I am reposting this chapter, since there seems to be some problem with the other one. This continues the Amy series.
Friday came and we went to the airport to pick them up. They came down the ramp, and Amy, now thirteen, was ravishing. She had on a silk blouse which fell easily over her pointed breasts, which were now large enough to belong to a woman. Perky is the term. I realized that mine were only slightly behind hers, though. She was wearing yellow shorts which showed off her tight little ass, and caused glances from every male who passed by. She was becoming a real beauty. When she saw us, she ran and jumped into my arms. We hugged and hugged. Then we extended each other to arms length, and hugged again. My God it was wonderful to see her. Of course, we greeted the parents, but our focus was clearly each other.
Back at home, we changed into our suits as usual, and briefly checked each other out. Amy’s breasts were small, firm and pointed. They grew out of a comparatively broad chest, which slimmed down to a tiny waist, before spreading slightly into shapely hips. Her ass was firm and round. I couldn’t imagine how her body could be improved. Then we hit the pool. After a few minutes, we had to race. Mom started us, and Amy beat me off the line, and maintained that edge to the end. I complained of a false start, but she beat me fair and square. We raced several times, and I won once. She wasn’t faster, but she was quicker off the line. I would have to work on that.

Dad and Uncle Bob grilled some steaks, while Mom and Aunt Mary prepared the rest of the meal. “Call and ask Mark for dinner, Mom requested, and I was happy to do so. He was over quickly, greeted everyone and started swimming with us. We went in and ate, and all sat and talked for several hours. About 11:00, Mark excused himself, and all the parents headed for bed. They had an early tee time. Amy and I went upstairs into my room and closed the door. We were instantly in each others’ arms. We kissed deeply, more than ever before, and fell on the bed together. We held each other close, and said how much we had missed each other. After a few minutes, Amy got up and removed her suit as I followed closely. “Let me just look at you,” she said. “Oh, you are so beautiful,” she uttered. “Look at your breasts. They are so firm and lovely.” “No one could be more beautiful than you,” I replied. “If mine are lovely, yours are perfect,” I said honestly. We were completely naked, and embraced again as she lowered me back onto the bed, and lay lightly on top of me. She rubbed her breasts on mine, sending an electric bolt up my spine. She rolled off me, and we positioned ourselves completely on the bed. Her hand fell to my pussy, and mine did likewise to her. We slowly stroked each other, and I came quickly. She continued to stroke, and as I increased my pace, she came with a jerk, and then another. Several more jerks, and as she lay back, I could hear her quietly sobbing. “I haven’t had anyone since last summer,” she said. I forgot about my orgasm, and kissed her on her closed eyelids, as I wiped her tears away with my hand. “It’s okay,” I said. “Just lie there, and I’ll make it alright.” I began to slowly massage her breasts with my right hand, while I lowered my left back to her swollen pussy. I put my lips on her breast, and lightly sucked on it as I ran my tongue around her still small nipples.

My lips now began to slip down her body until they reached the top of her pubic hair line. They lingered there a minute while I placed my finger into her pussy as she arched into it. Without removing my finger, I now repositioned myself between her legs, and put my lips at the top of her clit. I ran my tongue down to the tip of her clit, and she pressed it hard against me. Now, I wrapped my lips around her clit, and began t suck slowly. I could hear her quietly sobbing, and could tell by her movements that they were tears of joy. Finally, she pulled a pillow over her face, and I could hear a muted scream as she repeatedly rammed her pussy into my lips. When she finally relaxed, I could tell she was totally spent. I still craved her body, but I could tell she needed to rest.

To wait for her to regenerate, I asked her about the past year. She didn’t have a boyfriend. She had many suitors, but there weren’t any that she found interesting. Everyone was either unattractive or arrogant. She really envied me and my situation and wanted one similar, but no opportunity had arisen. I assured her that Mark would be available for her as much as for me, and we would make this visit as wonderful as possible. I began to tell her about Megan’s slumber party, but was only seconds into the story when I noticed her slow, deep breathing, and realized she was sound asleep. I placed my hand lightly on her pussy, and fell asleep myself.

