It's dangerous to tempt the Devil
“Don’t treat me like a kid!” Valerie shouted. She couldn’t help it, for years Neil had been able to find her weak spot and, even at fifteen, she still reacted. “What!” Neil pretended to be shocked, “Here we are on Halloween and you say there’s no such thing as evil spirits, or vampires or the Devil! How can you be a disbeliever?” He grinned as he saw that he’d gotten a rise out of Valerie. Now that she had developed and was a very attractive girl with an excellent body, great legs and a beautiful face, most of the boys were trying to please her. But Neil always had to needle her and it always worked.

Ever since kindergarten Valerie had a sort of love/hate relationship to Neil. She wanted him to like her but, sometimes, she got very angry with him. It had gotten worse since he reached high school; he’d fallen in with a bad crowd. People said that he was into drugs. She didn’t like to believe that, but he was definitely rougher and less friendly that he had been.

Now she refused to back down; “That’s all kids stuff, even Christine doesn’t believe that any more.” Christine was Valerie’s eleven-year-old sister and strongest supporter. “Of course that’s all nonsense,” Christine said, nodding her head in agreement; as always loyal to her big sister.

They were walking back from school with Janet, Phil and Lea. They’d all been discussing the costumes that they’d be wearing. Valerie thought she was a bit old for trick and treating but she knew Christine wouldn’t go if she didn’t; besides she did like the candy.

“Oh well” said Neil, “You pretend you don’t believe, but I bet you wouldn’t jump on the Devil’s Drum at midnight.” The Devil’s Drum was a slab of concrete at the neighborhood playground and the name had been handed down by the neighborhood children, for years, and years. No one knew why it was called the Devil’s Drum but it made a sound like a drum if you jumped up and down on it.

Janet took the bait. “Why not?” she asked.

Neil lowered his voice to sound dramatic, “The legend says, that if anyone sounds the Devil’s Drum thirteen times at midnight on Halloween, then the Devil will come in answer and they will fall, helplessly, into his power.” At the end his voice was almost a whisper and all the others leaned closer to hear. Then, more clearly, he said; “If you beat the Devil’s Drum, then the Devil sure will come.”

Even though she didn’t believe, Valerie couldn’t help shivering at his story. Neil saw that and grinned; “You’d better not try Valerie. You know how they like to sacrifice virgins.”

Valerie blushed and hated herself for doing so. To cover her confusion she retaliated. “I don’t believe a word you say. You’re just trying to frighten us.” As he kept grinning, she found herself saying, “And to prove it I’ll go there at midnight and jump on it.” Janet and Christine looked horrified; Phil and Lea looked impressed but Neil kept on grinning. “I don’t believe you’ll do it. You’ll chicken out once it’s dark.” His teasing made Valerie really angry. “If I say I will then I will” she retorted. “If you don’t believe me just come along and watch.” “No way” Neil replied, “I’ll be home warm in my bed; no one will believe you.”

Christine, always loyal to her sister, said that she’d go along and take a photo with her phone and send it to them right at midnight. Valerie was grateful to her sister for backing her up but, with a sinking feeling, realized that now she really had to do it. “Fine” Neil said scornfully, “I’ll believe it when I see it. Well I’m off to get ready for trick or treating.” And he trotted off.

“Are you really going to do it?” Janet asked. Valerie nodded her head not being too sure that she could keep her voice from trembling. With admiration, Janet said she thought Valerie was really brave. Then they agreed on where and when they’d meet for the evening and they all went off to their homes.

“Not a word to Dad or Mom.” Valerie cautioned her sister as they walked up the path to their house.

They had an early meal and then got into their costumes. Valerie had decided that the easiest costume she could have was as a black, witch’s cat. She had a black sweater, black wool tights and a black knit hat that would hide her blonde hair. She even had a pair of black leather boots that almost reached her knees. It was her first pair of “grown up” boots and she was proud of them.

When she was dressed, she looked at herself in the full-length mirror that she had in her room. She thought she looked good. The clothes were tight and hugged the lines of her body. Her breasts weren’t huge but they filled her sweater; her legs were long and she’d noticed how they attracted the attention of the boys when she was at the gym. Her face didn’t have any zits and every year the school photographers said she was very photogenic.

