We were able to get all the parents to let Amy stay for most of the summer. She was no trouble, and really helped as much as I did. She was a pleasure to have around for everyone. Her parents missed her, but could feel the bond she and I had formed, and let her stay. Also, it really was handy for her to be gone during the construction. Summer came to an end, though, and Amy had to return to Houston. Although Mark and I still had each other, Amy had to either satisfy herself, sexually, or find another partner. I felt sorry for her. We said our goodbyes the day before, and then got up early Sunday morning to get her to the airport by 8:30 a.m. Both the day before, saying goodbye to Mark, and the parting at the airport were tearful. Although my parents were sorry to see Amy go, I think their emotions were mixed, because they were beginning to feel Amy and I were too dependent on each other. I’m sure they never suspected the truth.
My period came on September, 23, and things would have to change. We already had the contraceptive foam, and I sterilized the syringe, so we were set. However, it was a bit of a chore, thrown in to the mix. Mark said it tasted horrible, and so oral sex wasn’t available after it was in use. Mark carried the package in a small pouch in his backpack/bookbag, and no one ever suspected. It was not in my room except when it was needed, so my parents would not have found it, even if they had suspected. They were never prying, anyway. I made straight A’s, and always did as they expected, so they didn’t feel the need to check up on me. I wondered later whether they either knew or suspected what was going on, but I never had any feeling of it.

At first, we didn’t have sex during my period, but we couldn’t stand it, and soon, the only difference my period made was that it required a towel and remaining pretty much in the same position for the entire episode. Mark never had any problem with oral sex during my period, and so sex was pretty much the same.

Mark was getting larger, and insertion was actually beginning to get harder. That didn’t decrease the pleasure. The volume of my pussy juice was great enough that he was able to push past my cherry for some time, but I could feel the stretching inside, and knew enough that I realized at some point it would give way. It was never really very painful, even when it finally ruptured, I guess because of the use and constant stretching it went through. Anyway, it was not a problem at all at this point.

I began to excel at the 400 and 800 meters in track, and was soon the best in the county in middle school. I didn’t really practice except at the official after-school practices, but I was naturally light, long-legged and muscular for my age, and I found that running was almost effortless for me.

Mark was ranked in the top five in the state in his age division in Tennis, but like me, his practice was always the organized school practice. We were a happy duo. By this time, people had begun to realize that we were more than study partners. We were being described as boyfriend/girlfriend, and soon began referring to ourselves the same way. Sex was becoming a topic of conversation with our friends, and we both said we were saving ourselves for marriage.

I had turned 13 shortly after the start of school, and my breasts were beginning to take some shape, although they would not have been noticeable under a loose shirt. I now had a patch of hair which was visible even without close inspection, and I could see that my clit was growing larger. Mark was now about an inch taller than I; had significant pubic hair; and sported a cock, which was the size that would have frightened me only months before. Certainly, it was not fully grown, but it was hardly a child’s cock either. On Saturday, as we began our romp, I reached over and took it into my right hand. I slowly stroked it up and down. Mark was not circumcised, and I could hold the skin and draw it off the head, then back up over it. Mark was especially hot that morning, and as I could feel the orgasm rising in him, and feel his back arch, I suddenly began to stroke as fast as I could. Mark arched so that only his shoulders and heels touched the bed, and a glob of cum launched out, landing on his chin. Another landed on his chest, and then several spurted out on his belly, before the last few spasms produced a running stream down his cock. He grabbed me by the arms; pulled me over straddling him; and together we impaled me on his still stiff member. He launched into me over and over as I lowered myself in his rhythm to meet his thrusts. In one motion, he rolled us over, and rammed me hard and fast until I exploded in a low scream, as my pussy contracted over his cock, again and again, for at least a full minute. As the contractions reached their peak, Mark made a final thrust deep into me, and I could feel his hot cum hit the back of my vaginal cavity. He held there deep into me for his spasms to cease, and then withdrew almost all of the way. He then began a new rhythm, slower, but deep. I was ready and moved rotated my hips, so that I could feel the head of his cock all over the inside of me. A few minutes of this, and then he slowed. In, he slid, as I rolled his cock head around inside me, then out, almost all the way. Then slowly in, and slowly out. I was grinding my hips around and around, and was ready to explode, but I wanted to feel his hot cum spray me again, and I held the orgasm until I could feel his cock begin to pump as he moved slowly in me once more. I felt the hot cum, and I let mine go, grinding with my hips and my vaginal walls contracting, releasing and contracting, again and again. I had never before felt his cum so hot and strong against the inside of me. Then I knew why: we had forgotten the foam. Forgotten or ignored, I’m not sure which. We lay in each other’s arms, until I said, “you know what we forgot?” “I know” he said. “We can’t do much about it now.”

