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Made for Fucking
The tightness around my cock was unbelievable. I had used some vasoline, and had been more than liberal with the foreplay, still her pussy held my elongated, swollen dick within her twat like a case hardened pair of vice grips. It was unnatural, the feeling of almost pain with each stroke of my length deep inside her damp womb. She was smiling as my swollen balls erupted their contents into her love chamber. "Wasn't that about the tightest piece of pussy you ever had?", she queried almost proud of herself. My jizm was now deep in her stomach as my withering weenis slid from her twat's ensnarement. "After my baby, I had the Doc to put in an extra stitch just for old times sake," she convincingly added. I thought back to Mariana, the first real virgin I had ever poked. There were a few tears of pain, a slight tinge of blood, and a little screaming, as I had driven my younger excited pecker into Mariana's virgin hole, some ten years before. I didn't remember it being as tight as this girl, Sonia's now plundered pussy. Gracefully, she reached down, and with a cupped hand, caught the escaping stream of our love liquids as they exited her pussy. Getting up, she made her way to the bathroom to wash up, reaching out and playfully squeezing my sore sword. as she made her way past me.
We had met last night at a private party of a mutual friend. Although she wasn't a raving beauty, her long brown hair and her slender body just seemed to scream to me to fuck her.
about halfway through the party, we volunteered to go to the local liquor store for some tequila.
We were both a little drunk, yes too drunk to be driving, but as stupid people will do, we drove off
toward Graford, Texas, about 20 miles away. As always, ZOO98 was blaring across my speakers and the evening sounds of Fleetwood Mac vibrated throughout the coupe. She snuggled up next to me and proceeded to unzip my pants as I drove onto Hwy. 337. Reaching into my pants and shorts, she began to softly massage my balls, while kissing me hard on the neck and bringing forth my first hickey in about five years. My hardening cock was enjoying the attention she was giving me. She easily went down on my risen rod and began to blow me for the next ten miles or so. My hand slipped up her blouse and was giving her naked breasts a good feeling up, when I emptied my pent up juices into her mouth and down her throat. She gagged just a little before finally swallowing my cum load, and continured to work my shrinking member between her lips until all the traces of cum were squeezed out. My free hand found it's way down her belly, and with her help, unbuttoned her shorts and began playing with herclit. Her wetness was obvious as the front of her panties looked like wet cigarette papers. Before I could even think of poking my finger into her wet pussy, she jerked with erotic pleasure, her knees squeezing together and her quivering body relaxed as her wave of passion took center stage.
The lights of the store would have given anyone a good look at two people in the after throes of erotic pleasure. My pants were still unzipped, my limp noodle, out for the world to see. Her shorts were pulled down in front, exposing her brownish muffin of pubic hair , with remnants of her love juices still clinging to the side of her pussy and matted into her pubic hair. She easily zipped me back up and instructed me to go get the tequila while she straightened herself up.
The ride back was non-eventful as we listened to music and chatted about nothing in particular. The party was on its second wind as we delivered the Cuervo gold. The three bottles
would last us for the remainder of the evening, with Sonia and I taking a half empty bottle to a motel room for the night. The motel was inviting as we both stumbled in and deposited ourselves on the bed. Within a couple of shots from our bottle, our minds were made up that our next order of business would be a good fuck. This now brings us back to the beginning of this encounter.
Sonia was in the bathroom cleaning herself up , I was just about to pass out so I made my way to the head of the bed. The cable channel was playing a cheap french blue movie and of course the acting was horrible and the plot was absurd. As Sonia emerged from the bathroom, I shut the television off and turned my attention to her nakedness. There was something about her that just called out, "I want to fuck!" There was no second guessing that I was right about that either as she climbed on top of me and sat her ass upon my shrunked rod. She began to reach around and gently squeeze my balls in her cupped hand, while erotically moving her bare ass over my cock and stomach. The static charge brought instant life to my peter as it stiffened up enough for her to raise up and stick the end of my dick into her ass hole. Easily, she let her self down upon its length as the driving force of its hardness parted the walls of her rectal canyon. Slightly gasping and through tightly clenced teeth, she moaned. "OH, HOW I LOVE TO FEEL A HARD COCK UP MY TIGHT ASS!!!" Just the way she ex[ressed herself almost brought me to ejaculation, but I managed to hold off at that time, although it took a lot of self control. With her slender buttocks beating a 3/4
measure on my swollen balls, I could hear gasps of air coming from her filled asshole. I could almost feel the release of my cum, just as she stopped her pumping rhythm and eased off of my expectant cock. "Now, fuck my pussy!', she eclaimed as she eased the head of my rod into her sweating snatch. It fekt as though she was peeling the skin off of my manhood, as the tightness of her pussy tugged on my circumsised peter. Finally, I was entirely within her womb. I could feel the vibration of her heart and lungs, beating and breathing almost as is my dick were a dictaphone.
The increased static pressure on my ram rod caused my balls to sense the importance of releasing their pent up steamy liquid. She was now playing fiercely with her clit as I shot my steamy load deep into her crevice. Her gurgeling pussy quivered, then relaxed on its penetrating invader. The shrinking of my manhood enabled the stopped up liquids to begin trickling from around the fleshly stopper that was still inside her love chamber. She trembled and quivered once more as her final orgasm squeezed my piston out of her now jizz juiced slit, followed by the slow stream of our love juices. I reached over to the night stand and retrieved our bottle of Cuervo Gold, took a hit, then handed it to her. She took one sip and handed it back to me. "Nothing like a good shot of tequila after a good late night fuck," she brashly noted, as she got up anf began cleaning the cum globs off of the bedclothes, then went backto the bathroom to clean up. My cock was feeling the strain of her tight pussy and the head felt somewhat raw, but I knew I had just mailed the tightest pussy in Texas


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