The parents were already gone when I awoke and went to the window. As I expected, Mark was already waiting in his yard. I motioned him in, but placed my finger against my lips to ask him to do it quietly. I tiptoed down and let him in, again suggesting that he be quiet. We reached the room and I motioned for him to disrobe and get into bed with Amy, who was still asleep. Mark needed no further suggestions. He lay on his side and lightly slipped his hand under the sheet to Amy’s crotch. He began to softly stroke her pussy. She stirred slightly, and were legs spread further. I could tell that Mark’s hand was lowered so that he could insert his finger into her pussy a little way. She was still not awake, and he withdrew his finger and slid it up the side of her clit. Now, I thought, she was beginning to wake, and she began to move her hips slightly in rhythm to his finger. In her sleeping/waking state, I’m sure that she thought the fingers were mine, and she moved her hand over to where she expected to find a waiting pussy. As her hand reached the unexpected protrusion, her eyes bolted open, and her head jerked to the side to see Mark smiling at her. She immediately grasped Mark’s cock and held it like she had been reunited with a long lost child. “Great to see you,” she finally said as she rolled to face him and kissed him on the cheek. “Wonderful to feel you,” Mark quipped, and we all laughed. Amy threw off the sheets, and took a long look at Mark’s body, and his cock, larger than she was expecting. For his part, Mark was transfixed by Amy’s appearance. “Really wonderful to see you too,” he finally said. “Great to feel you too,” she replied, and we all laughed again. Mark’s hand renewed its actions, and Amy began to stroke his cock. I was getting really hot watching them, but I planned let Amy have him by herself. She quickly turned around into the 69 position, and hungrily put her mouth on his throbbing cock. She and Mark sucked each other for only a few seconds when she rolled off, onto her back, and said, “I need that cock in me, sir.” Mark mounted her, and as he began to insert his cock, Amy motioned for me to come onto the bed. She pulled one of my legs over her face and buried her lips on my steaming pussy. Mark reached around me and massaged both my breasts.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but Mark was having some problems getting more than about an inch inside her in spite of the flood of juice her pussy was bathing his cock with. The problem hardly seemed to matter to Amy, who was sucking my clit with abandon. However, she let out a gasp and a yelp, as I felt Mark go all the way in. She was crying, now, but only stopped her sucking for a second or two, as she whimpered with each of his deep thrusts. Finally, I could feel him stiffen and jerk again and again as Amy moved her hips back and forth at a furious rate before finally thrusting up, and holding Mark in her as deeply as possible with as loud a cry as she could emit with me in her mouth. An intense orgasm rushed over me and Amy rolled us both off as Mark laid me on my back and rammed his still throbbing cock deep into my pussy. I tried to pull Amy over to us, but she stayed where she was, and Mark and I reached orgasm together. It was only after we finished that I looked at Amy sitting with tears rolling down her cheeks, looking down between her legs. Mark and I sat up, and then I saw the patches of blood on the sheet between Amy’s legs. We knew immediately what had happened. “Oh, honey, did it hurt a lot? I asked.. “No, it hardly hurt at all,” she replied. “I’m fine. It’s just a little emotional that it finally happened.” We laid her back, and Mark hugged her from one side, and I from the other. “Thank you Mark,” she said. “Thank you; thank you; thank you.” He was taken aback some, because he really had thought she was unhappy. He said, “no – thank you. I’m just glad you are okay with it.” “I’m great with it, but I’m a little sore, so I expect we won’t be doing it like that for a day or two.” We realized soon after, that we had omitted the foam again. That was the third time. Amy’s period came on time, as did mine.
Obviously, we immediately removed the sheets and put them in the washing machine. We decided to go out to the pool for a while. Someone mentioned skinny dipping and we all stripped our suits off and went in. When Mark got out, I was surprised to discover “shrinkage.” He looked really funny with his cock drawn up to almost nothing, and I asked where it went. “It’s still where it needs to be,” he replied. I got out of the pool; went over to him; and took the shrunken member into my hand. “Come over her and sit on the edge,” I demanded. When he sat down, I got back into the pool, and reached up around his waist, held on and put my mouth over the tiny protrusion. I stuck my tongue through the opening in the foreskin, so that the tip contacted the opening in the head. I was going to explore this shrunken state, but I wouldn’t have long, as it immediately began to rise to meet my tongue. Amy came over and placed herself behind me, grasping my waist with one hand, and putting a finger of her other hand against my clit. She began to stroke as the cock, emerged from its hiding place, until it was fully erect. I pushed away and pushed Amy up to face the now throbbing cock. She began to suck and lick as I rubbed her clit until she could feel Mark leaned back, and began to thrust his hips upward. She took the cock out of her mouth and began to jack Mark as fast as she could, until she watched him shoot several inches high. Then without ceasing with her hand, she replaced her mouth, and sucked just on the head while she finished him with her hand. Mark collapsed.
Having finished with Mark, Amy turned back to me. We fingered each other for a few minutes in the pool, and both came. Lunch time, and we all needed the break. Sheets looked okay and went into the dryer. After lunch, we took the sheets up and put them back on the bed and we took out suits off and all lay there naked and contented. The afternoon went as you might expect. Again, Mark and I dispensed with the foam as being unnecessary, and our lovemaking was particularly satisfying. Amy only engaged in manual and oral activities, until about 4:00, when she asked if Mark would try and get inside her. It turned out that it wasn’t a problem, and they humped like bunnies, until Amy cried out as she felt Mark’s semen hit her vaginal walls. She said it was delicious, and wanted it again, so Mark obliged her. This time I lay on my side as Amy fingered my clit, and I rubbed hers, as I felt Mark’s cock sliding back and forth past my fingers. It was getting late, and we had to stop. Everyone was okay with that. Mark went home, and left Amy and me to wait for our parents.
Sunday was similar, except that we remembered the foam. We didn’t wash the syringe between our use, and it was somewhat exciting to put it in after it had just come out of Amy. A whole day of sex after another similar one was quite tiring. Monday, Mom and Dad took off work just to spend some time around the pool with Amy’s parents. Mark pretty much spent the day at our house, but none of us really looked for any opportunity to get naked. When Amy and I went to bed that night, we brought each other to orgasm twice each, and went to sleep.

