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Mom is joined by Linda and we have fun.
PS: Please read previous 2 stories.
PPS: I am happy that people felt my English has improved. I am from Asia and I do not know American style of English. Also sex is more or less a taboo here so I am not so good at describing it. But still I am trying hard. Thank you everyone for upvotes. I will try more to improve my English.

In short till now I blackmailed my mother for her doing sex with some guy and then I dragged my aunt Linda to in it.
“Linda , Linda what are you doing ? You better come here , in this room and wait till I see dad.” I said pointing to the guest room. I did not want to miss out even the smallest of all fun.
“Hey dad, how was your day?” I asked him a cheerful voice. He was back from his office.
“It was fine my boy.” he replied. He was tired.
“Martha , get me something” He called my mom for some salad.
“Coming honey” Mom replied. Her voice seemed perfectly normal as if nothing happened.
“Dad , did you read today's newspaper ? Yankees lost to New Orleans” I said in a low voice handing him the paper.
“Its all right buddy , it happens. Now let me have my salad and then I go for a nap. You take care of yourself” he said tirelessly.
“Sure dad” I replied seeing that now no obstruction is left. I simply hopped into guest room where Linda was sitting. She had no remorse.
“Aunt , lets go to washroom make your ass butter smooth. What say?” I said putting my hands over her shoulder.
“You are a dirty filthy dog” she glared at me.
“I hear a yes.” and I opened the door of the bathroom. We went inside and she soon undressed her self. I too got naked.
“Doggie position please” I said as she was waiting.
It was a hot nice ass. I never knew that she had such great assets. It was tight and hard.
“You both sisters have great asses” I said her. I took a foam tube and put a little of it on my hand. Then I added water to make foam out it. I started to slowly apply it all over her pussy and ass region wherever I can see a little hair. I rubbed it hard so that it gets applied smoothly.

I took my shaving blade started to shave her. I shaved all her pussy then all little hairs protruding towards her ass. She was panicked she thought I would hurt in process but I was smooth. I re-did it just to make sure it was smooth.
“See Linda its so smooth now” I spread my hand over her body while saying this. She stood up and was quiet. She simply stood quiet.
“Had you been a pornstar , you would have earned a lot' I said to her to provoke her. I like violent girls so that I can calm them.
“Really , what a boy you are. Why should I be a pornstar” she said as if I had committed a crime.
“Hmm.. I really don't care. I am laying down on that bed. Clean your self. I want to taste your ass and then you give me a blow job.” I said while rubbing her breasts.

I went to the bed and lay-ed down there. Soon she came over and we were in 69 position. I got to lick her ass as well as pussy. They were both juicy and tasty. I put my tongue in her pussy and wriggled it around like salad spinner. I heard little moans but she controlled. I started to finger her as well. I put my finger in her pussy and started to move it round and round. I suddenly started to move it fast to make her feel jerk. She splashed her juice all over me. It was nice and hot. While she too kept with my dick in her mouth and we were like see-saw. I won it. She basically had to work a lot hard to make me cum. I cummed in her mouth. She had to take it all down. I became a little tired now as she was a little heavy to carry. Also her blowjob made me restless. I was thinking of something. Something more nasty. It striked me that lets take her to the bar where all nasty competitions are held. Actually there is a bar in south where all sexually high people went in to enjoy and make fun by playing games. Most are pornstars but sometimes crazy chicks too get in.

“Linda , do you know the SECZY PALACE BAR?” I asked her but I knew that she has gone there once as told by Bill.
“Yes but I would prefer dying rather than going there and humiliate myself” she said as if she is gonna rip me off.
“Think Linda think , 2 families would get destroyed just due to you?” I said her trying to blame her.
“Why are you doing this Matt , why ? Please tell me” and she broke down. I took it as a yes and started to dress myself. She too got the signal to dress herself.

While driving I said “See be happy there and don't make it an emotional mess and let me enjoy by doing all you are asked to” I commanded her.
“All right” she said in a low voice.

