this is my first story so could u not give harsh comments, only pointers
My Big Sister

My name is Jessica, but i much rather prefer Jessie. i am 12, weigh 100 pounds with red shoulder length hair, and a fringe that swipes across the side of my face, nearly covering my right eye. I live with my big sister Christina, but as i could only ever say Christie, I've always called her that since then. our dad left us when i was born, and mom died when i was 5 and Christie was 8. no one came to take care or us, and my sister wouldn't let me be taken to a care home so we live by our selves in our moms old apartment, earning money any way we can. we look after each other, help each other and as there is only one room, we even sleep in the same room together. we take it in turn on who will sleep on the floor and who gets the bed, and the window in there is broken and we cant afford to fix the window or get heating, but we get by and live like a family. on one of those nights it was particularly cold and my turn to sleep on the floor by the window so we both got ready for bed, turning away from each other so we could change. we got into our separate beds; hers being an old mattress and mine being a couple of sofa pillows and a blanket. It started to rain heavily, and the wind was howling through the gap in the window chilling my whole body through to the bone. my body starts to shiver, alnd i curl up under my blanket desperately attempting to get warm. my sister rolls over and faces me, her eyes looking down at me from her on top of the chewed up mattress. "come up here." she whispers " that way we can both use two blankets and warm each other up." i can hear her voice rattling, so i know she must be cold as well, but i still am a bit worried as we have never done this before. she must have seen the worried look on my face, because before i even get a chance to reply she just says " don't worry Jessie we're both sisters and we have looked after each other enough to trust each other. it's not like we're going to do anything anyway." "what do you mean by we are not going to do anything?" i ask, generally confused by her statement. "don't worry about it, it's nothing anyway. now get up here before you freeze to death." i accept her proposal and get up, chucking the blanket to her whilst i walk towards her in my thin white top and pink bottoms. she looks at me and smirks, although I'm not sure why. "why are you smirking?" i ask, a bit miffed off that she knows something that i don't. "look down" she says, and continues to smirk. i look down, to see two little things poking out from the inside of my shirt like two tiny little tents just above my rib cage. "before you start worrying again" she says "that happens to all girls. when we get cold the little pink things on our chest which are called nipples, they go hard and pointy." i just look down at my 'nipples', and poke one with my finger. she just laughs as she watches me play with my nipples, poking and flicking them through my shirt. "come on sis, you can play with your body later when you are not freezing both our asses, but for now, get to bed and sleep." i climb in with her and cuddle up to her. i feel her hair mix with mine, and give her a quick peck on the lips goodnight and go to sleep. i wake up to find my sister is not in the bed, so i turn around and see her bending forward, putting a pair of socks on. i get up and walk over to her, but she don't stop, so i don't think she knows I'm awake yet. i notice that she hasn't yet put her t-shirt on, and that her pink spots are hard as well, just like mine were last night. i look down at her, and she is tying her shoe laces up, and hasn't noticed her sister is standing behind her, looking at her naked chest with curiosity. i bring my finger close to the nipple, and slowly put my finger on the nipple and poke it inwards, but it bounces straight back out. "what the hell are you doing?" she stands up and looks at me with a shocked face and storms out of the room, picking up her shirt and slamming the door behind her. I walk out of the room some time later, and try and edge my way through the house to the back door. she's waiting there, guessing my every move, and walks me to our lounge and we both sit down. i look down, suddenly interested in the flooring with my face now the same colour as my hair. She looks at me with her piercing blue eyes, and sits back and lifts my head up to face her she wipes a tear trailing down my cheek, and just simply says "I think we should talk".