Monday, my parents were back at work, and Amy’s were playing golf again, so it was pretty much a repeat of Saturday and Sunday. Amy’s soreness was completely gone, and we were all aware of the impending arrival of Bobby, so we were anxious to try anything that we could think of. Last summer I had used my wet finger to massage Amy’s butthole. She had apparently liked it, but I had not done any more of it, and had not tried it with Mark, since for some reason it seemed like a purely female thing have done to you. While I was in a 69 position with Amy, I wet my finger, and again began to massage her. She was in a position to try it too, so she began to do the same to me. It felt good, and I pressed against her finger, which she tentatively pushed a little way into the hole. It felt so good, that I tried it with her, and when she showed approval, I pressed it farther. Millimeter by millimeter, we inched forward until we both had our fingers up to the middle knuckle. Mark was watching this intently, and began kissing me all around Amy’s finger, and at one point I could feel the tip of his tongue touch my sphincter muscle. Amy and I increased the rhythm of our tongues, until I would feel her ass tighten on my finger. I pulled outward, but not enough to slide my finger out, and her ass began to tighten over an over on my finger. She was up to the same thing, and I finally let out a yelp as I came and came. We each slowly withdrew our fingers, and Amy turned over to 69 Mark. She wet her hand in her dripping pussy, and rubbed Mark’s butthole just like we had done each other. Mark’s reaction was similar to ours, and by small increments, she had him impaled in the same manner. She sucked his cock, while I sucked his balls. I put my finger next to hers, but did not think I should try to get mine in his ass too. However, I could feel the spasms of his sphincter as he shot into Amy’s mouth over and over. Obviously he liked it too.

Although the insertion of one finger felt good, we never went beyond that. I had no desire to have a cock up my ass, and Mark apparently had no desire to put his up there. If he’d wanted to, he would have let me know. We had no secrets. He did rub his cock along the opening of our asses, and that was nice, but he never tried to penetrate.

The next day, Bobby arrived at 11:30 a.m., and we were there to greet him. It was nice to see him, too. Although Amy felt he could be a bother, he was a really nice kid and smart and funny. For eleven years old, he was quite fun to be around. Mark didn’t go with us to the airport, and when we got home, we changed to our swimsuits, and I called Mark over. We did some chicken fighting, with first me on Bobby, and then Bobby on me, against Amy on Mark. Bobby was just too small to be competitive, but we made a decent showing with him on me. I could feel his little prick against the back of my neck. The little rascal had a boner. He was actually moving around somewhat more than necessary for the game, and I could feel his little hard-on rolling around. I actually moved a little more than necessary, too. I wasn’t going to do anything more about his situation, but it was exciting me. At my suggestion, we tried over and over to defeat Mark and Amy, and I enjoyed it immensely. I also thought that Bobby went to the bathroom more often than might have been expected.

That night I told Amy about Bobby’s adventure. “That little monster. I’ll kick his ass,” she said. “Don’t you dare say anything to him. I thought it was cute, and I rather liked it,” I responded. She thought about it a minute and then just smiled and blushed. I think she had never really thought about his penis as a real penis, and was embarrassed at the effect that thought had on her. “I know he must be frustrated, and I wish I could help him, but I’m not going to try anything like that,” I said. “I guess not,” Amy retorted.

What I could do is suggest several more times the next day that we chicken fight, and I did. I think Bobby knew what I was doing and appreciated it. If we had somehow been alone, I might have tried to help him out, but that situation hadn’t presented itself that day, and Friday was the last day they would be there, so everyone stayed home for the family to get together.

