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My first story.Please leave comments. Good reviews for second part
"Yes" I shouted as i realized it was the day of the holiday.

I had been picked to organize a school holiday for my class.I had picked a villa in France with its own pool in a secluded part of the countryside.there were 18 of us going, 7 boys and 11 girls.There were 3 bedrooms in the house.6 boys in one, 6 girls in one , 5 girls in the last and because no one else volunteered, as organizer, i had to be in the room with the five girls.We were staying for 2 weeks.

We touched down in France and caught a mini-bus to our villa.We settled into our rooms.Tanya, Kylie, Amy dream girlfriend), Michelle and Abbie were to share the bedroom with me. After we had something to eat, all the girls got into the pool. All of us (the boys) said we'ed get in when a match that was on T.V. was over.

We messed around in the pool and just talked to each other.I decide to get out early as I had to ring a man about our tour the following day. Once I had dried myself,I went looking for clothes to wear. I realized that I had left all my boxers (except the ones I wore that day at home! As i was trying to look for them,Amy came in,drying her hair. I turned around to face her.She stared at me and I stared at her.

"Sorry" I said.
"Wow, Its huge!"she replied.
Confused, I said "What?"
" Its the biggest penis I've ever seen."
I have to admit, I was about 8 inches and I was 15.
"do you want to touch it?" i said awkwardly
"Sure" she replied

She started rubbing my cock as I took off her swimming bikini.She started to give me a blowjob as I fondled her 36D tits.i was moaning hard.I could feel my balls starting to twitch."I'm gonna cum!!!"I cummed into her mouth and she swallowed it.Then I picked her up off the ground and started fucking her.

All this lasted about ten minutes. After I had cummed three times and she had had two orgasms,I noticed someone at the door. It was the other girls coming back in from the pool.We all stood there looking at each other until Tanya said "Can I join in?"
"Ok, ye all can" i replied.

I was being fucked by five girls, Amy on cock, I was licking Abbie's pussy, rubbing Tanya's and Kylies tits and Michelle was giving my balls a blowjob. This continued all night as the girls had told the others they were going to bed.

When we had finally finished I thought " This is going to be the best holiday ever!"

To Be Continued?...

anonymous readerReport

2013-09-30 23:29:28
How do you say bullshit? Let me count the ways.

anonymous readerReport

2013-09-28 16:08:29
good started but you can make it better


2013-09-28 03:53:44
I read up to where you said the size of his cock so because of this you get a BIG negative rating. ITS also fucked

anonymous readerReport

2013-09-27 18:03:16
My friend, the fuck are you writing? Make it longer, make it hotter, make it detailed and most importantly make it accurate. C'mon 8 inches at 15 years old? A guy staying with a group of females just because he is the ringleader? Kind of bullshit story is that?

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