"What about? I haven't done anything wrong, have I?" i look at her, feeling her warm hand lightly touching my cheek. "Others would say yes, but as i am your sister, and i teach you, i am going to say no. i am instead going to teach you about what happened last night and this morning." she replied, keeping a calm face throughout the talk, but then starting to gain her little smirk on her face. "your face though, when i stormed out, god that was funny!" she laughed, and once again my face went the shade of my hair. whilst she was laughing, i slowly moved my hands to the side of her belly, left them hovering beside her, then started to tickle her sides whilst she struggles and squirm to get free "stop stop please that tickles!" she cries, struggling to form each word. she manages to get 1 hand away but i jump on top of her and sit on her thighs and start to tickle her again and pin her arms down by sitting on them. I don't weigh much, and she could easily throw me off or stop me, but i don't think she is thinking straight because of the tickling. all of a sudden she frees both of my arms and rolls me over, so that she is now sitting on my thighs and I'm pinned on the sofa, with a shocked look on my face. Christie then starts to tickle me, and i start to laugh and struggle, but she's a lot stronger than me and soon I'm having fits of laughter. "its not so funny now is it?" she cries out, laughing and watching me struggle underneath her. i start to thrash about, flailing my arms and legs about, when i catch her side with left knee and she tips forward and loses her balance; i look up to see my big sisters face inches from mine and her body pressed against my small frame. i start to control my breathing, and she gently runs her hand through my soft hair, and she tries to lift her body off me, but i wrap my arms and legs around her so she can't escape, and instead rubs her body against mine. thinking its still part of the game, i follow her movements;lifting my body up so it is pressed more firmly against hers, then rub my body up and down against hers. she looks down at me, her hair sprayed out across her shoulders and back, and leans in and whispers into my ear "i love you". she leant back up, then lent down once again, this time for a kiss. what came next though was not a sisterly kiss, not a kiss on the cheek or a peck on the lips; it was instead a full on kiss on my lips, and i felt her lips pressed firmly against mine and kissing me in a whole new way I'd never experienced. she stops and lifts her head up and looks at me questionably tilting her head to the side, she looks so cute when she does that, even if she is 16. she gets up off of me and shuts the blinds, whilst I'm still laying down thinking about the past events. she climbs back on top, looks at me smirks "what's so funny?" i ask, so she points to my chest again. i look down, and there they are, two little pointy tents in my shirt. getting frustrated, i remove my shirt, only to find my nipples standing rock hard and pointing outwards. "remember when you started to play with my nipples?" i look up at Christie, getting embarrassed again and muttering a "yes" under my breath. " well i think it's time i return the favour, and she gently places one finger tip on each nipple, and begins to poke them and flick them. they get even harder, so hard that it begins to hurt, but then she start to rub each nipple gently, pinching each nipple between two fingers and starts to roll them between her fingers, and i start to get a tingly feeling through my body, stopping at a spot in between my thighs and just below my belly button. i look up at her, my breathing getting heavier with each passing second, then i let out a little squeak and start to shake a little and i feel a little liquid running down the inside of legs. i try to get up, and my sister holds me down and looks at me with confusion. "i think I've peed myself!" i explain, and try to get up, only for my sister to continue to hold me down and laugh. "you haven't peed yourself." she explains. " what you just did was had an orgasm, its where woman who feel enough pleasure in one area, the crotch/vagina they have a sort of fit where they feel a rush of pleasure and uncontrollable excitement in which they leak or 'cum' fluids out of a spot just above their pee spot." we sit in silence for a few seconds, and then Christie starts to laugh "it's not funny i didn't know!" i explain, a little upset that she is laughing at me. " don't worry, that is why it is funny, because of your innocence." "oh,ok" i reply. "does that happen to all girls?" i ask, an idea forming in my head for pay back. "yeah, although different girls have different layers of pleasure." she lies on top of me and puts my arms on my chest, and suddenly finds herself being tipped over onto her back, with me on top. "Jessie you little...oh god that feels nice". what ever she was going to say was lost as i find her nipples and start to pull and twist them through the fabric of her shirt. she lifts me up off of her and sits up, only to pull her shirt of and lie back down again. i start to play with her nipples, then notice that her boobs are a bit bigger than mine, but ill ask about that later. she runs her hands through my hair, and pulls my face close to her nipples. i stop for a moment, then cautiously put a nipple in my mouth and pull on it gently with my teeth, not wanting to hurt her. she moans out load, and pushes my face onto her boob even more till my face touching her boob. i continue to suck on her boobs, when she cries out loud "

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2013-09-26 16:41:57
I apologize to you for the idiot that complained about your writing. I think you did a fine job; and that idiot should shut his/her trap and try to do something constructive instead.

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Please continue, nice start.


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What a pile of badly written crap, have you never learned to write?

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