Some of my readers don't like the victim to die. I didn't find a more satisfactory ending but, if death disturbs you stop at the asterisks
“For heavens sake, Mother, you’re treating me like a child. I’m going to be in high school this year. I’m old enough to go to a rock concert.” Suzie knew she was whining but couldn’t help it. All the other girls in her group were going and she knew they’d laugh at her when they found that she wasn’t.

“I’m sorry dear” her mother replied “your father and I have talked it over and we both agree that you’re still too young to go to something like that without a chaperone. There will be drugs and older guys looking to take advantage of you. If you’d agree to either your dad or me coming with you it would be different.”

Suzie rolled her eyes; the only difference was that it would be worse to go with one of her parents than not to go. She could probably find an excuse, like a family outing or the visit of some relative for not going; but to turn up with her father along would totally destroy her credibility.

The girl’s frustration boiled over. “You’re hopeless; I hate you! I’m going swimming.” Turning away, she shook her head so that her long blonde hair flew around her shoulders. She banged the door as she left.

Her mother shook her head, too, in despair of her daughter. She wondered if she’d ever acted like that when she was Suzie’s age. She didn’t remember doing so. She hoped it was only a phase and that Suzie would grow out of it soon. She looked out the window at her daughter, as she swung her backpack onto her shoulders and got on her bike. It was true that, with her cut off shorts showing her long, tanned legs and her breasts poking against the material of her red, sleeveless top she looked more like a young lady than a child, but all the same….

Suzie pedaled off, still furious at her parents. So angry that she felt tears of frustration fill her eyes. She couldn’t go to the town beach with her eyes red, or before she had worked out a good excuse for not going to the concert. But it was hot and she wanted a swim.

She slowed down as she thought; then she remembered the old quarry in the woods. Lots of older kids used to swim there but it was no to longer used, now that the town beach was so much better. She liked the idea. Her parents had always told her that she wasn’t old enough to go there, as it was deep and dangerous. She’d prove that she was grown up; she’d swim in the quarry.

Turning her bike into Allison Lane, she rode to the wooded area that surrounded the abandoned quarry. On this sunny summer afternoon nobody else was around. As she started bumping her way along the overgrown track that led to the quarry, it seemed very quiet. She started to feel nervous and wondered about turning back but decided that was childish.

There were twists and turns in the track. Suzie hadn’t remembered that it was so far into the woods but, finally, she got there. She leaned her bike against a tree and, slipping off her backpack, pulled her towel out. She was already wearing her bikini underneath her street clothes but she decided to go and look at the water before she stripped off her shirt and shorts. The water looked very dark and cold. She wondered how deep it was; maybe she wouldn’t swim there after all.

As she turned away from the pond she was startled by laughter. Two boys were sitting, smoking, in a little nook in the quarry wall. “What’s the matter Suzie?” the voice was taunting “scared of the water? It’s deep and dangerous for little girls.”

Embarrassed that they’d guessed what she was thinking, she turned and looked at the boys. She knew them; they were one grade older than her and had been in her middle school. As their teasing sank in, it mixed with the frustration that she’d been feeling at her parents treating her like a child. She exploded angrily. She told them that they were stupid and she wasn’t at all afraid of swimming there.

The darker boy, Darren, laughed again; “O.K.” he said “let’s see you take your clothes off.”

The other boy, with the reddish-brown hair, she’d forgotten his name, licked his lips with an exaggerated gesture. “Yeah, strip for us.”

There was no way that Suzie was going to take her shirt and shorts off while the two boys were there. But she didn’t want to admit defeat and go away without swimming. Suddenly, the breeze brought the scent of their cigarette to her nose. They were smoking weed! It gave her an idea. “I’m going to stay and you’re going to go” she said “and, if you don’t, I’ll tell that I found you smoking marijuana.”

The boys looked at one another. They certainly didn’t want to get into trouble and had thought they were safe, coming here to smoke. Suzie saw that they were worried; with a note of triumph in her voice, she asked them what they were waiting for. They’d better get going and, if she caught them hanging around to watch her, she’d still tell.

