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After our first encounter in the old barn, where I'd lost my virginity to my 13-year-old neighbor girl Rhonda and her older sister Lori, we didn't see each other for a couple of days. But I couldn't get either of their lush, teen-aged bodies out of my mind.

At odd times during the day, I'd find myself flashing back to that first sight of Lori's lush, red pubic bush, watching her pee arch out of her body onto the dusty wooden floor of the barn loft, or those first sensations as I pressed my rock-hard, teenage cock into her mouth and down her throat. I had to but close my eyes to visualize the look on Rhonda's face as she took my rampant shaft into her mouth for the first time, her initial protests as Lori positioned us for our first fuck, or the older girl's moans as her younger sibling licked and suckled her red-haired snatch as I pounded my 13-year-old cock into Rhonda's freshly-deflowered pussy.

Several times over that next couple of days, I'd find myself having to sneak into the bathroom, hands immediately diving into my shorts to frantically rub and jerk my stiff erection. It felt good, sure. But something was missing. I couldn't wait to drive my teenage bone into one or both of my newly-available neighbors.

That opportunity presented itself on the third day after that initial encounter. I'd just finished breakfast when there was a knock on the door. I answered to find Rhonda, alone, wearing one of her usual shift dresses with buttons running down the front. Something was different about the way she was dressed on this particular day, but I couldn't place a finger on what it was.

That was soon to change and I'd be placing more than fingers on those differences.

With a shy smile, she asked me if I wanted to come out and “play.” Lori, it seemed, had to go away with their mother and their father was at work. Thus, Rhonda was bored, seeking companionship. I yelled up the stairs to my mother, who quickly gave consent, and off we went.

Rhonda grabbed me by the hand and made a bee-line for the old barn down the block. She didn't say a word, but there was a sense of urgent intensity about her movements that told me quickly, she was on a mission.

We cut across the few yards between our homes and the barn and, quickly, made our way inside. Per my usual motivation, I allowed Rhonda to climb to the ancient wooden stairway first, hoping for a glimpse up her dress at her plain white panties cupping her adolescent ass.

Imagine my surprise when she just hiked her dress up around her waist to climb the stairs revealing, not white cotton, but pink girl flesh. She was nude under her dress! She paused with one leg stretched up to the first foothold, looked back over her shoulder and gave me an almost shy, yet sultry, grin.

“Gimme a boost,” she said, twitching her naked, slender ass slightly in my direction.

I placed my hands around her hips, thumbs coming to rest in her crevice, and lifted. She paused on the steps above me, leaving her skirt up around her hips, and turned to face me. I had a perfect, eye-level view of her pussy, light dusting of brown hair framing the swollen, pink lips which hid her inner treasure.

I couldn't stop myself. I wrapped my hands around her body, cupped her ass and kissed her right at the apex of her thighs, square on the junction of pubic hair and labia. She moaned, grabbed the back of my head and pulled me tight into her cunt.

Tentatively, I pushed my tongue out and licked between her lips. They way you never forget your first taste of pussy, and it's true. The flavor of Rhonda is still burned into my brain.

“Come on,” she moaned, pushing me away again. “Let's get upstairs.”

I scurried up onto the steps behind her as she climbed, skirt still hiked up, her young ass twitching in front of me. We reached the top of the stairs, pushed open the loft door to let in light and air, then made our way back toward the old furniture in the middle of the room.

I almost laughed, marveling at Rhonda's frenzied movements, as she quickly worked the buttons of the front of her dress and stripped it down her arms and off. Just that quickly, she stood naked except for her tennis shoes in front of me. She flopped down on a dusty sofa, spread her legs and opened her arms, beckoning me toward her.

The thin, girlish lips of her pussy parted, exposing the wonderful, mysterious hole I'd opened just days earlier, glistening with her obvious arousal in the half-light. I stepped in front of her and pushed my shorts down and my semi-hard teen cock sprang up in front of her. With an almost animalistic growl, she sat up, wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled my cock toward her waiting mouth.

It was my turn to groan as she took my 6-inches of hard, teen meat deep into her mouth and down her throat, utilizing the previously-unknown talent we'd discovered just days before. I rested my hands on the back of her head, closed my eyes, and just savored the sensations. My hips thrust involuntarily as she slid back slightly, driving my cock back into her throat, fucking her mouth.

After just a couple of minutes, I could feel it, that tell-tale sensation of an impending orgasm. I tried to warn her I was about to cum, to paint her tonsils with my sperm, but she didn't seem to care. She just grabbed onto my ass tighter and pulled me fully inside her throat, moaning deeply around my head deep in her gullet.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head as, with a roar, the first shot rocketed up the shaft of my cock and exploded deep in her throat. Somewhere far away, I could feel her swallowing, making room as the second, third and fourth blasts quickly followed the first like soldiers reenforcing a beach-head in her stomach. Time lost all meaning as I emptied my teenage testicles into her guts and I definitely went to a happy place where the only things were her hot, sucking mouth and my rampant, twitching hard cock.

