liquid, had become a small stream, which traveled about an inch down the head of his penis. I also saw that he was noticeably larger than back in the summer. His cock was now about wiener size, but not as long. I hadn’t gotten my period yet, so pregnancy was not an issue.

Amy and I stayed in close touch, both by mail and phone, but neither of us ever referenced our sex lives, even in code-like terms. We had plenty of other things to discuss, and the sex could wait until the summer. In May, Amy called and told me she had gotten her period. She was excited but disappointed at the same time. Fortunately, it had happened at home, and her mother was prepared with some Tampax. They had discussed it in the months before, and Amy had elected the internal method. Although it was a little painful the first couple of times she inserted it, she quickly learned how to do it painlessly.

My first thought was that I would probably be getting mine soon, and I initiated a frank discussion with Mark. We weren’t going to quit sex, but we both had plans for the future, and they didn’t include teenage pregnancy. Actually, I wasn’t even a teenager yet. After both of us getting some information, we decided that contraceptive foam would be our method of choice. Neither of us liked the idea of a rubber between our bodies, and the other options were limited. I couldn’t possibly ask my mother to let me get on birth control pills at that time, and noone knew the long term effects of starting the pill so young. That issue being decided, we returned to the carefree sex we had been having.

As the next summer when I was twelve approached, I was looking forward with mixed emotions: I desperately wanted to see Amy, but normally, this would be the summer for me to visit Houston, and I didn’t want to leave Mark for a month. I have been lucky all my life, and as luck would have it, Uncle Bob and Aunt Martha decided to add a recreational room to their home, and it was decided that it made more sense for Amy to come to Kissimmee again this year. Actually, since I had gone to Houston the second part of the summer, it kind of made sense anyway. I was thrilled. I began to plan for the best summer ever.

June 1, a Friday, we went to the airport to pick Amy up. Neither of us could stop grinning as she came off the plane, and we ran to each other and hugged long and hard. She was now slightly taller than I, and the outline of her small breasts was clearly evident under her tee shirt. Flowing down from her shorts were legs, no longer just knees, beginning to take a shapely look. She held me at arms length, and said, “let me look at you. You look great.” I did look good. Track had put me in pretty good shape, and I was now swimming laps in the pool daily, to try and make the swimming team when I was old enough. She looked great too.

During the ride back home, we held hands and talked incessantly. Neither of us was ever at a loss for words. We got home at 4:15 and immediately went upstairs to change into our swimsuits. As we watched each other disrobe, I was struck by just how beautiful her body had become. Although her breasts were barely enough to call them breasts, they had clearly developed a roundness more pronounced than my own, which were just little pointed hills on my chest. Her nipples were larger than my little girl nipples, but were still small compared to the full-grown women I had seen. Her pubic region was considerably more haired than the summer before, but it was still not thick. I had more hair, too, but not as much as she. “Oh my God,” she said softly. “Just look at your body.” She could see how the muscles in my stomach had become more defined, and how my legs and arms had filled out nicely. “God, you look great, too, Amy,” I replied.
We took longer than necessary to change, but we went down to the pool, where my mother was already sitting. She had taken off the afternoon to pick up Amy, and was happy to have the time to relax. She tried to strike up a conversation with Amy, but it quickly turned into one between Amy and me, and Mom just smiled and closed her eyes. She took a great deal of satisfaction in our closeness, as did my father and Amy’s parents.

Amy and I raced the length of the pool and back, and I only barely beat her in spite of the laps I had been swimming daily. Amy had always been a good swimmer, and this was the first time I had ever been able to beat her. She laughed, and promised that next year she would regain her crown. She did too.

Mom went in and fixed dinner so that it was ready shortly after Dad got home. We had a wonderful dinner, and Dad was actually able to get short spurts of conversation from Amy between hers and my constant babble. He was able to find out about Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary, and school in Houston. Amy was a straight A student, as I was. Dad knew that, of course, but wanted to give her a chance to brag about it a bit. She played volleyball and softball, and was also planning to swim on the school team. No, she hadn’t decided on a college after graduation, which was still several years away. Yes, her health was good. She hadn’t missed a day of school. Yes, she still liked school. She hoped someday to be a pediatrician, but that was a long way off. She was having fun being a girl. And, no she didn’t have a boyfriend.