She turned her back on them to lay her towel down on a flat piece of ground close to the pond. The boys didn’t like the way that she was bossing them around. If they hadn’t been feeling the effects of a couple of joints they might have admitted defeat and left. But, as Suzie bent down to spread out her towel they got a wonderful view of her long legs and her ass cheeks, tight against her shorts.

The same thought came to the two boys. That girl needed to be put in her place and they could have fun at the same time. Taking a last drag on the smoke they got up and walked the few steps that separated them from Suzie. Darren grabbed her arms and pulled her upright and back against him. She screamed and struggled to get free, but he was a lot stronger than her.

“Let me go” she yelled “if you don’t let me go right away I’ll get you into so much trouble.”

But already Darren was feeling the pleasure that came from having a beautiful, unwilling girl in his power. As he pulled her back against him, he could feel his prick start to swell. Even though he was nervous, there was no way he was going to let her go right away.

He told Suzie that she was a stuck up little bitch and he wouldn’t let her go until she’d said she was sorry and wouldn’t tell. Suzie shook her head. “No; you let me go or I’ll scream and scream and you’ll be in worse trouble than ever.” As Darren continued to hold her tightly she opened her mouth and took a deep breath so she could scream at the top of her lungs.

The other boy hadn’t done anything yet, but, as he saw Suzie preparing to scream, he hit her hard in the belly knocking all the air out of her lungs. She doubled over in pain pushing her ass harder against Darren’s groin. In his excitement he started to grind against her.

Then he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her upright. Using just one hand to hold her wrists behind her back, he started to feel her breast with the other hand. Even through the shirt and her bikini top Suzie could feel the heat of his palm as he rubbed.

His friend moved in to fondle the other breast. Near panic, Suzie kicked out at him but he managed to avoid her feet and punished her with another punch in the stomach. Then he reached down and ripped off her sneakers to make sure she couldn’t kick hard, leaving her feet bare. Only able to gasp, she begged them to stop. It was no use, not only had they already gone too far, but they were too excited to stop.

“That’s good, Frankie” Darren grunted as his friend reached between Suzie’s legs and started to rub her crotch. The girl started to throw her body from side to side in a desperate attempt to get free of their hands. She couldn’t do it.

After a few minutes the boys wanted more. Letting go of Suzie, they told her to undress. She looked at them in disbelief. Feeling free, she began to get some of her self-confidence back. She called them names and told them how much trouble she’d get them into when she got home. She headed for her bike but they weren’t ready to let her go and blocked her path.

Frankie tried to pull her shirt up but she shoved him away. He tripped over a tree root and cursed as he fell to his knees. Darren grabbed her wrists and held them together in front of her. He told Frankie to get the towel and to rip it into strips. With some difficulty, he managed to do it.

With one strip, he tied Suzie’s wrists together in front of her. He then tied the other strips end to end to make a sort of rope. One end was tied to her wrists and the other end was thrown over a branch so that they could pull her arms up over her head. They pulled until she was nearly standing on tiptoe. Frankie managed to secure the rope so that it didn’t fall, however much Suzie struggled.

When he saw that Suzie was going to scream again Darren hit her in the belly. Then, because it felt good, he hit her hard twice more. She forgot about screaming and started sobbing from pain, humiliation and fright.

The sight of their captive’s tears didn’t soften the hearts of the two boys. Darren slapped her face, rocking it from side to side and leaving red marks on both cheeks. “Listen cunt,” he snarled, “if you struggle or yell we will hurt you worse than you’ve ever hurt before. Do you understand?” She didn’t answer; so he repeated it in even more threatening tones until Suzie nodded.

The two boys took some time to enjoy the sight of their subdued captive. Even with tears streaming down her cheeks she was a beautiful sight. Her legs were long and well shaped; stretched as they were they showed their proportions well and the swell of her thighs was not hidden by her short shorts. Her breasts were quite small, but still pushed against the material of her shirt so that the nipples were clear to see. Her wonderful, long blonde hair spilled over her shoulders almost down to her waist. Her arms, too, were long, smooth and tanned. The way they were stretched and tied above her head was a constant reminder of her helplessness. It was an invitation to the boys to do anything they wanted.