We were at the bar and I could already see a lot of porn loving people there.
“Welcome to the bar ladies and there pussy lovers” came the announcement. “Today we have tons of competitions and money to be won. Stay calm and keep humping” and the people down the stage cheered.
“Get in the competition zone as do as per instructed” I said pointing to the desk. She followed soon without hesitating any further. The desk boy noted down her name and details and asked her to bow down. Then he wrote '256' on of her ass.
“This is your number mam” he said.
“Keep it with yourself mam. Undress yourself and reach the ring as soon as possible” he said showing her the ring and dressing room too. I soon saw her getting in the competition zone with 12 other girls. All were hot and delicious. The hosts , a nude girl and a boy reached the stage.
“Well today is a Fantasy Friday and our competition is fantasy based. We have so many dick hard people around we invite all of them to fuck these ladies. The lady with most guys fucking her wins this.” and the bell rang. I too started in line to take part in it.
Girls started to get fucked in the ring itself. Linda was getting fucked by a Mexican. I was enjoying the scene. Soon the line started to move ahead and I was nearing the ring. 8 out of 12 girls have already quit. Linda was already fucked by a 12 guys and she seemed tired but she was still on. Luckily I got chance to fuck a Mexican Girl and I was enjoying as she was so hot. I demanded an anal sex too which she calmly agreed for and I continued on. Soon only 3 were left including Linda.

“Sine we have only 3 left , we give them 5 mins rest to clean themselves. Next round will consist of 3 guys for 1 girl. No mercy” the girl announced.
Linda was ready to face it as well. Soon 3 proper male porn stars came in with large dicks and started to hump the first girl. She gave up in 15 mins. The other one gave up in 10 mins.
It was chance of Linda now and she came in. An 8” went in her mouth , 7 “ in her pussy and 9” dick in her asshole. She was so comfortable with all as if it was normal for her. He guys cummed all over her and she did not give up till the end. She was the winner with survival time of 30 mins.

“So Linda is awarded with $5000 and a contract for Anal All the Weekend movie” and a huge number of people applauded for her. I was so happy as I got richer by $5000. We prepared to return back.

“How did you feel Linda” I asked while driving.
“I want to kill myself if I was alive for this” she was sobbing now.
“But how did you manage to do it so well?” I asked ignoring her tears. She did not answer. My fantasies were not over.
“Blow it please, I have never been blown while driving” I said while parking my car nearby. I lowered my jeans and started to drive again. She started to blow me. I gave up after 10 mins and I cummed in her mouth.
While we were passing, I got down to buy a strapon dick from the toy store. I was already up with my plan tonight,

We reached home. We all had dinner and soon it was time for bed. By 11pm we all 3 were in my room. I, mom and Linda.
“You people have been under my mercy for so long. But now I would follow the simple rule. No pain , no mercy.” I said.
“And what is that supposed to mean. I am already so humiliated” said Linda.
“Well you get double pounded” I said holding the strapon.
“Noooo.. are you mad or an animal” both asked. I did not pay heed to any.

“Linda I think you are tired, mom you should go first. Linda make space in her asshole. My dick and your strapon are going in together.” I asked Linda.
Linda had no choice as well as my mom. My mom got in the doggy position and Linda started to poke her hole with her finger. Soon her finger went inside and it was enough for s to insert the strapon. Linda quickly wore the strapon and inserted it in the hole.
“Please don't do it, its not good Matt” mom asked me.
“And you do so good things mom” I replied sarcastically challenging her deed of fucking another guy.
“Linda move that strapon in a round way to get more space , I am joining the party” I said charging my dick. As I saw a little space left , first I filled mom's mouth with a cotton cloth and inserted my dick in her hole.

