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first day of school
This don't h ve much sexua I l contact its pretty much my life story of my 1st day of

My name is callum, I'm 5ft 11, brown hair and brown eyes, average weight. And it was my first day of school today which I was really nervous about because all my life I've been bullied and I didn't not want that in high school, however I had to go in.
Mum drops me of the gate and I walked down the long path into the school bike area, I'm already scared so I just walk along and sit down under a tree by my self, I'm not a popular kid, I never will be.
As I'm sitting under the tree, the school bell goes and all the kids dissapear, at this point I did not move , I was alone under the tree, I could hear the late commers shouting get to lesson u loner, this just made me feel worse about my self, so when no one was around I decided to cry, eventually my form tutor finds me and takes me to lessson, I remember walking in that class and just looking down to the floor and making my self to the very back of the classroom, I put my head down and ignored everyone.
When the tutor reads my name out I manage to say here, but that was the only word I said. I was feeling down because I'm bi, I know I was bi from being 8 years old and I've been bullied about that for a good few years, I knew aventually it was gonna happen so that's why I started to ignore people on my first day.
At the back of the class room, I began quietly crying to my self. In our tutor room we had over an hour before lessons, I just wanted to run away and be alone. The only way I be alone is if I asked if I could go to the bathroom.

Sir. I asked
Yes callum. He replied
Could I go to the toilet please?
Sure, matt could u show him where they are, this kid matt agreed and showed me where they were, I thanked him and he walked away.

I must of been in that bathroom for ages because the tutor told matt to come and get me, I tried to stop crying but it was useless, matt heard me.

Matt ran back and got the tutor because he thought I badly injured my self, next thing I know is about 5 staff running and opening the bathroom door, not walking in as its class as pedofile, they shouted in.

Callum, u okay?
I replied yes, at this point my eyes was red raw from all the crying, at this point the staff obvousily knew something was wrong so they got my bag and made me sit in a room on my own and they wanted me to talk.

I finally caved in and told them how bad I was builled at my old school and I just wanted to be alone.
The staff was gob smacked about how bad I was builled, so they kepted me away for the 1st to lessons and saw how I was at lunch.

Luchtime came:
The field was open so I decided to walk on the field and find a quiet spot behind the old hut that was randomly put in the middle of the field, I could hear the other students having fun, I just remained sat there until 1 kid saw me on my own and decided to come over and comfort me.

Hey u alright he said,
I said I'm fine but go away befote u get bullied for talking to me.
He remained seated.
I was determind to keep his safety so I begged him to leave.
He looked into my eyes and he saw I was crying at some point in the day.
He said, hey sorry I forgot, I'm danny,
Hey danny I'm callum.
He started asking questions.
This danny was new like me but he was the kind sort, that he would comfort anyone if they was on their own, I say he was 5ft 8 , he had blue eyes and brown hair.
Hey callum. What's wrong.
Nothing I responded, he knew I was lieing so he held my head up, I thought oh fuck here it goes getting picked on,
To my supprise he said ur eyes tell a different story, I was busted and began to tell him about my life(I left out I was bi because I'm not sure if was a bully trying to mess with me).
Next thing I remember was his arm around me, I shoved it off.

Oh sorry, he said, I just thought. Never mind he added.
I said. Na tell me what ur gonna say.
No its nothing, he started to get up, I accidently used my force and shoved him back down, I said I'm sorry about 500 times.
I knew I scared this kid, so I walked away. As I was walking through the field I heard, hey wait up. It was danny he was running after me.
He asked if I wanted to know what he was gonna say.
I responded up to u.
He said follow him, so I did. He took me to a quiet spot he found.
Callum, I don't know how to say this.
I was confused.
Say what?
Alright here goes, I'm bi he said. He began to add I wanted to just hug and kiss u when u told me about ur bullying.
I smiled. He began to ask. There must be a reason for the bullying.
I said yeah there was.
He asked what.
I said this, I leaned in and kissed him on the lips, as the kiss broke I just ran away.
I was saying to my self, omg I can't believe I just did that, my life is over.
I think danny just stood there shocked.
For the rest of that day I tried to avoid running into him, but it was no hope.

At the end of the day, I was talking home as my mum was working, I heard footsteps like someon
e was running. They were, it was danny.
I heard him shout. Callum please wait man, I wanna talk.
I just froze on the spot, he caught me up and asked why did I run?
I just said I'm sorry I'm an idiot.
He whispered in my ear, so ur bi?
I nodded yes.
He asked if he could walked with me. I responded sure, we walked home together, on our way I managed to thank him for his help today, and I'm sorry about that kiss.
He just laughed, god ur silly man, I knew u was bi from that talk and how u acted. And he whispered I loved that kiss btw.
I just smiled at him, to another shock, there was new neighbours about 5 houses away from mine.
Danny said this is my house, I said so ur the new neighbour.
He responded quickly yes where do u live, I pointed and said 5 houses away, he just had a massive smile on him, he melted my heart with his smile.
He told me to close my eyes, so I did.
Danny looked around, no one was around or looking then all I felt was soft lips touch mine, I opened my eyes and saw him kissing me. I returned that kiss. He asked me if I wanted to come inside for a few hours,
I said I would love too, I texted mum saying I'm around mates house, cya later

Mum responded, that's great news u made some mates, ill cya tonight..

To be contuined............

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2013-09-29 18:50:47
cool story finally a true story alot diffrent from the other ones also dont feel so bad about bullies ive been bullied my whole life so dont think ur the,only one with problems ;)


2013-09-28 06:06:52
Thanks for the nice comments, where do u suggest I put this so more can read it

anonymous readerReport

2013-09-28 00:49:02
Thank you for writing something different :-)

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2013-09-28 00:47:35
Not trying to be a bitch. But I love your story unlike some people. I think you should post this again some where else so more people can read about it. Obviously some people don't care about people's background stories unlike me :-)

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2013-09-25 01:57:49
Lol this sucked so bad.

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