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this is real short as most jokes are.

A young couple enjoyed playing games of all types. They decided to challenge each other with riddles. The one with the best riddle controlled what they did for the coming week

After a long losing spell the young man came up with a riddle he felt he couldn't lose. It was time....

He smiled at the young woman and said, “ Two and two is four, six and three is nine. I can put mine in yours, but you can't yours in mine.”

The young woman conceded. Months went by with the young man using the same riddle.

The young man was quite cocky and it was time to reaffirm.

“ Two and two is four, six and there is nine. I can put mine in yours but you can't put yours in mine.”

Confident he had won again he was ready to dictate his choices when she said wait.

“Two and two is four, six and three is nine... I can tell the length of yours but you can't tell the depth of mine.”

This was in the eighties and she is still in control.

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