In one way she liked the fact that boys, and even some of the teachers, looked at her. At the same time she found it rather frightening. She had some idea of what boys did to girls who let them. The idea of some boy running his hands over her body and squeezing her breasts didn’t make her feel good and the fact that some girls sucked on their boyfriend’s pricks made her sick. Valerie shook her head to get rid of the unpleasant thoughts. She had a much more immediate concern. Would she go and jump on the Devil’s Drum or not? If she did it meant sneaking out of the house once her parents were in bed. If they found out they would be really mad. But if she didn’t, she’d be laughed at by everyone. She knew that Neil would tell all the kids at school that she hadn’t had the guts to follow up on her boast.

Christine banged on her door and came in. She was dressed as a pirate, with ragged jeans, a striped top, a bandana around her head and an eye-patch. A cardboard dagger was stuck through her belt. “Do I look like a pirate?” Christine asked with a grin. Valerie looked her over; Christine had braided her long hair so that it looked a bit like a pirate’s style but the eye-patch wasn’t enough to disguise the sweetness of her face with her clear brown eyes, smooth skin and full lips. Their Dad called them “kissable” lips; which moved Valerie’s thoughts back to boys and how she’d noticed that some of the sixth graders were looking at her little sister the way the older boys looked at her. She could see why; although Christine had only just started to have her breasts swell, the curve from her waist through her hips was noticeable and she, too, had long well-shaped legs. God the world was full of new problems as you grew!

Christine painted Valerie’s nose black and drew whiskers on her cheeks. Finally she pinned a strip of cloth for a tail on the back of Valerie’s tights. As she pinned the tail she pulled the tights so that they rubbed Valerie between the legs, sending a surge of feeling through her body; a feeling she tried to ignore.

The trick or treating passed off uneventfully; they were back home by nine-thirty and off to bed at their usual hour. As they were getting ready for bed, in the bathroom they shared, Christine asked her sister if she was really going to go to the Devil’s Drum at midnight. The same question had been hovering in Valerie’s mind all evening. She finally made a decision and, taking a deep breath, said that she was going but Christine didn’t need to come if she didn’t want to.

“If you’re going, I’ll come too” her little sister said, firmly. Valerie gave her a hug and thanked her. It would make it easier. They agreed to meet in Christine’s room at twenty to twelve. They could climb out of Christine’s bedroom window more easily thanValerie’s, as they could get on the porch roof and slide down one of the pillars. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Valerie put on her pajamas, as she knew her Mom would come, say goodnight and switch off the light. She was way too old for that, but realized that her mother liked it.

As soon as she heard her parents going into their room and closing the door she got out of bed and tiptoed to the door. Yes, the lights were out in the hall; they wouldn’t be coming back out. Valerie wondered what to wear. It would be a bit colder than the early evening but she decided to wear basically the same clothes as she’d worn earlier. They were dark so she wouldn’t be too visible and they allowed her to move easily.

Stripping off her pajamas, Valerie stopped to look at her naked body in the mirror. She found herself doing that more often now. She liked looking at herself. Although she’d not had a boyfriend yet, and didn’t like the thought of some boy running his hands over her, she liked touching her body. In the mirror, she watched herself as she stroked her breasts and teased her nipples until they grew hard. She ran her hands down her body over the flatness of her tummy and into the curly hairs of her groin. Gently she pulled her cunt lips apart to look at the pinkness of her slit. She rubbed herself, pulling her fingers along the slit until they touched her clitoris. She closed her eyes as she felt the warm, exciting feeling run through her.

A faint sound from Christine’s room reminded her of what they were going to do. Feeling aroused by her touching, Valerie decided not to wear a bra or panties. She had a black silk undershirt that felt good against her skin. She pulled it on and felt it rub against her nipples. After that she put on her tights, feeling the material rub her groin; finally the black wool sweater and her boots.

She looked at her watch; it was already past half-past eleven so Valerie grabbed her black cap and tiptoed along the hallway to Christine’s room. Christine was ready; blue jeans, a purple jacket, sneakers and a knit cap. She had kept her hair in the long braid that she’d had for trick or treating.

The window onto the balcony roof was already open so they climbed out. Perhaps because she was still aroused by touching herself, Valerie was aware of the movement of her sister’s hips and the shape of her legs as she swung herself out the window. For a moment she wondered how it would feel to stroke her sister’s body. She thought she might like it.

It wasn’t too difficult to climb down the porch pillar. Soon the two girls were standing on the grass of their yard. As they walked quietly away from their house they suddenly felt as though they were being swallowed by the darkness. Christine grabbed her sister’s hand for reassurance. They both felt better with that and, hand in hand, they walked down the streets that led to the playground.

This late at night there was no one out. All the dogs had been walked; all the joggers were in bed. Once, when they heard a car coming, the girls hid behind some bushes and watched a police cruiser drive slowly past. Their hearts beat faster; if the police had seen them they’d be taken home and their parents woken up.

