Purely fictional fantasy. It got me hot writing it. I hope it does the same for you reading it.
At 25, I had never had a conscious sexual attraction for another woman. For me, sex and men were one and the same. I had met my husband, Tom during my sophomore year in college, and ours had been a satisfying sexual life. We had sex every night we were together for the first year of our relationship, and had gradually tapered down to four to five nights per week now. Sex was still the usual end to the evening, although life’s pressures frequently left one of us out of the mood. It was more often he that wasn’t in the mood than I. I loved the feeling of his ample cock filling my cavity, and although I was more than normally sexually active from age 14 until we met when I was 19, I had wanted no one else since we started to date.

Tom was a great lover, and each lovemaking session seemed to differ from the others enough that sex kept its intrigue. Sometimes we began with me reaching for his cock as we watched a movie, and stroking it until it became hard, then kneeling between his legs and teasing the plump head with my lips as my tongue licked the precum from his hole. Occasionally, I would suck on his cock until he exploded into my mouth, and continue, swallowing everything; but usually, we saved the cumshot for deep within my belly. I wanted the feeling of his cock pounding against my pleasure passage as I felt the hot semen splash against the walls of my convulsing pussy. Also, after he shot his first load, his interest tended to wane, and although he was always ready to please me however I wished, I could tell when his enthusiasm subsided a bit, and that took some of the edge off of it for me. He could always cum at least twice, so if I blew him to orgasm, I generally saved that for the second coming. I liked tasting my juices on his cock, too, and that usually got me hot enough to see if I could coax a third erection and orgasm out of him. Except on rare occasions, I could, and that fucking was always long and satisfying. As I mentioned, I had never cheated on Tom, and I am certain he had never cheated on me during the six years we had been together. But this part of the narrative is not about my relationship with my husband. More about him in a later chapter.

I am a nurse, and my older sister lives about 1900 miles from me in Phoenix. She was in a bad automobile accident, and needed someone to care for her, so I readily volunteered. I had a great deal of vacation time accumulated, and offered to go stay with her for about a month while she recuperated. Although Carolyn is twelve years older than I, we have always been very close, since she lived with my mother until she was almost 30. However, I hadn’t seen her in several years, and was eager to spend some time with her. She was a wild child, and taught me many things our mother wouldn’t have approved of if she had known. I was grateful. Carolyn had a daughter, now 16, that I hadn’t seen since she was little. Carolyn was trying now to make up for her rather unconventional mothering during Katie’s early years, and Katie was a handful now. Although she was smart as a whip, and made grades at the top of her class, she seemed uncontrollable, and really did what she wanted. That was my understanding when I arrived.

Katie picked me up at the airport, and I could tell right away why Carolyn was so concerned about her. She was about 5'9" tall, athletically thin, with perfectly formed 34C breasts and slim hips that resolved into a firm protruding butt. Her bright blond hair framed a face as pretty as anyone could wish for. In short, she would be the “catch” of her school, and all of the boys would be wanting to bed her. As we drove the ½ hour back to Carolyn’s, I discovered that Katie was as charming as she was beautiful. Okay, she would need to be careful, but Katie seemed to have things under control. Her lack of discipline, it seemed, stemmed more from Carolyn’s unreasonable demands, than from any desire of Katie’s to be obstinate. “I go to school every day. I do my homework. I make the best grades. Mom wants me to be under her thumb all the time, and I refuse to do that.” She told me. “Mom had me when she was still sowing her wild oats, and there were way too many oats. She thinks I’m going to do the same. I’m not, but if I do, I’ll make my own mistakes, not hers.” I saw her point. However, I felt the need to caution her about some of the things a young girl needs to be concerned. I tried not to lecture her, and I said, “well, Mom has a right to be concerned, you know. Many girls get pregnant during their developing years, and that completely changes their lives.” I avoided saying “ruins their lives.”