Friday, Mom suggested, “why don’t you let Bobby stay another week. We hardly got to see him.” “Can I Mom; can I?” Bobby pleaded. “Do you really think you can handle both of them?” Aunt Mary asked. “He’s no trouble. We’ll be gone most of the time. It’s the girls who will have to deal with him. What about it?” she asked as she looked at Amy and me. “I think it’ll be fun,” I said. Amy didn’t say anything. That night, Amy said, “are you crazy?” We won’t be able to do anything with him here.” “I think you’re wrong,” I replied

Saturday, the aunt and uncle were taken to the airport, and we all came back for a cookout. Mark came over, and I could tell he was dismayed at the thought of Bobby being there for a whole week. We hadn’t been able to have sex with Mark since Tuesday, and now he was looking at another week. I had other plans, though.

As usual, Mom and Dad were at the golf course early Sunday, and when we got up, I told Amy to put her swimsuit on, and we went downstairs with Bobby right behind. I know he had been waiting for us to get up. I motioned Mark over just before we went down, and we all met at the pool. “Chickenfight, announced as soon as we were at the pool, and we mounted up. Bobby had a boner as soon as he hit my neck, and tossed back and forth to my great delight, as well as his, I’m sure. After about a half-hour, Bobby excused himself to go to the bathroom. When he had been inside about a minute, I said, to the others, “come on,” and we gathered outside the bathroom door. I put my ear to the door, and could hear Bobby breathing quickly, as well as an unmistakable soft slapping sound. I quickly threw open the door, and exclaimed, “AH HA.” Bobby was holding himself off the toilet seat, with his left hand, while his right hand was firmly around his meat, such as it was. Bobby just turned bright red, let go of his little cock, and began to cry. I felt terrible. “Why don’t you guys wait outside, and I’ll see if I can fix this,” I said. I put my left arm around Bobby, while I helped him pull his suit up with my right. He just looked at me and whimpered. “I’m so sorry, Bobby,” I told him. “This was just going to be a joke, and we really didn’t mean to upset you. Everyone does exactly what you were doing. I know that what we were doing excited you. That’s natural. Please don’t cry.” I talked to him all the way up to his room, and laid him back onto his bed. He wasn’t crying anymore, but he was clearly upset. I could see that there was no significant bulge in his suit anymore. I began to stroke his arms slowly, and continued to reassure him that he’d done nothing wrong. If we hadn’t known he was doing exactly what he was doing, we wouldn’t have even thought of trying that. From my seat on his bed, I could see that Mark and Amy were beginning to feel each other up out at the pool. I began to stroke his chest, and kissed his wet cheeks softly. “Everyone does it, Bobby. I do it,” I told him. I had been watching his suit, and at that statement, I could see that his cock began to stir. “Please forgive me,” I said, and I moved my hand down to his stomach and rubbed in large circles from his abdomen up to his chest. “I forgive you, Jules,” he said, his eyes still closed, and no longer sobbing. “Really, are you sure?” I said. “I could never stay mad at you,” he replied.

I let my hand slip just under the top of his suit as I continued to circle. “Still, I want to make it up to you,” I said, and my hand slid further down inside his suit so that it just touched his little pistol. “We’re fine,” he said, but I now turned my hand palm up, and slid it right to the base of his penis, which now held that part of his suit about an inch away from his body. Both of my hands now pulled on his suit, and it was quickly down to his knees. He started, but did not pull away. “What a pretty penis you have,” I complimented, just catching myself before I said “little penis.” “May I touch it?” “Okay,” he replied breathless. I could hear Mark and Amy coming quietly up the stairs, but I don’t think Bobby knew anything except that I was lightly holding his cock. “Show me how you do it,” I told him. He reached for it, but I kept my hand firmly in place. “I mean show me with my hand,” I explained. He put his hand around mine and began to move my hand up and down. “Do you ever use any lubrication?” I asked. “Sometimes,” he answered. “Try this,” I said, as I reached my hand inside my bikini and came up with a good amount of fluid, which I placed right on the head of his cock. He saw me do that, and I could tell he was fixated on where it had come from. With my free hand, I pulled my bottom down, stepping out of it, and unhooked the top, letting it fall to the bed. Bobby’s eyes immediately fixed on my pussy, and I placed my hips next to his and pushed him over so that I could sit by him on the bed. “Want to see how I do it?” I asked. Bobby nodded his head quickly, and I took his hand and put it on my clit. I held his finger on my clit, and moved it up and down, as I let out an involuntary gasp. Bobby was beginning to move my hand faster and faster, and soon, he jerked and gripped my hand tightly as he pushed his hips upward and the drop of liquid I had been so familiar with a couple of years ago appeared. He collapsed, but I kept his fingers moving, until I joined him in an orgasm, much stronger than I had expected.

