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~*~ One fine evening in the Konohagakure Academy~*~

“A mission? With just me and Naruto-kun?(!!?) Tsunade-sama wha-?(?!!!?)” Hinata blurted, her fingers and toes going cold and just as quickly numb; her cheeks already magma to her otherwise dulled and hazy senses.
...Naruto merely blinked as he scrutinized the, supposed, Chunnin somewhat curiously. 'What's THAT supposed ta' mean?'

“That's right.." Tsunade calmly began. "In theory we have a rather straightforward mission for you both, put quite simply; the Village in the Mist has recently come down ill from a virus known as the TR-1..." The Hokage's view subtly shifted from the nin, as she began absentmindedly thumbing through the folder that lie before her, as if she had memorized every-line in the dozier.
"...It's savage... Taking that person weeks to develop any sign of infection, only to end in devastating and violent carnage, for all involved or exposed.... it's spreading quickly, and from what the researchers; as well as my own practiced opinion, have worked to find as a sound conclusion to resolve the vile and deadly plague for good?" Tsunade ever so gently turned the final page, before setting it firmly shut and somehow managing to make eye contact equally-determinedly with the concerned couple before her.
"...That the cure for such a scourge does indeed exist!" Her finger rose pointedly through the enclosed office, towards the heavens itself, " AND is relatively easy to make.."
The Hokage slid her chair to the side, gesturing beyond the quietly settling village, out towards the open, lustrous rolling fields and it's vast surroundings.

"Most importantly, nearly the entire pre of herbs luckily grow here; in and around the fire nation."
The young pair's faces seemed to ease with relief, only to regain it's aforementioned anxiety upon the Hokages gaze turning bleakly towards the duo once more. Of course there would be another "but."

"...Not ALL of the ingredients are local, in fact many of the most necessary and precious elements needed, lie in the hearts of neighboring territory and beyond..." She swiveled silently towards the comrades once more. "...The time it has taken to gather everything and complete the cure has wound down the Mist's time as well. They won't be able to keep going on much longer..." her eyes swept back to the manila folder as it lie there innocently blanketing the near edge of her desk.. "...We've already received reports of death as a result of the TR-1..." as she spoke her fingers delicately passed over the stark red and black characters aligning the bottom.
"The only odds still on our SIDE are the same EXACT odds hurting our family, TIME."

She continued, informing them of those reported dead, as well as the correlation with their times of death. The infected/deceased had gotten the virus at least a few weeks BEFORE it had become a noticeable epidemic. Their time was limited, it truly was, but still... it was there...

There WAS hope.

"They should have a high survival rate if, and ONLY if, we can send this out tomorrow. It's a weeks journey to Mist's HQ from here, and that will leave JUST enough time for them to distribute the vaccination and cure as many of the villagers as possible and assist an entire nations well-being for the best... "
Tsunade's eyes shone aflame and her focus was clear and directed rigidly on the now firmly attentive pair.
"IF we make it in time." The leader smiled expectantly at the duo, tapping her bright nails across the documents cover with dignified pride.
"Which is where you two come in.” Tsunade readily slid the file across the desk towards them.

Naruto eagerly picked it up and neatly eyes the pages as he thumbs through it.. surprisingly quick.

"If you both are up for such a tremendous task that is."

“Are you kidding?" He took his eyes off only for a moment to bellow a hearty chuckle "Lady WHO do you think I am, anyway? Of COURSE I'm up for it!" He eagerly passed the folder to Hinata as she hesitantly reached for, ahead of gingerly gripping the bound documents.
"I'M not doing much of anything since SAKURA'S been training with YOU~" His face twisting with subtle snide, the Hokage returning the derogatory favor equally.
"...and I wouldn't mind getting out for a while, even if its just basically a delivery mission.”
Naruto gazed at Hinata for a moment... and perhaps a moment longer...


The young Chunnin could feel her face flush warmly at the sound of her name on his resonant tone, as she hurriedly read over the report...
Well the more accurate deion would have been 'pretended to have read it quickly and carefully...'
It was hard to concentrate with the prospect just given to her!
Sure she'd been on mission's with Naruto before, more then once even, and each time she'd have butterflies the entire journey. She quietly peeked at the eagerly (impatiently?) awaiting possible-partner to her side. A chill shivered it's way down her spine as she pinned her eyes back to the seemingly fluttering pages before her.

Never, NEVER had she done a mission alone with him.

It was all she could do not to shake, she could nearly SEE her own teeth start to chatter within her skull. Her eyes wandered up once more only to meet with the equally expectant gaze of her highest commanding officer... She swallowed, before closing the file for the final time, and took a low filling breath.

“I-.. I- I'd be happy to come along...” She said handing the file back to Tsunade; the folder jerking and shaking almost wildly in her unsteady hand.

“You Ok Hinata..? Are you sure your feeling up to it...?” Naruto turned towards her and put his forehead against hers, his lipid blue eyes flashing playfully for a moment.. before vying with skeptical concern. "Hmm..."
Hinata shuffled as she instantly began to lose her balance..
He was SO close! The rest of his face merely an inch or so away from hers as he gauged her temperature. His bright sky-blue eye's shining directly into her pale and frantic ones with care and hesitation, all the while his frame grew ever closer to her own.