What we did about it, was continue without it for the rest of that day, figuring that wasn’t going to make any difference at this time. After a few minutes rest, we did it again, then again. I loved the feeling of his hot cum inside me. I wanted more of it, but we resolved to be more careful in the future. We didn’t need children now.
An anxious two weeks later, my period came, and I couldn’t wait to tell Mark. We anticipated the weekend when we could celebrate properly, and when it came, we did. With the foam. Twice more before I was fourteen, we succumbed to passion, and made love bare. I think we both knew what we were doing was reckless, but we did it anyway. Both times were followed by my regular period. We were fortunate.

At school, for the first time I had PE. We all would change into our gym clothes and go out to play some organized sport for about 30 minutes and then come back in and shower before putting our clothes back on in time for the next class. The showers were on the walls of the shower room, so everyone was naked with everyone else. For the first time, I was able to observe all levels of maturation from little girls with no hair or breast development to girls whose hair completely obscured their pussies. Some had the small hills like I had had when Amy first came, and some had what appeared to be fully grown, mature breasts, that even hung with the nipples pointed down at a 45 degree angle. Most were probably like mine, developing, but not yet large enough to be called tits. They pointed directly forward.

I had never had any thoughts of sex with any girls besides Amy, but it was somewhat exciting to see all of these girls naked. I could tell that everyone was checking everyone else out, observing breasts, pubic hair, and comparing themselves to others. It made PE particularly enjoyable.

On my thirteenth birthday, my mother made me an appointment with a gynecologist. I approached it with some trepidation. I knew he would examine my vagina, and I didn’t know if my hymen was still there. I had heard that many times girls didn’t even know when they lost their cherry. If it was gone, would he tell my mother? What would happen then?

The day came and went without incident. If the thing was gone he said nothing about it. I have learned since that many girls have their hymens torn without sex, and that it’s no big deal. I was to learn later that mine was still intact.

Mark’s tennis team with the girls team arranged a canoe trip, and members were allowed to bring a guest. Kids were present from ages twelve to fifteen. We got into the canoes about 9:00 a.m., and proceeded to paddle until about noon. Then we pulled our canoes onto shore at a large clearing, and had lunch. The plan was to stay there about an hour and a half to rest, and then continue down the river to reach the landing point about 4:00. Obviously, the shore was thick with fit young bodies, both male and female. I was horny. The mildly strenuous paddling combined with so many nice bodies, had lit my fires, and I asked Mark if he wanted to go for a walk. I could see from the bulge in his suit that he did, and he confirmed.

We managed to slip away so that no one saw us, and walked only about 25 yards into the trees, where we couldn’t see the group, but could still clearly hear them. We found a small opening with grass, and put a towel down. Mark lay down on his back, and I lay beside him, grasping his cock as he reached between my legs. He was hard, and I was wet, so I climbed onto him without much foreplay. The clear sound of the others, who had begun a volleyball game, made me both nervous and excited. I put his cock in, and began to spasm almost immediately. Mark came soon after me, and again, I felt his warm cum splash against the back of my vagina., after which we continued for another. Mark was kind of a mess when he withdrew, and we didn’t want to get it all over the towel, so I licked him clean. That excited us both again, but we decided we needed to get back. We suffered a few jeers as we emerged from the woods, but we just said we took a walk, and soon attention went elsewhere. That was the second time we went without protection.

That was Saturday, and my parents were home when we got back, so we couldn’t do anything about our excitement until Sunday. Mark was over early, just after my parents left and I quickly pulled his suit down, and took his cock deep into my mouth. I loved sucking his cock. It was now about five inches long and the tip just poked out from under he foreskin when he was erect. He was usually erect when I saw it. I could pull the foreskin back, and reveal the sometimes bluish head, from the hole in the tip to the little edge marking the beginning of the shaft. You could see the blood vessels straining on the top of the shaft, and the outline of the tube carrying the semen on the bottom. Sometimes, I would pull it down beyond horizontal, and let it slap back on his stomach. It was magnificent. That morning, I sucked his cock until he exploded into my mouth, and could feel the surges of come through the bottom of his cock. I swallowed and sucked until the spasms stopped. Mark sucked on my pussy, until I yelled softly with pleasure. He sucked and sucked. Finally, he stopped and got the foam out of his bag. He inserted the instrument, pushed out the foam, and was quickly on top of me, inserting his cock into my waiting pussy.

He began slowly this time, making me wait. He would withdraw nearly out, and then push hard with our skins slapping together as he fired the full length into me. Then out again, slowly, and back hard against me. Just as I was beginning to feel the orgasm rise, he turned me over, and rammed my pussy from behind. He reached around to my clit and worked his fingers up and down it in time with the now, quick rhythm of his thrusts. Strangely, we had never tried this position before and the feeling of his cock pressing against the front of my pussy with his fingers doing their work brought me to a rousing climax, and I fell forward with Mark still beating my ass over and over with his stomach. Finally, he came with a few jerks of his hips, as he held my clit firmly between his fingers.

