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Paid more than ice-tea
I never saw myself as the type of girl who was pretty, a girl who turned heads and got boys attention. I guess you could say I was a tomboy, hiding my feminine nature. That's why when Mr Lewis started showing interest, I was simply in a dream.
It all started one Spring. Mr Lewis was my neighbour and I mowed his lawn for him, considering his old age . He would always thank me with a chat and an ice-cold glass of iced tea. One day I'd finished mowing his lawn, my parents were away for the weekend so I was home alone. I went to go home to shower and I found that I had locked myself out. I checked all the doors and windows, they were all locked tight. Sighing, I grabbed a change of clothes from the washing line and made my way back over to Mr Lewis's place.
Mr Lewis was very understanding of my situation and even offered to call the locksmith while I showered. He got me a fresh towel and a fresh bar of soap and everything.
After I'd showered, I walked out bare-foot into Mr Lewis's living room, still troweling my hair dry.
"The locksmith may be a few hours, Tracey. You're welcome to wait here." He said to me
I thanked him kindly, and he smiled, pouring me a glass of ice tea.
As I sat on Mr Lewis's couch, watching show strange television show, I couldn't help but notice his frequent glances towards me. I asked him why he was looking at me and he responded with, "Well now Tracey, you must know how strikingly beautiful you are!"
To this I blushed. I looked at this man, he looked like my grandpa, watery green eyes, white hair... I couldn't help but think about how strange it was that he saw me as beautiful.
"We'll no Mr Lewis, I don't." I said blushing again
He genuinely looked shocked at this. He moved closer to me on the couch, placing one of his wrinkled hands on my knee and looked me directly in the eye. "You are a beautiful woman, Tracey. Any man would be very lucky to have you, hell a lot of men would die to fuck you."
Absolutely stunned I just stared at this man like a fish, mouth agape. He turned back to the TV but he didn't remove his hand from my knee. He moved his thumb slowly in circles over my skin, giving me goosebumps and feelings places I knew I shouldn't be feeling things in. After a few minutes of this, I had to move his hand as it was slowly inching up my leg. I felt extremely uncomfortable in that moment, but more so I was feeling horny!
I couldn't believe the sensations this man was giving me, just by rubbing my leg. We sat in silence starring at the TV screen. After a few minutes of awkward silence passed, Mr Lewis turned to me again.
"Tracey, I watch you all the time when you mow my lawn. And I'm going to tell you this, every time I see you out there in your little shorts and T-shirts, I want to fuck you. Will you let me fuck you Tracey?"
I just starred at this man. He leaned in and pressed his lips to mine, his hand finding its way to my thigh. I didn't move, just sat there stunned. He kept kissing me, forcing my mouth open and stroking his tongue against mine. Before long, my hormones kicked in and I started kissing this old man back. Mr Lewis's hand rubbed circles up my leg and side, sliding up under my shirt to where my boobs sat, bra-less. He pinched and squeezed my b-cup breasts, turning me on even more.
I broke the kiss, "Mr Lewis...we..we", "Shh" he responded kissing me again.
"You want this."
He moved his hand to my other breast, pushing my shirt up in the process. He moved his kisses to my neck then down to suck my tit into his mouth. I moaned, something I knew I shouldn't be doing. I felt his teeth brush against my nipple and nearly jumped out of my skin, I was that turned on. Being a virgin to pretty much all things sexual, everything was amazing in this moment.
I decided that if this was really happening I had better start contributing. I reached over to rest my hand on Mr Lewis's semi-hard cock. I massaged it through his pants, feeling it grow and swell. Mr Lewis was still completely focused on my tits, sucking, squeezing, licking, kissing. Suddenly he stopped sat back on the couch and looked down at my massaging hand. He moved it, undoing his trousers, and pulling his big cock out. Then he put my hand on it. I started pumping it, as I've seen in the porn movies, and it seemed to work, Mr Lewis started moaning and thrusting his hips as I pumped his cock. He stopped me, making me stand up and pull down my shorts and panties. He then made me sit back down and spread my legs for him. I did...willingly.
He started out by rubbing my clit. I felt so good, and I moaned and moaned until I came. My body violently thrashed in orgasm as I gasped and cried out in ecstasy. Then Mr Lewis moved to my virgin hole.
"Virgin?" He asked, I nodded in response
I started moving his finger in slowly and painfully, to try and stretch me a little. I hurt and I made him stop.
"Tracey, it's going to hurt, but if you want me to stick my cock in now, it will hurt more. But it will be quicker. It's up to you." He said kissing my virgin hole tenderly.
"Fuck me" was all I said, breathless
Mr Lewis smiled and lined his dick up with my cunt hole. In one fluid motion, he pushed in, breaking my hymen and taking my virginity.
The pain was outweighed by the pleasure of being filled with a hard cock. I screamed, not in pain but in pleasure. Mr Lewis took this as encouragement and pushed his dick slowly, all the way into my wet pussy. He waited there as my muscles clenched around his cock, kissing me. Then pulled out a way, then plunged back in. He kept up a steady rhythm, fucking me hard and fast.
He sped up suddenly and I knew he was close to the end. I was nearly over the edge myself and the feeling of his dick spasming inside me tipped me over and I came hard as he unleashed his load deep in my pussy hole. He collapsed on top of me on the couch panting like crazy, his dick growing sort inside of me.
"Thank you Tracey", he kissed me then pulled himself off and out of me.
Looking at his dick I could see the red smear of my virginity staining it. As I stared he grew hard again, and he chuckled looked at me and asked...
"Ready for round two? "

Now every time my parents are away I fuck Mr Lewis. He has taught me so much, about my body, about sex and pleasure. I still mow his lawn for him, but now I make sure I wear something revealing, because I know that he is always watching me. I knew one day that Mr Lewis and I wouldn't have to hide our relationship, but until that day, it was just our little secret.

I'm apparently incapable of writing long stories. So I do apologise for that, but I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. Please leave comments and such :) <3

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2013-12-09 14:51:22
I had a man in my neighborhood who I did grocery shopping for. He ended up fucking me from the time I was 14 until I went to college. He was so kind and gentle.

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2013-09-27 15:19:26
اغاني كاظم الساهر

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