“Concern is one thing; abuse is another. She’s simply not going to keep me from going out and having some fun just because she got knocked up and it spoiled hers.” I could hear a note of anger entering her voice. I didn’t mention that getting knocked up didn’t really spoil Carolyn’s fun. It just put a lot of pressure on everyone else in the family. Carolyn had done pretty much what she wanted, and the rest of the family had to take care of her business. “I guarantee I won’t get knocked up,” Katie continued. “You need to put a cock inside you for that, and I have no desire to do that.” Well, that came as a surprise, since Katie was dressed to draw attention. She had short, tight shorts, which exhibited her luscious ass to its fullest, heels which accentuated her long, shapely legs, and a loose, satiny blouse with spaghetti straps, which did nothing to hide the fact that she was wearing no bra. Those beautiful breasts made pointed tents straight out in front of her.

“Well,” I said, “you’re certainly going to attract plenty of offers dressed like that.” Katie said nothing for a couple of minutes, and then said, “I would like to talk frankly with you Aunt Jen, but I don’t know if I can trust you not to tell Mom.” Well, I didn’t know either. I certainly had an obligation to tell my sister if her daughter was into something dangerous, but here was a sixteen year-old girl, who obviously needed someone to talk to. After a minute, I chose the sixteen year-old. “Sweetie, I promise that whatever you tell me now is between you and me. I reserve the right to call an end to this confidentiality for future conversations, though.”

“Okay, first no more of the ‘sweetie,’ please. We are both women. You’re not that much older than I am, and I find it condescending,” she commanded. “Done, Katie. I apologize” I responded. “Accepted,” she said. “Here’s the thing. I want to have sex, but men don’t interest me. I don’t know if that’s forever, but right now, the thought of some big, hairy, muscled, man putting his big sweaty cock inside my little passage, just doesn’t turn me on. Do you understand what I mean?” No, I didn’t. I had never thought of anything other than that – well, the hairy part wasn’t that exciting. I was so wrapped up in what I thought the problem was, that I really didn’t get it. “Well, I’m not sure, Swe..., Katie, I said. Maybe you could explain it a little better.”

Katie looked at me like I was an idiot. Clearly frustrated, she blurted out, “I’d like to lick your pussy. I’d like for you to lick mine. I prefer pussies and tits to cocks and balls by a mile. Does that clear things up?” Yep. It sure did. I could read right between those lines. Unfortunately, no words of wisdom came immediately to mind. I just sat there, dumfounded. Finally, Katie spoke and said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you. I didn’t mean to throw that at you like that, but it’s an embarrassing subject, and I just got frustrated. I can’t talk to anyone else about it. All of the other girls make fun of lesbians, and I sure can’t talk to Mom about it. I thought that being a nurse, and having a lot of education you would understand. I see it makes you uncomfortable, and I won’t say anything more about it. Just, PLEASE don’t tell Mom.”

For some reason, tears started running down my cheeks, and I was unable to talk for a few seconds. I felt so sorry for Katie, and so sorry that instead of making things better, I’d made them worse. But the thing that was most emotional about the scene was the feeling I got in my panties when I thought of the picture she had fried into my brain. God help me, I was hot. I was hot for her lithesome, smooth, supple, glorious body. I tried to speak, but couldn’t. I grabbed a tissue out of my purse to blot away the tears, and after a minute, said, “I’m the one who’s sorry, Katie. The idea just hadn’t occurred to me, and being educated doesn’t stop one from being stupid sometimes. I want to talk about this. I can see how it’s bothering you. I want to help. I will help. Please forgive me for the way I handled it.”

Now, Katie’s eyes teared up, and she actually had to pull into a convenience store parking lot, where she just let the tears flow. Mine started again, and I undid my seatbelt and leaned over to put her head on my shoulder. I just held her there with both of us sobbing for awhile. Finally, she sat up and said, “got any more tissues?” I brought a small package out of my purse and just tore it open and handed her a wad while I used the rest. She finally put the car back into gear and started driving again. I didn’t know where to go from here. I really wanted her, and apparently she wanted me. But she was sixteen, and my niece, and I couldn’t betray my sister. I should calmly try to steer her away from that lifestyle.

So I was going to talk her into wanting that big, sweaty cock? It didn’t seem likely. Besides, what about what I wanted? I shouldn’t be thinking about that, should I? She was sixteen. I mean, pretty grown up for sixteen, but still. The picture of her sucking on my pussy while I sucked on hers flashed into my mind one time too many, and I said, “You know, when you said that about what you would like with out pussies, my panties got a little wet.”