By the time my eyes found their way back into my sockets, Rhonda was sitting back on the couch, scraping stray streams of cum from her chin and cheeks with her fingers and sucking them clean. Her splayed thighs framed her dripping teenage quim, glistening with her own, natural lubrication.

“God, that was fun,” she said. “But I'm still so … horny. Please, lick my kitty!”

I sat down beside her, my cock still mostly hard, and placed my hand on her leg. I ran my fingers lightly up her damp thigh towards her center, feeling her stiffen, then relax with a loud moan. As I gently cupped her lightly-furred mound, a though came unbidden to my mind, a memory of something Lori had said to Rhonda during that first encounter.

“Hey, Rhon,” I said. “The other day, Lori asked you to 'do that thing you do,' before you licked her. What did she mean?”

Rhonda blushed shyly and turned away for a moment. She then turned back and looked me in the face, a new determination in her eyes, like she'd made a decision. She turned and lay back on the couch, threw on leg up over the back and spread herself open further in front of me.

“Lick me,” she said, reaching down, spreading the lips of her pussy with her fingers and pointing at that magical, mysterious bump at the top with her other hand. “Lick me right there and I'll tell you all about it.”

I leaned in, licked my lips, put my hands on her thighs and tentatively ran my tongue from the bottom of her slit up to the top. She moaned and arched her hips toward me. She put one hand on the back of my head to direct me and launched into her story.

It had been a couple of years before, she said, when Lori was our age and Rhonda was a tender, young 11-year-old who worshipped her older sister. In Rhonda's own words:

“I wanted to do everything Lor did. I followed her everywhere, wanted to hang out with her all the time. She had a group of three or four friends who did everything together. They kind of accepted that I was around, but I was never really part of the group.

“One weekend, Lori invited the group over for a sleepover. But only two of the girls, Stephanie and Katy, could come. They let me hang out with them, but said I'd have to do 'something' for them if I wanted to stick around. I didn't know what they meant at the time, but I wanted to, so I agreed.

“It was about 1 a.m. and mom and dad had gone to bed hours before. Lor and Steph and Katy and I were all hanging out in the basement, watching some dumb movie on television. We'd all put on our night gowns – mostly t-shirts and panties – and just hung out.

“'Is it time?' Stephanie suddenly asked out of the blue. 'I think it's time. Isn't it time, yet?'

“Lori and Katy just laughed, leaving me wondering what was going on.”

Rhonda briefly broke off her narration to moan out she was cumming, then to beg me to climb on her, stick my cock in her pussy and fuck her.

“Oooh, yeah,” she moaned. “Umm, where was I? Oh, yeah …

“Anyway, Lor just stood up, grinned and stripped her t-shirt off, leaving her naked except for her little white panties. Katy and Stephanie quickly followed suit, and Stephanie immediately stripped her panties down her legs and kicked them off into the corner. She sat back down, pulled her legs up and started rubbing herself between her legs.

“I just sat there. I'd never heard of anything like this, never mind seeing it live, in front of me. Lor and Katy just about ripped their panties off and plopped down on either side of Stephanie. Soon, all three girls were moaning and groaning as they rubbed themselves in front of me.

“I just sat there, still dressed, wondering what was happening. I had no idea what was going on, but it sure looked like fun and I wanted to play, too.

“'What are you guys doing?' I asked.

“'Playing with our pussies,' Lor said.

“'It looks like fun,' I said.

“'Oh, it is,' Katy said. 'You should try it.'

“'Um, okay,' I said. 'Um, how do I do it?'

“'Take your clothes off, spread your legs and rub that little bump at the top of your pussy,' Lori said. 'You'll get the hang of it real quick. Just do what feels good.'

“I pulled my t-shirt off. I didn't really have boobs yet, just little bumpy bits that tingled sometimes and sometimes got kinda hard when I was cold. One of the girls, I don't remember who, told me to pinch them and I did. God, a tingling sensation ran all over my body as I grabbed one of my little boob bumps, pinched the tip and pulled it away from my body.

“I was still shy about taking my panties off, so I started rubbing myself through the fabric while I played with my booby. That started to feel really good, really fast, so I pushed my hand down inside my panties and touched myself, skin to skin.

“That felt even better and pretty soon, I pulled my panties all the way off and just sat there, rubbing my pussy, watching the other girls rub theirs. All of a sudden, Katy put her hand over her mouth to muffle the sound and cried out, arching her hips and seeming to grab her crotch even harder. She was sort of humping up and down against her hand for a few seconds, her body twitching. Then she suddenly relaxed and got this really dreamy look on her face.

“'Damn,' she moaned.

“'Yeah,' Lori said. 'That sure looked like a good one.'

“'Ummm,' Katy groaned. 'It was.'

“'What …,' I started to ask, but Lori cut me off.

“'She cummed,' Lor said. 'If you rub yourself just right, long enough, you get this really intense feeling all over your body. It's like you're melting, or something. It really feels good.'

“'Can I do that?' I asked.

“'Yeah,' Stephanie said. 'Come here.'