Dad had rented a movie, and we all watched it together. Mom and Dad had an early tee time in the morning, so they went to bed right after the movie. Amy and I went up to the bedroom right after that, and closed the door, ostensibly so that my TV wouldn’t disturb them. My knees shook with anticipation. Although my activities with Mark were wonderful and completely satisfying, I had really missed Amy. Sex with her was different from Mark. She was soft, and because she was a girl, she found exactly the right thing to do, as a boy would never be able to do.

We removed our clothes, and didn’t bother with the pretense of a nightgown. We lay on the bed, and both of our hands found the nether regions of the other. Both of us had pussy juice running down the cheeks of our butts, and our hands slipped easily up and down, in and out, until we both came with muffled yelps. Our hands continued without pause, until I removed mine, and took hers off of my pussy. I had rehearsed the next step, but still I could barely say anything because of my nervousness. I was not only trembling in anticipation, but frightened of Amy’s reaction. I rolled over between her legs and kissed her right at the top of her pubic hair line. She immediately spread her legs wider, and put her hands on my head as she arched up to my mouth. No longer frightened, I kissed her lower, then lower at the top of her clit. He moaned and held a firm pressure on my head. She liked this.

I kissed lower. I kissed each of her lips, and ran my tongue along the inside of each of them. I kissed her on the tip of her swollen clit, and she jerked, but held my head tight. I kissed again. Then again. Then I ran my tongue from the tip of her clit to the top of it, and back down. She pushed her hips hard against my tongue. Then, as I ran my tongue slowly up and down, I slipped my finger into her vagina, as she pushed hard against it. Now I began to suck her clit, and I moved my finger back and forth. Now I tried two fingers, and she was so slippery that they went in easily. Back and forth went my fingers, as I sucked hard on her clit. Faster, and faster I moved my fingers, until she let out a gasp, a muffled scream, and pushed her hips again and again against my fingers. I continued to move and suck until she relaxed with a long sigh. I moved over to her side, and she said nothing for a couple of minutes. “I have dreamed of that, but it’s so much better than I expected,” she said. She stroked my hair, and rolled over facing me. She kissed me on the cheek and just lay on her side for a few minutes, just stroking my hair.
After a few minutes, Amy again kissed my cheek. I turned my head toward her, and she kissed me softly on the lips, but then again on the cheek. She kissed my cheek and then my jaw. She began to kiss my neck, and I could feel my body begin to tingle with a ticklish, but exhilarating sensation. My pussy was already throbbing with anticipation after eating her, and I started to turn my body toward hers, but a gentle pressure from her hand, pushed me back. She kissed my neck down to my shoulder, then a few inches down my arm. She kissed my shoulder again, and made her way down to my upper chest. My breasts began to long to feel her lips, and she did not disappoint them. Her lips moved down to my left breast while her left hand began to softly massage my right one. She began slowly to suck my nipple into her mouth and run her tongue around it. Her tongue then licked from one side to the other, then from the bottom to the top. I felt I couldn’t stand it any more, and I moved my hand down to my crotch, but Amy moved hers under mine, so that she was just lightly touching it with he palm, while I couldn’t touch it.

Now, she began to kiss lower onto my stomach. He ran her tongue around in circles until it found my navel, and it darted in there and pushed. She put her lips around the navel and sucked as her tongue explored it. I tried to press her hand hard against my pussy, but she wouldn’t budge. Now she pulled her hand away with mine and kissed my clit. I launched my hips up to meet her mouth, and exploded in an orgasm, pushing again and again against her mouth, until I fell back trembling.

Amy had been at my side, but now, without removing her mouth, she positioned herself between my legs. She grabbed a pillow, and placed it under my butt, so that my vaginal was pointing somewhat upward. She was not going to let me rest, and her tongue darted down the length of my clit, and into my vagina as far as it would go. I realized that she had a rather long tongue. Up came to tongue to the top of my clit, and then down again into me. A few more like strokes, and her lips formed a circle around my clit as first one finger, then two penetrated me. She started sucking my clit hard as her tongue quickly flicked the end of it until I exploded again with many quick thrusts as she pushed her fingers again and again hard into my vagina.

