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at dannys house
Please read first day of school- horrible to get the story so far.

As we approached dannys front door, he was greeted by his mother.

Danny and his mum exchanged hellos and started to talk about their days.
I coughed as I was recovering from a bad chest.

Opps almost forgot, mum this is callum.

Hey callum, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet u too I replied.

Is it okay if we chill in my room?
Sure but can I have a private word with danny alone, callum?
I said u don't need my permission its ur house.

Danny showed me to his room and told me to set up fifa 13 so he could beat my ass so bad.

Danny said be back in a min, I said sure and smiled at him whilst he left the room.


Hey mum wats up,

Son sit down.

What's wrong mum,
Son does callum know?
What know I'm bi?
Yes. Does he know.
Yes he does know
I was shocked at what my mum said next.
What and he still came back here.
Mum, callums bi too.
Oooo my mum replied.
Did um anything happen danny?
MUM, leave me alone.


Hey callum. Sorry about that.
Its cool I responded.
Danny sat beside me, I asked what's all that about, he said nothing. I said comeon, I told u I'm bi.
He told me that his mum was shocked that I was around.
I asked what did u tell her.
He responded that ur bi too.
I just stared at him.
He quickly repeated sorry.
I leant in and kissed him.
What was that for, danny asked.
For telling ur mum, I was scared too.
Hehe no probs danny responded.

Ready to get ur ass beat?
I'm not into fifa mate sorry, I said.
What u into then danny asked.
All I wanted to do was kiss danny and make out with him, but wasn't sure if he wanted that.
So I said nervousily. You
He laughed. And told me to come lay next to him.
I did. He put his arm around my head, I moved to his chest so he could regain control of his ps3 controller. I watched danny play fifa 13, he was so good.
I just loved beging able to smell his body odur, it sent me to the heavens. I remember getting a text saying gotta work overnight cya after achool tomorrow mum.
I said outloud, great.
Danny paused his game and said what's up.
I told him I was going to be alone tonight. He asked how come, I showed him the text.
I best be getting of danny, cya tomorrow mate.
Huh. Yeah cya callum.

I walked home with my head down, I swore I saw eyes on the back of my neck, I was right. Danny was watching me.


Yes danny son,
Can callum sleepover.
Can callum sleepover, he's homealone tonight and I just watched him walk home, he looked upsest.
U sure his home alone,
Yes he showed me the text from his mum, it read. Working overnight, cya tomorrow after school.
Well we can't have him alone can we, go get him.


I was getting changed from my school uniform when I heard a knock at the door, I shouted hang on. Once I was fully changed I answered the door.
It was danny.

What, what u doing here?
Mum said u can sleepover, I told her u be alone, she don't want u to be alone.
I just smiled and said thanks.
I grabbed my bag, some money, my school uniform and headed down to dannys house again.

As we walked through the front door, I said thanka for having me sleep the night, u didn't have too.
Dannys mum responded, don't thank me. Thank danny.
I turned to danny and said thanks and smiled.

Dannys mum asked me what kind of dinner I wanted.
I responded oh no I couldn't first ur letting me stay, I can't eat ur food either, I got money to go get something.
Danny said ur so sweet.
I giggled.
Dannys mum said, just tell me. So I told her what I eat. She said okay ill make it for u.
I begged her no to but she told me just to go upstairs and chill with danny.
I did as I was told.
I went into dannys room and carried on where I left off and that was him, hugging me whilst playing his game.
I just layed there admiring him, I had a few glanced and his crotch area. But I was more excited bout him hugging me.

I remember falling asleep on him for 30mins then we woke me up for dinner.

We both eat our dinner at the table. I sat opposite danny so I could admire him whilst I was eatting. We both finished eating and headed back upstairs, we wnt back into that same posistion, during the period of being on his chest I put my arm over him and I fell asleep on him. Danny stayed awake playing his game, I feel asleep around 9pm, I was snoring about 9.20.
Danny moved my hand from around him and places my hand on his crotch. I felt it getting bigger, I'm not a deep sleeper, but he thought I was, I opened one eye and saw he was naked, abs showing, he put his dick in my hand and he closed my palm. He started pumping my hand, I started moaning and he stopped, I said, don't stop it feels nice u controlling my hand.

He contuined jerking off with my hand, I just layed in bed thinking about it, but I wanted to see, so I turnd around and started pumping his dick with my hand my self, with every pump he was moaning, he felt so nice to has his 6 inchs on my hand, he said I'm gnna come soon, I stopped, he asked why,
I said this, I moved between his legs and took his 6 inchs straight in my mouth , omg it was like heaven I thought, so sweat and big, I began bobbing my head up and down, he was even more closer to an orgasm and blowing his load.

All of a sudden I heard OMG YESSSSSSSSSS and seconds later shot aftet shot of warm sweet cum, he shot about 4 times, I managed to swallow it all.
I asked if he liked that, he leanted and kissed me and said he fucking loved it. It was now around 10.30 we both was tired so we decided to sleep.
Before we went to sleep. Danny asked me a question.

Hey callum,
Yeah danny wats up.
I umm, danny was saying.
U what?.
Ah fuck it, callum I love you, I loved the way u jerked then supprised me by finished me off by sucking, u made me feel wanted and I wanna ask you to be my boyfriend.
I was shocked at what he asked.
I said I love you too, u made me feel wanted when I was on my own, I loved ur cumm. Of course I be your boyfriend.
He smiled and kissed me. I kissed him back.

That night we both had a few results, both of us are now bfs, he got to cumm, I got to tast it.

To be contuinued.....
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This is so sexy and romantic write more

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You should write again this story had me cumming all night


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Hey thanks for the nice comment man

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