And we both started to move together. We were like pendulum. It was either my dick or Linda with her strapon. Her hole was tight. I also inserted the finger too so as too keep space for all. I bet it was the hottest thing in my life. I started to rub her pussy as well to keep her comfortable. I was enjoying the warmth. Linda was looking terrified. We did it for another 20 mins before I cummed in her hole. Linda stopped moving too. I took out the cloth from mom's mouth. She would have woken up all the houses. Mom was silent, just speechless after this.
“I disown you son” were her first words.
“Yeah , like dad” I said.
“Well , Linda your chance ,Mom make space for both of us in Linda's hole” I said while giving mom , her strapon. We did same with Linda also.
“Well Linda , being a guest and a fine sex machine , you get a nasty gift as well” I said looking at her face which became red.
“Piss on her face mom” I commanded.
Linda lay-ed down and my Mom opened her showers on her.
“Please let me go Matt , I am over” Linda was asking me.

“Fine , since I feel that its enough ,I allow Mom to go. Mom you are free. I do not remember any of your fucking stories. You may go” I asked her.
“You have spoiled all the relations and ..” she was saying and I stopped her.
“Get lost you slut. I relieve you.” and she quietly left without uttering any single other word. I turned to Linda then.
“Linda. This would be your last night. Let me have all fun and you are free from tomorrow.” I said her.
“All right , do whatever but please nothing from tomorrow.” she just confirmed.
“But I have a condition mademoiselle before leaving you” I said. I did want to lose my chance with anyone.
“What now ?” she asked.
“Well you have a beautiful niece, Christy I guess.. She is 18 now I heard and ...” I was saying and she slapped me.
“I will kill you boy. Do not mistake me as a weak person. I have obeyed you just for saving your mom's home.” Linda was enraged.
“Well do you know that the whole show at that bar was filmed and I have the CD. If you want I can upload it anywhere you like.” I flipped the CD towards her.
“You are a disgrace to my whole family. Atleast Veron is not like this. He respects me and does not treats me as a sex object.” she said while tears flowed down from her eyes.
'You have not met real demons “ I said. She sat on the chair and started to think. I had to interrupt her.
“See just say her that you have to save your home and she would agree. Common can't you this ??” I said. She kept on thinking and thinking. I had to fuck her as well.
“Well I do want to waste time , lets get on bitch” and I put my dick out side and forced her head on it. She took it in and started to blow in her mouth. She was an expert at blowing. I held her boobs too and squeezed them. But she was an expert and used her hands at well and soon I blew all over her. It took me sometime to regain and I made that time by opening her clothes and mine as well.
I opened her all clothes and took her in cowboy position. I put in my penis in her pussy and started to fuck her. I was in horny mood and did not resist even a little. I gave her the hardest fuck she can ever get. But nothing much happened to her as she was a pornstar material.“Become a doggie please” I said. Soon she was a doggie and I started to finger her asshole. It was tight and hard. It took me a minute before it expanded and then I put my dick inside, It was warm and tight and perfect. I kept on moving in and out. She felt a little pain but I showed no mercy. I wanted her to teach a lesson. I kept on ramming her asshole my dick till I blew once more. I wanted her to suffer else she won't give me Christy as well. I pulled out my dick and put the strapon in her asshole and continued the ramming. I had to ram her hard enough so that she feels the pain.
“So when do I get Christy?” I said increasing the ramming speed.
“Ahhhh.. slow it .. I would get you her on this Sunday” she said.
“Okay fine” I said and stopped ramming her ass. We both rested for sometime.
“I think its over for now” I said relieving her.
“Come sometimes here and keep giving me pleasure.” I said. It was late already and we slept as we were too tired from our games.

It was morning. Linda got up and was about to leave.
“It was nice meeting you Aunt Linda. Keep coming” I said as if nothing had happened. Mom was also quiet.I was eagerly waiting for the Sunday.

Part 4 consists of how I took the pleasure out of Christy and Linda together. No mom now on. Well only a little.Please rate and comment if you downvote. Thank You for reading.Keep commenting and tell your fantasies so that I can include them as well.

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