In March of that school year, I was invited to a slumber party at my friend, Megan’s house. Eight girls were there, all in my class, and, of course, all about my age. We were staying in Megan’s rec room, which was about 30 yards from the house, on the other side of her pool, where we would all sleep on air beds. Megan’s parents had bought several king sized air beds about 8 inches high that were really quite comfortable. We swam until dark, then played pool and table tennis for a couple of hours. At one point one of the girls suggested we tell scary stories, and we heard about the young boy and girl who were parking and heard over the radio about the psychopath with one hand and a hook for the other that had escaped from a local asylum. The decided to leave, and when they got home, they found a hook hanging from their door handle. Some other stories had us all huddled together in fear.
One girl, Mindy, said abruptly, “who knows how to masturbate?” I didn’t raise my hand, but a couple of girls did. “Want to learn how?” She said, and everyone wanted to, including me. “First take off your nightgowns,” she instructed and we all did. All of us were totally naked. She then placed her middle finger fully into her mouth, and then moved it directly to her pussy hole. She pushed it a little into the hole, as most of us followed her lead. “Be careful that you don’t hurt yourself,” she said. I was enjoying, not so much the masturbation, but watching all of these girls fingering themselves. I was really getting hot. “Now, put your palm on here,” she said as she placed her palm flat on her clit. “Now, what you do, is move your hand up and down, with your finger going in and out of your pussy.” Most of the girls did as she said, and soon, they were breathing hard, eyes closed, and beginning the moan. One girl said, “why do you do this?” I could see that she was hairless, and still had little girl breasts. “It feels good.” replied our instructor. “Okay,” said the little girl, apparently embarrassed that she had asked such a foolish question. One by one, the participants all began to make all brand of noises, including the little one, but I could see that she was just trying to be one of the group, but didn’t feel what others felt. It was very sexy, watching all of the different orgasms, and seeing the different reactions. Some cried as their orgasm came over them. I could tell that some had already found this activity in the past, by the way they found their spots immediately. I guess they could tell the same about me. I came three times before we all lay back, one on the other, most of them exhausted from the effort. I wasn’t exhausted, but pretended to be. I was ready for Mark – or Amy – or more of just me.

It seems odd to me today, although I don’t remember thinking about it then, that I had no particular sexual feelings toward any of the girls. Looking at them naked titillated me, and watching them masturbate really got me hot, but my only sexual feelings were directed at Mark and Amy. I would have loved to had either of them with me at that time. I couldn’t continue to masturbate after everyone else had finished, so I went to the bathroom and did it again. It wasn’t the long, slow kind that I preferred, and that I had just finished, but I got it done quickly. Later, I went to sleep, thinking of all of those girls masturbating and woke up about 2:00 horny again. I slowly stroked my clit silently, until I was nearly ready, and then went to the bathroom again and relieved myself.

The next morning, no one spoke of the night before. In fact, I never heard of anyone speaking about it again. Mindy and I became good friends, but neither of us ever mentioned it to the other. I had seen Mindy watching me, as we were all at it, and I know that she knew I was not a rookie, but we never spoke of it. She was a tall, thin, smart, very pretty girl, and later became a model. If I had felt some sexual feelings at that time for anyone there, it would have been she.

Home from the slumber party, I couldn’t wait to tell Mark about it, but when he came over the next afternoon, I was sooo hot from the night before, that I immediately grabbed the foam, inserted it, and pulled him on top of me. He had rarely seen me like this, and was immediately pumping me hard and fast. I felt him come with a hard thrust, and he held his cock buried deep within me for a long time as I felt it repeatedly pump his semen into my starving pussy.

When we paused, he asked, “what got you so happy?” I explained the night before, as I watched his cock begin to jump with his pulse. This turned him on as much as it did me. I relived it in the telling, and when I was finished, I climbed on Mark, and rolled my hips around and around feeling his cock push against the walls of my throbbing pussy. I just did that until, finally, Mark shot his second load into me, just before my pussy began to contract on his cock again and again with my second climax.

Summer was coming, and we had the same problem as last summer, but there was no construction this year. Amy let it be known that she really liked it better in Florida than Texas, and would rather come here. Her parents didn’t want to load her up on mine every summer, but mine really convinced them that it was more a pleasure than an imposition. It was finally decided that the whole family would come to Florida for a week. Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary really wanted to see all of their old friends, anyway, but had been putting off returning because of obligations with jobs, and, of course, the construction of last summer. If everyone was still on board, after the week, Amy could stay for another month. Everyone was okay with that.
It wasn’t the perfect solution, of course. Amy’s parents would be here during the week, for the most part, although they were also golfers. The biggest problem would be Amy’s younger brother, Bobby. He was eleven years old, and, according to Amy, underfoot all the time. Since he was only three when they moved away, he really had no friends here. He would be here with us constantly. A minor reprieve was granted when they let him go to band camp for ten days, ending the Wednesday after Amy and her parents arrived on Friday. Bobby would fly directly from the camp in Dallas to Orlando, and be with us for the remainder of the week, until her parents went back on Saturday. I felt we could handle the situation

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