Katie’s head snapped around to look at me, and as it did, I puled my skirt up so that she could see my panties. “Watch the road, Sweetie,” I said, and she burst out laughing, with me right behind. After the laughter died down, she said, “You’re kind of a funny bitch, aren’t you?” I laughed and said, “I guess I have my moments.” We were going to be fast friends. As we drove, I reached up and pulled my panties off, stuffing them into my purse. I pulled my skirt up higher so that she could see my entire pelvic region, but quickly decided that a sixteen year-old driver didn’t need that kind of distraction and pulled it back down below my pussy. I did feel the cool air blowing between my legs, but that only made me hotter. I had made my decision, and I was going for broke.

We got to Carolyn’s house, and I was crazy horny. Tom had fucked me long and hard before he took me to the airport, but my hormones were raging. It was like this was a different hunger than the one for him, and it was raging full-on. We went first to Carolyn’s bedroom and she and I hugged each other, and I asked how she was. She was in a hospital type adjustable bed, and could only get out with assistance. She took her meals there and only got up to use the bathroom. She was still in a lot of pain, and needed me to help her when she got up, and to monitor her medicine. She also needed me in case an emergency should develop. She was in quite a bit of pain right then, and asked that we catch up on our visiting later; she just wanted to take a pain pill and go to sleep. “I can fix you something to eat, if you want,” I told her. “Just the pain pills, and a few hours of sleep, please,” she answered. I got her the pills and some water. She thanked me and told me she’d see me a little later, then closed her eyes. “Please leave the television on. It keeps me company,” she said, and Katie and I left the room.

As soon as we left the room, my knees got weak, and my heart started beating a mile a minute anticipating what was to follow. I was scared; I was embarrassed; I didn’t know what to do; and most of all, I was wicked horny. Katie took my hand and led me across the house to her bedroom. I could see her computer with a picture of her mother in bed on the screen lying in her bed. “It’s a camera in her room, so I can tell if she needs me,” she told me. “There’s one in your room too... in case you ever need to go in there,” she explained with a smile.

Somehow, Katie was extremely comfortable with our coming exploits, while my mind was about to explode. Katie led me over to the bed, but still standing, she placed her lips lightly on mine and pushed her tongue softly between my lips. My knees were shaking as she pulled my blouse out from my skirt, and ran her soft hands up my back, pushing my breast to hers. She reached my bra, and deftly released it, pushing harder against me. Now, her hands dropped to my skirt which she unbuttoned and unzipped quickly dropping it to the floor. Her hands pressed on my bare butt, and she ground her pubic mound into mine. I could no longer stand, and I sat back on the bed, while she pulled her blouse over her head revealing the most perfect breasts you can imagine – at least that I could imagine. Firm with no sag, round and pointed with small, hard nipples pointed straight at me. I had a hard time getting my breath.

Katie dropped her shorts, and she was naked before me, but I had no time to admire her further, because she laid her body on top of mine, spreading my legs, and placing her pussy exactly on mine. I have a large clit which, when aroused extends well beyond its hood. I could immediately tell that she had inherited the same gene, as she moved hers back and forth on mine. I was already close to coming, as she pulled my blouse and bra over my head leaving us both naked. She moved her clit around mine in small circles, as I pressed my breasts into her hard nipples, and let out a restrained, but audible cry. I humped against her over and over as my vagina convulsed and jerked. My hands clenched her tight ass and I sobbed with delight. In the middle of my release, I could feel her ass clench tight, as she drove her sex into my humps, and she cried, “OHHHH, SHIT. FUCK ME. FUCK ME. FUCK ME.” I did. We rubbed our clits and pressed them against each other for minutes, as her sweaty tits slid back and forth across mine.

After I don’t know how long, she collapsed on me, and we hugged each other tightly for several more minutes. Finally, she lifted herself off of me, and I could see that she was also crying, but her face was beautiful with contentment. “Oh, Aunt Jen. I can’t tell you how good that was. I can’t tell you how much that meant. I have dreamed about that for so long.”

