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This fictional story continues the Amy series. It is not as erotic as you will expect if you have read earlier chapters.
The end of the month came for me just in time. I was so ready for Mark. I hated to leave Amy and Bobby, but I missed Mark and his just right sized cock terribly. My parents had asked him if he wanted to come to the airport with them, and he readily agreed. They were clearly resigned to our close relationship, and I think they welcomed it. Mark, after all, was outstanding in just about every was those things are judged, and they really liked him a lot. I arrived late in the afternoon on Wednesday, and I could feel my juices begin to flow, as the plane landed. Soon I would see Mark.

I got off the plane, and could see Mark in the crowd before I saw my parents. They were all waving, but most of the others in the crowd were also, so I didn’t see them immediately. Mark had pushed up to the front, and I ran up the ramp and we hugged tightly. “Hey,” I heard my mom say, “can we get some of that, too?” Embarrassed, I hugged them both extra tight, and we all walked arm-in-arm to the car. I sat in the middle of the back seat, next to Mark, and we held hands tightly. My parents seemed content with our actions. As I sat in the car, I could feel that my panties were becoming wet with excitement, and hoped that it wouldn’t soak through my jean shorts. Mark caught me up on all of the news of our friends, and when we got home, my mother asked him to stay for dinner. She had prepared, sausage with black beans and rice – my favorite meal. After dinner, Dad put on a movie, and we watched it, and then television afterward until 11:00 pm, when Mark excused himself to go home. He had really good judgment, although he must have been crazy with desire. I know I was.

In bed, I was so hot, that I wanted to masturbate, but thought how great it was going to be the next morning, so I held off. I went to bed completely naked, and felt the cool, clean sheets against my hot body. I longed for the day when Mark and I would sleep together, and went to sleep thinking of him. I know that I have concentrated my discussions up to now on sex, and I intend to continue, but Mark’s cock was only a portion of what I had missed about him. I knew, even at age 13, that I would never feel about anyone else the way I felt about him. Mark was so smart, and funny, and kind and even good looking. I knew I was lucky to have him.

The next morning Mark was already in his back yard when I awoke, much earlier than I was used to. Dad had already left for work, but Mom was still getting ready. I put a nightgown on and went down to her bathroom. She was standing in front of her mirror putting her makeup on. “I really missed you,” I said. “We really missed you, too,” she replied. “Although it’s great that you and your cousins are so close, it’s really hard to have you away.” “Me, too,” I replied. “Gosh, Amy and Bobby are fun, though.” I looked intensely at her, and realized, probably for the first time, just how beautiful she was. At 34, she looked 26. Her hips were round, and her waist small. Her breasts were just teacup size. I hoped that I grew up to look just like her. I hoped that I grew up to be just like her. I moved closer and hugged her tightly from behind. “I love you Mommy,” I said. I hadn’t called her ‘mommy’ in years. She turned around and put her arms around me. “I love you so much too, Julie. You can’t ever know how much until you have children of you own. You are growing up way too quickly to suit me. But you are becoming a beautiful young lady, and I’m so proud of you in every way,” She emphasized the word “every” and looked in my eyes briefly, then went back to her makeup. It occurred to me that she might mean more than just what she said. It felt warm and good, in any case.

Just a couple of minutes after she left, I motioned Mark over, and went down to let him in. We had never kissed a lot, but we stood just inside the back door, and kissed a long adult kiss. I took his hand, and we ran upstairs. I was more than ready, but Mark remembered the foam. I caressed his cock, as he inserted the foam, and he put his two fingers into me, while he kissed my clit. I kissed his cock all over, until neither of us could stand it anymore. Mark pulled a pillow under my butt, and quickly put his head in my dripping pussy. I lunged up to meet his thrust, and I felt a slight pain, as something released inside me as Mark’s cock buried itself deep into my starving pussy. I knew immediately what had happened: Mark had finally broken my cherry. I don’t know whether it was the one month lack of regular stretching, the fact that this session was more intense than anytime recently, or that Mark had just gotten big enough to break it. Perhaps a combination of all three. In any case, although I had no doubt what had happened, there was almost no pain or bleeding. It certainly was not enough of either to detract from the eye-popping sex that followed. We pleasured each other in every way we knew how until around 5:00, when we put on our suits and were in the pool when my parents returned.

The remaining month of the summer was as pleasurable and fulfilling as any I have ever had. Although sex was no longer novel to us, our sessions were deeper and more meaningful these days. My breasts were becoming more noticeable. Mark, only slightly taller than I when we first discovered sex, was now a good three inches taller. His cock, buried in a forest of hair, was of such a size as would have frightened me half to death had I seen it two years ago. Near the end of the summer, I could sometimes feel it touch the back wall of my vagina during his strongest and deepest thrusts, and when my vagina convulsed to meet it. After I had been back for a few days, most days we would make love first thing in the morning, as soon as we were up, and again in the afternoon. Each of us would have multiple orgasms during each session, but sex no longer took up the whole day, as it had when we first started.

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2016-02-09 08:44:11
This series was so much like my childhood. I loved it.

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