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The man didn’t need a long rest. He’d trained himself to take short naps and to wake up refreshed and ready to go. He smiled as he thought that people called these “power naps”. Well, maybe that did describe his naps. He had power; power over these four naked girls who he’d captured. The power to use and abuse them, to do whatever he wanted to their beautiful young bodies.

He rolled over and stood up, dusting himself off as he did so. He glanced at the two girls that he had there, next to the pond. Little Ria was lying where he’d left her, hands tied behind her back. Nina was slumped against the back seat of the car. She hadn’t moved since he’d raped her ass.

Moving over to Nina, he put his hands under her armpits and lifted her only to drop her, face up, on the back seat. He tugged her unresisting body so that she was lying with her legs hanging out of the car. She moaned, when he spread her legs apart, frightened that he was going to rape her again.

But he left her there and went over to Ria. She watched him coming, and, as soon as he was close, told him that she was sorry that she’d fought him. She said she’d never do it again; trembling, she said that she’d let him do whatever he wanted.

“You stupid little bitch. Of course I’m going to do whatever I want. If you don’t want too much pain you’d better do everything I tell you.” His smile, as he spoke, wasn’t friendly. Ria managed to stutter that she’d do everything he wanted.

The man pulled the ten-year-old to her feet and dragged her, stumbling, over to the car. He told her to get down on her knees between Nina’s legs. She did exactly as he said. Next he told her to start licking the blonde’s cunt, and she did.

Nina moaned with humiliation as she felt the young girl’s wet tongue slide between her labia and start to lick up and down. Following her captor’s orders, Ria pushed her tongue as deep as she could into the nineteen-year-old’s vagina. Perhaps because her senses had been overcome by her multiple rapes, Nina started to respond to the stimulation of the warm, wet tongue. After a few minutes her moans speeded up and her hips bucked as the sensations grew in her. Finally, with a cry, she climaxed; spurting her juices into Ria’s startled face.

The man laughed, and said it was time to change places. He pushed the younger girl to the side, she fell with a cry of pain. Grabbing Nina by her blonde hair he hauled her out of the car. She dropped onto her knees and then, too weak to keep upright, fell forward onto her face. The man seized Ria and lifted her. He moved her light body easily, dropping her on the back seat of the car, her bound hands under her. She looked at him in confusion as he spread her legs.

Once again, he took Nina by the hair and pulled her upright; positioning her so that, now, her face was between the young girl’s thighs. “Lick, slut,” he snarled “now it’s your turn to taste snatch.” He shoved Nina’s face against Ria’s cunt. Too traumatized to think of refusal, the humiliated nineteen-year-old obediently began to send her tongue into the younger girl’s slit. Salt tears streamed down her face and mixed with the juices coming from Ria’s vagina.

As he watched, the man smiled; he knew that, now, both of them were dominated. They would not try to resist, however much he decided to hurt or humiliate them. As Nina licked, her buttocks moved rhythmically backwards and forwards. His penis, which had remained semi-erect, swelled and stiffened as he looked at her. It was too much of a good chance to miss. He dropped onto his knees behind her, spread her legs slightly apart, and slid his shaft between her thighs.

Surprised, Nina stopped licking, but he pushed her face back against Ria, grinding it against the young girls hairless groin. “Fucking bitch; you stop when I tell you and not before.” Obediently the blonde continued to lick and then, on his command, took the young girl’s clit between her lips and sucked it.

The licking and sucking was sending waves of feeling through Ria’s body. The same sort of feelings that she’d had when the man had started raping her, before the pain of his penetration became too much. There wasn’t any pain here, just waves of exciting arousal. Ria could feel her heart beating hard; her breathing became a rapid panting.

Without realizing it, Nina moved her tongue in time with Ria’s panting. As the young girl got more aroused, the blonde’s tongue moved faster. As the young girl’s breathing got louder, Nina’s tongue pushed harder against the sensitive skin of Ria’s slit until, suddenly, it penetrated the entrance of the ten-year-old’s vagina. The sensation was too much and, with a violent bucking of her hips, and a shriek, Ria’s body shook with her orgasm.

After the overwhelming experience of the orgasm, Ria collapsed back on the seat of the car. The man had enjoyed witnessing Ria abandon herself to the sexual experience. But now it was his turn. He lifted Nina and dropped her, face down, on top of Ria. With an abrupt movement he pushed his penis into her vagina from behind. Nina screamed in shock and pain. Automatically, she started to struggle against him but could do nothing against his strength. She was forced to accept his assault and the pain of his penetration.

As he pushed down on Nina, Ria struggled not to be suffocated by the girl lying on top of her. With her hands tied behind her, Ria couldn’t do much to free herself but managed to twist her head sideways, so that she could breath.

It didn’t take long for the man to achieve his climax. He let himself fall forward so that the two girls were trapped under his body. He enjoyed the feeling for a minute before pushing himself up and pulling Nina off the, half-suffocated, ten-year-old. He dropped her on her knees a little distance from the car. Unable to stay upright, Nina collapsed onto the grass.