“Oh God, thank you,” Bobby finally mumbled. “Thank you, too, Bobby, I replied and could tell he was surprised. He had really thought that I was just making it up to him, but from my tone, he could tell that I was really thankful too. We lay there for a few minutes, and then I said, “Lets go see what Mark and Amy are up to.” Bobby started to reach for his swimsuit, but I said, “I don’t think you’ll need that.” We walked softly to the door of my room, and slowly pushed it open. Mark was on his back, and Amy was repeatedly impaling herself on his purple spear. Both had their eyes closed, so they didn’t see us at first. I led Bobby to the bed, and lay down next to Mark and pulled Bobby next to me. Both of them opened their eyes briefly, and then closed them again and continued their humping.

Bobby’s eyes were as big as saucers, seeing his sister putting Mark’s cock into herself again and again and by now, squealing with delight. I knew he had never seen anything like this before.
“Do you know what they’re doing?” I asked. “Fucking,” Bobby replied. “Yes, but that sometimes sounds dirty. I like to call it lovemaking,” I replied. By now, Bobby’s cock was as hard as it had been anytime. “Do you want to try it?” I asked. “Sure,” he replied trying to sound like it was routine. I spread my legs, and had him kneel between them. Then I pulled my legs up so that my pussy opened at about 45 degrees up, and reached for Bobby. He moved up, and I guided his little cock easily into my pussy, where he began to pump hard and fast. His movements were so reckless, that several times he came out, but I pulled him easily back in, and met his thrusts until he launched one last time hard into me, and lay there quivering. Mark and Amy had finished before me, and were enjoying watching Bobby get his first pussy. When it was over, the three of us all told Bobby how well he had done. Amy and Mark both apologized for the trick earlier, but that was forgotten now as we all lay contented on the bed.

I had thoroughly enjoyed the action with Bobby, more so because I felt I owed it to him after the dirty trick we had played on him. However, even though the trick hadn’t been intended to make Bobby feel bad, its end result was the same as I had planned. Bobby was fun, partially because this was new to him and he appreciated it and enjoyed it so much. However, after a while it was fun like watching children open presents on Christmas. Bobby’s little cock was not going to satisfy me for long. I had made my bed, though, and had to lie in it. Although Bobby and Amy would play with each other some while Mark and I enjoyed each other, neither appeared interested in intercourse with the other. I wasn’t surprised, and didn’t blame them. So it was pretty much up to me to entertain Bobby while Mark and Amy humped each other. By the end of the week, I watched Bobby board the plane with mixed emotions, but the overriding emotion was that although I would truly miss Bobby, I was ready for more Mark and more Amy. I also wondered if we (I) had opened a Pandora’s box. Of course, we had discussed it all with Bobby, on Friday, and sworn him to secrecy. We also made him promise not to look around for a little girl to play with, but it’s hard to get someone back across that river, once he’s seen the city. Amy, of course had seen the city, and gone back to self satisfying between trips to Florida, but I suspected that it would be much harder for a boy to do that than a girl. What if he was caught teaching a pubescent girl the lessons he had learned from us. Or even if he was caught masturbating, would he blame it on me? I was pretty comfortable that he could keep the masturbation secret, and even if he was caught, we had convinced him that no one would really think it was a big thing (although they might act like they did). However, contact with a girl, which he would surely crave now, was a completely unknown factor.

The remaining three weeks of Amy’s visit went predictably. I think both Mark and Amy went out of their way to make me the center of attention, because they appreciated that I had kept Bobby occupied. As Amy’s month drew to a close, Amy’s parents suggested that I go to Houston for a month. I wasn’t so opposed as you might expect. I would miss Mark terribly, of course, but I would still be with Amy, and my curiosity about how Bobby was handling his situation had me nervous. Just being there to see it for myself, would have a soothing effect. Amy, of course, couldn’t have been happier, (unless they suggested that Amy stay with us, and that wouldn’t happen again). So it was decided. I would spend July in Houston.
We left on a Saturday, and all Friday was spent trying to make up for not seeing Mark for the next month. Amy knew that this time should belong to Mark and me, so she pretty much acted as a facilitator for our main event. If Mark and I were humping, she would caress Mark’s balls, or rub my clit. We didn’t exclude her by any means, and Mark or I would lick her pussy or finger her while Mark rammed me furiously. Mark poked her a couple of times too, while I sucked her breasts and rubbed her clit, but she really took a back seat overall. Mark, you may have realized had an almost unsatiable appetite for sex. Aside from being multi-orgasmic, after coming four or five times, he required little time to recharge. Saturday, Mark went with us to the airport. I tried to hide my tears as I gave Mark a little peck on the cheek, but Mom and Dad could see how much I would miss him.