“You feel really warm... You sure you're not sick?” His fingers raked her scalp lightly, as he gently pulled back a lone tuft of bangs from between them. Out escaped another struggling breath from the "ill" maiden.

“N-n N... No! I- I- I'm just a little b-bit-..." She quickly dislodged their oh-to-personal connection, perhaps a little more forcefully then intended, jumping back and causing the forehead protector around her neck to fling firmly between the blondes eyes... Sending him flying back, and compounding her eternal grief, upon receiving the remaining members of the meeting looks of dismay and confusion to her obviously odd behavior.
"I need to go but I- I will definitely be ready tomorrow!” She stuttered, head down, as she quickly vacated the office.


“Peculiar girl...” Tsunade said with a grin.

“Tell me about it, she's always been such a wreck... Oh well, I'm (hopin') sure we'll be fine tomorrow, gonna go prep.” He turned and waved as he casually headed out the door.
“Seeya... Granny Tsunade.”
“Brat...” she mumbled under her breath, even as the smile crept over her tired and weary features.


Hinata came home as the sun began to set and started packing her own small pack, stuffing a few pairs of clothes and sleepware into it, making sure she had all her precaution’s packed nice and orderly; her kunai's and shurikens and scrolls. They were all tucked away neatly. But still she couldn't concentrate, her heart hadn't slowed down and with each passing second she became more and more nervous. She prayed that she'd be able to keep from embarrassing herself for the next week... The thought made her physically sick.
“What're you up to?” A voice called in the hallway. She startled and quickly turned to see her older cousin Neji standing in the doorway.
“Neji-Oniisan! You scared me...” She said turning towards him.
“I'm getting ready for a week long mission, I have to deliver a vaccination to the village hidden in the mist.” She said, turning back to her bag.
“Ahh, that shouldn't be to difficult for you then,” She could hear the disdain dripping from his mouth with every word.
“I hear Naruto is your partner.” Hinata jerked at his not-so-surprisingly mocking tone.
“Y-Yeah.. He's going to be going on the mission as well.” She said feeling her heart start to race again. “I hope it won't prove to much of a distraction to you.” he said with a smirk and walked down the hall. “By the way it's dinner time and Lord Hyuuga wants you to come pour tea.” She heard him call from a distance.
“Be right there.” She said as she picked an item from under her bed. It was a picture of Naruto that she was given by Sakura. She looked at it longingly as she had so many night's before, wishing that she could get up the nerve to tell him how she felt; how she'd always felt about him, but even with this week alone with him she feared that she'd still not get up the courage to tell him. No matter how badly she wanted him to know. She sighed putting the picture back underneath her bed and got up, and headed for the dining area to have dinner.


Naruto laid staring up at the ceiling, waiting for sleep to wrap it's cozy fingers around him and lull him into it's embrace. But for some reason the thought of going on this mission with Hinata nagged at him and kept him awake. Not in a bad way, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He turned to the side and thought back to when they were growing up and seeing Hinata get picked on by Neji and others.
He'd stood up for her every time... Why?
'Because it was the right thing to do of course, you know better then anyone what's it like to be judged and made fun of...' he thought but there was always something else beneath it. He shifted once more in his bed. He thought of Hinata as she was now, they were both 16, and she had certainly spent the few years that he was gone getting stronger, growing just as he had.
'In more way's then one...' his mind drifted to curve's he'd noticed that most girl's still hadn't gotten; but yet were very prominent on this shy quiet girl. He shook his head turning again in his bed
'I'm starting to sound more and more like the Pervy sage everyday...' He thought putting his face in his pillow. Besides you could hardly tell she had those curves thanks to the heavy clothes Hinata always wore. He turned his head to the side and stared at the wall.
'Still.....' He sighed and closed his eye's, hoping eventually he'd fall asleep.