I was tired. So was Amy. We both lay back wordless for a few minutes. Finally she said, “I have wanted to suck your pussy since last summer, but didn’t know how to approach it. It’s not as easy as asking if you masturbate.” “I’ve longed for it too,” I said. I’m glad we finally tried it. A few more minutes of silence, and I said, “have you ever had sex with a boy?” She was unsurprised and unabashed bu the question. “No. I have really never had any opportunity, and besides, I’m afraid those things wouldn’t fit in my little hole.” “What if you did have an opportunity, and you found one you knew would fit” I asked. “I’m really not sure,” she said. “Why – have you?” “Yes,” I said simply.

“Tell me everything,” she said, and I did. She knew Mark, of course, but had never thought of him as anything except a young boy. Sex with him had never occurred to her, and when I told her about it, she was more than surprised. “I have talked with him; he would have sex with you if you want,” I said. “ I don’t know,” she replied. “Besides, didn’t you just tell me he was your soulmate? Why would you share him with me?” “Amy,” I said, “I love you like a sister, and I want the best for you as much as me. I want you to experience what I have experienced. I’m going to have him come over tomorrow morning, and you can watch and decide for yourself.”

“Where would I hide, so that I could see it?” she asked. “You don’t hide; you watch it from wherever you like,” I explained. “Maybe,” she replied.
I knew that by morning, Amy wouldn’t be able to avoid watching, and that she wouldn’t be able to avoid having sex with Mark. You may wonder just the same thing as Amy: why would I encourage my boyfriend to have sex with one of the loveliest girls in town? Probably, it was mostly because I wanted to watch them and then join them. I could imagine sex with all three of us being the most perfect thing in the world. I knew that Amy would never try to steal Mark from me, and that if it turned out Mark wanted Amy instead of me, that would be the best thing for all of us. I also knew that wouldn’t happen. Mark and I were soulmates.

After that conversation, Amy and I were hot again, and found the 69 position to pleasure each other. Then we finally went to sleep.
I woke up the next morning to find Amy already in the shower. I went in to join her, and marveled again at her beautiful maturing body. We didn’t touch each other in the shower, and after we got out and dried ourselves, I put my nightgown on and went to the window. There was Mark on his lounge chair in his Speedo pretending he was not watching the window intently. I waved him over, and he was at my back door in seconds. Amy had no idea what the procedure would be but had followed my lead and donned her nightgown without bottoms. I went down and let Mark in, and in seconds we were back in my room. Amy said a nervous hello to him, and he helloed back.