Florida is hot. Houston was HOT Amy’s parents met us at the airport with Bobby, who actually ran to hug us both. He was a chatterbox in the car on the way back, asking all manner of questions, but never said anything to indicate why he was really so happy to see us. That night, Amy and I were so tired that we went to sleep without any sex at all. About 3:00 a.m., I awoke to find that Bobby had come into Amy’s room through the connecting bathroom, and was beside me, with his hand on my pussy. I was excited by his hand, and though I was tired, decided that he deserved a release. First, though, I nudged Amy, and when she sleepily asked “what,” I said in mock derision, “do you believe this?” “Why you little sex-monster,” she told him. “You made me into one,” he retorted. “Okay, but just once, and back to bed with you. We’re tired,” I told him. I reached for his cock, and found it hard as a rock. I rolled him between my legs, and pulled his cock into me as far as it would go. It wasn’t Mark, but I really had missed that little pile driver. I could feel that he had reached one hand over onto his sister’s pussy, and was sliding it up and down her wet crease while he cupped my little breast with his other hand. Bobby pulled out the four or so inches of his length, and jammed it hard back into me. He did it again. Obviously, the boy hadn’t found some little girl to relieve his stress. Out and in hard. Again. Three more thrusts and he grunted softly and pushed as hard as he could against my pubis. He collapsed on me, and I stroked his head. “That was so nice, Bobby,” I whispered. I was glad he didn’t weigh much, because his full weight was on top of me. Bobby had come so quickly, that I was still excited. When he said, “please one more?” I pretended to give in reluctantly, but was really fully on board. “Okay, just one more, but you get on the bottom” I told him. He pulled out, and was happy to oblige. Now on his back, I lowered my pussy down over his cock which was throbbing again, and pressed my weight down on his hips so that the cock was into me as far as possible. Now, I came up slowly until it was completely out of me, and grabbed his cock and guided it right along my clit. I pushed my clit into his cock, and moved around and around. I stopped briefly, and could feel his heart pounding through his cock. I moved around again, and again, then brought my pussy up to the tip of the head, and lowered it back into me as far as it would go. I could feel that his hand was working Amy’s clit as fast as he wanted me to work his cock, and I felt her tense and move with his hand, then begin to tremble, as she let out a muffled, high pitched sigh. I was about ready too, but I held mine until I felt Bobby thrust upward, and hold his hips far away from the bed, before I sat down and pushed them back. Bobby was sobbing. “God, I love you so much. God I missed you. You are the most wonderful girls in the world.” I really hoped that by the end of my trip, he and Amy would be able to keep each other happy. He wanted to stay in our bed, and I wanted it too, but we decided not to push our luck, and sent him back to his bed.

The next morning, Bobby woke up when Amy’s parents left, and when he heard their car leave, he came in and slipped int bed between Amy and me. He didn’t wake us, though, and just went back to sleep. I woke to find him beside me, and gently lifted the sheet to look at him. He was completely naked. Of course, Amy and I were only one step from naked, with nightgowns on but no bottoms. Bobby normally slept in only his underwear, so he was in basically the same condition as we. I looked at his shrunken, little boy penis, and wondered that such a little piece of skin could grow so many fold. I slowly pulled back the sheet until his penis was completely uncovered. I slowly moved my mouth over his shrunken member, and placed my lips only on its head. I sucked that slowly into my mouth, as I felt him stir lightly. He was starting to grow, but I could tell that he wasn’t awake. I wondered what he was dreaming about. Maybe me. I pulled the head until I held his shaft straight and away from his body. He still hadn’t awakened, but I could see that his cock was firming right up. I decided to see if I could get him fully erect without waking him up. I lowered the little cock back to his body, and watched it move as it became yet firmer. I sucked his head into my mouth again, and pulled it upright once more. It was beginning to stand on its own. Now, I ran my lips full down to the hairless root, and heard him let a little snort. He was still breathing the deep rhythm of one asleep, but I expected that he would be coming out of it soon. When I brought my lips up to the tip this time, his shaft was full, and completely upright. My curiosity satisfied, my libido was next. I put my lips back on the head and began to suck more purposefully, if still lightly. He groaned and put his hands on my head, holding it there. He was awake. I put one leg beside his head and reached the other out beside his head, so that my pussy was on his lips. I couldn’t bring my leg down further, because Amy was still asleep right beside him. Bobby reached out with his tongue, and pressed against my clit. He hadn’t forgotten anything we had taught him. Amy now opened her eyes to this 69 scene, and said, “God. You are both sex monsters.” Our mouths were both engaged, so we didn’t deny it. Amy had just awakened, so she was still a little groggy. I withdrew Bobby’s cock from my mouth producing a whimper of complaint from him, and leaned back. I took Amy’s arms and before she realized what I had in mind, I guided her astride her brother. “Give it to him, Amy,” I entreated. Still half asleep, and hot as a furnace, she lowered herself down and I guided Bobby’s pulsing mini-cock fully inside her. I held her face in my hands and kissed her deeply. She ground hard on Bobby’s cock, feeling the length of it inside her. I could see tears in her eyes, as she ground around and around, up and down until they both arched forcefully into each other, and began to jerk and spasm.