Early the next morning Hinata and Naruto stood outside the Town Hall building, the medical staff prep'd them on what to expect, gave them a vaccination shot each and then set the bundles of the vaccine on to there backs. Once everything was done Naruto and Hinata started on there journey. Hinata had the map and Naruto led. Much to both of there surprise everything ran smoothly; of course expect for the awkward silence. Hinata tried her best to make conversation as did Naruto but it wouldn't go much of anywhere. They stopped around 3 or 4 pm to snack and take a short break. The area where they stopped was heavily forested. They laid there pack's down against some tree's and stretched.
“Hey Hinata, can I ask you something personal?” Naruto said as he dug into his pack to find some of the snacks he packed.
“Uh-... Sure Naruto-kun, anything.” She said shyly.
“How come when we were little you always used to let everyone pick on you? I mean-” He paused as he took a bite of a energy bar and a swig of water.
“From what I seen you're pretty strong yourself. Why would you put up with it?” He took another bite of his bar.
“Uhm... I don't know why really... When I was little I was weak... My father basically disowned me because of it... I never really...” She paused looking down. “I never really was noticed by anyone... I never had the confidence in myself to stand up to others... I always felt they had proper reason to belittle me... because I belittled myself all the time....” She mumbled softly; feeling the sting of all those old memories flood back. Naruto stared at her.
“B- but I'm much more confident now! Because, I'd like to think that... I followed you're example and became stronger because of it.” She said blushing. He continued to look at her then back to his feet. “Ah well, I don't believe anyone should give up on themselves...” he said softly and continued to eat. They ate in silence and when they were done they packed up again ready to continue on with the journey.
“Which way now?” he asked.
“East” She said nodding her head in the direction they were to go. She began walking, not noticing that Naruto hadn't budged from his spot. As she walked by he grabbed her arm. She jumped and turned quickly. Naruto's face was beaming with bold resolve and concern.
“Listen Hinata-Chan. I don't really know why you always seem so scared of me, but I promise that I'm not like the other people that's bullied you. I'm your friend and there's no need to be so nervous around me, I've been picked on and messed with all my life and there's no way I'd do that to you, I promise that no matter what you can count on me ok? So please stop being so worried.” He looked at her with earnest eyes. She looked back with eye's full of longing once more. How badly she wanted to tell him that she already knew he'd never do anything to hurt her. How she was nervous because of how she felt about him, how she loved him. But instead all she could do was put her head and down and mumble. “Ok... Naruto-kun...” The next thing she knew she was being wrapped up in a hug. Her eye's widened feeling the length of his body against her's, he was warm and inviting and it felt just so damn nice. She'd never been this close to a man; not even her own father would've hugged her so tight. He looked into her eye's once more and smiled.
“See? I'm not scary at all! So let's stop acting all nervous and let's talk and stuff you know?” He broke the hug and laid and arm across her shoulder's. She'd never felt so happy before. She felt she could almost tell him anything in the world... almost...
“Yes!” She said smiling.
“I wouldn't be happier any other way...” they started back on there journey, chatting and smiling and laughing on the way.


That night they pitched camp in a small clearing, where they set up for the night, they ate, talked and planned out the course for the next day, they had covered a good amount of ground previously and were making great time. Hinata felt comfortable which was something that she rarely ever felt. And Naruto was feeling good himself. They sat next to each other as they went over the map, Hinata's heart pounded and the butterflies in her stomach flew to and fro, but even still she found herself giggling and laughing with him, instead of fainting or spazing out. She was genuinely happy. Naruto liked this Hinata, he didn't know she could be such good company. Usually he couldn't get anyone to laugh at his jokes, but Hinata would smile or laugh every time... She really did have a nice smile... It gave him a warm feeling inside that he wasn't really used to.
“I think that I'm going to go lay down now...” Hinata said folding the map. She stood and stretched; Naruto stood up also and stretched.
“Yeah, we might be making good time but we still need to be up early to keep it u-” He was cut off suddenly when Hinata turned and quickly wrapped her arms around him. It startled him, but he put an arm around her waist in return.
“uh Hinata-Chan?”
“Thank you...” She cooed softly.
“For being one of my friends... And for sticking up for me all those times over the years....” She whispered into his jacket. His body softened and his arms tightened around her.
“Any time.” She broke the hug, her face red, and ran off to her tent. Naruto stood for a while longer, wondering what just happened. He walked to his own tent slowly; oh how his opinion of this weird shy girl had changed in just a few hours. She was actually someone he could see hanging out with and wondered what had taken so long for them to actually have a meaningful conversation. He laid down in his tent, and found himself thinking about Hinata again. But this time his thoughts hushed his anxious mind and lulled him quietly to a very peaceful sound sleep. Hinata on the other hand was wide eye awake in her tent.
'You hugged him! You... Oh my goodness... I can't believe- I just touched no- HUGGED Naruto-kun!!' She squirmed on her pallet, in complete bliss.
'Now if I could only tell him how I felt...' her mind trailed as she listened and could hear Naruto snoring from a short distance away. She smiled and turned over, his snores along with her thoughts kept her up for a while, but eventually her mind settled and was soon out for the night.


The next 4 days had ran by smooth as silk, they found themselves making excellent time, and it seemed that they'd be done sooner then expected. They talked and found out more and more about each other and themselves. For instance Naruto found how Hinata liked to sing and could actually sing pretty good, if it weren't for the fact that she was so shy to actually sing out loud. Hinata found out that Naruto loved plants and cared for his own plants at his home. She figured that's what helped him to become so nurturing...
“Maybe one day you could sing to my plant's, I hear it helps them grow.” Naruto said smiling at her on the 4th night. Hinata smiled at him.
“I'd like that.” Suddenly a bright flash set off in the night sky, followed a few seconds later by a thunder clap.
“I hope it doesn't rain...” Hinata said, usually rain didn't bother Hinata, even though it threw off her vision.
“Me either, that'll definitely slow us down... Good thing we've been covering so much ground.” He said grinning. Hinata nodded and found herself captivated by his smile, she wished that somehow she could make him smile like that all the time.
“Well I'm gonna head to sleep, you mind dousing this fire Hinata?” Naruto said standing up, scratching his collar bone.
“Huh? Oh yes, of course.” She said standing also.
“I saw a little spring not to far from here, right past those bushes” He said pointing in the general direction. “You can get some water to put out the fire from over there, and then we can get clean in the morning when we wake up.” Naruto said walking to his tent yawning. She nodded and picked up a bucket.
“Ill be back soon.. Naruto-kun.” She called as she darted off. Naruto went inside his tent and was almost instantly asleep; the trip was beginning to wear him out. Soon though as he drifted he could hear the sound of pouring water...