An invitation they took.

Darren spoke again. “Well bitch, you had a chance to undress and you didn’t take it so we’re going to have to do it for you.” Before the words had time to sink into the girl’s mind, he reached out, grabbed her shirt with both hands and ripped it up the front. He pulled so roughly that the little shoulder straps snapped and left Suzie naked above the waist, except for the top of her bikini. She opened her mouth to scream but Darren was ready. He bunched up the thin material of her shirt and wadded it in her mouth, stifling any screams.

The bikini top was just held by bows behind Suzie’s neck and back. Darren untied them and the little triangles of cloth dropped to the ground. The girl blushed with embarrassment at being half naked. She could see the two boys devouring her with their eyes.

Frankie complained that Darren was having all the fun, so he stepped up to Suzie and undid the popper at the waist of her shorts and unzipped them. He put his hands round inside her shorts and squeezed her butt cheeks before pushing her shorts down, over her hips. As Suzie struggled, she unintentionally helped the shorts slide down her legs, until they were on the ground.

Knowing what was coming next the helpless teenager shut her eyes as she felt Frankie’s fingers fumble at the bow on the side of her bikini pants. It didn’t take him long before he’d undone it and the panties joined the bra on the ground.

Now she was completely naked and totally humiliated. The boys whistled in appreciation as they looked at the beautiful naked blonde. Even in the photos, that they’d found on the internet, they’d never seen anything as desirable as this. Best of all, this was not just a nude to be admired, it was a naked body that they could use – and they would.

The two boys let their hands roam all over her body, from her tied wrists down to her naked feet. They touched, squeezed, rubbed and pinched every part of her. Her skin was so smooth and the curves of her body so inviting. After exploring her with their hands they started with their mouths; kissing her; sucking her tits; nibbling and licking any part of her that took their fancy. They had never realized how delicious the naked body of a girl could be.

Leaving her hanging there, making muffled sounds behind the gag, the two boys stepped away and rolled themselves another marijuana cigarette. As they smoked it, they talked about what they’d do to her. Even though neither of them had ever fucked a girl before they knew all the options. As they talked, Suzie got more and more frightened. She couldn’t control herself anymore and peed. The boys laughed as they saw the urine trickling down her thighs.

They decided to fuck her while she was still hanging there. There was some argument as to who would be first, until they agreed that Frankie should fuck her cunt, and Darren would take her in the anus. For some reason Darren had always thought that it would be exciting to have a girl that way. When it was agreed, the two boys undressed and they did it quickly, eager to find out how much better this would be than masturbating. To her horror, Suzie saw that both the boys had a hard on. Their penises were long and stiff. They looked huge to the frightened girl.

Suzie started to twist as hard as she could, trying to free herself. She was a virgin and didn’t want to feel these two boys inside her. She knew it would hurt and that she’d bleed. The idea of Darren forcing that huge stiff rod up her backside made her want to throw up.

“We’re going to do it” Darren said to the struggling girl. “If you keep struggling we’ll hurt you a lot. It’ll go easier if you don’t fight us.” Not that he cared how much the girl hurt but it was his first time and he wanted to be successful.

Suzie’s head drooped as she realized that she had no other choice and she stopped struggling. Frankie told her to spread her legs and, obediently, she did as she was told. He fell to his knees and, grabbing her bikini pants rubbed her dry from the piss. Then he spread her cunt lips apart with his fingers and licked her slit. She stiffened as she felt his tongue wet on her sex. She’d rubbed herself before, but had never had anyone else touch her there.

Frankie didn’t do it for long. He wasn’t there for foreplay. Standing up he guided his penis into the opening of her vagina, that his fingers had found. He grunted with satisfaction as his prick slid into the opening. He was taller than her and, as he stood up, he forced his penis deeper and lifted her off her feet. Eager to reach a climax, he hardly noticed when he ripped her hymen but the pain shot the through helpless teenager, making her scream into the gag.