I hadn’t come yet, but I moved off of Bobby’s face, as she collapsed on his chest. She kissed him all over his face and ground her breasts into his chest. Bobby lay there absorbing his sister’s body, and again he said “I love you so much. So much.” I had felt last night was directed at me, but this was clearly directed at Amy. The had both wanted this during the week in Florida, but neither would admit to him/herself or to anyone else that they did. I could feel my heart almost burst with happiness for them. It wasn’t my plan, but now I thought that this would go a long way toward keeping Bobby from doing something reckless in the future.

The siblings lay there a couple of minutes, kissing and stroking each other, and then I could see Amy begin to move her hips so that she could feel Bobby inside. Bobby felt it too, and rolled her over so that he was now on top. His cock came out, and thrust back in. Again he charged. Again and again. Although I was unsatisfied, I was transfixed by this happy scene. Bobby withdrew; Amy thrust her hips up; Bobby lunged hard into her. After several minutes of this, Bobby began to quicken his pace, and Amy grunted, “go go go go go go go.” He went faster, and still she said, “go go go go go go.” Finally, he was humping as fast as he could go, and she emitted a long squeal. She grabbed a quick breath, and let the squeal go again. After about two minutes of Bobby, pumping as hard and fast as he could, he finally lunged forward with a growl, and held himself fast. Amy’s legs went around his ass, and pulled him tight, but her squeal continued for a full three minutes. Neither of them would be in any shape to help me out for a while. Oh well, it was the most wonderful, loving, sexy, exciting scene I had ever witnessed. I could wait. Finally, Bobby withdrew his shrunken putter, and they lay side by side in each others arms. Bobby asked me to hug him from the other side, and we lay there in a long group hug. I could see it was lunch time, so I went to the kitchen and made us all sandwiches. When I came back, they were still stroking each other’s bodies. We all ate and lay back, each looking at the others’ bodies.

While I was in the kitchen, the siblings had apparently been discussing the fact that they were the only ones who had received any relief that morning, and had planned the next adventure. Of course, I had been a happy observer, and wasn’t complaining. However, I certainly didn’t object to becoming the focus of attention for awhile. “Come over her on your hands and knees,” Amy suggested. I did. Now Amy pushed my knees apart, put a pillow between my legs, and put her head on the pillow with her face directly under my clit. Now, Bobby mounted me from behind and shoved his cock into my wet pussy, driving me down onto Amy’s waiting lips. Amy lapped at my clit for all she was worth, as Bobby drove into me from behind. Bobby would withdraw, and Amy would suck hard, and flick her tongue up and down over my clit. He would thrust in, and Amy would suck again and flick her tongue. Again. Again. Amy’s pussy was right under my mouth, and I buried my face in her and sucked her as hard as she did me. Suck. Suck. Flick, Flick, thrust, withdraw. I had been so hot after their exhibition, and felt so many sensations, that my head began to swim, and I forgot about everything except those wonderful sensations. Bobby began to hump me faster and faster, and I could feel the head of his hard little cock pushing the front of my vagina against Amy’s lips. He was really pumping me fast, and I could feel the walls of my vagina begin to squeez on his cock. Amy could feel my contractions too, and sucked hard; held it in; and fluttered her tongue up and down on my clit until I yelped in satisfaction, and my pussy contracted over and over trying to milk Bobby’s cock. Bobby wasn’t finished, though, and he continued pumping at a furious pace for minutes. I came again, and I came again. I managed to hold the last one off until I felt him push into me and hold it, as his muscles contracted again and again in time with mine, and Amy soaked the bed with her secretions. Bobby was small, but he was able to move his cock around so that I had been able to really feel it inside me. It got so hard, that any movement inside me felt good. I missed Mark, but this was good.