He woke up to a full bladder putting pressure on his abdomen. “Gotta pee..” He mumbled sleepily. He got up and walked a distance away, and began to relieve himself. He had just got done shaking dry and was ready to head back when something caught his eye near the spring. He walked over and parted the nearby bushes and found himself struck with awe as a beautifully figured woman danced a-top of the water in the creek, the water swirling around her in the most amazing way, with every graceful turn of her hands and the slow beautiful way she swayed her hips. The way the clouds shadowed her making her seem so mysterious.
'This is... just like that time...' he thought to himself remembering the almost same exact scene pictured before him only 3 years earlier. Just as he begun to think back the clouds parted briefly and the moonlight beamed down on this beautiful being just as she turned in his direction.
“Oh my god... H-.... Hin...” It WAS her!! All that time he'd fantasized about that mystery girl who danced nude in the waterfall all those years ago... It was Hinata! He gazed at her pale body in the moonlight. The way her firm full breast bounced as she came to a brief stop, her slender waist and the sparse amount of hair that framed the lips of her womanhood. Soon though the clouds shadowed her once more, and the light of her chakra mixing with water and her beautifully outlined frame was all he could see. His heart began to frantically pound within his chest.
“So... Beautiful....” He mumbled. He looked down and saw his member standing to attention.
'I need to get out of here...' he thought as he turned to walk away, but instead he caught himself turning back to watch her, but she was gone.
'Oh shit I really do need to get out of here before she comes back and notices me gone, or see's me out here.' he quickly but quietly began to pace back to the campsite and dive into his tent.
A minute or so afterward he heard Hinata quietly creep back to camp. He peeked his head out of the tent and pretended to yawn.
“Hinata-Chan...? Where'd you go...?” He said trying to sound as sleepy as he could.
“Huh? Me?? uh I was at the creek, just looking around, see I uh I couldn't sleep and so yeah...” She said looking down and grabbing the front of her blouse. He looked at her for a few seconds, and she felt embarrassed. If he knew that she was training naked in a spring in the middle of the night he'd think something was wrong with her probably... And that was the last thing she wanted, especially now after they had been getting along so well. All of sudden rain started to drip from the clouds at just the right moment.
“You better get inside before it starts pouring and you catch a cold...” Naruto said closing the flap of his tent. She hurried into her tent, and got under her blanket. And soon she was fast asleep.

As for Naruto he was once again wide awake. His mind was racing, he closed his eyes and tossed and turned for what seemed like hours before his mind finally shut off. In his dreaming minds eye he visualized himself in a nice hot shower, after an awesome bowl of ramen, the water feeling amazingly good as it poured over his tired muscles, he tilted his head back into the stream, and felt a hand slide around his waist. He grinned and turned seeing Hinata standing there; her naked body dripping with water, the steam swirling around them both making them dizzy and hot with desire.
“I want you Naruto-kun... I want to feel you inside me...” She breathed as she wrapped her fingers around his cock.
“Oh Hinata you really are so beautiful...” he sighed as she played with his quickly hardening staff. She smiled at him as the water poured down her breast, he slid his fingers in between her legs and began slowly rubbing her clit. Her face turned red as she began to pant softly.
“Ohhh Naruto-kun...” She squeaked as her hands tightened slightly around his throbbing rod.
“Oh Hinata-Chan...” He mumbled out loud.
“Mmmmf... Hinata-chan your hands feel so good...”

His eyes slowly opened and he realized he was in his tent, not in a steamy shower with Hinata. “Dammit.” He cursed silently. He flung the cover off and noticed his erection staring up at him through his boxer's; he saw a stain of precum. He looked through the flap of the tent and saw it was still raining and dark though morning would probably be coming soon. He closed the tent back and laid down again, his dream still fresh in his mind. He slowly reached into boxer's and began massaging his very hard shaft. As he began to work it, his breath started coming in short ragged pants. His hand was wrapped around his member and the image of Hinata's bare curvy body played and danced in his mind.

Oh god those breast... So full and luscious, her round firm ass swaying round with those perfect hips of hers... He stroked his now aching cock faster as his heart pounded in his chest. He'd seen a few girls nude before... in bath houses with Jiraya... all of them he'd think about afterward but not really give much of a second thought to... None of them had the tight hot body that he witnessed and dreamed about. The way he heard her in his mind, begging him to make love to her, it was almost to much for him to handle, he imagined just how incredibly good it would feel to put his cock deep inside her. To make her scream his name and cry out in pleasure as he'd thrust into her hot... wet.. tight little cunt. Oh god, that did it. Naruto's body tensed as stream after stream of his hot cum sprayed upwards and onto his stomach. His back arched as waves of pleasure filled his body. He laid there, tired and panting and sweaty. He pulled the cover back over himself and started to doze off. He thought about Hinata and he thought about how silly it was for him to fantasize over her.
'I mean... it's obvious that she's not interested in you... That she's glad that you're her 'friend' But still... doesn't mean I CAN'T think about her though...' and on that thought he drifted peacefully to sleep.