Although it was too early for the girls to be missed, the man decided to hide their car in the woods. No aerial search would see it and he didn’t have to worry about a ground search; the padlocked gate and warning sign, making it obvious that the girls wouldn’t have entered this property.

Ria was still gasping for air when he pulled her out of the car. She managed to stagger a few paces before he forced her onto her knees beside Nina. She swayed from side to side but didn’t fall. The man stood in front of her and told her to lick his prick clean of the blood, shit and semen that coated it. Submissively, she did as she was told.

Once he was satisfied he went to the car, got the keys and started the motor. He revved the engine and rammed the car into the woods, missing the trees. After it had gone a few yards through the bushes, the engine stalled. He got out and was satisfied as to how far it had gone. He pulled some of the bushes, that had been flattened, back upright, hiding the car from view.

The two girls were still where he’d left them. He enjoyed the sight of Nina lying on her side, hands bound, her full hips showing their roundness. He ordered the girls to their feet. Ria managed to get up on her own but Nina couldn’t. He put his hands under her armpits and hauled her upright. She swayed, but managed to stay standing. He pushed them towards the pond until they were in the shallows.

Undoing Ria’s wrists, he told the girl to wash herself and rinse out her mouth. The young girl did as she was told, wincing as the cold water touched the rawness of her cunt. Next, he told Nina to kneel and for Ria to wash her too.

When the girls were clean, he got them out of the water to dry in the sunshine. Looking in Nina’s purse he found a hairbrush and Ria, always obedient, brushed Nina’s hair and then her own. When she was finished, he retied Ria’s hands behind her back.

“Now,” he said “it’s time to see what the other two have gotten up to.” He pushed them towards the path that led to his hut; following close behind them, he enjoyied the sight of the two naked girls walking ahead of him. The sway of their hips, the way their bound wrists bumped against their butt cheeks, the way the sunlight glistened on the few drops of water that clung to their naked bodies, was all very sexy. It filled him with a pleasure that was heightened by the knowledge that their bodies were his to use as he pleased for as long as he wanted.

As they approached the cabin, he wondered in what state he’d find the two girls he’d left there. He didn’t expect that Claudia, eager as she’d been to have sex with her friend, to have kept licking the other girl. It had been almost an hour since he’d left them tied together.

Reaching the cabin, he shoved the girls through the door. They stumbled in, blinking their eyes, finding it difficult to see in the gloom, after the brightness of the sunlight. He told them to get on their knees, pushing them roughly. Caught off balance, Nina fell, hitting her head on the leg of the table. Ria nearly fell, but managed to save herself and rocked back onto her knees. She gave a little scream as she saw her sister and Sophie, tied up and as helpless as she was.

The two fourteen-year-olds were just as the man had left them. The way that he’d tied Sophie, with her legs under Claudia’s arms and her ankles tied behind Claudia’s back, neither of them had much freedom of movement. Claudia had enjoyed using her tongue on Sophie’s slit and clit. Sophie had moaned and twisted under the effect of that licking. She had begged her friend to stop, but Claudia had continued for a long time; only stopping when her mouth got too dry.

After all that had been done to her, Sophie had slipped into a troubled sleep of emotional and physical exhaustion. She only woke when Claudia, hearing the approach of the others, started to stick her tongue as deep as she could into the opening of Sophie’s vagina. The humiliated girl was once again moaning and crying when the man came in the door; her tears ran down her cheeks and soaked her long, black hair, where it lay tangled on the mattress.

The man smiled to himself, satisfied that Claudia had remained obedient. He told her she could stop. He untied Sophie’s ankles and pulled her limp legs out from between Claudia’s arms. Stiffly, Claudia stood up when told. Obediently she went to the table and bent over it. She was the only one of the four that he hadn’t raped yet. It was time to remedy that.

Roughly, he pulled her legs apart. He was going to penetrate her from the back. He liked the feeling of a girl’s ass cheeks against his groin when he entered her. He pulled Claudia’s bound arms up, forcing her face against the table as she tried to lessen the pain. He pulled some more, so that she raised herself on tiptoes. Now it was easier to slide his prick into her.

The pain, mixed with anticipation of her rape, excited Claudia so that the dampness between her legs lubricated his prick as he spread her cunt lips and directed his hard, thick shaft into her.

The man saw how much this girl liked being humiliated, dominated, even being hurt. Deliberately he moved his hips from side to side as he entered her to increase the effect. Claudia started crying out at the pain. He teased her by pulling his penis back out and then shoved harder. He felt her hymen and ripped into it. Claudia screamed, torn between pain and pleasure.

Still holding her wrists up so that she felt an almost unbearable pain in her shoulders, he thrust into her vagina, setting a fast rhythm of penetration, withdrawal and penetration again. Claudia shrieked at each thrust while, at the same time, her body responded to his assault by increasing the lubrication of her vagina. She had thought that she liked dominating other girls but abandoning her body to her cruel captor was better. She was overwhelmed by the sensations that she felt. She had multiple orgasms as he continued his violent rape. She wanted it to go on and on.