“First of all, I think we can dispense with the ‘aunt’ part,” I said. “We’re way beyond that, I think,”. “Okay, Sweetie,” she said, and we both broke into rolls of laughter, provoked more from the release of tension we had experienced than from the humor of the remark. It was funny, though.

When I was able, to talk, thinking of the calm, controlled way she had approached our sexing, I said, “you must have done that many times before; you knew exactly what you were doing.”

“Only in my dreams, Sweetie, but many, many times in my dreams,” she said. From then on, “Sweetie” would be our pet name for each other. We both got fully up onto the bed, and curled up in each other’s arms. I noticed, for the first time, the sounds of the TV in Carolyn’s room coming from the computer. I looked once, and saw that Carolyn was sleeping peacefully.

I was tired, but I wasn’t sleepy. Katie’s soft but tight body felt so good to me, that I just lay there for some time relishing it. Katie had fallen to sleep immediately. I thought about Tom. I would have to tell him. We had no secrets, and I couldn’t start now. That would ruin us. He would know something was wrong. I had already planned to fly home every weekend, and I would tell him when I first got home in one week. The thought sent chills through me. I thought we would make it through this, but I didn’t know. He would be surprised, for sure. We told each other our fantasies, and that usually made our sex steamier, but I had never told him about a fantasy with another female – certainly not a 16 year-old female. He had even fantasized about a threesome, and my response was, “great – but where do we find another man.” That had been a fantasy I hadn’t even been willing to consider, and now, I had done a female without him. Not only that, but I was going to do it again, and I wasn’t going to stop doing it if I could find a way. I wanted to do it again right now. Katie was still asleep.

I realized I was very hungry. I grabbed an Egg McMuffin on the way to the airport about 8 o’clock, but I hadn’t eaten since then. I had been somewhat hungry when Katie picked me up, but I soon forgot about that. It was only 1:30 in Phoenix, but it was 4:30 at home. I quietly slipped out of bed, and put my clothes on. I took a long look at the young woman lying sleeping on the bed, and tears came to my eyes again. She was so beautiful, and so conflicted. I loved her already.

I looked at the computer again to make sure Carolyn was okay, and went to the kitchen. I could hear her TV from there, and would be able to hear her if she called. I found some fixings and made a large salad. As I was finishing it, Katie came in, looking like a goddess to me. She was rubbing her eyes and said, “I woke up and you weren’t there. I was disappointed.” “Sorry,” I replied, “it’s not just about you, Sweetie.” She laughed, found some food in the refrigerator and joined me. Before we could start a conversation, I heard Carolyn call my name and went to see what I could do for her. She was hungry, so I went back in and fixed her a sandwich. She wanted a glass of wine with it, but I told her she couldn’t have it with the pain medication. She started to argue, but I gave her my best nurse scowl, and she understood she wasn’t getting any wine.

I sat with Carolyn while she ate. I had to turn the TV down to have a conversation, and still, she looked at the TV more than at me. It really saddened me to see her. Although she had been plenty of trouble for my mother – and me too as I got older -- she was always full of life. She was always doing something. That was the problem. She was rarely doing something that my mother approved of. Now, she would rather watch some mindless TV show than talk with her sister whom she hadn’t seen in years. She was drugged up, of course, but I felt that she was in a bad depression beyond the drugs. I sat with her until she had finished eating, and then she said, “I’m kinda tired, Jen. Give me another pain pill, and I’ll call you if I need you.” I ignored the pain pill request, since it wasn’t time, and with that, I took her plate and she turned up the volume as I walked back to the kitchen.

Katie was still sitting at the kitchen table, although she had finished eating. “Your Mom seems depressed,” I said. “Was she like this before the accident?” “Yeah,” Katie responded. “She would go from wildly demanding to almost unresponsive. I can’t remember when I saw her happy. Mostly, she just complained about how short I was of her expectations. I tried for a long time to make her happy, and then one day, I just decided I was good enough, and if she didn’t like it, fuck her. It’s been pretty much an armed camp since then. I just tried to stay out of her way. Of course, since the accident, that’s been easy, and she has seemed to recognize that she needed me, and has not ridden me much since then.” I didn’t know what to say. It just made me very sad.