I pulled my nightgown over my head and Mark removed his suit. “You have to take yours off too, Amy,” I said. I was half joking, but she must have been anxious, because she quickly removed it. Mark lay down on his back, and I hadn’t seen him this excited beforehand in a long time. His cock was full at attention, and jumped with every beat of his heart. I lay down beside him and took his cock into my hand as he pressed his between my legs. I moved my hand slowly up and down, not to bring the action to a climax too soon. I looked at Amy, and she had a hand in her crotch. I was full wet, and ready, but this was about Amy, so after about a minute, I said, “here, you come try it.” Amy pretended a slight protest, but I could tell she was dying to do so. She lay down on the other side of Mark, and I guided her hand to his throbbing cock. Her hand was already wet, but I pulled it into my crotch to get it really slippery, and again placed it on Mark’s cock. “Now slide it up and down very slowly,” I instructed. Amy’s was breathing very hard. About a minute after she started, I said sharply, “now. Put your leg over him. Straddle him. Do it.” Amy didn’t need much encouragement, and was quickly straddling him. “Now lower yourself onto his cock,” I demanded. Amy was well into the moment, and placed her pussy lips right at the end of Mark’s cock. She had to hold it and guide it, because it jumped so much with his heartbeat. She held it, and began to put it in, just a little ways. I could tell Mark was going crazy with desire, but he lay there, and let Amy control the insertion. Tentatively, she lowered herself a bit more, until after about an inch, it became difficult. I realized that I must have stretched as Mark grew, so that I was able to insert it easier than she. She withdrew, took a few short quick breaths, and went down again. Up again, a few short breaths and down again. Again and again, now a little farther, and now a little farther yet. Soon, she made it past the inch barrier, and it began to slide easier. As she reached the full length, Mark grunted loudly, as he could no longer control his hips and they lifted Amy up. He jerked several times, as he reached his first orgasm, but as usual, he kept going. Amy, for her part, had emitted a couple of sounds of pain at first, but that was gone, and now she was well into the process. Her eyes were closed, and she had a look of immense contentment on her face. I watched as Mark moved up and down to meet Amy’s movements, and saw his cock bury itself and withdraw again and again, until I myself was ready to burst. Amy was still straddling Mark and was upright, so I straddled his face, with my face toward hers. As Mark began to suck my clit, I took Amy’s face in mine, and kissed her deeply. I could feel Mark coming again, and that excited me even more. Amy kissed me back, deep and hard, but I don’t think she even knew who she was kissing. I was able to put my fingers under her clit, and rub it as she and Mark pounded each other. Rubbing her clit, produced a loud cry as I felt Amy’s body tense, then tremble and jerk with the flood of her orgasm. I came then with as violent an orgasm as I ever experienced before or since. None of us was finished, and we continued with only a short lull. The position was tiring for me, so I rolled off as Amy leaned forward. I was just think of how to get back into the action, when I felt Amy’s fingers at my clit. I rolled on my back, and lay there feeling the fingers that I had missed so much, and that knew so much, make me come twice more.

At last, Amy rolled off of Mark, and watched as his cock deflated. No one said anything for a few minutes, and then I said, “I love you both so much.” “I love you too,” they each responded together. I knew they meant it.

The session had been more tiring than any I had ever had before, and I think they both felt the same way. I got up and went downstairs to make sandwiches. Both of them followed. We were all naked. We ate in the living room, and Amy told me how much this meant to her. “You would have done the same for me,” I replied. Yes,” she said, “I would.”

After lunch, we went back upstairs, and Amy said, “I want to see you guys do it.” I lay down on my back, and Mark lay there facing me. He put his finger right on my clit, and began massaging it as I began to slowly jack his cock. After a few minutes, he got between my legs and inserted his cock into my pussy, which eagerly awaited its arrival. “Come sit on the bed with us,” I told Amy, and she was quick to comply. As Mark withdrew and returned, I could see Amy watching with great interest. She began to breathe hard, and I reached for her pussy. I began to rub it, and then pulled her over to straddle my face, with her face forward. I took her clit in my mouth, and sucked it softly, as I reached back and massaged her butthole. She responded by pulling her cheeks apart, so I wet my finger in her pussy, and slid it up and down her anus. I don’t know why I thought to do that, because I had never even thought about it before, but she liked it, and soon came in my mouth. Meanwhile, Mark had come once, and was on the verge of a second, and thrust and jerked with my orgasm.
At this point, we all had time to lie back and talk some. I had given no thought to pregnancy, but it occurred to me that Amy was presumable fertile, and we had used no protection. I didn’t think that Mark’s little dribble was going to get her pregnant, but I really didn’t know, so I brought the subject up. Mark agreed to find some way to get some foam, and we agreed that there would be no further penile penetration of Amy until he did. We also agreed not to worry about whether she was pregnant, since nothing could be done about it anyway. She was scheduled to have another period while she was with me, so we would know soon enough. The next week, her period came.

This sort of thing never works out the way you plan, but strangely, this did. Our summer went wonderfully. Mark was able to obtain the foam in a couple of days, and we did each other all summer, without strife or jealousy. It was to be a blueprint for the rest of our lives.

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Very sexy. Brings back my youth. I never had more sex than from age 13 to 15. Crazy times and so sexy because it was so new and so taboo. Or so we thought.

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Love it! I think a lot of us were very sexual beings as children. I know I was. I still love the memories.

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