Too soon for Claudia, the man shot his load, released her wrists and slid his prick back out of her. Overcome with the emotions and still moaning from the pain he’d inflicted, the teenager lay limply on the table.

The man looked at her, lying there, a trickle of blood staining her smooth thighs. He could sense that she’d abandoned herself, body and soul, to him. He could do whatever he wanted to her without her resisting. He sensed that he could put his hands around her neck and choke the life out of her and she’d lie there without fighting as he did it.

Not that he wanted to kill any of them. He was getting too much pleasure from them alive. Feeling thirsty, he went over to a shelf where there were some cans of beer. The beer wasn’t cold but it would do. He swallowed noisily and looked around at his catch.

The blonde nineteen-year-old was still lying on the floor where she’d fallen after knocking her head. The ten-year-old was on her knees near the door. As he looked at her, she lowered her eyes in a sign of submission. The fourteen-year-old, Sophie, lay motionless on the mattress, her legs dangling over the side of the bed. Claudia was still slumped on the table; he could see her big breasts, flattened against the wood of the tabletop.

When he’d set the trap he’d never imagined he’d be this lucky. What would he do next? He took another gulp of beer and swilled it around his mouth, thoughtfully. In his mind he counted the number of times he’d fucked since he caught them. No wonder he was feeling the need to recover for a while.

But they could provide him with some entertainment in the meantime. “You” he said, poking Claudia, “Get off the fucking table and lie on the floor.” She roused herself and struggled to her feet. “Over there” he said, pointing to a space close to where her sister was kneeling. Unsteadily, Claudia walked over to the point he showed and fell on her knees. Then she let herself fall sideways. With her hands still tied behind her back, she wasn’t able to break her fall. Following his next order she rolled over onto her back. He stood over her; he seemed so big and powerful. She shivered with a mixture of fear and excitement, realizing how totally they were all in his power. She wondered what he would do to them next.

“Whore, you got yourself some good practice sucking your friend over on the bed. Let’s see you put that to practice on your little sister.” The man turned to where Ria was kneeling. He grabbed her by the hair, pulling her face up. “Now bitch you’re going to have someone else lick your slit. Move your fucking arse over here and put your cunt in reach of her tongue.”

The ten-year-old, still on her kneels, moved over to straddle her sister’s face. Cautiously she lowered herself until she felt Claudia’s warm, wet tongue push between the lips of her slit. She reacted instinctively by sitting up but, with a curse, the man pushed her back down until she squashed her sister’s face. He held her there as Claudia’s body twisted and turned, desperately trying to escape from suffocation.

He took his hands from Ria’s shoulders and she sat up so that her sister could breath again. After a few deep gasps of air, Claudia was told to start again. Ria made sure not to move as her sister’s tongue lapped at her labia. Claudia raised her head to let her tongue move deeper into Ria’s vagina. The young girl started moaning as she felt her body react to the penetration. Both girls began to enjoy it. Claudia wrapped her tongue around her sister’s clit and the ten-year-old gasped. In no time she was wet and her juices dripped out of her and into her sister’s mouth. When she began to climax she shook so strongly that she fell forwards along Claudia’s body, her face between her sister’s thighs.

That gave the man an idea; he ordered her to start sucking on her big sister’s cunt. The sight of the two girls working on one another was exciting. The man found his prick getting larger. It was time to fuck again. He kneeled behind Ria and held her steady with his hands on her waist while he drove his prick into her rectum. The little girl cried out at the pain but he forced her to keep on licking her sister all the time that he was raping her.

When he’d finished with her, the young girl collapsed and lay there without the strength to roll off Claudia’s body. The man went to a cabinet and took out a short dog whip. With his eye on the pale, inviting mounds of Ria’s backside he brought the whip down hard on those quivering globes. She screamed with pain and managed to roll over to lay face up on the floor. The second stroke of the whip lashed across her belly and she screamed again. The tip of the whip hit Claudia across the breasts and here scream joined that of her sister.

He let the whip drop to his side. He wanted to keep both these girls in good condition. They way they responded to his assaults suggested that he could keep them with him without too much trouble.

He didn’t feel the same way about the other two. He decided to take some time punishing them. All those two felt was the pain and humiliation; they weren’t into the pleasure of being dominated. That was all he could expect of them. So it would feel good to hear them scream as the lash marked their tender flesh. He decided he would bend the younger one over the big trunk of the fallen tree that was on the edge of the clearing outside. He’d lay her across the trunk on her belly with her wrists and ankles pegged to the ground on opposite sides of the log. Her backside, pushed up by the tree trunk, would be a juicy target. The nineteen-year-old blonde with the big breasts he’d hang by the wrists from a tree branch. He’d haul her up until her feet left the ground and he’d beat her like a piñata as she swung and twirled under the lash.

He thought that, when he was finished, he’d be ready for a bit more fucking.
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