After ten minutes, though it had felt like hours to the girls, they arrived at the playground. There was no lighting and the shadows of the trees were pitch dark. However, there was enough light from a half moon for them to pick their way across to the concrete slab they called the Devil’s Drum.

“Are you really going to do it?” Christine whispered to her sister. Acting braver than she felt, Valerie whispered back that she certainly was. She looked at her watch; it was three minutes from midnight. Now she looked at her sister; “Why don’t we jump together?” she suggested, “it’ll make more of a noise.”

It was obvious that Christine wasn’t thrilled at this thought, but she wasn’t one to abandon her sister. So, when Valerie held out her hands, Christine took hold of them. Then, facing one another, they bent their knees and on a count of three jumped. The concrete moved slightly as the two girls landed and the Drum sounded. They paused, nothing happened. “See” said Valerie, “it’s all rubbish. But let’s go all the way.”

So, counting together, the sisters jumped. They paused again, after the twelfth jump, to get their breath back. “Just one more” Valerie said encouragingly to her sister, “and then we send the photo and can go back to bed. Tomorrow we can tell everyone that Neil’s story is rubbish. Let’s make the last jump the biggest of all.”

Valerie and Christine bent their legs, jumped up and came down with a triumphant count of “Thirteen!” Nothing happened. They stood there, for a few moments. All they could here was the wind, whispering in the bare branches of the trees. Then there was a rustling in the bushes, which hid the playground from the road, and a cackle of triumphant laughter. Christine gave a little scream and clung to her sister’s arm.

Four figures emerged from the cover of the bushes and converged on the two girls. Frozen with fear neither of them could move. Now that they were close enough the girls could see that the four all wore devil masks. “What have we here?” said the voice, with a tone that mixed menace and gloating, “Two little virgins who decided to tempt the Devil. Well the Devil will have his due and we will have your virgin cunts!”

In a trembling voice Valerie said “Is that you Neil? It’s not funny.” “Oh we think it’s very funny.” the voice replied. One of the masked boys seized Valerie by the arms and pulled them back behind her. Valerie heard Christine cry out in pain as another of their assailants pulled her away from her sister and twisted her arms behind her back.

Valerie was about to say something when the person who was talking, was it Neil, slapped her viciously across the face. “Now bitch,” he spat, “You don’t talk, you listen. You’ll do everything we tell you to do or we’ll hurt your little sister.” Christine cried out in pain again, as her arm was twisted harder. “Do you understand, you stupid fucking cunt? We’re going to play with you tonight and we can make it really painful for the two of you if you don’t do as you’re told.”

Valerie could tell that this was for real. These boys were reckless and ready for anything; she could smell alcohol on their breath. She gasped out that she’d do as she was told so long as they didn’t hurt Christine. Her arms were released and she was told to undress.

She realized that they were going to rape her. She hadn’t liked the thought of having her body touched by a boyfriend. The idea of being raped made her feel sick and faint. For a moment she just stood there, swaying slightly but another cry of pain from Christine brought her back to reality and, with trembling hands, she began to take off her clothes.

Valerie had thought it exciting to go out without wearing a bra or panties but now she regretted it. The boys made coarse remarks about her as she pulled off her clothes. All too soon she was naked. The cold wind, combined with her fear, made her tremble.

One boy snatched off her wool hat so that her fair hair spilled around her shoulders. Another of the boys grabbed her arms at the elbows and held them behind her when she tried to cover her breasts and groin with her hands. Christine cried out in protest when she saw the boys start to fondle her sister’s nude body. They stroked, pinched and squeezed but soon grew tired of such mild stuff.

Valerie was dragged to a bench and pushed down on it with her back against the rough wood. She tried to lift her hips up when some splinters pricked her but she was pressed back down. Her legs were pulled apart so that they hung either side of the bench while one of her attackers sat on her thighs. Valerie could feel the rough material of his jeans against her bare flesh. Another of the boys sat on her chest, crushing her breasts and she cried out in pain.

It felt like the worst of nightmares, a part of Valerie’s mind was hoping that she’d wake up soon and find it wasn’t real. Another part of her mind knew that it was real. Fingers spread the lips of her cunt and she started to twist to try and get free – even with two of her attackers sitting on her. She achieved nothing; a stinging slap on her cheek knocked her head sideways and she felt dizzy.