A few hours later Hinata and Naruto were awake and the weather had unfortunately taken a turn for the worst. Instead of just rain there was also wind, the sky was gray, dark and gloomy. All the same if they stopped now they wouldn't be able to finish early and the earlier they got there, the better chance they had of saving more people. So they packed up all the same, and begun treading out. Hinata tried to make small talk as they had been doing over the past previous days, but for some reason Naruto seemed dazed and zoned out, giving her simple yes or no replies.
“Naruto-kun...? Are you ok...?” She asked stopping and looking at him with concern.
“Did I say something wrong? Or do something to upset you..?” Naruto looked at her.
“What? No... No! You're fine! I just didn't get much sleep last night.. because of the rain...” he said looking away.
“Oh... Ok....” She mumbled and on they went in complete silence.

Soon they reached the foot of a tall mountain. Fortunately they didn't have to go up, there path was on the mountains pass, it was another day from the village hidden in the mist and Naruto was ready to finish the mission up and get home and get some actual food.
“We're doing great we just gotta go through this pass right? I'm sure if we're fast enough we can get there by sometime tonight or early morning. We just got to be careful in some spots so we don't lose anything down in the huge ravine. Who know's how deep that thing is.” He said pointing down in the deep gully full of tree's. He gave Hinata a thumbs up. She nodded and they began walking on the pass. About an hour or so in they had made it to one of the steeper more narrow parts of the road. Naruto carefully walked down and motioned for Hinata to follow. She took a breath and slowly made her way down being careful not to lose her footing, it would be bad if she did... She looked down into the big ravine and back to the path ahead. The rain had made the path muddy but she was able to keep steady. “You're doing great Hinata.” Naruto reassured her, and that made her feel more confident. They had made it about half-way down the incline when suddenly the wind and rain began to pick up again, pushing against them.
“Naruto-kun!” Hinata called over the sudden crash of thunder.
“Do you think we should stop for a little?” Naruto shook his head.
“It'll be alright just go slow and we'll rest at the bottom of this! We're almost there!!” He called back. Hinata looked up towards the dark sky and the top of the mountain, they were underneath a forest of tree's and vines. A lightning bolt streaked across the sky and not even a second later a loud crash of thunder sounded.
“The storms pretty close huh?” Naruto called.
“Yeah..” Hinata mumbled back.
Finally almost at the bottom of the incline, though the road was still pretty narrow, at least they only had about 10 yards left of the steep drop. The rain and wind was directly blowing on them, making each step more and more difficult. Suddenly the loudest crash of thunder yet sounded above them directly, Hinata jumped almost losing her footing, causing her to yelp. Naruto turned his head and backed up a little.
“You ok?” He asked.
“Yeah I'm f-” She was cut off by the sound of a tree snapping above. She gained her footing back and looked up. If only she had looked up sooner. She watched in horror as the tree came plummeting down, to fast to be dodged on such small a road. Naruto watched in terror as the big tree fell.
“Hina-!!!!” Before he could finish her name the tree landed directly in-between them. A branch swiped Hinata's feet from under her. Naruto felt his heart freeze as he saw in almost slow motion her eye's widen in shock and fear.
“Naruto-!!!!” She cried as she was pulled from the mountains pass by her tangled foot and was thrown into the air above the ravine.
“HINATA!!!!!” He screamed. Quickly forming a hand seal he yelled
“Kage Bushin No Jutsu!!” A line of his clones appeared all including himself jumping in after her. Hinata landed with a hard thud and found herself rolling in contact with the side of the ravine, sliding and tumbling rapidly further and further in, rocks and bushes slapping her body and face as she tumbled and rolled down.
“Nar-! to-! Hel- p!” She cried out. The pain was mind numbing until her head smacked a protruding rock, then everything went black. Naruto and his clones sped forward trying to catch Hinata who was now rolling lifelessly towards the edge of a long drop off. He had no idea how far of a fall that was going to be and he knew he'd have to do something fast. He took the hand of two of his clones and flung them forward just enough to grab Hinata and wrap themselves around her protectively. As they rolled to the edge Naruto grabbed hold of there feet, and another clone held on to Naruto's feet, making a chain as they fell of the edge. Fortunately Naruto summoned enough clones to make the chain reach the top of the tree's at the bottom of the ravine. He released the clones and quickly grabbed hold of Hinata and landed to the relative safety of one of the branch's. He maneuvered quickly down the tree with Hinata in a motionless bundle in his arms.
“Oh Hinata-chan...” He mumbled quietly wiping the wet hair from her face. She had bruises on her cheeks and a big one on her forehead. He removed her pack and laid her down in a generally dryish area under some tree's and put his head to her chest to listen for a heartbeat. Surely enough there was one.
“Thank god...” He said lifting her again and taking her pack in his other hand. He knew from experience now that tree's weren't the best place to stand under in this weather. So he trudged the bottom of the ravine, till he found an opening in the rock face on the side of the tall rocky wall. He peeked inside and saw it was incredibly roomy for a cave. He brought her in and laid her and her things on the ground gently. He removed her outer jacket and saw the bruises lining her arms. Thank god it didn't look like anything was broken. He took off his own pack and laid it alongside hers. He removed his wet jacket and his semi dry shirt and covered Hinata with it. He went out and scavenged some dry fire wood and brought it back to the cave and started a warm fire. Then all he could do was sit and wait till the storm broke and Hinata came around.


