Author's Note: This is a new story idea I had. It would be very dark and may not be updated as often as my current story. It would be about a boy who had everything he could ever want, lost it all, and is in a very bad frame of mind. Let me know if I should write it and if it should be another boy on boy story or something else.

Also, I am still working on "Your Name Here". School and work have joined forces to steal as much of my free time as possible. Expect Chapter 4 sometime withing the next few weeks.

Lately I've been feeling so hollow, its unbelievable. I can't find real happiness anywhere I look and I'm trying so hard to keep my head up. Its just...utterly exhausting. For instance, when I'm in class, I appear like I'm having fun and I'm happy. Yet, that isn't the real me (as much as I wish it were). I feel like I'm leading many lives at once; the one is the fake me that is jolly and upbeat when I'm with other people, another is also a fake me that is constantly doing anything and everything to make the people I call my friends like me, still another is a fake me that has ambition and drive. But the cold, honest truth is that the real me is a 17 year-old mess.

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2014-07-19 12:54:59
609HnI Very good blog post.Really thank you! Great.

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2013-10-30 17:00:41
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2013-10-09 19:14:59
Then write a story, which this wasn't.

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2013-10-06 19:34:44
Did anyone except the person whose comment was the "2013-09-28 12:14:49" read the author's note at the top? This isn't how he actually feels, its how the character feels.

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2013-09-28 12:14:49
Make it a boy/boy and maybe it would work better if the person was a couple years younger

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