Now something was pushing against her slit and working its way into the opening of her vagina. She opened her mouth to beg them to stop. The person sitting on her breasts was ready for that; leaning forward, he shoved his rock-hard penis into her mouth, stifling her protests. Grabbing Valerie by the hair, he pulled her head up so the whole of his stiff shaft was covered. The tip of his penis touched the back of her throat.

“Suck it, bitch,” he snarled “Suck it and lick it until I cum. If you don’t it’ll be your sister who does it.” Realizing there was no alternative Valerie started to suck. It smelled of piss and she was ready to gag but, thinking of Christine, she continued to suck. She could hear the boy moaning in pleasure at the same time as the one, who was raping her, grunted as he pushed his penis into her tight, dry hole.

The pain of this double penetration was intense. As the penis ripped her hymen, Valerie twisted her hips in agony but nothing stopped the progress of her rape. The boy, who was fucking her face came to his climax first, pulsing semen down her throat. He stood up with a sigh of satisfaction, stepping away as she choked down the liquid he’d pumped into her.

The boy, who was fucking her cunt, leaned forward to grab and squeeze her breasts as he pounded away. Valerie moaned each time she felt him penetrate deeper into her and then went limp as, finally, he climaxed. He gave a deep growl of triumph as he came. She could feel the waves of semen as they pulsed out of his prick.

As she lay there, limp, unable to move she heard voices saying that it was their turn. Once again she felt the weight of a body on her thighs and another on her breasts. Vaguely she realized that the rapes weren’t finished.

If anything the pain was worse this time. Her vagina was sore and damaged from the first, vicious assault and the rubbing of the second penetration would have made her scream if her mouth was not filled with another piss smelling prick. When, finally, the two were satisfied they got off her.

To her horror the first two came back; laughing, they said fair was fair and all of them should enjoy both holes. The pain was such that Valerie merged in and out of consciousness as each of her four assailants raped her both her cunt and her mouth.

When they were all finished they warned the sisters not to tell or they’d have another dose and, next time, it would be Christine too. The boys vanished into the darkness leaving Valerie lying on the bench and Christine kneeling, sobbing beside her.

After a while Valerie, with Christine’s help, was able to get dressed. Leaning on her little sister she limped slowly home. As they walked she told Christine that they couldn’t tell anyone. Christine protested that the had to tell their parents and the police and she wasn’t afraid of the threats. Valerie said that she didn’t want anyone to know what had happened. That she wouldn’t be able to stand going to school and knowing that people were looking at her and talking about her. Some would be sorry for her and some would say it was her fault to go out at night; but no one would treat her normally.

As Valerie was getting almost hysterical, Christine finally agreed to keep it a secret. With a great deal of difficulty they managed to get back onto the porch roof and into Christine’s room. Being a quiet as possible, they washed Valerie and cleaned her up as best as they could. She rinsed her mouth out several times to get the taste out.

“I don’t think I’ll manage to get to sleep.” Christine said. “Would you mind if I got in bed with you tonight?” Valerie was relieved not to be alone and agreed eagerly. She got into her bed and watched Christine, as she undressed. She liked looking as her sister took off her clothes. Valerie hadn’t realized that Christine’s breasts had definitely started to swell; her nipples were brown. When she took off her jeans, Valerie saw again that her sister’s legs were long and well shaped. When she turned round to put her clothes on a chair, Christine’s bottom was round and wiggled.

Valerie didn’t quite know what was happening but, as Christine climbed into bed beside her, she realized that she was excited at the thought of having her sister’s naked body touching hers. She reached across Christine to make sure she was covered with the blankets and took the opportunity to let her fingers stroke her sister’s back down to the swell of her ass cheeks.

“Goodnight,” she said and kissed her sister on the lips. The innocent Christine kissed back and a surge of pleasure coursed through Valerie’s body. “Yes,” she thought to herself, “my sister has very kissable lips.”

With her arms hugging her little sister, Valerie lay there, enjoying the warmth of her sister’s naked body against her. As Christine drifted off to sleep, Valerie started to stroke her. She started with Christine’s back and rump before letting her fingers reach between her sister’s thighs. Very, very gently she rubbed Christine’s slit and tickled her clitoris, just the way she liked giving herself pleasure. The eleven-year-old moaned in her sleep, rolling over so that her sex was more open to her sister’s fingers. Valerie felt her sister starting to get damp as her unconscious body responded to the gentle stimulation. Without waking the young girl, Valerie put her mouth on her sister’s breast, first licking it and then sucking the nipple into erection. Finally, with her hand still pleasuring her sister’s clitoris, she kissed her on the lips and felt her sister respond with pleasure. Halloween night wasn't all bad.
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