'Oh my goodness... My head... Where-....' everything was so foggy...
'Where am I...? Naruto-kun...' Hinata's eye's opened slightly.
'Naruto-kun..? Naruto?' she saw a blurry glow of what looked like a dying fire, and the outline of Naruto's jacket and clothes. She sat up, her head pounding and her vision slightly off.
“Naruto...? Whe-... where are we?” She said looking around. As her eyes adjusted to the dim light and the fogginess cleared she saw she was alone.
“What....?” She took to her feet and looked closely at her surrounding's, the contents of there backpacks were lined against a rocky wall, and it appeared they were staying in a pretty big cave.
'How long have I been out...?' She wondered as she walked to the entrance of the cave and looked out. Through the endless amount of tree's she could see sun light beaming through there healthy green leaves.
'At least the rain stopped...' she walked out of the cave and looked around, hoping to catch a glimpse of where Naruto might have went, she knew he couldn't be far if his shirt and jacket were there.
'I hope nothing happened to him....' her worried mind started to get to her as she walked from the entrance of the cave deeper into the woods.
She put her fingers to her mouth.
“Byakugan!” It didn't help her headache, to strain her eyes like this but she needed to find Naruto-kun. She scanned the area and roughly about 50 feet away behind some tree's and a rock was Naruto, it looked like he was swimming. She walked over as quick as her sore bruised legs could take her. When she made it behind the bushes next to the small creek she saw him and he was idly wading in the waist high water. She was felt instantly relieved, overjoyed to know that he was ok. As she was about to call his name he started treading out of the water towards the shallow end. That's when she saw spotted his firm round completely nude butt coming out of the water.
“Oh... My...” She mouthed, unable to speak. Her face turned a fiery crimson as she quickly turned around, her heart throbbing as hard as her head.
'He's naked! Oh my god! Oh my god!' She closed her eyes and tried to remain standing, for fear of fainting was closing in on her.
“Oh my god....” She whispered to herself, turning her head slightly to peek back. Naruto was turned in her direction, he was crouching by the edge of the creek and splashed some water on his face before standing straight, showing off his full lean body. Every.. single..lengthy bit.
Hinata was certain she was going to faint as her footing went off, causing her to sway and have to brace herself against a nearby tree, almost tripping over a branch as she tried to get a grip on herself. She was surprised he couldn't hear her heart pounding furiously away at her chest.
“Is someone there?” she heard Naruto call. She looked back in his direction, and saw him as he slid his boxers up his long strong legs, she saw him tuck his manhood inside and she found herself breathless and choked up.
“It's- It's me Naruto-kun!” She said as her wobbly feet took her through the bushes. Naruto looked in surprise, his face slightly redder then usual.
“Oh Hinata-chan! Heh... I didn't know when you would be up so I figured I might as well get cleaned up... Uh... How long have you been there...?” He said scratching his cheek absent mindly.
“Uh I, I just got here but I accidentally saw you, so I went behind a tree to wait till you were done...” She said looking away.
“Oh... I- I'm sorry Hinata-chan, I hope you didn't see to much...” He said nervously.
“I didn't!” She hastily replied. She lied.
“Are you feeling better?” Naruto asked coming a bit closer.
“Yes, I'm a bit banged up and muddy and I've got a headache.. but other then that I'm ok...” She said with a slight smile.
“Well if you want you can get cleaned off in this creek, I just did and I can tell you the water's nice.” He said smiling.
“Hm? Oh, Ok.” She said back. She went to hug him but he took a step back. Her smiled saddened.
“Naruto, is there something I did...? The past few days have been a lot of fun.. but since we left you seem like... I don't know... You're mad at me...” She softly said, gingerly putting a hand on the side of his face.
“What? No! I could never be mad at you Hinata, you didn't do anything it's just...” He sighed and ran his hands through his wet hair.
“Last night... I... I saw you in the spring... And I watched you, the whole time... And I just felt like such a disgusting creep afterwards. I just- Gah... I’m so sorry Hinata, I should've let you know, or just left.. but...” he looked down as he felt Hinata's hand leave the side of his face unable to look her in the eye. “But, I had never seen anything more beautiful in my life... You-.... You were the most graceful, most beautiful thing I had ever laid eyes on... I was mesmerized and I couldn't look away...” He said looking back at her wearily. He braced himself, suspecting she might hit him or slap or yell at him as his friend Sakura would.
“You... you thought it was nice..?” He heard Hinata mumble softly. He looked her in the eye's, she was blushing and her hand was holding the top of her shirt defensively.
“I thought it was the most amazing thing I'd seen. The dance... And you...” He said softly, taking a step towards her. She looked away quickly, her face going redder by the second.
“I don't like how I look... I'm not slender like all the other girls...” She sighed quietly looking at the floor.
“Screw the other girl's, they wished they had half of what you got.” He said taking her arm in his hand and pulling her to him.
“I don't want to hear you say you don't like yourself ever again Hinata-chan... Because you are very beautiful. I know this for a fact. Believe it.” He said looking earnestly into her eye's. He saw her begin to tear up, he wanted to push away all her doubts about herself and make her see the beauty that he saw in her. He pulled her closer so they were chest to chest... and kissed her.
Hinata's eye's widened. 'Oh my god.' they both thought together. He pulled his lips away from her's and looked at her.
“Do you promise?” He put his fingers beneath her chin, making her vow to him that she wouldn't talk like that about herself.
“I-... I I promise...” She said in a soft squeak. He hugged her tight.
“Good. Now I'm gonna head back and let you clean off alright? Then we can take a look at your wounds...” he said turning and picking up his shoes. As he was about to walk off he felt a hand grip his arm.
“Wait...” Hinata said. Naruto turned his head to look back at her.
“Don't.... Don't go... Please.” Her eye's pleaded with him.
“What do you mean? Don't you want to get cleaned up?” he asked turning around.
“Yes but.. I don't want you to go... I have to tell you that... Just a little while ago, I DID see quite a bit of you...” Her eye's trailed down his front and she quickly looked away, her blush somehow managing to deepen to an even darker red. He smiled
“Really? Did you? Huh.” He took her by the hand and held it against his face.
“I guess that makes us sort of even then doesn't it?” He said grinning at her. She nodded looking back at him, taking her hand from him. It was starting to turn dark outside, so she knew that'd she'd have to bathe now or never.
She backed away from him a little and began to lower her pants shyly.
“Hinata? What're you-” He stopped when he saw the ivory skin of her stomach and chest as she lifted off her shirt. She was wearing a bra but still, he felt as though his breath had been snatched.
“I... I don't mind if you watch... As long as you stay here...” She smiled not looking directly at him. “Besides... You've already seen me like this....” She said as she reached behind her with one hand and unsnapped her bra. Naruto felt saliva building in his mouth which he quickly swallowed.
“Yeah but Hinata.. I mean I don't want you to feel like you've got to do this I mean I just happened to walk in on you and I don't want-” Hinata cut him off as she left the bra slide off her shoulder's.
“I trust you... Naruto-kun.. I trust you more then I've ever trusted anyone else before...” Her breast came into view and Naruto immediately felt the blood rush from his head to his nether regions. Hinata turned away from him and bent forward and slid her panties down, exposing her round ass to Naruto's hungry eye's. She walked to the creek and dipped her toe in, the water was cool and she knew it'd feel good against her bumped and bruised skin. She walked in slowly till the water was at waist level.
“Do... Do you want to join me... Naruto-kun..?” She asked quietly turning towards him.
“I know you just came out... but I wouldn't mind the company...” she splashed a little water in his direction.