“I’m going to go unpack,” I said. “I’ll help,” said Katie enthusiastically. I could tell that I wasn’t going to be sad around Katie very long. We had left the bags in the living room, and Katie grabbed one and started for her bedroom. “I think we better unpack in other bedroom,” I told her. “Oh, okay, if you insist,” she said and went to the guest bedroom. It had been an office, and had a small desk with a computer, but they had a bed and dresser brought in, and there was enough room, although it was crowded. I could see Carolyn on the computer screen, watching TV. Katie began to unpack one suitcase while I unpacked the other. She pulled a small leatherette bag from her suitcase, and asked what was in it. “Nothing important,” I answered, but she felt it without opening it, and said, “it certainly feels like a vibrator, and a big one at that.” I could feel my face flush, as I tried to think of something else it could be. I couldn’t think of anything, and just stood there dumbly. She said, “well, I don’t know what to do with it,” and placed it on top of the dresser without further comment, but her smile said she did know what to do with it.

When we had finished unpacking, she went to my purse and removed my panties, which were still damp, and placed them up to her nose, taking a big sniff. “KATIE,” I gasped, and reached for them, but she just kept them to her nose and turned away from me. The she looked at me, and said, “I’ll give them back if you want, but I would like to keep them.” I wasn’t as shocked as I acted: Tom loved to smell my panties after I had sexed them up, and it turned me on to see him do it. “Of course you can keep them, Sweetie,” I said. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the panties she had been wearing coming back from the airport, and held them out to me. I took them up to my nose and smelled that wonderful sex smell of this goddess. Without removing them, I reached out and pulled her to me, placing our faces together so that we could each smell the aroma of both pairs. The smells sent me reeling, and I pressed my lips against hers as I grasped her breast with my other hand, and began to massage it slowly.

Katie’s hand slid to my skirt button and quickly my skirt was at my feet as she placed her hand on my mound. I moaned and dropped the panties, kissing her soft lips and finding her tongue with mine. Her shorts were down and she pulled her lips away long enough to pull her blouse over head while I got my blouse and bra off. We pressed our naked bodies together as we resumed the passionate kissing. Katie pulled the kiss away, and her mouth began to slide down onto my neck, sending chills throughout my body. I sank back onto the bed, but she followed, never releasing her lips from my neck. I was now lying on my back, and Katie was kneeling over me, as her mouth continued its journey down my trembling body. Now, she had a nipple in her mouth, and was sucking and running her tongue around the areola. I reached for her naked mound, and a finger found the slippery entry to her pleasure tunnel. She moved her legs closer to me and pressed her clit hard against my palm, her tongue and lips now sliding lower to my navel.

She pressed a finger to my pussy opening, and it slid easily in. I was reeling, and I needed to suck that beautiful young pussy. I pulled the leg closest to me up, and she immediately placed it over my head, and lowered her lovely soft, smooth love mound onto my lips. I felt her shudder as they came in contact, and my tongue soon found her hard, protruding clit. I felt her lips returning the favor to my equally stiff member, and my lips surrounded hers as I began to suck, and lick that wonderful clit as my finger fucked her little virgin pussy. She was sucking me, and I was sucking her. She had three fingers in me, and was fucking me with them as fast as she could. I exploded. My pussy clamped on her fingers, as if it wanted to suck them right in. In fact it did. It convulsed again and again on her fingers and I pushed my hips up to try to get my clit farther into those beautiful, soft lips. Katie’s pussy likewise began convulsing on my finger, and she tried to push it farther in. Her pussy pushing on my lips actually hurt, but I didn’t care: I continued to suck, and pulled her to me as hard as I could. Our orgasms seemed like they lasted for hours, and when they were over, I continued to hold her clit in my mouth for a long time. She kept mine, too.

I love men. I love cocks. I have had more than my share of them. I love having my pussy sucked by men, but no man has ever sucked me like Katie. Nothing close. She knew exactly what to do and when to do it. This wasn’t really better than sex with a man. It was different. Which is better, steak or lobster. I don’t know. I love them both. I love Tom, and I love Katie. I’m only going to be here a month. What happens then? “Jen?” I heard from the computer. I went to see what Carolyn wanted.

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