We tried all sorts of actions for the next couple of hours, until we were all completely satiated, at least for a while. We got our suits on and hit the pool. Skinny-dipping was out of the question, since their pool was visible from other homes. We played water games, and no one really suggested that we go back in before the parents came home. Uncle Bob grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, and we sat around and in the pool talking until well after dark. Since none of us felt any guilt about our actions, our conversation was easy, and friendly. Obviously, we knew that we weren’t really supposed to be engaging in sex at our ages, but none of us thought there was any real wrong in our actions. We went into the house and watched a movie, and then Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary needed to go to bed. The three of us remained in the family room to watch another movie, and we all huddled together under a large afghan on the sofa. I was between Amy and Bobby. After a few minutes, I could feel Bobby’s hand slide down the front of my bikini bottom. He reached the hot spot, causing me to let out a sigh. Not realizing the spot was already occupied, Amy’s hand aimed for the same spot. “Hey I saw her first,” she said. “You’ve had plenty. I need to catch up,” Bobby replied. Both laughed. “Let’s see if how it works if you both do together,” I said, so Amy put her hand on top of Bobby’s with their fingers interlaced. It was getting crowded in my pants, so I pulled my bottom down below my knees, and spread my legs wide. Each of my hands found a crotch to nestle in, and I lay back to enjoy eight fingers working my pussy.

At first it was clumsy, but then they started alternately opening and closing their fingers, and it really felt nice. It had been hours since we last came, and the juice quickly began to come out. “We can’t do this here,” I told them. “We’ll get the sofa a mess.” So we quickly got up; I pulled my suit bottom up, and Amy and I went to her room, while we pushed Bobby toward his. “Go in there first,” Amy whispered, and he quickly understood. No sooner had we reached Amy’s bed than Bobby came through the bathroom door completely naked. “Go back and get some underwear,” Amy instructed. “If one of them were to come in, we might be able to explain you being in here, but never naked.” Bobby did as told, and came back carrying a pair in his hand. We all got under the sheet, with me in the middle again, and their hands resumed the action, while I felt each of them. I never felt so loved. Soon I came with short jerks, then came Amy, and finally, Bobby, who jerked the strongest. Bobby then put his cock in, me and pumped for twenty minutes or more during which I came three more times. Finally he came. Then he climbed on Amy and pumped her for at least a half-hour, but could not produce another orgasm. Not one of his, that is. Amy came four times, and was thankful when he finally gave up. We had reached Bobby’s limit for that night. That was it for us too, and we bade Bobby goodnight. He wanted again to sleep with us, and I wanted him to, but we finally decided that was too big a risk, even if he wore underwear.

As the month wore on, we did not romp as much as those first days, but all of us came at least once a day. Although Bobby had been the one to give up first, that night, he really had the greater appetite after the first couple of days. Fortunately, there were two of us girls, and we gave him all he could handle, although sometimes it was just one of us at a time. Near the end of my stay, I was jacking him with my hand as he fingered my pussy and I watched closely as he neared his orgasm. You will remember that when I had first gotten him off at my house, he just produced a small drop at his orgasm. This time, I could see that the liquid came out about a quarter of an inch. I didn’t know if that was from practice or just a function of him getting older. Afterwards, he said, “I’ve never really looked at a pussy; can I look at yours?” “Of course,” I replied, and spread my legs wide for him to see. He got up close, and opened the lips to see my clit jutting out, still engorged from it’s recent fingering and from watching his cock. He spread them farther, and could see into my hole. “When you pee, where does it come from?” He asked. I pointed to the little hole. “Can I watch you pee?” he asked. “I would be honored,” I joked. Amy, who was lying beside us, said, “Why don’t you want to watch your sister pee?” “I do. I do.” He laughed. “Why don’t you pee together?” I was intrigued by the idea, and Amy was on board. “Let’s wait a while until we really have to go,” I suggested, and everyone agreed. About an hour later, I announced that I was ready, and we went into the bathroom. I sat down on one side of the shower, and Amy sat on the other facing me. Bobby was in the shower with us. “Pull a little closer together,” he requested, and we came to about a foot apart with Amy’s legs on top of mine. “Fire when ready,” Bobby announced, and I began to let out a small stream, which soon began to creep toward Amy’s bare pussy. Hers did likewise, and soon we were peeing right on each other’s pussies. I saw a stream come from above, and Bobby was peeing right in the middle. I reached up and grabbed his cock and directed his stream onto Amy, who laughed and pushed it onto me. When all of the streams had stopped, Bobby’s legs were weak, and he sat down, draping his legs over ours. That was strangely exciting, and I could see Bobby’s cock begin to rise. I bent over and took it into my mouth, urine and all. Amy turned me on my side and put her mouth on my urine soaked pussy, while Bobby did the same to her. We sucked each other off there on the shower floor.

I had never watched another person pee before either, and it was a turn on to see it. I knew, of course, where the urine came, but it was fun to watch Bobby’s little hole, open to let it out. Amy’s hole grew rather larger as the urine came out than I had realized. We all rinsed off, dried and went to lie on the bed together. So many things over the month made me feel so much closer to Bobby and Amy. That was one of them.

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