His gaze was fixated on her. He couldn't deny her request even if she was fully clothed. He looked down at the tent he was making in his boxers, and then back at Hinata, she had noticed too and blushed slightly as he lowered his own underwear, revealing his hard member. She turned away again and began rubbing the cool water over her arms and neck.
Naruto eased his way into the water near Hinata, he moved slow, he didn't want to startle her. Crickets chirped and owl's hooted in the quickly approaching evening that began casting everything in shadow. Naruto was directly behind Hinata, she backed into him a little and he wrapped her in his arms.
“I'm sorry Hinata... that you thought I was upset with you, and that I hadn't been quick enough to keep you from falling. I'm sorry that you got hurt...” He buried his face in her neck.
“It's alright Naruto... there was nothing that you could've done... and it's not your fault.” She put her arms over his. This felt so natural... so right, him and her standing there together. Naruto lifted his head a little and kissed her gently on the neck, making Hinata squirm against him.
“You know Hinata-chan..? I've never seen someone like you before. Someone so shy... but so strong... and so incredibly beautiful.” He whispered as his hands drifted up her tummy to the underside of her breast. Hinata's heart began to pound, but still she didn't stop his curious hands.
“I've never met anyone like you Naruto-kun... Someone that no matter what... always fought, no matter the odds... and always come out a better person because of it.... It's what makes me....”
She paused.
….'Love you...' her mind echoed.
“Admire you the way I always have...” is what her mouth spoke.
“Oh Hinata...” he said sliding a hand over one her breast and tweaking her nipple gently. She let out a surprised gasp at the tingly sensation it brought through her body and down between her legs.
“Naruto-kun..?” She mumbled softly.
“Hinata...” He dipped his head back to her neck and began to tenderly suck and nibble on it as he gently flicked and played with her taut nipple. Naruto had done plenty of reading thanks to Jiraya's book Cum Cum paradise, and knew well what to do to please her. Every time he'd tease the tight bud he'd feel her soft but firm bottom push against his rock hard cock as she flinched in response. It drove him as nut's as he was driving her.
“Naruto-kun... What- Ahhh...” She moaned out when she felt his other hand dip under the water and began to tease her clit with his finger.
“What're you... doing to me..” She softly cried.
“Some thing I should've done a long time ago... Loving you...” He whispered into her ear. Her mind was overwhelmed, her body was burning up and he was taking her to place that she'd never been before, he was giving her feelings inside that she had never felt before, it tingled and made her ache in pleasure. Her head pounded harder as he continued sliding his finger's against her in such a delicious way. She felt dizzy. She couldn't stand any longer, collapsing against Naruto her mind went blank. “Hinata...? Hinata! Hinata!!!” He called her name but she was out once more.