“I got up off the floor, moved over to the sofa and sat down, as Stephanie directed me. Lori had this weird look on her face as Stephanie pushed me back so I was almost lying down, but she didn't say a word. She just shook her head and carried on playing with her pussy.

“'Just relax,' Stephanie said to me as she sat on the floor between my legs. 'This will feel amazing.'

“I had no idea what she was doing until she leaned forward and licked me right between my legs.

“'God, what are you doing?' I cried. 'Don't! That's where I pee from!'

“'You gonna pee right now?' Steph asked me. I shook my head, no. 'Then just relax.'

“She went back to licking me and, really fast, it started to feel really good! I didn't know what was happening but, when she put her tongue on my bump, my head just exploded! It felt like my whole body was on fire and like my skin was trying to crawl up to my head, all at the same time.

“'Oh, jeez,' I moaned. 'God … what … wait … ooooooooh!'

“Then, just that quick, my body went all limp. I couldn't move, like all my muscles and bones had melted inside my skin. I came back to myself with Stephanie sitting between my legs, her face all wet and shiny, like she'd been eating glazed donuts. Lori and Katy were on either side of me, giggling.

“'Wow, Rhon,' Lori said. 'You cummed hard, really quick.'

“'Yeah,' I said. 'That was fun.'

“'Now, you do your sister,' Stephanie said. 'Lick Lori like I licked you.'

“I looked at her. 'I can't,' I said. 'She's my sister! That's weird.'

“'Please, Rhon,' Lori said. 'I really need to cum. I wanna cum on your tongue.'

“She turned to lay back against the cushion and threw one leg over the back of the sofa. Her pussy spread wide open, showing its wet, glistening insides, just a few tiny, red hairs around her crotch. The little bump at the top wasn't so little any more. It was big and red and almost begging me to kiss it.

“Looking sideways at Stephanie, who smiled and nodded, I leaned down and put just the tip of my tongue in the sticky wetness covering Lori's crotch. I pulled my tongue back into my mouth, tasting her juices for the first time. God, I thought. This stuff is pretty good!

“I dove back into Lori's pussy, which caused the three older girls to laugh. Lori's laugh was cut short as a loud moan escaped her lips.

“'Damn,' Katy said. 'I think she likes it. Is she any good?'

“'Yeah,' Lori moaned. 'She's doing a pretty good job for a first-timer.'

“'Here, Rhon,' Katy said. 'Let me show you a few things. Just do what I do.'

“I thought she was going to take over on Lori's pussy. Instead, she turned me so I was lying on my right hip and buried her tongue in my pussy. That head-exploding, skin-crawling sensation built up again really fast. I tried hard to copy what she was doing to my pussy on Lor's, but I kept … losing my place, I guess you'd say. Pretty soon, I felt that big feeling in my body again, and I kinda forgot about licking Lori.

“Stephanie took over with Lori as I just laid my head back on her thigh and grabbed Katy by the back of the head. I pulled her tight against my pussy and cummed. Lori clamped her hand over my mouth to muffle my screams or I probably would have woke mom and dad.

“I finally relaxed again, listening as Lori moaned her way through her own cum under Stephanie's tongue. We all four just laid there, naked and sweaty, struggling to catch our breath. Slowly, we all got our t-shirts and panties sorted out, dressed, and collapsed in our sleeping bags.

“Anyway, that's the first time I licked Lori's pussy. We do it a bunch, now.”

Throughout her narration, I'd been slowly stroking my rock-hard cock in and out of her snatch. As her story wound down toward its climax – no pun intended – I picked up the pace at Rhonda's request. Her actual words, I think, were, “God, I'm close. Fuck me hard!”

Anyway, I banged away at her upturned pussy. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. We looked deeply into each other's eyes and I saw her orgasm overtake her.

Her eyes crossed (really), her mouth opened in a silent moan and I felt her pussy clamp down hard on my cock. She tightened her legs and pulled me fully inside her pussy as she came, the muscles inside dancing along my shaft, squeezing and massaging my as, with a roar, I exploded deep inside her.

“Oh, it's hot!” she moaned. “I can feel your stuff inside me! It's sooo hot!”

After what seemed like hours, but was probably only a few seconds, we both relaxed. We giggled as we came down from our respective orgasms. My cock slipped from inside her, followed by a river of our combined juices. I laid my head on her chest, feeling her hard nipple nudging against my ear.

“Man, that's fun,” I moaned.

“Yeah,” Rhonda said.

We slowly dressed and headed out of the loft. That set up the script for the rest of our summer. Every day or so, one or both of the girls would come over in the morning and we'd head to the loft hangout, where we'd spend anywhere from an hour to most of the day, playing with each other in all the various combinations.

I probably got more pussy from the girls that year than any 10 other guys in my school. But part of the deal was we never told anyone about what we got up to. Every once in a while, the girls would bring one of Lori's friends and, a couple times, Rhonda enticed another girl or two from our class into the hangout. In total, I got to pop four cherries that summer. Once, we invited another guy who lived on the other side of our block into the hangout.

But all those are stories for another time.
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