When Frankie got into a rhythm, as he forced himself deeper into the girl’s body, he could feel his own body responding to the movement; building to a climax. He grunted each time he pounded into her tight canal.

While Frankie was going in the front door, Darren was finding it less easy to fuck Suzie’s arse. The hole was so tight and her muscles so tense that he had to use all the strength he could put into his hips, to force his way in. The sound of Frankie’s mounting excitement gave him some momentum. He could hear her sphincter muscles tearing as he inched his way inside. Even though it was hard, the stimulation on his prick was incredibly intense. He’d never felt an arousal like this before. He didn’t care that he was damaging the girl internally; she’d been rude to them and threatened to get them into trouble. She deserved everything she got.

Without realizing it, Darren let his movements fall into rhythm with Frankie’s. Both boys pushed into Suzie’s body at the same time, lifting her as they penetrated deeper into her. By now the pain was so intense that the teenage girl began to lose focus, the world swirled in her head and her eyes blurred. She could hear her own screams, muffled by the gag, but they seemed as if they came from some other girl who was being raped.

The savage violation of her body continued. The boys were consumed by their desire to reach a climax. They lost thought of everything but their need to fuck. They didn’t think of what would come later. Frankie held Suzie by her ass cheeks as he pumped into her cunt while Darren’s hands reached around her body to squeeze her breasts as he forced his way into her rectum.

Their movements began to accelerate as they felt the climax getting closer. Suzie’s body was jerked up and down violently in rhythm with the boys’ grunts. Finally both boys yelled in triumph as their orgasms came and they felt their pricks pumping their juices into the dangling girl.

They savored the wonderful feeling of release as they felt their pricks relax and shrink. As their shafts slid back out of her body, the two violated holes leaked drops of blood and semen. Suzie had lost her virginity twice in their twin assault.

Both boys were sweating and panting after their efforts. It was time for another smoke; they sat looking at Suzie as they relaxed; enjoying the effect of the drug on their bodies. She still looked desirable. As they gazed at her, they both felt the same excitement run through their bodies. They wanted to fuck her more and there was no reason not to. They would get into any worse trouble for raping her twice than they would for having raped her only once.

The cigarette finished, Darren untied the strips of towel that held the girl as she hung from the tree branch. As she was released, Suzie dropped to her knees. Too weak to stay upright, she fell to the side and lay there on the dirt and dead leaves. Darren looked at her body, enjoying the contours of her hips and thighs and the way that her blonde hair brushed her shoulders and fell to the ground, like a halo around her head. He no longer thought of her as a person. For him she was only an object; a toy to be used for his pleasure. He had no thought for her feelings or suffering.

The boys grabbed her and dragged her to a fallen tree that lay nearby. They stretched her across it, belly down, so that her bound hands and her face were on the dirt one side, her legs on the other; her arse raised up by the tree trunk.

“I want to fuck her doggy style” Darren announced. He rubbed his dick until it was stiff and spread her thighs. He didn’t have much difficulty in finding the entrance to her vagina. With a grunt, he slid inside. Balancing himself against her butt he started his new violation of the blonde teenager. Suzie moaned as she felt his shaft penetrate her vagina; a vagina that had already been rubbed sore by Frankie’s assault. She was crying now, deep sobs of pain and despair but the boys didn’t care.

While Darren was intent on his second penetration of his helpless victim, Frankie was wondering what to do next. After the pleasure that he’d gotten from punching her he realized that he wanted to hurt the girl. He’d always felt that girls had looked down at him. Now he had a chance to show this bitch how much he was in control. Looking around he found a sapling that was strong but flexible. It was just the right thing to use on her ass mounds. He broke the sapling off near the base and stripped off the leaves and twigs. He enjoyed the feel of its suppleness as he swung it back and forth.

A loud grunt from Darren showed that had successfully completed his new rape of their victim. He stood up and stretched. “Your turn, bro” he said “I think I’m going to cool off in the pond.”