When she came to, they were back in the cave, the fire still burning and her body drying next to it. “Naruto...kun...?” She looked over and saw him sitting near the equipment, checking it and making sure the things near the fire had dried completely, but he turned when he heard her call.
“Hinata? Oh good you're awake. You have a really high fever... You should lay back down, I'm sorry I overwhelmed you tonight...” he said walking over to her and sitting close, he removed the hair from her face and tilted her chin up to himself to inspect her.
“How are you feeling...?” He asked her. She looked into his eye's and felt the concern he felt for her, it made her want nothing more then to forever love this man.
“I feel better then I ever have... Thanks to you Naruto-kun...” She reached up and touched his face. He placed his hand over her's and smiled.
“Anytime...” he leaned in closer, she could feel his warmth and his breath against her mouth, her lips parted in anticipation.
“Hinata-chan...” He whispered as he brushed his lips against her's.
“Naru-....” she was cut off by Naruto's lips as he gave her a slow thorough kiss. He kissed her long and deep, and when he offered his tongue she let him in. Her lips and mouth tasted so good, he couldn't picture anything sweeter. She whimpered softly as she felt Naruto's hand drift up her abdomen then back down as he continued slowly ravaging her mouth.
Soon Hinata was lying back down against the warm rocky floor, Naruto directly above her, there tongue’s tangling and dancing together, exploring each other's mouth, his hands caressing the skin beneath her shirt. Hinata could feel her body tingling from head to toe, her heart jumped when she felt Naruto's hand slide beneath the waist of her pants and dip down to her womanhood.
“Ahh, Naruto-kun...?” She broke the kiss gasping. Naruto's eye's were intensely set upon hers as he continued to rub her clit in circles, causing her body to shiver and quake, she could feel his erection against her leg. Suddenly his eye's opened in realization
“Oh Hinata, I'm such an idiot. I keep forgetting you aren't well...” He went to raise off of her, ashamed that he continued to let his desire for her get in the way of taking care of her. But then she caught his arm.
“Naruto... don't stop.... I'll be fine.” She said, her face red with blush and her eye's watery with pleasure. Naruto looked at her, unsure if he should continue or not; when she then wrapped her arms around the back of his neck and pulled him back down to her.
“Please...” She whispered softly into his ear.
He looked into her eye's and couldn't see saying no to her like this. He dipped his hand back down and slid his finger down her womanhood. It was hot and damp with her sex. He began kissing her once more as his finger's teased and played with her clit and his other hand caressed her full breast beneath her shirt. Hinata panted into his mouth, her back arching' pushing her breast tight against his own body. He felt her hips rock in time against his finger's. The blood from his head quickly pumped into his loin's. He stopped kissing her and lifted her shirt, revealing her soft smooth milky skin and her firm round breast's. He slowly moved his mouth from Hinata's soft lips down to her neck, kissing and nibbling it as his hand teased and groped her nipple, while the other hand pleasured her clit. Hinata's gentle cries became louder as she began to moan his name. Naruto's mouth went lower still, nibbling on the skin of her breast before taking her nipple into his mouth.
“Ahhaa! Naruto-kun!...” Hinata whimpered, squirming beneath his seemingly expert teasing touch and his hot mouth. He let his tongue slide around Hinata's taut nipple, as he pinched and teased the other with his finger's. He teased her body for what could've been minute's, hour's or more, but every second of it felt like heaven to Hinata as she writhed beneath him, her body spasming as she cried out louder and louder.
Suddenly Naruto lifted and slid her pants down to her ankle's, then off her feet.
“Naruto-kun...?” She whispered, breathlessly. He put his hands between her legs and spread them apart, bending them at the knee and got on his knee's between them. Naruto admired her sweet, juicy looking pussy. She was dripping wet. Her full pussy lip's glistened and he couldn't help but want to taste it. He leaned in and spread her lips apart with his finger's.
“What are you- Ahhhhh~!” Hinata moaned out as she felt Naruto's tongue slide around her wet clit. Hinata's fingers tangled into his hair, pulling his mouth tighter against her. She tasted so sweet, so hot. Naruto's tongue found her tight bud, he wrapped his lips tenderly around it and began to gently suck. Hinata practically screamed his name.
“Naruto..kun!.. No more..! I cant-... It's to much..!” She cried squirming wildly beneath him.
Her body never felt this way before. She had never been taken to this place where Naruto had her quickly going, but yet there was no other place that she'd rather had been. The room felt like it was spinning and turning as her toes curled and her legs shivered. Then suddenly she felt something slide into her entrance. Naruto had penetrated her with his finger, moving it in time with his licks and sucks on her sensitive bud. That had done it. Hinata's body tensed tightly, and a bright light seemed to flash within her mind, as she screamed Naruto's name loudly; tear's falling from her eyes, her back arched and her finger's tangled into Naruto's hair. Wave after wave of delicious climax washed over her, the sensation totally new and exciting. Finally after what seemed like forever the waves stopped, and she collapsed against the rocky floor, breathless and sated.
“Hinata? Are you alright...?” Naruto cooed gently to her as if talking to loud would hurt her.
Check out part's 2 and 3! I'm sorry for the wait on part 4 guys! I've been writing another story called The Vein. It's my own orginal creation that I've put a lot of heart and soul into. I'll post it on here one day but for now let Naruto rein on! Also I Will get to finishing part 4. It's half way done and its been half way done for like 3 years. I just had to fix this story because it was like a wall of confusing text. Anyway I hope you enjoyed! Let me know in the comments and rate positively please! :D

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