Frankie stepped up to where Suzie lay over the log. He caressed her butt cheek, still unmarked and pale where they had been covered by her bikini. Without warning he swung his switch with all his strength against her tender flesh. He smiled as he heard Suzie’s scream of pain muffled as it was by the gag. He swung again and again, watching the red stripes appear on her pale skin. As he beat her, he used his other hand to masturbate. He continued beating her until his arm grew tired and drops of blood began to leak through her tortured flesh at which point he shot his load all over her body.

By this time Darren was back, dripping with water from his swim. “Satisfied?” he asked his friend but Frankie shook his head. “I want this bitch to suck me off before we go.”
Darren laughed and said that sounded like a good idea.

Grabbing the poor girl by her hair, they pulled her off the log, scraping her breasts raw against the bark as they did it. She was still too weak to stay on her knees so they made her kneel with her back against a small tree. They untied her hands and then retied them behind the tree so that she was held upright against the trunk.

As Frankie pulled the gag out of her mouth Suzie looked at him, too confused to know what was happening. When he explained to her, what was going to happen next, she had enough strength to close her mouth and shake her head. She let her head slump down. Darren grabbed her by the hair and forced her head up. “This is the last thing we’re going to do to you. If you don’t fight us it’ll soon be over.”

A glimmer of hope appeared in her eyes, and she nodded her head. Frankie was the first to slip his penis between her lips. Obedient to his commands, she sucked and licked. His prick engorged and lengthened in response to the stimulation of her tongue. In disgust she felt him ejaculate back into her throat so that she almost choked as his semen slid down into her stomach.

Next she was forced to do the same thing for Darren, with the same results. When, at last, he pulled back out of her mouth Suzie slumped forward, choking and gasping.

Without a thought for her, the two boys ran to the pond and dove in. They laughed, splashed each other; took mouthfuls of water to spout. Neither of them had ever felt so grown up, so sure of themselves as males.

When they were refreshed, the boys climbed back out of the pond and tried to dry themselves with the strips of towel that they’d used to tie Suzie’s hands to the branch. They giggled at the hopelessness of the task and, still damp, shrugged their way back into their clothes.

Ready to leave, they looked at Suzie as she knelt with her hands still tied behind the tree. She looked at them with hatred. Darren turned to his friend: “Shit; that was good. We’re going to have to do this again some time.”

Hearing him; Suzie spat some semen out of her mouth and croaked that, after she told the police what they’d done to her, they’d be in prison for life and never have another chance to do anything.

Her words shocked the boys, still high from the marijuana and the excitement of the rape. The reality of what they’d done hit them like a ton of bricks. She was right, if she told, it would be the end for them.

IF she told, it would be the end for them. But what if she didn’t tell; if she couldn’t tell?

The boys turned away from Suzie and held a muttered conversation. They quickly came to agreement. Darren untied Suzie’s hands from behind the tree and they pulled her down to the edge of the pond. They tied her hands behind her back, for a final time, and tied her ankles, too.

Suzie realized what they were going to do only when they’d picked her up by the shoulders and the feet and waded out into the water. She started to struggle and promised that she wouldn’t tell if only they let her go. But it was too late. The boys swung her back and forward twice and then threw her as far as they could out into the dark waters of the quarry.

For a minute or so, Suzie struggled to stay near the surface, but with her hands and feet bound she had no chance. Her gorgeous blonde hair spread out in the water like a pale pondweed. Then there was a bubble of air when her lungs emptied. As she sank, they saw the strands of hair come together and then disappear beneath the dark waters. They stuffed all her clothes into the backpack, strapped it to the bike, and threw that into the pond. They watched it sink and waited until the last bubbles had surfaced. The lake was deep, neither Suzie nor her stuff would be found.

As they walked back out of the woods, Darren and Frankie knew that, now, they would be able to do it again, because Suzie wouldn’t tell.

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The FBI have been alerted. Enjoy prison dipshit and enjoy being anal raped

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